body-safe & silicone budget sex toys for women

As much as I hate to admit it, sex toys are definitely a luxury. Even more so when it comes to GOOD sex toys.

To make things even more confusing, most cheaper sex toys can not only be underwhelming, but they can also be not body-safe or straight-up toxic in some cases!

You only have to look at all the unsafe knock-offs and Chinese-made sex toys with mislabeled materials on Amazon & Wish to give your bits nightmares ( Hint: chances are that it’s not actually body-safe silicone you’re buyiFng in most cases, even if they call it that! ).

Therefore, If you’re low on cash or just unsure if you’d like a certain type of toy, it can definitely be a risky investment to splurge on some random sex toy. This is why, here at Tabooless, we’ve always made it a point to include great cheap sex toys in each and every one of our articles.

So let’s just say that after years of doing this job, I’ve accumulated quite a nice and comprehensive list of the best budget sex toys and that’s exactly why I decided to dedicate an entire article on the subject!

Plus, these inexpensive hidden gems are worth a look whether you’re rolling in gold or rolling your change.

So if you’re looking for cheap sex toys, but don’t want to land on toxic materials and cheap & unsafe knock-offs territory or if you’re just trying to consciously try something new without breaking the bank, this is the place for you!

If you’re a trans woman most of these toys will work for you too but I would still check out the  trans edition of this article as well!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our list of cheap sex toys for women, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


best budget clit vibrator Screaming-O Charged Vooom review


Best dirt cheap rechargeable bullet vibrator

Charged Vooom

Rumbly affordable Bullet Vibrator Sensuelle Point by Nu review


Most affordable & rumbly Tango alternative

Nu’s Sensuelle Point

 best G-Spot toys glass


Cheap double-ended glass G-spot stimulator 

Glas’ Slimline G-spot Dildo


Intense budget silicone G-spot stimulator

Lelo’s Ella

Blush Nude Impressions Review Best Suction cup vibrating g-spot vibrator


Best rumbly G-spot vibrators with suction cups 

Blush’s Impressions

best pussy plug / wearable dildo / non-phallic dildo Squarepegtoys G squeeze review


Best pussy plug / wearable non-phallic dildo 

G squeeze Vaginal Plug

best affordable body-safe silicone dildos


Best budget body-safe dildos

Multiple Entries

best cheap body-safe silicone butt plugs


Great cheap body-safe butt plugs

Multiple Entries


Screaming-O Charged Vooom

best budget clit vibrator Screaming-O Charged Vooom review

If you’re looking for a perfect entry-level budget bullet vibrator, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The Vooom is essentially your traditional cheap portable bullet vibrator on steroids.

It is rechargeable, virtually silent, and has 3 incremental vibration modes as well as 7 rhythmic pulsations. So this is already a big win over the only 1 to 3 incremental buzzy vibrations you will find on most cheaper sex toys & standard bullets found at the checkout counter of your local sex shop.

On top of that, the Vooom packs some pretty impressive vibrations for the price.

And while it might not rumble like the best high-end toys, it still has plenty of power and rumbles to please most folks!

But most importantly, it doesn’t run on small shitty expensive watch batteries you have to replace every 30 minutes like most other entry-level bullet vibes! Just recharge it through the included USB cable and you’re all set. And if that doesn’t brighten up your day, I don’t know what will.

So while you might save a few bucks on a cheap standard bullet vibrator, the money you will save on batteries alone makes the Vooom pretty much pay for itself. And, you’ll actually use this bullet, which is a huge plus! 

The only real issue I can find is that the button to control the toy is rather small. So in the heat of the action, it can be hard to crank up or stop your toy.




Sensuelle Point by Nu

Rumbly affordable Bullet Vibrator Sensuelle Point by Nu review

This is a great cheap alternative to the amazing ( but too expensive for this article ) Tango by We-Vibe.

It is almost as powerful as the original and features a ridiculous amount of functions ( 20 to be exact… which is honestly too much ). The Sensuelle point is also rechargeable by electromagnetic induction and covered for 1 year by the company, just like its higher-end counterpart.

A nice win over We-vibe’s legendary bullet is that the charger also acts as a stand. This way it is not just laying on its side in the dust like with We-vibe’s magnetic charger. But it does reduce its portability on the go if you’re carrying the charger with you.

Where it really loses against the Tango is that even though this bullet vibrator fares pretty well in the shower, it will likely just die if used in the bath.

The vibrations are still not completely on par either compared to the way the Tango shakes and gyrates when turned on. The Sensuelle Points are definitely on the buzzier side yet still rumbly enough for most. It is also a bit thicker than the Tango and doesn’t look as refined. But seeing the price difference, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Also, a lot of people report that the charger stops working after a while.

But back at the old sin bin, we’ve noticed that cleaning the metallic contacts on the bullet vibrator and the charger with rubbing alcohol usually does the trick at bringing it back from the dead! 




Slimline G-Spot Dildo by Glas

Glas Slimline g-spot review best glass G-Spot toy

If you’re looking for a real cheap yet functional and hygienic G-Spot stimulator in a satisfying shape, Glas has your back!

Heck, get it even if you’re not looking for a bargain. It’s a classic time-tested shape that’s been around forever. When coupled with the rigidity and slickness of glass it is bound to please most aching for a round of self-spelunking. 

One end has a bulbous curved head, perfect for zeroing in onto your g-spot whether you prefer penetrative, rocking, or prying motions. On the other end, you have a more traditional dildo shape for when you’re feeling more like “traditional” penetration.

Why use a glass G-spot toy?

Glad you asked! Well, for one they are as rigid as they get, which will allow you to apply all the pressure needed to make any g-spot happy. Flexible toys, while great in other situations, just don’t do it for g-spots as they’ll just bend with you instead of pressing against you.

Glass also allows you to experiment with temperature play by warming or cooling it ( just use warm and cold water if you want to avoid a disaster ).

Plus, just like with silicone, you can fully sanitize glass toys by boiling them for a few minutes. Alternatively, once you’re done, you can just throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher and forget about it!

Finally, do you know what glass can do that silicone can’t? It can be coupled with silicone-based lube! The longest-lasting and slickest lube available. Couple that with the slickness of glass and it almost makes insertion too easy!

If you’re afraid that they’ll just break on you, these are made of borosilicate glass (often referred to as Pyrex) so they can take quite a beating.

So unless you’re the type to mix extreme sports and sex, there’s pretty much no reason this would happen.


Lelo Ella

LELO Ella review best G-Spot toys

Though Lelo is mostly known as a high-end sex toy company, you’d be mistaken to think you need to invest a small fortune to get your hands on one of their smart and luxurious designs.

The Ella is essentially a slightly larger Gigi 2 sans vibrator.

And the Gigi has such a pleasurable shape, that this feature alone should be a cause for celebration! It’s a shape that performs beautifully whether it’s rocked or thrust. So it’ll definitely adapt to your play style, no matter what it is.

While you lose the vibrations of the Gigi 2 ( not a huge loss as this definitely isn’t the best vibrations for the price ), you gain a body that is entirely made of Medical grade silicone. Meaning that you can use the g-spotting end as well as the handle, which acts like a perfectly usable traditional dildo.

So not only is this little fella a cheaper sex toy to get your rocks off, it’s essentially two goddamned toys!

Another great advantage of silicone toys devoid of electronics is that you can simply boil them for a few minutes to quickly sanitize them. Plus, they end up matching your body temperature as you play, making them feel very organic and natural in the process.

In the words of Kara Sutra from our desert island toys article: “Ella is the only other toy I can count on to make me squirt”.

For an extra 10 bucks: Pillow Talk Sassy

10 extra buckaroos and you’ll get a nice traditional and effective shape coupled with great rumbly vibrations!

This is also my top pick for a beginner’s toy as this doubles as a nice clitoral wand, allowing you to explore internal and external vibrations along with G-spot stimulation.

So if it’s your first toy, once you’re done with it, you’ll be much closer to knowing exactly what makes you tick!  

You can get your hands on it here.




Blush’s Impressions

Blush Nude Impressions Review Best Suction cup vibrating g-spot vibrator

These are probably the ONLY powerful, rumbly affordable G-spot toys with suction cups you’ll ever find ( or need )!

The Blush’s Nude Impressions, on top of being completely unique, come with 5 different models to pick from, all with satisfying G-spot hugging curves of varying intensities. And it doesn’t really matter what your preference is as they come in small and slim to long and thick, so take your pick!

They’re also rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and come with 10 different vibrating modes.

Plus, with Blush being the king of affordable & powerful rumbly vibes, the Nude Impressions follow this tradition by vibrating like there’s no tomorrow!

Even if it seems too good to be true considering the price, these guys vibrate like high-end toys at least twice their price. So if you like nice hands-free fun, rumbles, AND G-spot stimulation, these toys should be perfect for you!

It’s almost like these were meant for this article as they are exactly 60 buckaroos! 




G squeeze Vaginal Plug by SquarePegToys

best pussy plug / wearable dildo / non-phallic dildo Squarepegtoys G squeeze review

What if you’re a woman or AFAB and you really don’t want a dildo that reminds you of a dick? Or what if you just really want a toy to squeeze on and fill you up while you go about your business, whatever that is?

Well, the G Squeeze Vaginal Plug might be the answer to all your problems!

Shorter than most dildos, this pussy plug / wearable dildo was tailor-made for the female anatomy. Which is the kind of thing you didn’t know you needed! Let me explain:

First and foremost, if you don’t know this already, tons of women/AFAB folks enjoy simply squeezing on a toy during clitoral stimulation and the silicone found on this toy is squishy as fuck! But the benefits don’t end there, my kinky friend.

Vaginal plugs can also be worn in public ( with tight enough briefs you’ll avoid most accidents ) without having to deal with the common issue of most panty vibes being too noisy for silent environments. They’re so damned discreet no one will have to know about your naughty little secret!

Pussy plugs are also great for sitting on and rocking back and forth. They’re perfect for enhancing anal sex when worn vaginally as well. Plus, nothing stops you from simply using it as a traditional dildo either!

Hell, it could make most house tasks and errands that much more enjoyable! It’s like weed but for your cooch! …Damn, now I want a vagina of my own.

What makes the G squeeze even more revolutionary than its rare competition is its unique shape.

It’s clear a lot of thought and user feedback went into the making of this toy as the G squeeze was clearly tailor-made for the vulva & vagina:

  • It’s just the perfect length to fit most vaginas measuring pretty close to the average depth of the female anatomy when aroused ( 4.5 to 4.75 inches ).
  • The ingenious T-Bar base sits comfortably between the labia and, depending on your anatomy, will rub against the underside of your clitoris in certain positions.
  • The neck is just small enough to provide pleasurable sensations to the sensitive entrance of the vagina while still being comfortable.
  • The bulbous lower part of the plug offers a great filling sensation, rubbing against the G-Spot.
  • Finally, the scoop-shaped soft tip is perfect for some extra cervical/deep stimulation, without being too long and hard so as to not feel like you are just being uncomfortably poked up there. 
  • It can be folded in half for easier insertion ( which is definitely helpful on the larger models ). 
  • Being reversible, depending on if you wear it forward or flip it 180 degrees, you will get completely different sensations, with one angle providing more of a focus on the g-spot while the other feels more filling.  

Squarepegtoy’s G Squeeze also comes in plenty of sizes and colors!

So whether you’re a size queen or a total beginner, you will definitely find something you like. It goes from more than reasonable to full-on fisting here, so I’d be surprised if you can’t find your size! Just keep in mind that the larger sizes might blow that 60$ maximum budget!

It also helps that each color this super squishy silicone comes in is absolutely gorgeous. The unique shiny metallic shimmer ( a signature style for SquarePegToys ) found on these makes them not only great to squeeze on but also quite pleasing to look at!




Affordable Body-safe Dildos

best affordable body-safe silicone dildos

While I would love to point out to one toy and throne it “The best affordable dildo of all time”, it’s really not that simple. There are just too many types of dildos to boil it down to a single toy! 

What did you expect? I am known as Jim the dildo dealer after all. This is like picking my favorite child, essentially! So this entry is going to be about the best affordable dildos per category, so no one feels left out. 

Regular Suction cup dildos

NS Novelties’ ColoursColoursoft & Dual-Density Colours are not only some of the most affordable dildos around, but they’re also body-safe, varied and come with pretty darn good suction cups!

It’s good to keep in mind that the OG Colours, while most affordable, are quite rigid. This coupled with their intense texture can become slightly irritating to some, so investing a bit more for the squishy Coloursoft or the squishy yet stiff Dual-Density Colours might be your best bet!

Small dildos

Funkit’s Nofrilldos are so affordable it isn’t funny. What’s even more surprising is that these dirt cheap silicone dildos come from an indy company and not a large manufacturer with a huge factory geared for mass production.

So if you need a quality, slick silicone dildo for smaller bits or to use as beginner anal dildos, these are pretty hard to beat!

Realistic Dual-Density Dildos

Blush’s Neo Elite dildos are extremely affordable dual-density dildos with great suction cups that come in gorgeous eye-popping colors.

For those who don’t know, dual-density means these dildos are naturally squishy on the outside while hard on the inside. Dual-density dildos are awesome to squeeze on while remaining hard enough to be functional!  

BMS’ Naked Addiction 6 inches 8 inches dildos are probably the most natural feeling affordable dual-density toys in the biz. Anything of that caliber is usually from high-end sex toy makers like Vixen Creations & Uberrime! So that’s huge coming from such a budget option!

Abstract Dual-Density Dildos

best silicone abstract suction cup dildos Blush's neo elite glow in the dark review

Neo Elite Glow in the Dark toys are gorgeous glow-in-the-dark dual-density dildos ranging from abstract to semi-realistic. These are the perfect toys for those who are into the realistic feeling of dual-density but not so much into the realistic look of it all.

Blush’s Avant Ergo & Suko are the OG affordable dual-density dildos. Before these bad boys came out it was impossible to find a DD dildo under 100$, so you better show some respect! They’re still worth your time too as they sport some pretty good suction cups, interesting varied shapes, and colors, and are deliciously squishy! 

Glass Dildos

Glas Glass Dildos are the best affordable glass dildos in the business! They have tons of options, they’re made of durable borosilicate glass so they won’t break on you, and they won’t break the bank either!

For those who aren’t in the know, glass is a great body-safe material for folks who prefer rigid toys. They’re awesome for temperature play, see-through action, and it’s the most frictionless material around ( except for stainless steel, but that isn’t exactly cheap ). Couple these with a good silicone-based lube and never struggle to insert a toy ever again!

XL Dildos

Silicone Willy’s Large Dildos are the rare affordable exception when it comes to large toys. Usually, size queens need to whip out the big bucks for their big toys as silicone is quite expensive per pound. But these are almost impossibly cheap with some pretty good suction cups to boot!

Like many affordable silicone toys, the silicone on these toys tends to be on the rigid side of things, so keep that in mind before making the jump. 

Fantasy Dildos

Addiction Tom & Ben are the unicorns of the fantasy sex toy world. Your usual suspects are quite the luxury items, which is a shame considering how popular fantasy/dragon dildos have become. The Suction cups on these bad boys are pretty good too but again, the silicone can be a bit too rigid for some! 

Blush’s Realm features a few cheap fantasy dildos as well, which are a welcome addition as these are quite rare. They also all have Vac-U-Lock compatible holes so they’ll fit on a nice variety of accessories like handles, suction cups, strap-ons, and most sex machines!


There are a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Body-safe Budget Butt Plugs

best cheap body-safe silicone butt plugs

Like dildos, butt plugs come in a variety of shapes made to fit different purposes & tastes. So again, this entry will feature more than one affordable toy, you lucky dog!

Training Butt Plugs

Anal Fantasy Plugs are your perfect affordable training butt plugs. They don’t come in a kit so you can get the specific size you need and work your way up to the size you want! No frills here, just good training plugs.

Crystal Glass Training Plugs are probably your most affordable option as they come in a handy 3 plug kit. Being made of glass they’re also completely frictionless. Coupled with a good silicone-based lube, you shouldn’t struggle to insert these at all! Training made easy baby!

All-day / Long Term Wear Plugs

Tantus T-Bar Plugs are a great choice when it comes to plugs you can wear as you go about your business. The T-bars sit comfortably between your cheeks and won’t get in the way when you sit down or walk around!

Everything Plugs

Squarepegtoys® Egg Plugs are amazing squishy plugs that can work for training, all-day wear, or just plain old fun! They come in a ton of comprehensive sizes, so just take your pick. Just as long as you don’t buy anything larger than the large plug, you shouldn’t blow your 60$ budget!

 Oxballs Ergo Plugs have a ton in common with the above plugs except they come in a bigger variety of colors and levels of squishiness. They also have a nice curve to them which applies extra pressure in the direction of your choice ( if you have a man in your life, this could be their prostate! ). They’re a touch pricier though but if you buy any size from medium and down, it’ll stay under 60$! 

Tail Plugs

best cheap tail butt plugs

Tailz Butt Plugs are a decent budget option if you’re looking for faux fur tails. 

The main issue with these plugs is that the tails aren’t removable, which makes cleaning up a bit more complicated. Otherwise, they’re great little plugs if you don’t mind the extra clean-up time!


There are a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!