There are many reasons to dive into the world of pleasure dolls. For those who are looking for a more natural experience during masturbation, threesome surrogates, or even just for companionship, these life-sized toys have a lot to offer.

And during the past few years, sex dolls have evolved from primitive blow-up dolls (that were really just glorified beach balls) to articulated uncanny silicone replicas. Of course, this has driven the prices through the roof, but there are also still plenty of cheap alternatives available as well.

So throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover affordable options, mid-range models, as well as the cream of the crop.

And while there are plenty of Female options out there, we’ll also cover a few great transgender & male sex dolls as well.

So whether you’re just looking to make masturbation feel more natural or you’re in for a full-on sex android, you’re bound to find something that’ll tickle your fancy!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our top 8 list of the best sex dolls, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

Cheap Sex Dolls, Torso’s & Holders

Fleshlight Holders

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If you’re looking to get a more natural experience during masturbation, especially when it comes to positions, Fleshlight holders might be a pretty good and affordable alternative to full-on sex dolls.

These Fleshlight holders are meant to be more functional than realistic.

So you won’t get a realistic-looking replica of a human being here. You’ll only get more natural positions during masturbation. And sometimes that’s all one might need!

They’re also great options if you have to keep things on the DL since no one will suspect anything if they discover these nondescript mounts.

The cheapest option available is the official Shower Mount.

All you have to do is to unscrew the bottom part of your favorite hardshell Fleshlight and replace it with this suction cup adapter.

The angle of your male toys can be adjusted and locked into place and the suction cup is very stable on smooth surfaces such as tiles and glass. There’s also an adapter that fits into the uniquely shaped shell of the Flight strokers included with every suction cup.

If you want to take things to the ground ( or bed ), you’ll probably prefer the Liberator Mounts.

The On a Mission mount is perfect if “missionary” is your go-to position. Otherwise, if you’d rather go “Doggy style”, the aptly named Top Dog mount should fit the bill better.  

These luxury mounts are fun to integrate whether you’re using it solo or with someone else. They’re also both great options if you feel like enacting your threesome fantasies without the risk of adding an extra party to your already solid team ( Or weirding your partner out early-on with a full-blown realistic sex doll ). 

Both models are also very easy to clean. Wiping with a bit of soap and water should be enough for most situations. And when we say “most” it’s only because we know how creative you guys can get.

No matter what your budget or favorite position is, there’s definitely a model for anyone.

The only real downside is that they look nothing like actual humans beings. But if someone stumbles on your mounts, they also won’t suspect a thing. It really boils down to your preferences. 

Allows to use more natural positions with your fleshlights
Easy to clean and maintain
Compatible with most Fleshlights
Great for enacting threesome fantasies with a partner
Doesn't look like a person
Space is needed for the larger mounts
Not compatible with non-Fleshlight masturbators


Meiki Plushes

best sex doll

The Meiki plush dolls are a more versatile and durable alternative to the Love Body doll mentioned earlier. 

These models can accommodate almost all of the most popular masturbators today including  Tengas and Fleshlight and they work beautifully with the Meiki sleeve ( seen below ) as well.

best sex doll

Every model also comes with a complimentary ona-wrap which makes inserting and removing shell-less masturbators a breeze.

There’s also a zip for easy access to your toys. This way, if you want to adjust the suction on your Fleshlight, you can simply do it from there without having to completely remove your masturbator.

There are three models to pick from:

The Plush Hip is just the hips and part of the legs.

The Plush Doll, their best selling model, is like the plush hip but it also comes with a torso and breasts.

And lastly, the Plush DX is just like the Plush doll but with added arms and head.

For clean up, Toy Demon suggests mixing a bit of water with laundry soap and wiping the doll where needed. Once this is done, you repeat the process with only water this time and let the doll air dry.

This shouldn’t be necessary in most cases since as you’ll be only really using the masturbator, but you all know how messy things can get in the heat of the moment!

The only real downsides are that, just like traditional plushies, these are going to crush rather easily and they also won’t feel like actual skin. But it is still as close as any toy holders will get to traditional pleasure dolls.

These dolls are a lot like the previous entries. They’re made for holding masturbators so the interaction feels more like intercourse.

But they are the most versatile in terms of what toys will work with them, and they’re also the closest these holders will get to actual sex dolls.

Masturbator holder
Allows for more natural positions
More realistic than most holders
Compatible with most popular stroker models
Not all that realistic
easy to crush
Cheapest Places to Buy


Mid-Range Sex Dolls & Torsos

Insert Facilitator by Realdoll 

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If you can’t afford the best full-size pleasure dolls but still want the sensations and quality of the best sex dolls the world has to offer, the insert Facilitator from RealDoll is definitely the way to go.

While there are plenty of choices out there for lower bodies equipped for sex, almost all of them come in porous and unsafe materials that will degrade, grow mold, become sticky and fall apart over time.

At a similar price, the insert facilitator is ultra-realistic, durable and made of easy to clean medical grade silicone. So it’ll last you a life-time without turning into a poisonous death trap! And that’s always a plus, folks.

A female insert comes included with the base price but, for an extra fee, you can also order extra male parts to effectively turn it into a male sex doll.

This will bring the price up quite a bit, but it’ll still remain under a 1000$ dollars for a male model. Which is pretty low considering the prices of their full-size male silicone dolls. And the simple fact that you can convert it between male and female opens to the door for all sorts of opportunities! 

The male attachments come in 2 different sizes and the big advantage with detachable attachments is that you don’t have to clean the whole torso every time you make a mess.

You can simply detach the female or male attachments and go about your normal cleaning routine.

The only real downside we can think of is that this doll essentially only works in the missionary position. You also won’t get any fancy extras like limbs or other functional orifices.

This is the cheapest way to enjoy RealDoll’s quality and realism.

And the price it comes in is so close to similarly-sized TPE dolls that there’s almost no reason to go that route anymore.

Body-safe durable torso
Easy to store
Sex can be changed on the fly
Realdoll quality without the expensive price
Only works in missionary position
no extra orifices
Cheapest Places to Buy


RealDoll’s Sex Doll Torsos

best sex doll

While the Insert Facilitator is crazy cheap for the quality you’ll get, it sure is lacking in terms of versatility.

If you’d like a bit more than missionary and vaginal sex all day every day, if you invest a bit more, you can get the great RealDoll sex doll torsos.

As always, you’ll get the realistic feel and look you’ll usually find on their complete silicone sex dolls at a discounted price since you won’t be paying for the extra extremities!

They offer 3 great options:

The Deluxe Half Torso, is essentially the same thing as the insert facilitator, except it comes with a fully functional booty and a bit more legs. It can be used cowgirl, missionary and doggy style and the half torso also works with Realdoll’s great insert system. Meaning it’ll work with gender converters as well.

The Deluxe RealDoll Torso is essentially a full doll minus the legs and arms. It also comes with all the customization options you will find on their classic dolls. This way you can design the girl of your dreams at a similar price to the cheaper Japanese silicone dolls.

The Bottoms Up Male Torso is a male doll built for all your anal sex and pegging needs.

It doesn’t come with a functional penis, so if you were looking for a male doll for that purpose, the insert facilitator mentioned above will probably be a better option for you.

For the price of the cheaper Japanese silicone dolls, you can get amazing platinum cured and detailed torsos from RealDoll.

So if you can live with the fact that they aren’t complete dolls, these are some solid options. They’re also much easier to store than full dolls, something that might be useful if storage space is limited.

Body-safe durable torso
Easy to store
Realdoll quality without the expensive price
Not complete dolls
Cheapest Places to Buy


Japanese Silicone Dolls

best sex doll

Let’s face it, the best sex dolls you can get today aren’t necessarily the cheapest things around. Especially if you’re looking for a full-size pleasure doll. This is why Japanese silicone dolls are a good alternative to most of the big names in the industry.

Just like RealDoll, most models are posable and come with plenty of customization options.

But sadly, the quality and craftsmanship aren’t going to reach the uncanny levels that Realdoll is known for.

Also, RealDoll’s unique silicone blend is much softer and squishier than the rather rigid silicone you will find on these Japanese dolls. Something that can be a bit of a let down especially when it comes to breasts and asses.

There are also a few things to keep in mind when shopping for Japanese silicone dolls.

First of all, not all of these dolls are actually made of durable silicone and you’ll get a lot of TPE models as well, especially on the cheaper models.

While they might still feel and look great in many cases, TPE is less durable, porous and will be prone to accumulating mold and degrading over time. Something that isn’t optimal especially when you’re spending such a large sum of money.

Silicone, on the other hand, is much more durable, easier to clean, and a much better investment overall.

But it gets even more complicated. Not all Japanese silicone dolls are made of platinum cured silicone.

And the ones that aren’t might be cheaper but they’ll also leak oils, dry, and start falling apart over time. They’ll still last longer and require less maintenance than most cheaper TPE dolls. But the low-quality silicone also means that they require more involvement than platinum cured silicone dolls since you will have to clean your doll of oils and powder them up with talc on a regular basis to keep them soft.

So that leaves you with only a few select brands to pick from. And since Asian companies can be hard to trust when it comes to materials, I’ve done all the research and hard work for you, beloved readers.

What I have found is that the only company that actually offers platinum cured silicone dolls is Sanhui.

The others won’t be cured that way and will often cut the silicone with some other substances in order to keep the price down. But If you want more choices Z-One dolls, DS Doll, and JM Dolls are all decent silicone dolls as well.

Another thing to note while customizing your Japanese silicone dolls is that, while removable inserts are easier to clean, the integrated ones usually feel better and will have less of a tendency of breaking apart. To clean an integrated orifice, a douche with your favorite toy cleaner should do the trick just fine. Just make sure to douche once more with clear water to rinse your doll out after.

Also, ready-made dolls will usually ship quicker than custom models since they don’t have to be assembled before being shipped.

If you’re looking for full-size pleasure dolls that aren’t as expensive as RealDolls, Japanese silicone dolls are a great alternative. They might not look and feel as natural, but if you’re strapped for cash, they sure beat blow-up dolls.

Just be careful with the materials when you’re shopping around if you want your investment to last you a long time. Sanhui is usually a safe bet as it is the only Japanese company to use platinum cured silicone.

Cheap decent quality full-sized dolls
A lot of customization
If you go with non-Sanhui dolls
materials can be iffy


High-End Sex Dolls

Classic RealDoll

best sex doll

When looking for the best sex doll, the first name that comes to mind is usually RealDoll. They’re one of the oldest companies in the business and offer the best quality and realism you can find today.

RealDolls are now at their second version, but the classic model is still sold and a solid option when looking for an affordable life size sex doll.

The model that started it all may no longer be sold with tons of customization options, but this is meant to keep the process as streamlined and as cheap as possible.

You also don’t have to worry about the quality of the material either since you can be sure that the classic model will come in durable platinum cured silicone.

The Real Doll Classic is also a few thousand dollars cheaper than the newer models.

But the classic models won’t come with interchangeable inserts like the newer models. So if you want to switch it up and try different looks and sensations, you will have to buy a whole new doll, which can bring up the price quite a bit.

These models are also pretty heavy, so moving and positioning them can be quite a hassle. Something that can become a problem especially in the bedroom.

Realdoll also offers plenty of little kits for maintaining and repairing your dolls so they last you a very long time. Another perk that you won’t get from most Japanese silicone doll retailers.

As always, with Realdoll, you have to expect to wait a moment before you receive your dolls as production time can take up to a month depending on whether it’s a premade doll or a customized one. You can also pay extra to get your dolls built faster & shipped to you faster. 

The classic Realdoll may be less realistic, much heavier and have fewer customization options than the RealDoll 2.0, but they’re still some of the best around.

So if you’re looking for the best complete Realdoll you can get at the lowest price you can find, turning to the classic RealDoll is always a great choice.

A few 1000 dollars cheaper than Realdoll 2.0
Best material around
Less customization than Realdoll 2.0
no interchangeable parts like with the 2.0
Cheapest Places to Buy


Realdoll 2.0

best sex doll

The new RealDolls are simply the best life size sex dolls you can buy today.

Almost every aspect of these silicone sex dolls has been revamped and improved upon and they are simply the most realistic looking & feeling pleasure dolls on the market.

These dolls are also much lighter than their predecessor, so they’re easier to carry around and pose. Their bodies are also much more durable this time around & the skin also feels more realistic and less glossy than the Original RealDolls as well.

And it’s not only the skin that feels more lifelike. The breasts and asses now feel realistically soft and squishy compared to the more rigid silicone found on the O.G. RealDoll.

Abyss Creation’s RealDoll was always on top of the competition when it came to customization.

And with the newer models, you have tons of extra options to personalize and build the perfect doll to mirror your very specific tastes. 

Also, a new feature available when customizing your doll is the removable and interchangeable inserts.

You can choose from a variety of natural-looking inserts as well as a transgender converter.

And the removable vaginal and oral inserts are much easier to clean and gives you the possibility of switching inserts around for new looks and sensations.

This coupled with the magnetically interchangeable faces will let you reap the benefits of multiple dolls without having to spend thousands of dollars on an extra doll.

So if you need all the variety you can get, well… you got it!

Other than the regular Realdoll 2.0, they also offer a few different collections.

The Petite Realdolls are smaller dolls for people who prefer shorter women or an even lighter alternative to the 2.0.

The Wicked dolls are replicas of various popular Porn Stars, so you can elevate your pornographic experience to the next level!

They also have a nice selection of male sex dolls.

Like the female Realdolls, they’re customizable and they also have a variety of penis sizes to choose from that feel almost like the real thing.

And if you would like to have a feel for the realism of the dolls before investing, you can always get the RealCock dildo for a taste for what’s to come!

If you want the best sex doll the world has to offer, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Abyss Creation’s experience and expertise really pays off and brings us the most uncanny sexual interaction you can get from a sex toy today.

Most realistic material found on a doll
Tons of customization options
Lighter than past models
Inserts can be changed
Sex can be changed
Great male doll collection
Most expensive option
Cheapest Places to Buy


Realbotix / Realdollx AI Sex Doll

best sex doll

Up until now, interactions with pleasure dolls were limited to physical ones and the rest was pretty much left to the imagination. This is why Abyss Creations, with their constant desire to push the envelope, started working on the RealDollx AI heads.

Basically, they are heads for your Realdolls with articulated eyes, necks, and mouths. They can hold a conversation with users and react to different types of input.

And they’re not just simple animatronic chatbots. The learning AI, just like the dolls themselves, can be customized with a multitude of personality traits and accents.

Since taking your dolls around town like Lars and the real girl isn’t really socially acceptable just yet, the Heads also come with a subscription-based App for your smartphones or tablets ( Only available on Android for now ) to extend your virtual relationship on the go.

It features a customizable animated avatar for your doll and lets you talk and interact with it just like you would with your physical Realdollx Heads. It’s worth noting that you don’t need the actual heads to get a hold of the app. So if your funds are a little too low for a feature-packed robo-head, nothing stops you from only getting the app and interacting with your inanimate dolls this way.

You also don’t have to limit yourself to only one personality either.

The AI lets you create as many unique characters and relationships as you please.

As with any other Realdoll 2.0, the faces are swappable as well. So you can have multiple personas and looks with just one doll body.

And this is just the beginning, the AI will constantly be updated for better and more realistic interactions with your doll.

Abyss Creations is also looking into integrating cameras in the eyes of the dolls for more realistic eye contact with the owners.

They’ve also shown interest in adding all sorts of features like sensors for the dolls to respond to touch, self-lubrification, as well as fully animated bodies. VR and AR software are also in the work.

So the future of Realbotix is pretty much full-on sexbots, so get ready folks!

When plain old sex isn’t enough for you and you want your pleasure doll to offer more in terms of companionship, the RealDollx heads are the best and only option available today.

And if that’s a bit too expensive for you, the App itself should also satisfy your needs.

Sadly, they aren’t offering male options as of yet. But it could be part of the many great updates to come in the future.

Everything the Realdoll 2.0 does plus A.I.
App allows to continue relationship on the go
Being constantly updated
Even pricier than Realdoll 2.0
Cheapest Places to Buy