Budget sex toys for trans men

The Best Affordable Sex Toys & Tools for Trans Men Under 60$

Transitioning can be pricey.

Take your pick: from legal forms to change your name and gender, to buying new gender-affirming clothing, to hormones. And in this economy, it’s hard to justify budgeting away money for pleasurable things like sex toys.

But… we have to. Now I’m not saying that you absolutely must go out and buy buy buy! I’m insisting that you prioritize your pleasure. As the good book says, “There is no way to repress pleasure and expect liberation, satisfaction, or joy.” This is from adrienne maree brown’s radically compassionate and liberating text, Pleasure Activism, and the point resonates throughout my entire life.

So, money’s tight. What do you do when you’re trans and need pleasure supplies that won’t cost you an entire month’s rent? You get savvy by checking out some of the recommendations we have on this list for you.

These are the best affirming toys we have found thus far under 60$. If you have recommendations, please don’t hesitate to send them to us. We always like to test our recommendations first, and if they pass the test, we add them to the list! 

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our list of cheap sex toys for trans men, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


Best budget toys for trans men Shotpocket Review


Best one-size-fits-most stroker for T-dicks


Best budget toys for trans men gendercat fascination sleeve review


Top transmasculine stroker with a customized fit 

Fascination Sleeves

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ review Best budget toys for trans men


Best suction / blow-job toy post-testosterone 

Satisfyer Curvy 1+

Best budget toys for trans men Rodeoh FTM harness underwear briefs strap ons review


Greatest budget gender-affirming harnesses

Rodeoh Harnesses

Best budget packers for trans men


The best affordable packers

Multiple Entries

Best budget STPs for trans men


Cheapest quality Stand-To-Pee devices

Multiple Entries

Best budget harness prosthetics & dildos for trans men


Greatest dirt-cheap harness-play prosthetics / dildos

Multiple Entries

Best budget packing straps for trans men


Great affordable packing straps

Multiple Entries

Best budget butt plugs for trans men


The best budget butt plugs

Multiple Entries


Best budget toys for trans men Shotpocket Review

The first few months of being on testosterone can be wild. For most people, the increased blood flow to the clitorus and increase in testosterone means your libido will be sky high. You might find your usual toys don’t quite work, and find yourself sexually frustrated to an extreme.

Fear not, friend! Take yourself to your closest gender-affirming sex toy store, and pick yourself up a Shotpocket.

It initially looks like a squishy forbidden marshmallow and feels like a stress toy. It’s not the most seductive sleeve, but it’s absolutely one that gets the job done with glee.

Good news everybody: the Shotpocket can also double up as a pump. 

Something that makes it perfect if you want to try pumping without necessarily buying a specialized pump. Heck, this could be a great option for discreet pumping while on vacation or sleeping over at someone’s house. (Wink, wink!)





Fascination Sleeves

Best budget toys for trans men gendercat fascination sleeve review

I’ve always felt jealous of the variety of Fleshlights available to people with dicks. Fleshlights look so fun, novel, and they are customizable with different orifices and/or inside textures. In my ideal future utopia, toys like these would be more available for trans men and masculine people like me!

GenderCat’s Fascination Sleeves aims to bridge that gap between what’s possible now and in the future with their top-of-the-line toys!

Sincerely, they are one of my favorite toys for trans masculine people right now, and for good reasons: there are four sizes to choose from, an absolute buttload of interesting colors, and two different textures for the inside.

If you want to splurge, they also have a “Gender Extender”.

No, it’s not a special warranty for your gender but a stroker that’s shaped like a dick available in nearly any skin tone, size, and texture!

Both the Fascination Sleeve and the Gender Extender can be used like a pump as well, which makes them multipurpose and definitely worth the money!





 Satisfyer Curvy 1+

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ review Best budget toys for trans men

Air pulse toys, or “suckers”, can be a real tricky spot for people who have been on testosterone for a while (or are just lucky).

There’s so very few nozzles with holes large enough to fit our t-dicks, and while that can be affirming it can be a major masturbation bummer.

Personally, my favorite affordable pick for this category is the Satisfyer Curvy 1+!

While the hole is firm (and slightly ribbed), the size is pretty generous and feels great especially used with lube.

The toy can be controlled by using the buttons on the body of the toy, or by connecting it to the Satisfyer app on your smartphone. This gives you, or a person anywhere in the world the chance to control every vibration through their snazzy interface.

For the price, it’s more than a worthwhile purchase!



Rodeoh Harnesses

Best budget toys for trans men Rodeoh FTM harness underwear briefs strap ons review

So you’ve got a realistic dildo to use, or maybe you’ve got a fancy prosthetic (lucky you!). How the heck are you going to keep it on your body while you’re doing the deed?

Harnesses to the rescue! But where to start?

With the connection to queer women’s culture, trans guys might find that certain styles of harnesses might drum up feelings of dysphoria for them. Maybe you struggle with some dyspraxia and your fingers can’t seem to figure out how to secure the harness before your sweetheart gets bored and falls asleep. 

Friend. Pal. Buddy. Have you ever considered the affordable option of Rodeoh harnesses?

They’re essentially boxer briefs that have a flexible o-ring to use with your favorite toy.

You slip them on like any pair of underwear, then when it’s time to boogie, you pop your toy in place and put the shaft through the front. Done!

They’re a great option if you want to try wearing a harness, but it does have a small drawback.

Since Rodeoh harnesses are meant to be comfortable, they have a lot of stretch. That can make it a bit hard to fuck someone rough because the toy can move out of place in your harness (but you can always stabilize it with your hand)!

Regardless, these are a great first-time harness or just one to keep in your toy chest for those comfy fuck sessions.




Cheap Packers

Best budget packers for trans men


Best budget toys for trans men FTM classic packy mr. limpy review

You always remember your first. Your first kiss, your first movie, your first packer. My first? Mr. Limpy of course!

If you don’t know, Mr. Limpy is one of the quintessential trans packers. It’s relatively easy to purchase, comes in three sizes, and is very affordable making it the perfect beginning packer for almost anyone.

A couple of downsides to the Mr. Limpy? It isn’t made of silicone, which makes it less than ideal for long-term wear (since it can’t be 100% sterilized), and it only comes in two skin tones, which is disappointing especially since they’re very light.

Reel Magik Basic Packers

Best budget toys for trans men Reel Magik basic packers review

Having a 100% silicone packer was very important to me, so I looked elsewhere on the internet for a basic silicone packer and found Reel Magik’s Basic Packers. These puppies are the reel deal, and if you can get them at discount (due to small production flaws), you are getting a fantastic prosthetic packer for essentially the same price as a non-silicone packer.

Here’s the deets: five sizes (from 2.5 to 5 inches), six skin tones, and two different densities of silicone. There’s a softer and squishier model or their classic one.

They’re a fantastic product, and I recommend them to all those who want to retire their Mr. Limpy for an affordable high-quality silicone packer.

NYTC’s Archer and Pierre Packers

Best budget toys for trans men NYTC pierre and archer review

NYTC is famous for its bendable pack and play prosthetics, and knock it out of the park with their 100% silicone basic packers, the Archer and Pierre.

The main difference between them is that the Archer is the circumcised version, while the Pierre has a foreskin. Both models come in two sizes, and four colors (four skin tones and four unnatural colors), so you’re bound to find one that suits you!

They are known for being a slight bit heavy, but for some folks, that’s a plus!



Affordable STPs

Best budget STPs for trans men


Best budget toys for trans men  STP pstyle review

STPs aren’t for everybody. You might try them and decide they’re more hassle than they’re worth, or you might not find them entirely comfortable to use! However, when an STP is expensive and you’re unable to return them, how do you find out if you like them? Try out the Pstyle!

Okay, before you go running after seeing the design of the Pstyle… hear me out. If you’re not entirely sure about wanting an STP, try this tool first. It is the furthest from a realistic STP, but it’s affordable and easy to use. If you do enjoy using one, then you can comfortably buy a realistic packer knowing that you made an informed decision!


Best budget toys for trans men nytc sam review

It’s hard to find a good quality, comfortable packer for an affordable price but NYTC’s got your back. A lot of affordable STPs are actually not meant to be worn as a packer, but the Sam has been designed to be comfortable to wear all day.

It’s 100% silicone, and looks realistic enough to not cause anyone to stare at the urinal. NYTC has also released a silicone insert to turn the Sam into a toy you can use to fuck someone, which makes it possibly the most affordable 3-in-1 STP on the market to date.




Harness Play Prosthetics

Best budget harness prosthetics & dildos for trans men

It can be quite hard to find affordable realistic-looking dildos/prosthetics for harness play. But I did manage to uncover a few nice options for you! So let’s dig in, shall we?

NS Novelties Colours Dildos

Best budget toys for trans men colours dildo review

NS Novelties has a whole line of dildos, ranging from cheaper rigid dildos to super soft ones. They even offer dual-density and vibrating dildos as well. The Colours all come in colorful or realistic skin tones (though the realistic colors aren’t available in their ultra-soft / Coloursoft dildos).

Whatever your preference and flavor, they probably have one for you.

I got the chance to review one in my “Good Vibes Only” article, and while I was a little underwhelmed with the vibrations, the toy itself was a fantastic entry-level toy for anyone who didn’t already have a closet full of dicks. If you’re on the market for an affordable dildo, take a peek and see if you can find the dildo of your dreams.

Neo Elite

Best budget toys for trans men Neo elite review

The Neo Elite was another toy I had the pleasure of reviewing, and it was one of the standout shockers of the bunch.

While they, unfortunately, don’t have any natural skin tones, I would still highly recommend these toys for their truly satisfying realistic sculpt and incredible DUAL-DENSITY silicone.

BMS’ Naked Addiction

BMS’ Naked Addiction dildos are probably the most natural-feeling affordable dual-density toys in the biz. Anything of that caliber is usually from high-end sex toy makers like Vixen Creations & Uberrime! So that’s huge coming from such a budget option!

So while they might not be as detailed as you’d want for a prosthetic, how they feel is as realistic as it gets at this price!

Large Silicone Willy’s

Best budget toys for trans men silicone willy review

On the other hand, if you’re partner is quite the size queen/king/royalty, it generally doesn’t look good if you are on a budget & looking for something body-safe. Luckily, Silicone Willy’s large dildos are the rare affordable exception when it comes to large toys. 

Like many affordable silicone toys, the silicone on these toys tends to be on the rigid side of things, so keep that in mind before making the jump. 


Cheap Packing Straps

Best budget packing straps for trans men

NYTC Packing Pouch

Best budget toys for trans men  NYTC magnetic packing pouch review

The NYTC Packer Pouch is a simple but effective way of wearing a packer. Just slide your silicone willy into the pouch, and snap it onto the inside of your underwear with the magnetic closures. Voila! 

NYTC STP Harness

Best budget toys for trans men  Nytc Packing & STP strap harness review

Another great packing solution from NYTC, this one is specifically meant for their Sam STP, but the NYTC harness can work with nearly any STP on the market! It was designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible, while also making it easier to slide the STP down while in use.

Spareparts Pete Commando

Best budget toys for trans men spareparts pete commando review

I love this packing harness! It’s everything I wanted it to be, and more. It might seem basic at first glance, but the quality of it is impeccable. I was worried that I’d feel too warm wearing a packing harness under my boxer briefs, but the nylon spandex material helps keep it breathable!


Basic jockstraps are a fantastic option. Though they’re not necessarily the most secure for keeping your packer in your pants, many jockstraps come with internal pockets. You can tuck your packer into this to secure it for the day, or just wear it tight between you and your underwear!


Budget Butt Plugs

Best budget butt plugs for trans men

Oxballs Ergo Plugs

Best budget toys for trans men ergo plugs review

These are possibly one of the highest quality butt plugs on the market, and for good reason. They’re comfortable, incredibly squishy, and easy to wear long-term (if that’s your kink)!

While they can get pretty pricey, if you’re using only the smaller sizes you can absolutely find a plug under $60.

SquarePegs Egg Plugs

Best budget toys for trans men egg plugs review

In the battle for the best butt plugs, SquarePegs Egg Plugs are the other big contender for the top spot. Similar to the Oxballs, the Egg Plugs are made of a ridiculously squishy silicone but the main difference is in the overall shape of the plug. While the Ergo plug is more of a bean shape, the Egg Plugs are exactly that: egg-shaped!

If you’re looking to stay under $60, you can buy every size except the large and above. Still a fantastic toy to have in your arse-nal. (Pun intended!)