best cheap toys for trans women

The Best Cheap Sex Toys & Tools for Trans Women Under 60$

It’s been a rough few years, and even though it has left a lot of us pretty darn broke, it doesn’t mean our needs vanished in the process. Hell, stressful times call for more vigorous masturbation than ever!

So what happens if you’re a broke gal with growing needs? Sex toys can be damn pricey after all.

Plus, cheap toys tend to be made out of toxic materials or just plain underwhelming!

Luckily for you, I’ve been doing this job for years and all this time & experience in the field helped me uncover plenty of affordable hidden gems that are not only safe but are also quite pleasurable nonetheless!

I’d suggest these toys to you even if you had all the money to spare, so we aren’t compromising here, folks.

With the toys & tools on this list, it doesn’t matter if you’re Pre-Op, Post-Op, or Non-Op. If you’re AMAB, transfeminine, & penny-pinching at the moment, this is the listicle for you!

Even if the toys seem like they’re meant for a specific scenario, read on as this selection is specifically catered to fit most, even if transition is very unique to the individual.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our list of cheap sex toys for trans women, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


vibratex Mystic Wand review hitachi magic wand alternative


Cheap Magic Wand Alternative

Mystic Wand Original

Rumbly affordable Bullet Vibrator Sensuelle Point by Nu review


Pocketable & affordable Wand & Tango alternative

Nu’s Sensuelle Point

best beginners dildos for trans women


Best cheap beginner dildos for post-op & anal training

Tantus Silk

LELO Ella review best G-Spot toys


Budget “G-spot” toys for Trans women

Multiple Entries

Blush Nude Impressions Review Best Suction cup vibrating g-spot vibrator


Best rumbly G-spot vibrators with suction cups 

Blush’s Impressions

best affordable body-safe silicone dildos


Best budget body-safe dildos sorted by size

Multiple Entries

best cheap body-safe silicone butt plugs


Great cheap body-safe butt plugs

Multiple Entries

Cheap gender gear for trans women: Waist training & tucking


Awesome & affordable gender gear

Multiple Entries


Mystic Wand Original By Vibratex

Cheap sex toys for trans women: vibratex Mystic Wand review hitachi magic wand alternative

If you speak to almost any self-respecting trans women, they’ll point out their Magic Wand ( or its growing list of alternatives ) as the hero of most of their best jilling sessions.

The reason for this is that it is powerful enough for pre-op/non-op women or post-op folks who’ve lost a bit of sensitivity. This is mainly due to the fact that the vibrations travel so deep into your body that they can stimulate even the internal erogenous structures of your anatomy.

Plus, using a wand is definitely less dysphoria-inducing than a lot of the other alternatives for people who didn’t get bottom SRS. They’re so powerful, you can even use them over clothes if you’re more comfortable that way!

The problem is that the Original Magic Wand is 10 bucks too expensive to make it onto this list, and the newer versions of the Magic Wand & its alternatives are even more expensive than the OG!

Wands just aren’t synonymous with cheap! Except for one wand that is…

The Mystic Wand is made by the same company as the legendary Magic Wand, but it is smaller, cheaper, & still packs a punch!

Of course, it won’t be as powerful as a mains-powered full-sized wand, but it is still quite impressive for its size and battery-powered nature!

Thanks to its small size, it’s also easier to integrate during partnered sex or to throw into your bag as a travel buddy. 

The Mystic Wand comes in black and pink and has 6 different modes: 3 gradual constant vibrations and 3 patterns.

I also love that it comes with a silicone head, a feature that was quite rare back when this toy originally came out. Could it be the first wand with a silicone head? I’ll let the Sexstorians answer this one!

While there’s a rechargeable model, it doesn’t quite live up to the sheer power of this compact wand vibrator. So you’re better off sticking with the original if you like power.

For an extra 10 bucks: Magic Wand Original

Now if you’re willing to invest a touch more, you can get your hands on the trans-beloved classic! It does show its age with its only two very powerful speeds and wired design, but the OG Magic Wand is still as powerful as ever! 

Plus, it is highly upgradeable and can be modified with a silicone head and a dimmer to reach a similar level of features as the modern wands of today. So with a few extra investments over time, you can turn this budget wand into a pretty awesome high-end toy and it’ll still be cheaper than buying a high-end wand! 

You can get your hands on it here ( Canada ).




Sensuelle Point by Nu

Cheap sex toys for trans women: Rumbly affordable Bullet Vibrator Sensuelle Point by Nu review

Now, while tons of trans women swear by their wands. The small pocketable nature of bullet vibes is still hard to ignore. 

This presents a new problem for those of us looking for a cheap toy since your standard affordable bullet is usually way too buzzy and weak to satisfy the needs wands can easily satiate.

What I usually suggest to transfeminine folks ( and women in general, to be fair ) is the rumbly Tango by We-Vibe. It’s so powerful it’s like a mini baby wand! 

But sadly, this bullet isn’t exactly cheap…

Enter the Sensuelle Point by Nu, the almost perfect cheap Tango clone!

Its power rivals the iconic Tango at the fraction of the price! 

Of course, being so cheap, this build won’t feel as luxurious as its competition and you’ll have to sacrifice a few premium features like being 100% waterproof and the vibrations being a touch buzzier than the Tango. But all things considered, it is syill truly awesome for the price.

My biggest nitpick here is the fact that it has 20 FUNCTIONS! While this might sound great ( the more the merrier, right? ), who really needs 17 patterns, when most just use the standard 3 constant vibrations?

It wouldn’t be a big deal if you could go back and forth with the functions, but you can only go forth, so if you pass your favorite 3rd speed, get ready to click through all 20 of them to get back to your favorite.

Also, a lot of people report that the charger stops working after a while.

But back at the old sin bin, we’ve noticed that cleaning the metallic contacts on the bullet vibrator and the charger with rubbing alcohol usually does the trick at bringing it back from the dead. So don’t let that deter you!




Tantus Silk

best budget beginners dildos for trans women

If you like the idea of penetration, whether you’re post-op or pre/non-op, some training might be in order!

Butts and brand-spanking-new vaginas definitely require some patience in the beginning and golly do I have just the right beginner’s dildos for you, young padawan!

What makes the Silk so appealing as a starter dildo is that it come in 3 sizes, starting from VERY small to slightly above average and they are virtually frictionless!

The advantage of having dildos that are near identical in nature makes progressing in sizes that much easier. Plus, there aren’t any intense coronal ridges, textures, or a matte finish to get in the way of your progress. These are truly perfect beginner dildos.

I also love that they come in pretty gender-neutral colors like purple & black. So if you have a boyfriend who’s into pegging or are just sick of pink for every toy, no one will be offended! 

She-ology dilator set review best dilators for trans womenFor an extra 10 bucks: She-Ology Dilator Sets

I know it says these are more of an investment, but since they come in sets, they end up being way less expensive than the Silks in the long run. The big advantage here is that these can really gradually help you work your way up to full-size dils & dongs!

There are two sets, a beginner one and an advanced one for a total of 8 dilators.

The only issue with these is that they are made of a slightly matte silicone, so use extra water-based lube to mitigate the drag!

You can get your hands on it here ( Canada ).


Cheap G-Spot Dildos

Cheap sex toys for trans women: LELO Ella review best G-Spot/P-spot toys

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: The prostate and the G-spot are not only nearly identical, but they’re also pretty much in the same spot!

What this means for Pre/Non-Op ladies: This opens up tons of possibilities for nice and intense stimulation without having to actually buy dysphoria-inducing male-branded toys.

What this means for Post-Op Folks: Even if used vaginally, you can still get to your “G-spot” as vaginal walls are quite thin!

You should keep in mind: Hormones can sometimes shrink the P/G-spot, making it less accessible. Though prior stimulation does help making things more sensitive and accessible and that’s a pretty common trick for anyone trying to get to their fun spot ( woman, man, trans, or cis ).

Just know that if that still doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t make you less of a woman, as there are plenty of cis women with smaller skene glands as well ( and in some cases completely absent ones! )  and there are plenty of other great ways to get off!

Lastly, if you’re going to use these toys anally, just be careful as these toys generally don’t have stoppers, so never let go of that handle if you don’t want to lose your g-spot toy!

Cheap sex toys for trans women: Glas Slimline g-spot review best glass G-Spot toy


The Glas G-spot dildo is a double-ended, cheap yet functional, and hygienic G-Spot stimulator in a satisfying shape!

Glass means it’s rigid enough to be an effective g-spot toy even for the most buried & difficult spots. It also means it’s compatible with silicone lube, which is known to last forever and it doesn’t get sticky like its water-based counterparts!

Glass is also great for temperature play, it’s easy to sanitize, and it’s also nearly frictionless, making penetration and play a breeze!

Cheap sex toys for trans women: LELO Ella review G-Spot toys

The Lelo Ella is another great choice, especially if you’re not that into glass and prefer toys with a bit more give to them.

It’s a nice versatile shape that adapts to being rocked or thrust. No matter your play style, it’ll follow along nicely!

Just like the Glas G-spot dildo above, it is also double-ended, so you get a free dildo out of this affordable package as well.

For an extra 10 bucks: Pillow Talk Sassy

10 extra buckaroos and you’ll get a nice traditional and effective shape coupled with great rumbly vibrations!

This is also my top pick for a beginner’s toy as this doubles as a nice handheld wand, allowing you to explore internal and external vibrations along with G-spot stimulation.

So if it’s your first toy, once you’re done with it, you’ll be much closer to knowing exactly what makes you tick!  

You can get your hands on it here.


Blush’s Impressions

Cheap sex toys for trans women: Blush Nude Impressions Review Best Suction cup vibrating g-spot vibrator

Sure, I’ve pointed out a great vibrating g-spot toy in the previous entry, but that option is only available to you if you’re willing to go above our previously stated 60$ limit.

Why am I insisting on having a great affordable powerful vibrating G-spot toy on this list?

Well, it’s simple, they’re the most versatile sex toys around! They can be used as mini wands for external stimulation, used as internal toys, with or sans vibrations, and of course, be used as a g-spot toy.

It’s sort of a jack of all trades for your junk, really!

While powerful vibrating G-spot toys are extremely versatile, the Impressions are probably the most versatile of all!

That’s mainly because they also come with great suction cups! If you didn’t know, G-spot toys with suction cups are extremely rare. So are body-safe vibrating dildos with suction cups. And since these G-spot toys are straight enough to be used as vibrating dildos, the impressions definitely fit that niche as well! 

So on top of being G-spot toys, vibrators, and mini wands, they’re also vibrating ( and non-vibrating when turned off ) suction cup dildos! It’s like a whole box of toys in one.

The Blush Impressions are not only nicely rumbly for the price, they also come in 5 unique models, have great suction cups, are rechargeable, and are fully waterproof!

I know it might sound too good to be true for the money, but hey that’s what Blush specializes in: Cheap and Great!

Plus being at 60$ exactly, it’s like they were made for this list!




Affordable Body-safe Dildos

Cheap sex toys for trans women: best affordable body-safe silicone dildos

Shopping for dildos is a complicated matter, no matter who you are. We all have very specific views on what density, texture, size, and shape we’d like after all.

Plus, if you’re going to use these toys for anal or post SRS, you’ll need to complicate things a tad further by trying to find nicely gradually-sized dildos. Especially if you’re not that into very medical dilators or the slightly boring but effective Tantus Silk mentioned above. 

Well, you know what I say? You can always trust a guy called Jim the dildo dealer with such issues! Though I might be a little biased.

This list will be presented with gradually bigger affordable dildos, so it is specifically catered for someone trying to get used to anal or post-SRS penetration! 

Though we do get really big in the end so if you’re already a size queen, don’t feel left out. That’s right giant affordable silicone dildos do exist as well!

Small dildos ( 0.75 to 1.25 inches in diameter )

Best small dildos Blush Temptasia Twist Small Review

Blush Temptasia Twist Small ( Diameter: 0.75 inches ) has a superbly smooth and silky feel. The body of the toy has a twist built-in, which is subtle and smooth as butter. There’s also the adorable heart-shaped suction cup that is shockingly cute AND powerful!

Best small dildos Fuze Star Review

The Fuze Star  ( Diameter: 0.9 inches ) is perfect if the jump between the Silk small & medium is a bit too intense for you. With the Silk small being at 0.8 inches in diameter and the medium 1.1 inches, the Fuze’s Star meets you right in the middle at 0.9 inches. Plus it has a pretty good suction cup for some hand’s free fun! Just beware that, unfortunately, this toy has a seam that can be a little irritating to some.

Best small dildos Tantus Compact Review

The Tantus Compact ( Diameter: 1 inch) is a great alternative to the above toys if you’re looking for something a little more realistic! I still suggest starting with the Small Tantus Silk and maybe the Fuze Star as well before moving on to this one though.

The Tantus Sport ( Diameter: 1.1 – 1.25 inches ) is essentially a Tantus Silk with a nice G-spot bulb a the end! With a 1.1 inch shaft and being 1.25 inches at its widest point, it would be good if you had some experience with the Silk medium at the least. Even better if you’re used to the Leisure!

The Tantus Leisure ( Diameter: 1.25 inches) like the Fuze Star is another perfect bridge, but this time between the Silk Medium (1.1 inches) & Large (1.5 inches). The leisure is a touch pricier than the other options as it comes with a removable vibrator. If you like that feature, I suggest you upgrade to a better vibe like the Tango as soon as you can!

Best small dildos Avant Pride P3 Review

Avant Pride P3 ( Diameter: 1.25 inches ) is a great small dildo sporting the colors of the lesbian flag! But lesbian or not, this dildo is still worth a look, especially with its satin texture, the springiness of the silicone, and its great suction cup. The P3 is very marshmallow-like in how squishy & comfortable it is!

Best small dildos Avant D9 Ergo Mini Review

Ergo mini ( Diameter: 1.25 inches ) are the OG affordable dual-density dildos. Before these bad boys came out it was impossible to find a DD dildo under 100$, so you better show some respect! They’re still worth your time too as they are deliciously squishy, though the suction cups are a bit underwhelming on this specific model. 

Funkit’s Nofrilldos ( Diameter: 1.25 inches ) are so affordable it isn’t funny. What’s even more surprising is that these dirt cheap silicone dildos come from an indy company and not a large manufacturer with a huge factory geared for mass production.

So if you need a quality, slick silicone dildo for smaller bits or to use as beginner anal dildos, these are pretty hard to beat!


“Regular” dildos ( 1.5 to 1.9 inches in diameter )


NS Novelties’ Colours, Coloursoft & Dual-Density Colours are not only some of the most affordable dildos around, but they’re also body-safe, varied and come with pretty darn good suction cups!

It’s good to keep in mind that the OG Colours, while most affordable, are quite rigid. This coupled with their intense texture can become slightly irritating to some, so investing a bit more for the squishy Coloursoft or the squishy yet stiff Dual-Density Colours might be your best bet!

Blush’s Neo Elite dildos are extremely affordable dual-density dildos with great suction cups that come in gorgeous eye-popping colors.

For those who don’t know, dual-density means these dildos are naturally squishy on the outside while hard on the inside. Dual-density dildos are awesome to squeeze on while remaining hard enough to be functional!  

BMS’ Naked Addiction 6 inches & 8 inches dildos are probably the most natural feeling affordable dual-density toys in the biz. Anything of that caliber is usually from high-end sex toy makers like Vixen Creations & Uberrime! So that’s huge coming from such a budget option!

best silicone abstract suction cup dildos Blush's neo elite glow in the dark review

Neo Elite Glow in the Dark toys are gorgeous glow-in-the-dark dual-density dildos ranging from abstract to semi-realistic. These are the perfect toys for those who are into the realistic feeling of dual-density but not so much into the realistic look of it all.

Glass Dildos

Glas Glass Dildos are the best affordable glass dildos in the business! They have tons of options, they’re made of durable borosilicate glass so they won’t break on you, and they won’t break the bank either!

For those who aren’t in the know, glass is a great body-safe material for folks who prefer rigid toys. They’re awesome for temperature play, see-through action, and it’s the most frictionless material around ( except for stainless steel, but that isn’t exactly cheap ). Couple these with a good silicone-based lube and never struggle to insert a toy ever again!


XL Dildos ( 2 Inches + in diameter )

Silicone Willy’s Large Dildos are the rare affordable exception when it comes to large toys. Usually, size queens need to whip out the big bucks for their big toys as silicone is quite expensive per pound. But these are almost impossibly cheap with some pretty good suction cups to boot!

Like many affordable silicone toys, the silicone on these toys tends to be on the rigid side of things, so keep that in mind before making the jump. 

Addiction Tom & Ben are the unicorns of the fantasy sex toy world. Your usual suspects are quite the luxury items, which is a shame considering how popular fantasy/dragon dildos have become. The Suction cups on these bad boys are pretty good too but again, the silicone can be a bit too rigid for some! 

Blush’s Realm features a few cheap fantasy dildos as well, which are a welcome addition as these are quite rare. They also all have Vac-U-Lock compatible holes so they’ll fit on a nice variety of accessories like handles, suction cups, strap-ons, and most sex machines!


There are a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Body-safe Budget Butt Plugs

Cheap sex toys for trans women: best cheap body-safe silicone butt plugs

Butt plugs are the most universally appreciated toys across all genders! You’ll also be glad to hear that a lot of the best options around are quite affordable.

So here are a few of my favorites!

Training Butt Plugs

Anal Fantasy Plugs are your perfect affordable training butt plugs. They don’t come in a kit so you can get the specific size you need and work your way up to the size you want! No frills here, just good training plugs.

Crystal Glass Training Plugs are probably your most affordable option as they come in a handy 3-plug kit. Being made of glass they’re also completely frictionless. Coupled with a good silicone-based lube, you shouldn’t struggle to insert these at all! Training made easy baby!

All-day / Long-Term Wear Plugs

Tantus T-Bar Plugs are a great choice when it comes to plugs you can wear as you go about your business. The T-bars sit comfortably between your cheeks and won’t get in the way when you sit down or walk around!

Everything Plugs

Squarepegtoys® Egg Plugs are amazing squishy plugs that can work for training, all-day wear, or just plain old fun! They come in a ton of comprehensive sizes, so just take your pick. Just as long as you don’t buy anything larger than the large plug, you shouldn’t blow your 60$ budget!

 Oxballs Ergo Plugs have a ton in common with the above plugs except they come in a bigger variety of colors and levels of squishiness. They also have a nice curve to them which applies extra pressure in the direction of your choice ( if you have a man in your life, this could be their prostate! ). They’re a touch pricier though but if you buy any size from medium and down, it’ll stay under 60$! 

Tail Plugs

best cheap tail butt plugs

Tailz Butt Plugs are a decent budget option if you’re looking for faux fur tails. 

The main issue with these plugs is that the tails aren’t removable, which makes cleaning up a bit more complicated. Otherwise, they’re great little plugs if you don’t mind the extra clean-up time!


There are a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Cheap Gender Gear 

Cheap gender gear for trans women: Waist training & tucking

A lot of brands charge big premiums for their gender gear. While in many cases it’s a good idea to invest more for quality products, it seems like a lot of brands are just capitalizing on the fact that this is a smaller niche so they can just charge what they want.

But hey! There is still some great affordable gender gear out there, so broke gals rejoice!

Cheap Tucking Gear

Pre/Non-Op, broke, & planning on wearing something slightly revealing? No problem!

best underwear for tucking for trans women

For starters, there is plenty of regular & affordable underwear that are great for tucking.

Lace underwear is pretty awesome as the material isn’t as stretchy as what you’ll find in basic cotton undies. If lace isn’t your thing and you like the feel/style of cotton panties better, go a size smaller or just double up for a pretty cheap DIY gaff. 

Boy shorts, despite the slightly dysphoria-inducing name, are very popular amongst trans women as they are great for keeping everything safe and contained. If the name is making you feel a little icky, just remember it’s a popular style originally made specifically for cis women. It’s like the boyfriend hoodie of panties!

Tight yoga shorts will also work great on a pretty active day. As long as they’re structured, you should be good to go! 

best tape for tucking for trans women

KT tape is another great cheap way of tucking, especially if you’re looking to wear something like a bikini or if you just want to avoid panty lines!

This is a great option if you want to wear a swimsuit to the beach as all KT tape is waterproof. That’s right, no need to invest in Pro tape, they all do it! ( Avoid buying Trans Tape as well, it’s the same thing but marked up to profit off trans people. Yuck! )

Of course, this option is best if you shave your bits bald, though a piece of fabric between your hairy spots and the tape can remedy that!Best Gaff underwear for tucking for drag queens

Gaffers, the dedicated option for tucking, are of course going to be great for the job as well.

While the classics ( like Leoline’s ) can be quite pricey, there are still some great affordable options to be had.

If you’re looking for something cheap, I’m a big fan of the Transform brand as they offer some pretty good gaffing underwear that won’t break the bank. Of course, they’re not as comfortable as Leoline’s but they’re awesome nonetheless.

Just remember to choose the right size, as tighter isn’t better here. It just means more injuries than anything else!

Cheap Waist Training Gear

If you’re craving that hourglass silhouette all the girls dream about, you might want to look into waist training! The problem is that corsets are REAL pricey.

But there’s another option: Cinchers.

Of course, you won’t get as dramatic results with these as with corsets, but they’re also healthier and easier to wear long-term.

Best cinchers / waist trainers for trans women

Amazon Cinchers are especially a great deal for those starting out with waist training.

Most cinchers will usually allow you to trim off about 1 to 2 inches off your waist, while corsets can easily go up to 4 inches with enough effort & time. Of course, there are going to be fewer permanent gains with Cinchers but you really don’t want to cheap out on corsets as the cheap stuff can lead to some pretty bad injuries. 

Plus, previous training with a cincher can get you ready to jump into corsets faster than if you started out with corsets in the first place, so if that’s what you want, it’ll “buy” you some time until you can afford a good one!



There is a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!