what is astral sex and how to do it

Beyond Touch: What Is Astral Sex & How to Actually Do It

I don’t know about you, but this pandemic has left me quite hesitant to be around other humans. Last year was worse than many expected and though the restrictions are lifting, I am still skeptical. Yes, I am a skeptic. And I’m writing about astral projection. Deal with it.

I’m starved for touch but terrified of actually coming close enough to touch anyone. So, where does that leave me and my intimacy with others? Y’knooooow….not actually too far off from where it was before the pandemic. But I think it’s more relatable now.

What if you could have sex without being anywhere near another physical body? Doesn’t that sound nice? Wouldn’t that be worthwhile? Especially if it was just as fulfilling, maybe even more so than sex in the physical realm? That sounds pretty good to me.

I started thinking…maybe the astral realm is the most agreeable realm for hookups now. Maybe I should look into this.


Why do I think it’s possible?

Ok, time for the truth. Sometimes my body feels sensations spontaneously along with receiving other information and sometimes I’ve had those sensations and bits of information confirmed. For example, I once felt tickling along my neck and could hear a friend of mine giggling. When I texted her about it, she said she had been laughing and feeling the light that morning. Not earth-shattering, but maybe a little more than coincidental.

I have also spontaneously felt like some unseen force was sexually interacting with my body. I am aware that there are many ways that experience could be explained. Maybe something triggered a hormone surge. Maybe there was some random neural firing. Maybe I just had a sudden and vivid fantasy.

Or maybe it was a psychic experience.

Could it have been an astral sex experience? To answer that, we’ll have to first know what astral sex, and astral projection, even is.


What is Astral Sex?

Astral sex also referred to as ‘melding’, is when you experience sexual pleasure while astral traveling. This can be with another astral traveler, a partner in their own body who is receiving your energy body (and vice versa), or even just by yourself. It stands to reason that if you’re able to exist in an energy body, you’re also able to do things with that energy body.

This experience has been described as being even better than physical sex. Others say it’s a milder version. Either way, it’s new and different and our brains LOVE novelty, so why not give it a try?


What is Astral Projection (Astral Travel)?

We have a physical body made of blood and bones and flesh, right? But some believe we have more layers, so to speak, to our bodies than just the physical one we’re so used to feeling. Depending on who you talk to, the astral body might be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th layer, or dimension, to our bodies. Most of the time, we’re completely unaware of these other layers but with regular practice, we may be able to sense them.

Astral projection is when you’re not only able to sense your astral body, but you’re also able to separate it from your physical body. Once this separation occurs, your astral body, also known as your energy body, is able to move freely to wherever you wish to bring your awareness. This experience of moving away from your physical body while your awareness is in your energy body is what we refer to as astral projection, and it is the foundational skill for experiencing astral sex.

While you are in your astral body and separated from your physical body, it is said that you exploring what is referred to as the astral plane. Again, depending on the source, there might be 5, 7, or 31 planes of existence and there isn’t really any current way of verifying that any of these quantities of planes of existence are objectively true. However, there has been some research done on related psychic experiences: remote viewing, out-of-body experiences, and lucid dreaming.


What is Remote Viewing?

As far as I can tell, remote viewing is just a rebranding of astral projection but for military purposes. In the 1970s, there was a section of the CIA that explored remote viewing. Different sources have different conclusions as to how helpful these efforts actually were. These results were vague and lacked the kind of detail that would have been worthwhile to the CIA.

But some information was getting through, it seemed.

Remote viewing is still a thing despite no longer being a CIA project. There are remote viewers who help with crime investigations and stuff like that. One remote viewer explained it as being a refined, intuitive ability. If that’s the case, it does seem to make the idea of astral experiences a bit more credible.


Out Of Body Experiences

There are many reports of out-of-body Experiences (or OBE’s, sometimes referred to as OOBE’s). They tend to happen to people during a near-death experience (or NDE). Many of these experiences contain bits of information that they couldn’t have known any other way and some that are verifiable.

Like remote viewing, these reports suggest that there is a part of ourselves or our consciousness that could exist beyond our bodies. And since that’s the baseline belief that would make astral sex possible, it’s pretty encouraging that there are well-documented cases to support this idea.

So, if there is a part of ourselves that can exist outside of our body and if a person can intuitively observe phenomena beyond their body’s physical perception, then we just need to know how to induce that state and how to have intentional experiences while in that state.


Lucid Dreaming

Recently popularized by Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes (and much less recently popularized by the movie, Waking Life), lucid dreaming is another form of experience beyond the physical realm. Lucid dreaming is when you are able to realize that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming and then choose what to dream.

There are plenty of people who learn to lucid dream and plenty of research into this phenomenon. It’s a thing. And it’s often used for sex, too. Lucid dreaming allows you to have vivid sexual encounters with whoever or whatever you desire.

So even if astral travel and OBEs aren’t real, lucid dreaming sure is and you can use it to experience whatever you want!

There are plenty of tricks and techniques for hacking into your dreaming brain. Some people find it easy, and others will need to practice diligently for weeks or more. But the good news is that if you can manage to have lucid dreams, astral projection isn’t that much more of a leap. You just need to stay consciously awake.


How to do it astral-style.

Step one: relax

All of these practices (remote viewing, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, and astral travel) can be improved by practicing meditation, mindfulness, and visualization. If you’ve never done any of those things before, that’s probably where you should start.

Meditation can benefit us in many ways; relieving stress, improving sleep, and enhancing memory, attention, and willpower. So even if this whole astral travel thing isn’t a thing, meditation certainly is and it’s pretty good for you. No downside here.

There are many ways to meditate, and they often involve observing your breath. Once you get comfortable with focusing on your breathing for longer and longer periods of time, then you can begin to add visualizations to the flow of your breath. Eventually, you’ll be able to visualize all sorts of things that can help you achieve goals, relieve stress, and focus your mind. Relaxation is key to astral travel and regular meditation practice can help you learn to relax on command.

Step two: vibration stage

Before you can start jumping out of your body and sexing up spirits, you need to reach the vibration stage. Usually. Sometimes people skip this stage, but it does seem to be a common part of the experience. Some people wait until this stage is over, others try to leave their body at the ‘peak’ of their vibrations and others get up once they start vibrating. You have to just trust yourself and do what feels right.

Ultimately, what this stage is all about is reaching a deep state of relaxation and feeling the flow of energy through your astral body. Once your awareness is linked to your astral body, then you’re well situated to start moving it out of your physical body.

Step three: pulling the cord

There are many ways you can visualize separating your energy body from your physical body, but the most commonly talked about method is visualizing a silver cord, like an ethereal umbilical cord, and pulling on it with your energy body to lift yourself out of the physical realm.

To be clear, you’re not going to reach your physical arms out and pull yourself up. Your physical body is meant to stay very still this whole time. Instead, you’ll be sensing and feeling and visualizing your way into the astral realm, and it can help to imagine something you can pull on to haul yourself up.

This can take a lot of practice and it’s hard to tell if you’re doing it right. There’s no flashing light or alarm that goes off when you manage to do it. But if you can manage to separate your energy body from your physical body, then you’re pretty much free to roam around.

Step four: connect with another willing spirit

Ok, so theoretically, once you’re floating around the astral plane, then you can just find a spirit and see if they want to get freaky with you. Ideally, you would have already sorted out who you were going to meet up with for some spiritual enlightenment, and they’d also have to at least be in touch with their astral body.

I don’t really know much about the astral plane, but Tumblr had a lot of warnings about it being real with real consequences so you shouldn’t just go around doing whatever you want to any old spirit. Consent still matters beyond the physical world, which is why it’s ideal to have sorted this out on a plane of existence you’re more familiar with first.


Take it to the stars

So ultimately, this isn’t exactly an easy solution and though I’ve been practicing, I’m still trying to figure out if I’m doing it right or just imagining things. But either way, my fantasies are reaching whole new dimensions. Even if I never do it ‘properly, it’s been a fun way to get those releases without putting myself or others at risk.

But I have to say, I really want this to be a real thing that I could somehow learn to do.

And what about you, dear reader? Would you try astral sex? Have you done it before?