Vac u lock attachments
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Vac-U-Lock is Doc Johnson’s attempt at making an attachment system for dildos.

Every toy comes equipped with a hole in its base and the attachments are made to plug into said hole. Once inserted, the shape of the plug causes a vacuum and should be very stable during use.

While Doc Johnson used to be the only company offering Vac-U-Lock attachments and toys, tons of third-party companies have jumped on the bandwagon throughout the years. It has even become the standard attachment for most Fuck Machines available today.

Sadly, there isn’t much information out there on the subject & tons of non-body-safe Vac-U-Lock dildos circulating around. So throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the best Vac-U-Lock dildos as well as the best Vac-U-Lock attachments the world has to offer.

Dildo dealer pro-tip #1: Using a bit of water-based lube will make inserting and removing your inserts a whole lot easier.

Dildo Dealer Pro Tip #2: When removing your attachments, try tilting the accessories on the side to break the vacuum instead of pulling straight on.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our list of the best Vac-U-Lock Dildos & Attachments, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


Vac-U-Lock silicone Dildos


Most affordable silicone Vac-U-Lock dildos

Blush’s Realm & Lock On

Vac-U-Lock Compatible dildos: Uncover Creations Review


Best fantasy Vac-U-Lock dildos

Uncover Creations

Best Fantasy Sex Toys: Phreak Review


Cute fantasy Vac-U-Lock dildos



Most realistic silicone Vac-U-Lock dildos

Realcock 2


Best large & fantasy silicone Vac-U-Lock dildos

Mr. Hankey


Best minimalistic XL silicone Vac-U-Lock dildos


best silicone dildos for Vac-U-Lock tantus review


Non-Vac-U-Lock dildos that’ll fit with some work

Multiple entries


Most versatile & affordable Vac-U-Lock strap-on

Supreme Harness

Best Vac-U-Lock strap on harness mr s leather review


Best high-end leather harness for normal and XL toys

Mr S Leather Harness

vac u lock attachments


Best Vac-U-Lock attachments for holding your toys

Multiple entries


Best Vac-U-Lock suction cups

Multiple entries


Most affordable Vac-U-Lock compatible bullets

Charged Vooom


Rumbly & affordable Vac-U-Lock compatible bullet

Sensuelle Point


Vac-U-Lock compatible fuck machines

Multiple entries


Best Vac-U-Lock Dildos

Official Vac-U-Lock Dildos

Obviously, Doc Johnson offers plenty of dildos for their Vac-U-Lock system.

Sadly, most of the official toys aren’t body-safe and come in porous and impossible to sanitize materials.

Strangely, a few years back, the old Doc seemed to be catching up with the current body-safe sex toy revolution. They even released the silicone “Platinum Collection” for Vac-U-Lock systems and everything was good in the world.

But…they recently discontinued most of these dildos and are now back to only selling porous and unsafe Vac-U-Lock dildos. Way to go Doc Johnson, you almost had our respect back.

vac u lock attachments

TL;DR: please avoid Doc Johnson’s Official Vac-U-Lock as none of them are currently body-safe. 


Unofficial Vac-U-Lock Dildos

With the official selection of body-safe dildos out of the question, I have no idea what we’d do without third-party toys.

Very strange how the company that’s essentially invented the concept has pretty much abandoned it while other brands are keeping the flame alive.

These brands also offer a level of quality and variety that you won’t find in Doc Johnson’s options mentioned above. So whether you’re looking for basic, ultra-realistic, fantasy, or very large toys, there’s bound to be something for you.


Blush’s Realm & Lock On Collection

Vac-U-Lock silicone Dildos

If it wasn’t for Blush, there would be very little choice to pick from in terms of affordable & realistic Vac-U-Lock Silicone dildos. Thankfully, they just released two collections to help fill the void left by the death of the Platinum Collection and we couldn’t be more grateful. 

Their Lock On collection focuses on realistic dildos mainly. On the other hand, their Realm collection features a nice selection of large realistic dildos as well as some affordable fantasy options. 

I only wish they made more unrealistic options to pick from for those who aren’t into uncanny or fantasy toys. But hey, we’ll take what we can get!


Uncover CreationsVac-U-Lock Compatible dildos: Uncover Creations Review

Now if you like fantasy-type dildos, you Really can’t go wrong with Uncover Creations.

They have plenty of choices to pick from, and within these toys, you have tons of customization options from endless color choices, 3 sizes for each dildo, and of course the Vac-U-Lock hole option!

Sure I could’ve put Bad Dragon here, but I’m not a fan of the controversy associated with them. So if you want to learn about said controversy along with my favorite Bad Dragon alternatives, click that link!



Best Fantasy Sex Toys: Phreak Review

Gritty fantasy dildos are fun and all but what about folks with a penchant for the cute? Phreak fills that gap ( and yours! ) beautifully!

The fine folks at Phreak offer tons of customization options ( 6 sizes per dildo, multiple silicone density choices, glow-in-the-dark add-ons, over 40 color choices, etc ) but most importantly, most of their cute dildos can be equipped with a Vac-U-Lock Hole!

That’s a lot of color choices!

Just keep in mind that they ship from the U.K. so people who are outside of the “kingdom” will most likely have to pay some extra duties. Still, their prices are so reasonable it sure makes up for the extra fees. 

Oh and to sweeten the deal…

Use coupon code TABOOLESS for 15% off.




RealCock 2

Best Realistic vac-u-lock Dildo

From the makers of the uncanny and luxurious RealDolls comes the most realistic dildo ever made.

The two layers of silicone found on these act like any other dual-density blend, with one big difference: The second layer is not attached to the first, acting like a realistic layer of skin that’s slides up and down as you thrust. That’s without counting the meticulously hand-painted layer of silicone on the outside which provides the uncanny realism!

This is really one of the best Vac-U-Lock dildo options you can get. But it’s also one of the most expensive as well!




Mr. Hankey

Large sex toys

On top of selling realistic dildos, Mr. Hankey also holds plenty of fantasy options that would give Bad Dragon penis envy.

If you’re looking for large sex toys, they also offer some of the largest silicone toys you will ever find.

Of course, most of their toys come in multiple sizes, so if you’re looking for something much smaller, they’ve got you covered as well!

Almost all their toys come with a Vac-U-Lock hole, just double check the product description to make sure it is the case.





Large sex toys

SquarePegToys® offer some of the largest silicone dildos you can find today.

And you’ll get to pick between either their super squishy and gorgeous bronze or graphite silicone or their firmer black silicone, with some toys offering more traditional colors as well.

Just don’t forget to select the SquarePegHole™ option on your toy of choice when ordering.


Other Compatible Vac-U-Lock Dildos

While your level of success may vary from model to model, a lot of dildos with vibrating bullet holes will work with the Vac-U-Lock system.

It is by no means perfect, and there’s always a risk you’ll damage your toys, but the more toys the merrier!

I haven’t broken a toy this way yet, but I’m sure it’s possible, so use this knowledge at your own risk.

It is worth noting that the traditional bullet holes found on most toys are a bit smaller than the Vac-U-Lock ones. So this solution usually works better with less rigid silicone blends.

Of course, the size of the holes will make insertion a bit more difficult, but with a bit of water-based lube, you should be able to make them fit without too much work.

The Vac-U-Lock attachments will also stretch out the toys, making them bulge out at the base a little bit, but most silicone toys can handle quite a bit of stretching before tearing.

Otherwise, toys with no holes at all still can be converted into Vac-U-Lock compatible toys if you’re a little handy.

Just make sure to practice on a cheap toy if you don’t want to ruin your favorite high-end dildo.

Here are some of the best toys with bullet holes:

best silicone dildos for Vac-U-Lock tantus review

Tantus is not only the obvious choice here but also one of the best & most varied choices when it comes to silicone dildos!

There are really tons of options to pick from here and any of their suction cup/vibrating dildos will be compatible. I would also keep an eye out for the O2/dual-density dildos with bullet holes as well.

best silicone dildos for Vac-U-Lock fleshlight and fleshjack dildos review

Fleshlight and Fleshjack make tons of great realistic, squishy, and affordable replicas of various porn stars.

The only difference here is that Fleshlight sells replicas of hetero stars while Fleshjack is all about gay stars! These are also the most realistic colors you’ll find on dildos as they really try to replicate the complexion of the stars concerned here. 


Best Vac-U-Lock Attachments

Vac-U-Lock Harnesses

If you’re planning on getting a Vac-U-Lock Harness, there are plenty of options to pick from.

The Biggest advantage with these harnesses is that they’re some of the most stable options in the strap-on world. This is because the Vac-U-Lock adapter leaves no room for wiggling around like most classic O-Ring systems.

In general, they’re all pretty cheap, which is a big plus for people starting out.

That being said, The Vac-U-Lock Harness system is by no means perfect. You see, the square base on every Vac-U-Lock Adapter might become a little uncomfortable over extended and/or rough play.

But if you replace the adapter with a Vac-U-Lock Suction cup, nothing stops you from using regular universal O-ring harnesses.

So unless you enjoy a bruised up pubic bone, you might want to invest in a comfortable (but more expensive) Strap-on like the great Joque harnesses or simply get a Sili Saddle to add some cushioning for your pubic bone.


Supreme Harness by Doc Johnson

vac u lock harness

Like I mentioned before, almost every model they offer is pretty cheap, therefore great for starting out. But If you ever want to use any other toy that isn’t Vac-U-Lock compatible, you’re usually out of luck. 

With the Supreme harnesses, you can use both the Vac-U-Lock and the traditional O-Ring system.

So whether you want to use your Vac-U-Lock dildos or any other toy with a base, you’re set. This obviously makes this harness the best Vac-U-Lock Strap-On you can get today.

It’s unisex and is the most comfortable harness in the collection in part due to the back support that won’t dig in your skin as you thrust.

The kit comes with a Vac-U-Lock Adapter, Differently Sized O-Rings, and plenty of strap length so it can fit bigger folks as well. I suggest cutting the straps to your desired length if you don’t want them dangling about.




Mr. S Leather Vac-U-Lock Harness

Best Vac-U-Lock strap on harness mr s leather review

Size king and queens rejoice, this is the ultimate harness for all your XL toy needs! Not only does it include a very comfortable and stable build, but there’s also an extra strap to support the weight of your toys!

It’s pricier than the entry-level Supreme harness, but it is also of much higher quality and made of leather ( being from the famous Mr. S Leather, it’s really no surprise. )

Plus, if you remove the extra strap for XL toys, it turns into a perfect high-quality alternative to the supreme harness, regardless of whether you prefer large or small toys!

Just keep in mind it won’t be compatible with traditional O-rings like the Supreme is.


Vac-U-Lock Accessories

Doc Johnson offers a wide range of Vac-U-Lock accessories, some being more useful than others. So If you don’t see it here, chances are they aren’t really worth it ( We’re looking at you E-Z rider ball ).

Thankfully, thanks to the popularity of the system, there are also some pretty great off-brand attachments worth taking a look at!


Vac-U-Lock Toy Holders

vac u lock attachments The following accessories are awesome to extend the functionality of your Vac-U-Lock and Lock-On dildos. It also helps that they aren’t as expensive as the sex machines they’re known to be used with. 

So if you have a dildo that you just can’t get enough of, this is an awesome way of finding new ways to play with a familiar favorite!

If you want to make the handling of your dildos a bit more interesting, the basic handle is great.

The extension it provides makes it a great option for both solo and couple play. However, if solo play is mainly your thing, you’ll prefer the option below!

vac u lock attachments

For a less basic handle perfect for facilitating self-pleasure, the Silc Arts Ergonomic handle is where it’s at!

It allows you to make sweet love to your own happy self, no wrist craning, no bending yourself in half, nothing!

If you don’t have funds for a fuck machine and don’t mind doing a little bit of extra effort, this is the best way to fuck yourself!


Otherwise, if you’re feeling a little more aggressive, this attachment is for you!

The Knuckle Duster Attachment should help to make any BDSM sessions a bit more interesting.

Blush’s Realm sword handles are perfect if you want to feel like Conan, conqueror of orifices.

Not only is it both hilarious and badass at the same time, it essentially works just as well as the official handle!


Vac-U-Lock Suction Cups

vac u lock attachments

The official Vac-U-Lock suction cups from Doc Johnson are a bit hit-and-miss.

Being a bit too rigid, they’ll only work on very smooth surfaces, like glass, tiles, metallic surfaces, and plastic.

While they’ll work pretty flawlessly on Horizontal surfaces, don’t expect the same for walls and other vertical planes as the toys will tend to slide around on the surface before eventually coming off.

You can choose between their basic small suction cup that comes included with most kits or the larger model ( seen above ) that is supposed to work better with bigger toys.

Just avoid their deluxe suction cup, since it’s a pretty flimsy and ineffective build. A real shame since, if done well, this could’ve been a great attachment.

If you want another cheap option, Blush now makes an OK third-party suction cup.

Though, as always, your success may vary since it always really depends on the surfaces you use as well as the weight of your toys.

Sadly, just like the official suction cups, they work much better on horizontal planes than vertical ones. A bit strange coming from Blush as they are known for making some pretty good budget dildos with effective suction cups.  


best Vac-u-lock suction cups

But if you’re looking for the best-performing suction cups, look no further than from the XL sex toy experts themselves: Mr. Hankey & Sinnovator.

Both are pretty phenomenal as they were designed to hold heavy XL dildos. But nothing stops you from using them on regular dildos as well! The real main difference between the two suction cups is the materials used & customization options

Mr.Hankey’s heavy-duty suction cup is made of silicone at the cup and aluminum at the stem and only comes in black. This is a perfect option for those who like a nice rugged look!

The Sinnovator suction cup on the other hand is completely made of silicone so it is very easy to sanitize and you can choose from a ton of colors if you wish to match it with your toys. The only downside is that it ships from the U.K. So if you’re not European, you might have to pay extra for shipping.


Bullet Vibrators

A big issue with the Vac-U-Lock hole is that it is too wide to fit traditionally shaped bullet vibes.

Most of them are just going to loosely rattle inside the hole and slip out. A real shame, especially for fans of the amazingly rumbly Tango.

But once more, I’ve done all the research for you and know of a few alternatives that are going to fit beautifully with your favorite Vac-U-Lock toys.


Screaming-O Charged Vooom

Best bullet vibrator

If you’re looking for a perfect entry-level bullet vibrator, it doesn’t get much better than this. The Vooom is pretty much your traditional cheap portable bullet vibrator on crack.

It is rechargeable, virtually silent, has 3 incremental constant vibration modes as well as 7 rhythmic pulsations. So compared to the only 1 to 3 Incremental vibrations you will find on most cheap bullets, this is already a big plus.

On top of that, the Vooom packs some pretty decent vibrations.

And while it might not rumble like the high-end toys, it still has plenty of power and rumbles to please most folks.

But most importantly, it doesn’t run on small shitty expensive watch batteries you have to replace every 30 minutes! Just recharge it through USB and you’re set.

So while you might spend 15 dollars less on a cheap standard bullet vibrator, the money you will save on batteries alone makes the Vooom essentially pay for itself.




Sensuelle Point by Nu

Nu Bullet Vibrator


This is a great cheap alternative to the amazing Tango by We-Vibe. It is almost as powerful with a ridiculous 20 functions.

It’s rechargeable by electromagnetic induction and covered for 1 year by the company, just like its higher-end counterpart.

Though This bullet vibrator fares pretty well in the shower it will likely die if used in the bath.

Also, a lot of people report that the charger stops working after a while. But back at the old sin bin, we’ve noticed that usually cleaning the metallic contacts on the bullet vibrator and the charger with rubbing alcohol does the trick at bringing it back from the dead.




Vac-U-Lock Compatible Fuck Machines

Most Fuck Machines come with Vac-U-Lock plugs as their standard attachment. 

With these, you will get more strokes per minute and more torque than you could ever ask for. Plus, if you’re in a relationship, sex machines are perfect threesome third wheels as well.

Through the course of this entry, we’ll cover compact and cheaper models, a DIY hack, as well as full-size and feature-packed sex machines.

So whether you have 150$ or 4000$ there’s bound to be something for your drawer, closet, or sex dungeon!

Universal Velvet Thruster Mini for vac-u-lock dildos review best handheld fuck machine/thrusting dildo

Velvet Thruster’s Universal Mini is perfect If you like the idea of an affordable handheld sex machine with Vac-U Lock compatibility like on the full-size machines.

It’s got a good suction cup as well so it is entirely hands-free if you want it to be!

It’s worth noting that this version of the Velvet thruster only offers 1.5 inches ( as opposed to 2.5 & 3.5 on their non-Vac-U-Lock models ) of stroke length to give it enough strength to handle most dildos.

Kiiroo Keon review Best sex machine for men automatic masturbator hands-free teledildonics couples toy

The Keon turned out to be the best sex machine for men ever made. Feature packed, you can use it by itself, synchronize it with VR or 2D content, pair it with a Kiiroo vibrator to feel the motions of your partner from any distance, and it is compatible with the many Fleshlight sleeves!

But recently Kiiroo released a new accessory that can turn your Keon into a full-on Vac-U-Lock dildo Machine. So no matter if you prefer to penetrate or be penetrated, the Keon is now easily the most versatile and best sex machine for the money!

hands-free sex toys for women

F-Machine is your best alternative If you live in or around the U.K. 

The Gigolo, their cheaper model features 240 strokes per minute and 1 to 4 inches of stroke length.

The Pro III, their flagship model, has just as many strokes per minute as the gigolo but offers 1 to 6 inches of stroke length with just enough torque to handle bigger toys as well.

F-Machine might not have all the options and crazy performances you can get from KTM machines, but it offers sleek, quality devices that should please most.

best fuck machines Hismith review

The Hismith Fuck Machine is another awesome affordable option!

You can expect about 240 strokes per minute and 2 to 6 inches in stroke length and there are also plenty of attachments and accessories to choose from.

They’ve also released a new version of the Hismith which supports app control over any distance!


Lustti Adultrepdao Dao Huan sex machine review fm18

The Lustti FM18 is phenomenal if you don’t need app control. It’s more performant than the Hismith and even cheaper. And it has components and features that are on par with the more expensive Lovense machine below ( like that double-ended action! Yum! ). 

Hell, for the price, this is probably the best fuck machine you can get for all your hands-free needs.

It can dish out up to 300 Reps per Minute and 6 inches in stroke length. Plus, they sell a ton of attachments, so the possibilities are truly endless!

Lovense Sex Machine Review  best vac-u-lock compatible sex machine

The Lovense Sex Machine is probably my newest favorite machine to finally somewhat dethrone the affordable Hismith. 

For a few bucks more this machine has more strokes per second ( 300 to be exact ), better app control as well as the option to make the machine double-ended for no extra fee.

It’s also the most affordable sex machine to have Chaturbate integration ( for all the sex cam workers out there! ).

To sweeten the deal, it also comes with 2 silicone dildos, Vac-U-Lock adapters, and a carry-case out of the box.

best sybian alternative motorbunny review

Motorbunny makes two Sybian-style machines that have attachments that are Vac-U-Lock Compatible.

Meaning that you get to benefit from some of the most powerful vibrations known to man along with your favorite Vac-U-Lock dildo!

The main difference is that the Vac-U-Lock end on the OG Motorbunny will rotate while Buck’s attachment will do full-on in and out motions like any traditional sex machines would!

hands-free sex toys for women

The Shockspots are simply the best sex machines available on the market today. They outperform and have more features than any other machine money can buy.

These luxury fuck machines offer speeds up to 24 inches per second and about 105 pounds in torque.
The classic and Dual Thruster models offer 8 inches max in stroke length and there’s a 12-inch capable machine as well.

One of our favorite features is that you can control the stroke length directly on the controllers with no need to stop and interface with the machine itself.

These great machines also can be controlled by a PC, a remote control, or even with your partners Fleshlight with the V-Stroker Attachment.


There’s a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry titles to find out about the best places to buy!