Best Lubes for Every Situation & Sex Toy Materials

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So many lubes and so many things that can go wrong with your toys and sensitive areas.
This is why, here at Tabooless, we have put up a list of the best lubes for every possible situation.
There’s a lot to digest in this post, so bookmark it, print it and stick it next to your bed if you have to.

Coming up is the dos and don’ts followed with the top lubes that can take you from the bed to the sky.
We have something great in store may it be for casual vaginal or anal sex to big insertions!

So let’s Slide right into it.

Water-Based lubes

Water-Based lubes are great all-around lubes.

For one, you can use them with condoms and pretty much any toy there is.
They also usually have a thicker consistency than most lubes, which helps a lot with friction.
Another big plus is that you can also be as sloppy as you want when applying because they do not stain sheets

Keep in mind that you should stay clear of the cheap brands for vaginal sex because some ingredients they use might irritate some.
The most common ones to avoid are paraben and glycerin.
So, if you spot these in the ingredient list and you consider yourself prone to reactions, avoid buying at all cost.

The only real downside is that these are the least long-lasting types of lubes. This means they might become sticky and you will need lots of it, especially for extended play.


  • Compatible with all toys
  • Has a nice natural thickness to it
  • Condom compatible
  • Doesn’t stain sheets
  • Cheap


  • Dries up and requires to reapply during play
  • Usually not hypoallergenic so test on less sensitive skin before using
  • Cheap brands include paraben and glycerin which can be an irritant for a lot of women.


Best for Vaginal:

SLiquid’s H2O

best lube Sliquid h2o

Sliquid’s line is 100% Vegan, gluten-free, hypoallergenic and pH balanced. On top of being one of the longer-lasting water lubes on the market, it is free of any irritants, making it the best lube for a sensitive woman.

This lube isn’t especially on the thick side but still works great for friction.
The consistency merges itself seamlessly with your own personal lubrication. This makes the experience feel as natural as it can.
If you like a thicker lube, they have another option which is called “Sassy” (U.K.) that might suit your needs better.

Even if all the ingredients used are natural they still offer a parallel line of organic versions of their products (U.K.) as well.
The company also offers delicious flavored lubes (U.K.) and much more.

Sliquid is definitively one of our favorite lube brands today.
They have succeeded in making us absolutely love water-based lubes, and this is no small feat.


Best for Anal:


best lube maximus

Maximus, reminiscent of “Doctor Lube”, is the thickest water lube around.
This makes it perfect for anal since it removes friction beautifully.

Thanks to its thickness, it takes much more effort to fully absorb through the skin. This means it stays slick for longer periods of time, especially compared to your basic water lube.
It definitively isn’t runny, so you can easily pile it up if a nice coat is needed.

The pump lever on the bigger bottles is handy as well and great for avoiding cross-contamination.

Maximus lube is definitively a must have for any anal enthusiast.


U.S.: Sadly, an Issue between Bodywise and the U.S. Customs is preventing them to supply the U.S. at the moment. So U.S. customers that want a thick water-based anal lube should look into J-Lube.



Silicone Based Lubes

This would probably be the best lube option if only it was compatible with Silicone toys.
It requires very little amounts and lasts forever. This way you can concentrate on the fun and not on keeping everything well oiled up.
Silicone is also our favorite purse and backpack lube since a small bottle will go a long way.

The main complaint about these lubes is that, like oil, they do stain sheets.
It is something a traditional grease removing detergent will easily fix along with our favorite toy cleaner.
Just know that, if used correctly, messes shouldn’t be really happening at all.
See, all you really need is just a few drops to sufficiently lubricate. Just put 2 to 3 drops in your hand and apply directly on your genitalia.
It is easy to put too much so really go gradually. If anything, if it isn’t enough you can always easily re-apply following the same process.

It also doubles great as a long-lasting massage oil and will leave your skin soft after wiping off.


  • Condom compatible
  • Lasts forever
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Requires very little amounts
  • Odorless
  • Leaves skin smooth if only wiped off
  • Doubles as a massage oil


  • Not compatible with silicone toys
  • Stains fabrics
  • Requires soap and water to fully remove


Best for Vaginal:

Sliquid’s Silver

Sliquid Silver lube

Sliquid has done it again. Even if the market is flooded with perfectly good silicone lubes, the company still succeeds in making a product that is pretty much on par with the higher end silicone lubes ( like Pjur ) at a fraction of the price.
The only big difference being that the bottles may not be as pretty.

So if you want something that will look beautiful on your nightstand you should go with Pjur Original.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something as good at a fraction of the price you should go with Sliquid’s take on silicone.


Best for Anal:

Analyse me by Pjur

best lube pjur analyse me

Being the most high-end lube company to grace this slippery world, it is only normal they’ve come up with the best silicone option for anal sex.

They have mixed their classic pure silicone with Jojoba oil. A blend that successfully relaxes the anal muscles making penetration easier and as pain-free as possible.
It is great for beginners as well as experienced asses.

The jojoba oil not only helps with penetration but works very well on tense muscles as well, so it is an awesome massage oil.
Something that might come in handy for the following pains you might experience after all that action.

If you don’t care much about the relaxing capabilities of this lube, you can always go with the previous option or with Pjur Original (U.K.).

Otherwise, what are you waiting for, treat your ass with something nice!


Honorable mention:

Wet Platinum

best lube wet platinum

We couldn’t let this one out of our list.

What sets Wet’s Platinum apart is that it has a thicker consistency than most silicone lubes.
A feature that makes this lube even more long-lasting than its counterparts
Wet’s Platinum is also surprisingly water-resistant, so it is perfect for shower sex as well.
It also comes to no surprise that the thickness of it is also great for anal.

The only downside is that it is a bit harder to clean than your standard silicone lube.


Oil Based lubes

Oil based lubes are best suited for committed couples who are both tested for sexually transmitted diseases. This is because oil based lubes can’t be used with condoms.

Aside from that, they have a lot in common with their silicone counterparts, feeling even more natural and retaining heat even better.

Another big win over silicone is that they can even be used with silicone toys as well!
This makes oil great for solo play because who needs condoms for that!

Ladies beware: Most oil based lubes won’t work for vaginal play, so stick to our suggestion below and nothing else.


  • Lasts Long
  • Feels natural
  • Retains heat with friction
  • Compatible with all sex toys
  • Doubles as massage oils


  • Stains Sheets
  • Not Condom Compatible
  • Not Hypoallergenic so test on less sensitive skin before using


Best for Vaginal:

Coconut Oil

best lube coconut oil

If you thought the list of Pros were short, Coconut Oil extends it greatly:
It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
Coconut oil tastes and smells great and not only does it prevent you from getting yeast infections, it helps with vaginal dryness thanks to its moisturizing capabilities.

It is easy and not too messy to apply since it has a semi-solid form that melts at body temperature.

The applications do not stop at the bedroom either: Coconut oil is great for cooking, massages, it leaves your hair shiny and healthy and works well as a general moisturizer as well. We could go on forever about the many benefits of this oil but this isn’t what this article is about!

The only real downside is if your room temperature is particularly low or high.
In the great cold, coconut oil will become very hard and difficult to scrape out of the pot.
In contrast, in very warm temperatures, the oil becomes completely liquid making it easy to drop some and stain your sheets.

So if you live in a warm country, we suggest transferring your oil in a clean squeeze or pump bottle and apply like any other lube.

If you don’t go with our suggestion, just make sure to get unrefined extra virgin coconut oil to avoid complications.


Best for Anal:

Boy Butter

best lube boy butter

Boy Butter comes with lots of the advantages of coconut oil since it is one of the main ingredients. This time though. the added ingredients make this lube thicker, non-staining and not dependant on the room temperature.

It doesn’t melt or harden so you can apply as much as you want and it lasts forever.
We also love that it cleans right off of you with a bit of water. Otherwise, if left on you, it will get absorbed by your skin, moisturizing it. Contrary to its name, the texture of boy butter is more akin to a soft margarine.
The tub it comes in is also hilarious, so extra points for that!

Boy butter is also well suited for fisting or other big insertions, but it might become a bit expensive due to the amounts required.
If you’re in for something cheaper keep on reading.

Our only complaint is that it doesn’t taste that great so we suggest doing any type of oral before applying.


Other great mentions

Best Flavored Lube:

Wicked’s Flavored Lubes

best lube wicked flavored

In my sex shop days, I have tasted a boatload of flavored lubes and pretty much every each one of them had an unnatural luby aftertaste.
And believe me, this can become sickening quite quickly.
So when we received Wicked’s line of lubes my life was changed forever ( as well as the lives of the people in charge or restocking the demos ).

They are water based like most flavored lubes. They come in a ridiculous amount of delicious flavors like salted caramel, mocha java, vanilla bean, cinnamon bun, candy apple and more with no weird aftertaste at all.

So if you like mixing tasty with sexy I highly suggest this collection.
And even though these are amazing for oral sex, you should avoid using them for vaginal penetration if you are on the sensitive side.
This is because the more you add ingredients the more you put yourself at risk of irritations.


Best Hybrid Lube:

SLiquid’s Silk

Hybrid best lube Sliquid Silk


Sliquid’s take on hybrids ( a blend of water-based and silicone lube ) is a favorite for the price and quality of their ingredients.

It has all the features of silicone but its thicker, silkier and doesn’t stain sheets. And like always, Sliquid’s products are perfect for sensitive women as well.

So if you can’t stand the thinness of silicone lubes and the stains they leave but still crave a long-lasting lube your search is over!

Just remember that like any silicone lube, it isn’t compatible with silicone toys.


Best Lube for Fisting and Other Big Insertions:


best lube j-lube

Originally intended for veterinary purposes, J-lube has made a name for itself in the “fisting community”.
And if you think this is strange, keep in mind that the other popular choice is straight-up Crisco.

J-lube is a concentrated powder that you mix with your preferred amount of water to achieve the consistency that you like, may it be almost solid to completely runny.

A 10 oz bottle of J-lube powder costs about 20 USD and can be mixed into 6 to 8 Gallons of lube depending on consistency.
It’s pretty much as cheap as lube gets.

It is also condom safe and if you get yourself empty pump bottles you can make yourself a big collection of different types of lubes for every situation.

Sadly it isn’t the healthiest lube for vaginal use, especially if you’re on the sensitive side.

So you’re better off using the more expensive and classier Japanese-Style Nuru gel for vaginal sex.
It’s also a ton of fun to smear it all over the place during a hot and heavy Nuru massage.
The classic affordable choice is Mr. Nori’s concentrated tub. Water it down to your liking and fist away!

So it is not only good for the kinkier stuff but also for someone who needs to keep their expenses to a minimum.

Also, make sure to take a look at our list of the best big sex toys, huge strap-on dildos, and fisting toys to use with these great lubes!



No matter how great some lubes are, so far there isn’t a lube that is perfect for every single situation.
So we highly suggest packing at least two different types of lubes to be able to cover as much ground as possible.

Now thanks to everything you’ve learned, you now have no reason to be left dry ever again!