9 Most Useful Sex Cam Toys & Tools for Performers

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When becoming a Sex Cam Performer, they don't provide you with a handy little guidebook to let you in on all the secrets of the trade.

Which is a shame because most people will turn to unsafe and toxic materials when trying to choose the perfect sex cam toys.

This is why we'll cover the best tools and toys to better connect with your audience throughout this list.
There'll be no discrimination either! We have something for Cam Girls and Cam Boys alike.

While most of the sex cam toys and tools on this list are specifically catered to the profession, it doesn't mean that Realistic & Unrealistic DildosMale MasturbatorsButt Plugs, Wands, G-spot and Prostate toys don't have a place in a cammer's toolbox.

We'd even encourage you to browse all of our best toys lists so you can make some quality and healthy decisions when it comes to your sex cam toys.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our top 10 list of sex cam toys & tools, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


Suction Cup Dildos

Hands Free toys

Suction cup dildos are a great cost-effective way to show off your bedroom skills to your audience without having to split the revenue with an extra performer ...or getting a sex doll or torso.

But the real issue with suction cup dildos is that most models are made of unsafe materials. And here at Tabooless, we take care of your bits and would never let that kind of stuff slide ( see what I did there? )

So for this entry, we've compiled some of the best body-safe suction cup dildos that we're aware of.

But before we get started, it's worth noting that suction cup dildos work best on smooth surfaces like tiles, glass, metal or plastic.
The better the suction cup the more it'll be able to stick to more textured surfaces. But in any case, the smoother the better.

Another dildo dealer pro tip:
PRESS HARD when securing your dildos to surfaces, it makes a world of difference, especially on the trickier suction cups.

If you're running out of comfortable smooth surfaces to use, there are a few options available to you. 
Some people use books or DVD boxes with glossy covers in bed to give them a comfortable surface to ride on. This is especially useful for people who love being intellectually stimulated as much as sexually.

Another way to Macgyver surfaces into usable ones is to stick a square of packing tape over an incompatible textured spot of your choosing. And now your dildo is much more likely to stick!
If the surface is especially bumpy, you might have to layer extra squares to get the desired result.

Otherwise, the very affordable Tom V2 Suction cup dildo mount works great for doggy style and performs ok when used riding cowgirl as well.
If you want something even more versatile, the Love Arc is the best suction cup dildo mount we know of.

Cheap Body-Safe Suction Cup Dildos

hands free toys

If you're looking for something cheap, the Colours & Ruse Dildos are great realistic options.
They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes and the suction cup themselves work pretty well. 
It's worth noting that these toys are rather rigid, so if you prefer something softer and less textured you'll probably like the ColourSoft Dildos better.
And when choosing sex cam toys, you also have to take into consideration that you don't want to put your money makers out of order.

If you'd rather have toys that aren't as firm and realistic, the Avant dildos are a nice stylish alternative.
Beautifully designed and hand-made, they come in many sizes and colors while remaining cheap and functional.
They're smoother than the previous dildos as well. So if textured toys are uncomfortable for you, you'll definitely prefer the Avant dildos.

Best unrealistic dildos

Otherwise, if you like some vibrations along with your penetrations, Blush's Nude Impression dildos are the models you're looking for.
On top of being very affordable for the many features they hold, they're 100% waterproof and have 10 different vibrating modes.
The strength of the vibrations aren't phenomenal but aren't weak either. So the power of these hands-free sex toys should satisfy most people.
Blush's nude impression dildos also come in a few different shapes and colors as well.

High-End Body-Safe Suction Cup Dildos

Hands free toys

Vixen Creations' Vixskin dildos are squishier and more realistic than any other silicone dildos available today.
We'd even argue that they're some of the best toys ever made.
Vixen Creations' unique blend of dual density silicone goes a long way in delivering one of the best experiences you can get coming from a dildo.
The suction cups strength varies a bit from model to model and, most of the time, they do better on horizontal surfaces than on vertical planes.
As of now, the only Vixskin models with suction cups are the Maverick, Mustang, Vixskin Randy, Tex, Slim, and the non-realistic Raquel.

Hands free toys

The Luxe Touch-Sensitive dildos are probably the only high-end vibrating suction cup dildos available today.
While every other type of toy has gotten the high-end treatment, suction cup dildos seem to have been completely left behind.
The Luxe aims to fix that and does it beautifully with a pretty unique feature to boot.
It comes with 10 different vibrating modes and innovative touch-sensitive sensors.
You see, the deeper you stroke, the stronger the vibrations get.
And instead of being just a simple gimmick, it actually makes the toy even more hands-free whether it's stuck on a wall or in a strap-on.

Tantus Suction Cup and Compatible Dildos

Hands free toys

Want even more options? You'll love the removable suction cup by Tantus.
It is made to fit into almost any vibrating bullet hole that can be found on a variety of dildos and butt plugs.
We also love that it is made of medical grade silicone, so it can be fully sanitized along with your other body-safe toys.

While vibrating Tantus' toys are a logical option to get along with this attachment, there are a ton of other compatible dildos to choose from.

Speaking of Tantus, there's a special place in our heart for their beautiful dual density O2 toys.  And you'll be happy to know that Sam, Alan, John Doe and the non-realistic Duchess all come with Bullet holes.

Otherwise, If you like your toys as realistic and detailed as possible, Fleshjacks replicas also have a few options available with Bullet holes with suction cups included!
It's not clearly stated if it is indeed a rebranded Tantus suction cup that is included. But if it is not the case, it's a near perfect copy.

While they are not made of dual density Vixskin, Vixen creations also have a few models with Tantus compatible sockets.
And don't be mistaken, their basic silicone is still great silicone and it'll give you more of a squish than most other brands. 
The compatible toys are the Leo Vibe, Mistress Vibe, Woody Vibe, Champlette Vibe, and the great Tristan 1 & 2 butt plugs.


Suction cup dildos are great cheap sex cam toys for simulating intercourse.
These let your audience fill the gap with their imagination and let them fantasize to their heart's content. 

Cheapest Places to buy:

There's a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



 Sex cam toys & tools

Lovense is the only big company out there with toys that have features specifically made for sex cam performers.

Compatible with most of the popular chatrooms available today, these powerful rechargeable toys will seamlessly work with the interface of the website you're using.
From then on, you can set your toys to react to tips with bigger and stronger vibrations the more they spend.
Which is a great incentive for them to finance your operation.

They're also a huge improvement over the classic Ohmibod toys that needed lots of fiddling and hacking for them to work for that purpose.

Their most popular toy is the Lush which is a toy meant to be used vaginally.
And when we say vaginally, we mean it. Lacking a stopper, using this toy anally will put you at risk of losing the toy into the depth of your own silly self.

The large end of the toy is the insertable part and the tail end is the antenna.  So if the antenna is between your legs, or in your butt crack, it will be difficult for the signal to reach its target.
So it is important that you keep that in the open at all times.

If you'd rather have an anal toy, Lovense's Hush is a powerful vibrating buttplug.
It comes in two sizes, one being 1.5 inches at the widest point and the other being 1.75 inches. And both are just short of 4 inches of insertable length.

And if you're a man who enjoys prostate stimulation, the Edge is another great sex cam toy coming from them.
Like the other models, it offers pretty strong vibrations, with motors on the perineum and prostate.
The Edge also features a completely adjustable prostate arm. So If you've had issues in the past with the fit of your prostate toys, this is as good as it gets.

There are other toys offered, but they're the most popular and worthwhile options. Still, have a look on their site and you might find something you like.

Outside of the chatroom

These great little toys can also be used solo by controlling them with your own cellphone or it can be controlled from long distances when connected to the internet.
You can also grant access to a partner to control the toy over Bluetooth. And while this is fine to use in the bedroom, in public this might become a bit problematic.

You see, Bluetooth is a bit tricky since it can't go through flesh. So if your significant other is at a weird angle or someone is in the way, you will lose contact with the toy.
A good fix to remedy this issue is to simply use the toy over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi when in public.
It is also good to allow your phones to stay connected to the Internet and Bluetooth when the screen is off. This can easily be tweaked in your phone's settings.

Otherwise, the app is pretty versatile. You can customize your vibrations and patterns, you can sync the toy to music, video chat with your partner while letting them control your toy and so on.


Lovense is the only company that embraces and supports the camming community.
They make great sex cam toys for male and female performers alike and should be compatible with most of the popular chatrooms out there.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: Lovense



 Sex cam toys & tools

As opposed to Lovense, We-Vibe's toys will work mostly for spicing up private shows instead of public chatrooms.
And once you've hooked someone from your audience to throw all their lunch money at you, these devices will give them a little bit of well-deserved control over the experience!

Their flagship toy is a versatile couple's toy called the Sync.

The Sync is made to clamp onto a woman's pubic bone.
It provides vibrations both to the clitoris and the G-Spot simultaneously.
This handy shape is great for hands-free play but it is also made to be used during penetration, which is great if you want to include dildos during your shows.

Coming from the makers of the amazing rumbly tangothe Sync follows in its footsteps beautifully.
This little sex cam toy rumbles like it's at least twice its size.

And an Issue that was common with all the previous iterations was the fit of the toys. The sync fixes that thanks to its now fully adjustable body.

We vibe sync best couples toy adjustable


They also offer the great asymmetrical Rave, a powerful g-spot toy that can be controlled over any distance like the sync.

It has an asymmetrical silicone shape that pushes you to explore every possible angle it offers. 
This means that prying motions still feels great but twisting motions works just as well. Giving a well-deserved break to your poor tired wrists, switching up the routine as you go.

Twist and shout

It is rechargeable, covered for one year and features amazing adjustable rumbly vibrations.  
We'd even argue that it is the most powerful handheld toy that isn't a Wand.
The Rave also works beautifully for clitoral stimulation.

Otherwise, the Ditto is also a pretty good wireless butt plug. It's much smaller than the Hush, which is a great choice if the size of Lovense's plugs is a little intimidating to you.
Sadly, like the rest of we-vibes toys, they won't work in public chatrooms unless you take control.

In use

These toys can either be controlled manually with buttons directly on the toys or if you want to give the control to the person in your private chatroom, they're also App enabled.
This means that if you give them your user info, they can control your toys from any distance with their smartphones.

And while these toys have plenty of functions by themselves, you can get even more through the app. You can even make your own patterns quite easily and you can sync them to the sound of music as well.


If you want to give some control to the people who pay for your private shows, these toys are all great options. 
But if you're looking for toys for public shows, you're better off going with Lovense's toys.

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S.: SheVibe
Canada: PinkCherry
U.K.: Lovehoney

U.S.: SheVibe  
Canada: Adam & Eve
U.K.: LoveHoney

U.S.: SheVibe
Canada: PinkCherry
U.K.: Lovehoney


BCC950 Webcam by Logitech

 Sex cam toys & tools

When you're strutting your stuff, having to move the camera every time you change position is not only a pain in the ass but in the long run, it's also plenty of lost time you could spend making sweet, sweet money instead.

If only you could remotely control your webcam so it's always on you no matter where you go.
Well thanks to PTZ ( Pan-Tilt-Zoom ) cameras, this is a possibility. 
Originally made for conference rooms, there's no reason they shouldn't work for your own kinky board meetings.
And while most models start at 500$ dollars up to thousands, you can get this model for less than 200$.

Looking like an adorable Starwars android, this remote controlled camera features 1080p HD video quality that runs at a smooth 30 fps.
It is plug-and-play, has 180 degrees of pan, tilt, and zoom and a precise auto-focus.
This camera also comes equipped with a high-quality, noise canceling mic and speaker. A nice addition if you're not already geared up in that department.

We also love that you can extend the height of the camera with the included extension.
This way you don't have to Macguyver a stand to offer perfect viewing angles for your audience.

If it's too rich for your blood, the classic options for camming that sure beat most laptop cameras are the C920 & C922x Pro.
While you won't get the PTZ, you'll still get 1080p HD video at 30 FPS, included mics and both models are tripod compatible.
The real difference between the two is that the C922x has an even better quality, background replacement technology for all your fancy effects needs and you can run the camera at 60 FPS if set at 720p.
If you want even better quality with a larger field of view, the C930e is also a great option.


PTZ cameras always were pretty inaccessible to most people due to their high price range.
But at such a low price, the BCC950 changes the game completely.
So never again will you get up to correct your angles only to notice that your bits are still out of the frame the second you sit back down.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: Amazon



Sex cam toys & tools


Liberator makes pillows, throws, and furniture built for sexual intercourse.
All models are very easily washed and their covers are removable and machine washable, so no need to change the entire set of sheets every time things get a bit intense.

So why should you, the sex cam performer, care?
If you do especially long shows or if squirting is part of your big bag of tricks, their super soft, absorbent and waterproof throws are a life saver.
They'll work against whatever fluids you throw at them, may it be lube or your own. You'll also love that they come in multiple colors and sizes.
Piling up towels and having all your precious bedding and furniture getting stained no matter what you do isn't optimal. So they're well worth considering.

Their ramps and wedges are also great for especially long shows. They can keep you comfortable in the most compromising positions.
While they're not as essential as the throws, they sure help. Especially if your gimmick relies on sticking your ass or hips in the air for extended periods of time.

Want to include dildosg-spot toys, and rabbit vibes during play?
If they don't have suction cups, the Bonbon & the Wing are perfect for that. They'll hold your toys in place for you so you can keep your hands for more important business.

Otherwise, if you're a fan of the unbelievable strength of the Magic Wand,
you will know that it's difficult to handle it during intercourse or long periods of time.
Liberator's Axis and Wanda aim to fix that, giving you a hands-free and comfortable experience during penetration or solo play.

For men, there's also their Fleshlight mounts.
On a Mission and Top Dog mounts are both great options if you'd rather show off your thrusting game than just masturbating with a toy in your hand.
Both models are also very easy to clean. Wiping with a bit of soap and water should be enough for most situations. 


If you want to keep your bedding and furniture intact, a nice liberator collection can go a long way.
And if you don't have too much money to spare, their throws are well worth considering. 

Cheapest Place to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: LoveHoney
Worldwide: Liberator

Sadly for Europeans, there's much more choice over at She-Vibe, but expect extra import and shipping fees if you go that route.
If you still can't find the colors & choices you're looking for, the rest can easily be found on their official site.


Large Sex Toys

Sex cam toys & toolsDavid & Goliath, Rocky & Drago, it's no mystery that the world loves the struggle of an underdog story. And Sex Camming is no different.

In a profession all about gimmicks, one of the most popular ones is being able to stomach rather large toys. Something that, with a bit of practice, should be easy enough for owners of babymakers and a little bit more involved for tricky behinds.

But once you're confident enough, making these big guys disappear is a great little magic trick to offer for when your tipping goals are reached.

Most of the toys are also strap-on compatible, so as long as they have a base or balls, you should be ready to go!

So here are some of the highlights:

Prism's Glass Ram

large sex toys

You know what helps with big insertions? As little friction as possible.
And glass is the perfect material for the job.

So if you're in for a very affordable, frictionless large dildo, this is your guy!

Large Tantus Toys

Large sex toys

While Tantus doesn't specialize in huge toys, they still offer some solid and affordable options.

Tantus also has more visually appealing and simpler designs compared to the competition. A nice change when it comes to large sex toys.

Large Vixskin Dildos by Vixen Creations

Large sex toys

Vixskin is one of our favorite dual density combos.
Sadly there's isn't much to pick from in terms or large dildos but what is offered is still pretty solid.

Another big plus is that, while these toys will look very big in use, they offer plenty of squish, so they'll be less intense than a lot of larger toys.

Split Peaches

Large sex toys

Sadly, Minimalistic, cute or whimsical isn't what you're usually expecting from large sex toys.

This is what makes Split Peaches so unique in the land of size queens and large insertions.

Every single toy comes in many sizes, from beginner to very large and they also offer a ton of beautiful color choices as well.


Large sex toys

SquarePegToys® is not only one of the most innovative companies on this list, but they also offer some of the largest silicone toys you can find today.

So whether you're looking for a huge dildo, long depth exploration tools, fisting toys or even a wagging tail butt plug, they've got you covered.

And you'll get to pick between either their super squishy and gorgeous bronze or graphite silicone or their firmer black silicone, with some toys offering more traditional colors as well.

Mr. Hankey

Large sex toys

On top of selling traditional large realistic dildos, they also hold plenty of fantasy options that would give Bad Dragon penis envy.

And if you're looking for large sex toys, they offer some of the largest silicone toys you will ever find.

Njoy's Eleven

Large sex toys

Njoy's stainless steel toys have had quite a following thanks to their universally loved Pure Wand.

The only thing that was missing was a toy for size queens and then the Eleven landed on earth and punched Will Smith right in the mouth yelling "Welcome to girth".

Made of ultra-hygienic, frictionless and nearly indestructible surgical stainless steel, the Eleven is ( you guessed it ) 11 inches long. It has two differently sized ends. One end has a 1.75 inches width and the other offers more consistent 2 inches.

RealCock 2

Best sex cam toys

From the makers of the uncanny and luxurious Real Dolls comes the most realistic dildo ever made.

Being a "triple density toy", the first two layers of silicone act like any other dual-density blend with one important difference. The second layer is not attached to the first, acting like a realistic layer of skin that's slides up and down as you thrust.

Though Foreskin lovers shouldn't get too excited since the RealCock 2 acts more like a circumcised penis than a pristine one.

You'll get 8 inches of insertable length and 6.25 to 6.5 inches in circumference / 2 inches in diameter.


If you want to impress everyone with your end goal prize, large sex toys are on par with a nice squirting finale.
So if you can't do one, why not do the other! And if you can do both, well time to plate everything you own in gold.

Cheapest Places to buy:

There's a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!


Pearl 2 & Fuse by Kiiroo + The Fleshlight Launch

Sex cam toys & tools

Kiiroo is the leading brand in Teledildonics.
If you're not informed on the matter, this means that they make Dildos that can sync their motions with another toy, at any distance.
A unique feature that makes long distance relationships and penetrative sex a possibility.

Of course, this option is especially good for private shows with your regulars since it requires them to acquire a device of their own.
But all of these devices work perfectly well on their own, so they won't only be good for private shows.

The Pearl 2 & Fuse

Basically, The Pearl 2 is their basic model and the Fuse comes with a clitoral stimulator attached.

There are many ways to use your Kiiroo dildos.

The first mode is the Bluetooth mode, this will enable you to either control or be controlled by some other toy over any distance.
They'll be able to control the Onyx 1 and 2, the Launch as well as other Pearl and Fuse toys.
The second mode is the touch mode. While in this mode, the deeper you will penetrate the stronger and more widespread the vibrations will become.
Lastly, it also comes with traditional toy control with different strengths and patterns you can cycle through.

The Launch

The Pearl 2 and the Fuse were originally meant to be paired with the Onyx 2.
And while the Onyx 2 is alright and sports some impressive technology, it's usually not enough to bring men to climax all by itself. And it's honestly nothing remotely close to real sex.

Thankfully, the Launch changed all that.
Kiiroo, having already collaborated in the past with Fleshlight to make the great skin found inside the Onyx, worked in tandem with them once more to make the best compact automatic masturbator you can find.

Basically, it's meant to hold a Fleshlight and does all the motions for you.
It is compatible with any of the classic Fleshlights,
so that gives you plenty of choices to pick from. They offer gender-neutral models as well as replicas of any orifices you can normally have sex with.
And whether you want to use it by yourself, with VR,  videos or with a partner, this toy will literally fuck the shit out of you!

I mean, just look at this thing go:

The launch can be used alone or be controlled by someone else via a Kiiroo toy, and it can be synced with VR porn.

If you'd like more information on what can be done, take a look at the original Launch entry we wrote.


The Pearl 2 or the Fuse coupled with the Fleshlight Launch is simply the best teledildonic combo you can get today.

So if you have regulars with extra money to spare ( and you know they do if they're regulars ), you can now have sex or give them a wank without having to touch them at all.
Something that will give you an edge over all the other performers out there.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Pearl 2 or Fuse Combo

Worldwide: Kiiroo

Launch Only

Worldwide: Fleshlight


Traditional Fuck Machines

Best Fuck machines

Fuck machines are the holy grail of hands-free stimulation.

You'll get more strokes per minutes and more torque than you could ever ask for.
And if you're with a partner, these machines are perfect threesome third wheels.

Through the course of this entry, we'll cover compact and cheaper models, a DIY hack, as well as full-size and feature packed sex machines.
So whether you have 150$ or 4000$ there's bound to be something for your drawer, closet or sex dungeon!

You'll probably want to check out our Vac-U-Lock Attachments & Toys guide as well since most sex machines come equipped with Vac-U-Lock Adapters by default.
So head on there if you want to see our complete list of compatible body-safe toys.

Best Fuck Machines

DIY Power Tool Mod Sex Machine

Hands free sex toys for women

If you can't afford a sex machine or you mostly intend on playing with a partner, this is an awesome, powerful and dirt-cheap option.

But if you want to ride solo or you're looking for better stroke length, this isn't the best choice.


KTM Fuck Machines

hands free sex toys for women

KTM offers some of the best machines and prices in the industry. They also carry the biggest variety of quality machines we've ever seen.

All machines come with adjustable stroke length and you can also expect 6 to 7 inches of maximum stroke depth depending on the machine.
The cheaper models can rock a good 200 strokes per minutes and their best machine can go as fast as 268 RPMs without breaking a robo-sweat.

And KTM doesn't stop at making amazing fuck machines either, they also make a multitude of great accessories and attachments.



hands-free sex toys for women

If you live in the U.K. and want to avoid the shipping and handling from KTM, a better option would be to go with F-Machine.

The Gigolo, their cheaper model features 240 strokes per minute and 1 to 4 inches of stroke length.

The Pro II, their flagship model, has just as many strokes per minutes as the gigolo but offers 1 to 6 inches of stroke length with just enough torque to handle bigger toys as well.

F-Machine might not have all the options and crazy performances you can get from KTM machines, but it offers sleek, quality devices that should please most.


Hismith Fuck Machine

hands-free sex toys for women

We usually never push Chinese made, amazon toys. But you can consider this sex machine one of the rare exceptions.
If you live in some parts of Europe, Asia or Australia, it might also be the only decent machine you can get without spending an arm and a leg on shipping.

You can expect about 240 strokes per minutes and 2 to 6 inches in stroke length and there's also plenty of attachments and accessories to choose from.


The Tremor

Best Fuck Machines

If you're familiar with saddle-style vibrators, you might be wondering why it isn't the Sybian you're looking at.
To put it simply, the Tremor performs better, looks better and is easier to clean at a fraction of the price of the Sybian. 

While we're aware that the kind of power offered by saddle-style vibrators is not for everyone, this modern take on the Sybian is the best option today for power queens that just can't get enough.


Fuck machines simply offer the best hands-free experience you can find and they are well worth considering when looking for a great sex cam toy.
And if you're looking for a more in-depth review, our Top 10 Best Fuck Machines article should answer all your questions.

Cheapest Places to buy:

There's a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!


Connected Fuck Machines

Best sex cam toys & tools

We've already gone through some of the best sex machines around, but what if you want to give the control to your viewers?

Better suited for private shows, these machines will let you connect with your audience like there's no tomorrow. They're also some of the best machines available today and should work for public shows as well. But you'll have to control them yourself for that purpose.

In this entry we'll cover two great connected sex machines, one being the saddle style Cowgirl, and the other being the excellent Shockspots.

The Cowgirl

Like the Sybian and the Tremor mentioned above, the Cowgirl is a Saddle style fuck machine. It provides extremely powerful vibrations as well as internal or external rotations depending on the extension you are using.
It's also the only device of its kind to provide vibration patterns as well.

It can be either remote or App Controlled and comes covered in beautiful and durable Vegan Leather. This coupled with the electric guitar style jacks used to connect this machine is reminiscent of the classiest guitar amps.

Shockspot Sex Machines

The Shockspots are simply the best sex machines available on the market today. They outperform and have more features than any other machine money can buy.

These luxury fuck machines offer speeds up to 24 inches per second and about a 105 pounds in torque.
The classic and Dual Thruster models offer 8 inches max in stroke length and there's a 12-inch capable machine as well.

One of our favorite features is that you can control the stroke length directly on the controllers with no needs to stop and interface with the machine itself.
These great machines also can be controlled by a PC from any distance, a remote control or even with a client's Fleshlight with the V-Stroker Attachment.

And if you're worried they'll just go crazy on you, you still have full control over stroke depth and can stop the machine at any time with the included remote start button.
So they truly only have control over the speed of the machine.


Connected sex machines will not only work great for public shows but, once someone brings you to a private room, you can give them control over your machine. Something that is a great incentive for them to stay around and send more money your way!

So if you were looking for the perfect sex cam toys, any of these will fit the description flawlessly.

Cheapest Places to buy:


Worldwide: SheVibe


Worldwide: Shockspot

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