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Believe it or not, my DIY dildo article has been our most popular article ever produced since its release.

Like most of our popular articles ( but even more so ), it’s been copied by all of our competition, but never matched, baby!

Another thing has happened since its release: Constant e-mails asking me how to make a homemade Fleshlight.

So I know y’all have been waiting and for that delay, I’m very sorry. Hopefully, this in-depth article makes up for it!

Plus, this isn’t just an article on how to make a fifi prison-style. There are already a million articles out there about how to fuck a pringles can in the most optimal way.

What we’re looking at here is how to make Fleshlight-quality strokers from the comfort of your own home!

We’re aiming for an even higher quality than what Fleshlight has to offer since we’ll be looking at how to make them out of longer-lasting, more hygienic medical-grade silicone!

Alright, I lied a little bit, I’ll also quickly cover homemade sex toys for men made out of everyday items for those of us who have no access to the supplies and kits needed for this DIY project!

Either way, by the end of this entry, you will know everything there is to know about how to make a great male sex toy with your own God-given hands, no matter how sophisticated you need it to be!


homemade fleshlight kit clone a pussy plus review


Quickest & Easiest way to make a premium homemade Fleshlight

Clone-A-Pussy Plus+

how to make a fifi / homemade fleshlight out of everyday items


How to make a fleshlight / fifi out of everyday items

Multiple entries

DIY fleshlight making for reselling


How to make homemade sex toys for men the Hobbyist & Pro way

Multiple entries


Clone-A-Pussy Plus+

homemade fleshlight kit clone a pussy plus review

Clone-A-Willy has been the staple for easy silicone dildo-making for as long as I can remember! They subsequently made a Clone-A-Pussy variant but it was probably the most underwhelming release ever.

You see the first option we got wasn’t usable at all!

It was only to clone the exterior of your favorite vagina with no way to turn it into an actual sex toy like with their original dildo kits.  Why they did this, I have no idea. It seemed so simple to just have a method of sticking that mold on top of a stroker base… And I feel they’ve finally heard my plea with their updated kit! 

The Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ kit allows you to make a silicone replica of any vagina and more!

A total blessing, especially when you’ve found that perfect partner for your junk! 

Alternatively, it’s worth noting you can clone whatever the hell you want. This means that you can sculpt or 3D print your own ( more info on how to do this in the hobbyist and pro section! ) or even mold random objects you’d like to turn into a DIY male masturbator! You can really get creative here if you want or don’t have a SO you can do this with!

But if you do have a SO and/or if you’re in a long-distance relationship, this could be a total godsend as well!

These DIY male sex toy kits also come in multiple colors, ranging from natural skin tones to more colorful options.

The trickiest part of the process is the molding itself, though it’s nowhere near as difficult as their Clone-A-Willy Kits.

You see, every step of the process has to be timed. So you have to fight against the clock as you mix your mold, get in position, and leave it in there for 2 minutes.

Imagine having all to do that while maintaining an erection during the prep and curing process! Definitely an underrated advantage to having a vagina!


Wait? Isn’t molding a vagina bad for its health, PH balance, and so on?

Great question! 

Instead of using standard quick-set alginate like with their dildo kits, the Clone-A-Pussy kits comes with a natural algae-based molding powder meant not to disturb sensitive bits like these.

Plus, you won’t be molding the inside of the said vagina, this is only to get the outside look of your homemade Fleshlight!

The resulting mold is then added to the internal sleeve to complete the stroker.

And voilà! You’ve got your very own pussy/whatever replica!

Of course, if you think that this coochie is too perfect not to be shared, nothing stops you from using the resulting copy to cast your own molds ( see how below ) and build an army of DIY male masturbators to do your bidding… or to sell ( with her consent of course )!


Homemade Fleshlight from Everyday Items

how to make a fifi / homemade fleshlight out of everyday items

With my sex toy suggestions & reviews, I usually aim for silicone all the time ( or glass and stainless steel ) since body-safe toys are extremely important to us here at Tabooless. But when it comes to penis toys… body-safe isn’t all that important since these don’t go inside our bodies.

So if you’re looking to make a dirt-cheap effective DIY male sex toy with that post-apocalyptic / prison charm, search no more!

Since these options are not made of silicone, they won’t be as durable or long-lasting as the other methods discussed in this article.

So you will still have to replace parts ( or all ) of these DIY fleshlights over time and after each use. 

But if you think of most of the popular non-DIY male masturbators, they aren’t made of silicone either! Their porous nature means they can easily harbor bacteria or mold over time and need to be replaced all the same after a while! So these DIY Fleshlights aren’t much of a step behind those mainstream toys!


Supplies for Homemade Fleshlights made out of household Items

To make a fifi ( That’s what these are called in prison! ) you will need 3 different parts ( with one being optional ) that can be sourced from multiple different items.

  • A “recipient”: This is the part you’ll want to replace as it’ll be the part that’ll receive the “results of your efforts”. You will also want something that mimics skin nicely when possible since this is the part that’ll touch your bits.
  • Padding: This is what will provide the sensation and tightness you’ll want!
  • A shell ( the optional part ): If you don’t want to provide your own pressure with your hands for tightness, a nice stiff container will ensure that you get consistent tightness throughout your experience!

Best Recipients

Condoms: These are the obvious choice here, they’re cheap, can be bought in bulk, and can even be provided for free by certain organizations! Plus, if you have certain allergies, they now make condoms in tons of different materials, so you’re bound to find a match.

You can even find some textured condoms and flip them for some added stimulation!

Of course, some who live with strict parents might want to forego this option as condoms obviously imply sexual activity.

Latex & Nitrile gloves: Another popular choice and even cheaper to buy in bulk than condoms ( you can get hundreds of these for the price of a condom pack )! These tend to break more easily though, so if it’s the case, you might have to double up ( to do that just put both directly on your hand to get some structure going and remove them ). Plus, if you’re allergic to latex or nitrile, you always have a backup option.

Clearly, these aren’t dick-shaped so they won’t be as ergonomic as condoms, but they’re still a great option especially if you need to be extra stealthy or cheap about it!

Dish Gloves: This isn’t the best option since the rubber is a lot less skin-like than the materials found in the above options. But still, it’s a very durable ( if not the most durable ) and inconspicuous option for those looking for more strength and/or stealthiness.

It’s also the most expensive option of the 3, especially if you’ll be planning on re-using your DIY Fleshlight over and over again since replacing a glove each time and sourcing a new one will really make the price shoot up into the stratosphere.

Just make sure you avoid dish gloves with fur/fabric on the inside! But if you were unlucky and ended up with one, flip the rubber side inside out and you should still be good to go! 

Best Padding

Sponges: The most common and cheap type of padding. Easy to source and replace if needed. Plus, It’s very easy to cut into shape too if you need to fit it in a shell. It’s not the most realistic option, but on a budget, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Just avoid sponges with scrubby sides, and if you can’t avoid it, just keep that scrubby side away from your junk! 

Towels: The OG prison method! And as many inmates would agree, rolling up towels is definitely a great way to go.

When it comes to the size you pick, I would go for the size between full-size body towels and small hand towels. But if you can’t source it, cutting up a big towel or using multiple hand towels will work as well. 

Hollow pool noodles: Just by looking at these, you can see how this option clearly has its advantages! I mean, your homemade Fleshlight almost builds itself at this point. 

Plus they’re rigid enough to act as their own Shells. While shells are optional, they’re definitely optimal in my opinion, so having padding that acts as a shell as well is a great way to save some dinero! Just cut your pool noodle to be a bit longer than your dick and your padding is ready! 

Of course, if your girth is smaller than the hole, you can also just squeeze the DIY toy with your hand for tightness. This method also means shells should be omitted entirely.

Alternatively, pipe insulation foam can also be used.

Ice/Hot Gel Packs: This is the big brain OP solution! … It’s also my personal idea so if you see it pop up in any of those articles that badly copy ours, you’ll know it was definitely stolen!

Not only do those gel beads in those packs feel wayyy more realistic than your odd sponge or towel, but you can also cool or heat it before use, making temperature play as easy as 1,2,3! Of course, if you’re looking for realism, heating will be your best option.

It’s also a much better alternative than soaking sponges or towels in hot water before play as these can get super messy & splotchy… and once you’re done you need to dry up your padding or throw it away. It’s just a general mess.

I’ve seen folks suggest those gel beads that expand with water… or even gummy bears. And none of these options will last very long and offer the benefits gel packs offer.

Plus, that’s just a huge waste of gummy bears. Unless you’re super freaky and eat it after, then more power to you!

Best Shells

Pringle Cans: A classic move! Hell, if you’re a fan of either of the Lee brothers ( Bobby Lee & Steebee Weebee ) you probably know about this method already. They’re long-time users & supporters of the pringles, sponge, glove method and have been singing its praise for years now.

Now let me expand a bit more on this classic. We’re in the future now, and if you’re looking for an even more ergonomic shell, I’d actually go for some Lay’s Stax! Those bottles are just tailor-made to fit in your hand… which makes me feel like the CEO at Lay’s enjoys his fair share of DIY masturbation!

The biggest advantage of using this method is: Chips are tasty.

Cut-up plastic bottle: The poor man’s Pringle can! This method is simple enough: just get a plastic bottle like the ones commonly found with water and pop, and cut the top off!

Alternatively, if you want to make a shell that offers adjustable suction, cut the bottom instead and slightly unscrew the cap to adjust the suction while you go to town.

Reusable Drink Cup: The fanciest & most durable option. The thick plastic found on those means you probably never will need to replace your shell. Heck, they make these in metal too if you need something that can sustain the most amount of damage, you dog!

Plus if you REALLY love Starbucks, you can finally fuck it too!


How to put your homemade Fleshlight together

Finally! The moment of truth.

No matter which supplies you choose, the method of assembly is essentially the same:

  1. You will want to take your padding and roll it into shape. To hold it together you can use rubber bands, hair ties, rope, or whatever works for you and is most accessible.
  2. Now take your recipient and insert it into the hole in the middle of your padding and leave some extra material sticking out of the “fucking end”.
  3. Take that extra recipient material that is sticking out and roll it over the edge of your padding! You can also make this contraption even more secure by adding an extra elastic around that edge.
  4. (OPTIONAL) Now squeeze this build into your shell and you’re about ready to go! If you want your sleeve to stay more securely inside, you can roll your recipient around the edge to the shell instead of the padding.
  5. Add lube inside the recipient and go to town! Warming lubes are also a great way to make it feel more realistic if you didn’t opt for the gel pack padding. I don’t suggest wetting the padding with warm water like a lot of people suggest as this can get really messy and make your contraption more of a single-use thing than an easy reusable one.
  6. Once you’re done, just remove the recipient and throw it away. Once you’re ready for another round, you can just put a new one in and you’re ready to go!

Using this DIY Fleshlight method is almost more convenient than what most standard masturbators offer since these require to be cleaned and we all know it’s the worst part of using strokers. Here, all you have to do is throw away your condom or glove and you’re done!

Plus, stealth-wise, if you use the pringles can or the reusable cup, you can just close it when you’re not using it and they’re quite easy to hide out in the open.


How to Make a DIY Fleshlight the Hobbyist and Pro Way

DIY fleshlight making for reselling

So you’re looking to make homemade sex toys for men of high enough quality to possibly resell? You’re in the right place, my friend!

The pro-finish you will get out of your DIY male sex toy using my method will even rival some of the stuff sold in-store. So if you’re planning on selling on Etsy, this is definitely a great place to start!

Plus being able to replicate and resell for profit might be a touch more involved at first, but it’s so much more rewarding and once your molds are made, it’ll take you no time to pump out subsequent copies.

This method of making DIY Fleshlights might be the most expensive upfront. But the price & time spent on each piece goes way down once you’re all set up.

If you want to keep your costs down, I’ve isolated optional “pro” steps from the process, this way you can choose where to put your focus yourself.

While these steps are optional, they are conducive to a more professional & durable finish. So I would follow these steps only if you’re seriously looking into making homemade male masturbators for sale and distribution. 

Things you will need

To make shopping for materials as convenient and cheap as possible, I made sure that all the links are from Amazon.

  1. Sculpey
  2. Platinum Cure Silicone
  3. Pigments
  4. Mann Ease Release 200
  5. Tube-like Containers like Pringles/Stax cans, cut water bottles, and drink cups 
  6. Cups and sticks to mix your silicone

Optional items for a more professional finish:

  1. Mod Podge
  2. Air compressor
  3. Pressure pot for paint
  4. Vacuum Pump & Chamber
  5. 3D Printing equipment


The best silicone for DIY male sex toys

To make a homemade Fleshlight in a body-safe, durable and easy-to-clean way, we will be looking for platinum cure silicone and the most popular supplier amongst indie sex toy makers is Smooth-On!

Now, Smooth-On makes all sorts of silicones that aren’t body-safe, so make sure you double-check before investing in buckets of it.

You also have to consider the density of your DIY Fleshlights.

Shore durometer scale

This is measured with the Shore Durometer scale illustrated here by Smooth-On themselves.

The most used options for DIY male sex toys are Ecoflex for softer toys and Dragon Skin for harder parts like flexible shells.

DIY dildo best silicone ecoflex

Ecoflex comes in 00-10, 00-20, and 00-30 hardness.

Soft silicone like this means that air bubbles will have less of a tendency of forming, so imperfections will be rarer. Plus, you probably won’t have to invest in more expensive equipment meant to avoid said bubbles

00-10 is the softest, squishiest silicone you can get your hands on! This is probably the most Fleshlight-like material around. The downside here is that you will need a shell for those DIY male masturbators since it’s so soft it’ll barely stand on its own.

00-20  is perfect if you want to make homemade sex toys for men that can stand on their own without a shell or just a more resistant stroker with more tightness and intensity.

00-30 is the hardest Ecoflex and won’t be optimal for most strokers. Unless you want to make a crazy intense stroker that is! If you use this material, I would still make the openings a tad larger so you can actually penetrate it!

DIY dildo best silicone dragon skin

Dragon Skin comes in multiple hardnesses, but 10 A and 20 A are best used for flexible shells for your strokers.

In most cases, you’ll at least need a pressure-curing setup. Even better if you invest in an additional vacuum degassing kit.

But frugal folks shouldn’t despair since the more popular 10 A comes in the NV version, which is low viscosity and should prevent you from having to Vacuum degas!

10 A is probably the only consistency you’ll need. It’s especially useful for making silicone shells instead of using plastic ones. Silicone shells have a bit more give so they’ll still slightly stretch allowing for larger dudes to still fit in your toys if needed. It comes in a variety of pot lives and cure times, so pick the one that’ll work best for your workflow. 

20 A and beyond is best for those looking to make non-flexible shells closer to the rigidity of plastic. The advantage over using plastic for a shell is that people will be able to throw the entire stroker in boiling water for a nice and thorough sanitization instead of having to pull apart their toys for cleanup. But these will absolutely require some degassing on your part if you want a bubble-free sex toy.

Amazon doesn’t seem to sell Smooth-On Silicone in Bulk, but the amounts provided there should be enough to get you started until you figure out if this is for you. If you do wish to pursue the hobby, we suggest buying buckets of it in bulk directly from Smooth-On.


How to sculpt your homemade Fleshlights

The methods here are almost endless.

When sculpting toys yourself, artistic talent will help tremendously since you’ll be sculpting your toys from scratch. But it is also possible to cast real vaginas and buttholes for the external part of your toy ( like in the Clone-A-Pussy section above. They even make cheaper kits to cast the external bits only!  ) and use random objects for internal texture cores.

So you will need to sculpt both the external ( vagina, anus, mouth, alien orifice, you name it ) and the texture core ( the part that will shape up the tunnel your junk will go in! ). 

When sculpting the external bits (a) there are a few rules to follow that’ll make your life much easier in the end.

I like to sculpt the external parts into a mound and have a small hole that goes from the entrance to the bottom of that mound. With said hole, don’t go big to the point where it’ll make it seem like it’s gaped out, but not too as small as it’ll tear during play.

You can make the hole a touch smaller at the entrance and have it expand as you go deeper as well to maintain the “tight look” of your sculpt!

It’s worth noting that when you sculpt the texture core (b), you’re not sculpting a hole but a stick.

Think of it as a negative of a hole. Once you fill the silicone around it, let it cure, and pull the stick out of it, then you will have a hole!

If you need more inspiration as to what texture cores should look like, take a look at Fleshlight’s textures for inspiration! And remember, silicone stretches, so don’t make the cores as large as a penis’ circumference. You’ll want to go quite thinner than that.

diy dildo sculpting

One of the simplest approaches is simply using Sculpey to shape your homemade Fleshlights.

Once you’re happy with the results of your external & internal sculps, bake your sculpture and let it cool.

 Optional Pro Step: Adding a coat of Mod Podge to the finished sculpture will make your creation much smoother and this will, of course, translate into your final product.

To do this, simply brush it on or finger paint it thinly all over your baked sculpture and set it to dry.

3d printing diy dildo

Another great method is using 3D software like ZBrush, 3Ds Max, or Blender (which is free) to model your DIY male sex toy.

My personal favorite for organic shapes is Zbrush, but if you can’t afford it, Blender will do just fine.

This has the major benefit of giving you the option of easily offering differently sized versions of your DIY male sex toys without having to completely resculpt them from scratch. Plus making alternative sculpts out of your already-made models is super quick once you have a base mesh made!

Another underrated method for making your stroker cores ( internal texture ) with 3D, is using something like this dildo generator.

And while it might sound weird to use a dildo-making tool to build a textured core… it’s essentially the same principles! Again, the texture core is a negative of a hole… and a negative of a hole is a phallic shape!

Once your 3D models are ready, send your files to either a 3D printing service site or to your own 3D printer.

The best printers for the price right now are the Creality Ender 3 & the Prusa i3 MK3s. Printing quality is great on both devices, though the Prusa is much easier to use out of the box. 

After your model is printed, give it a light sanding & priming to remove the grain from the print and you’re done!

If you just can’t bother making your own texture cores, there are some premade objects you can use for an easy internal texture.

These won’t be as awesome as texture cores made for that purpose ( again just look at the textures for Fleshlights to see how crazy & complex they get ). But it’s an easy quick method for those who just can’t bother making their own.

Things like threaded rods and clay pattern sticks are all decent options. Just make sure you don’t go for circumferences much bigger or smaller than a finger and that the length is enough to accommodate regular to long dicks ( 6 to 9 inches is usually enough to accommodate most ). If your texture core isn’t the right length, you can always glue 2 together and/or cut off the excess.

If you can think of other good texture cores, definitely let me know and I’ll add them here!


How to make your silicone mold

This is a crucial step in how to make a sex toy that is replicable to infinity and beyond. So if you want to make many copies of your DIY Fleshlights that you can easily resell, this is probably the most important step to get right!

First, you will need a good molding medium. I like Mold Star 16 Fast by Smooth-On because it’s simple to use, cures fast and doesn’t require any degassing.

DIY dildo how to make silicone mold

It’s also a good middle ground in terms of hardness, and from there you can try harder molding mediums like the Mold Star 30 to see what you prefer to work with.

Next, you will need a container to hold your mold as it cures.

Whether you want to include a plastic external shell or not, the container you use should be the same one you want to use as a shell or as the external look of your shell-less toy.

Either way, whichever container you choose, will define the external look of your DIY silicone masturbator.

As mentioned above in the materials lists, tube-like containers like Pringles/Stax cans, cut water bottles, and drink cups are all great options.

They’re also best if you’re starting out but as you get familiar with the process of making your own molds. you could eventually sculpt your own containers for a more customized signature look.

You will also need at least 3 copies of the said container as we’ll destroy a few of them in the process!


The molding process

In this step, we’re only going to be making a mold for the external part of your DIY Fleshlight.

So grab your finished vagina/butthole/mouth sculpt and let’s get started!

  • If your container is even like a pringles can (easy mode) just cut the bottom of it so it ends up just a little higher than your sculpt (a).
  • If your container tapers or has different shapes throughout its length (hard mode) you’ll actually want to use the top opening part for your sculpture as it’s where it’ll usually land. You’ll be left with 2 openings, keep the original opening and seal the bottom so it’s as watertight as possible. Cling wrap and elastics will work fine, but reinforcing the bottom with cardboard or something harder after might be a good idea to keep things nice and secure ) (b).

While it isn’t entirely necessary, spraying a thin coat of Mann Ease Release 200 inside the container and over your creation is always a good idea.

I like doing this just to be safe since it’ll prevent your silicone from sticking to the model and box.

If you’re casting an object that is already made of silicone, the Mann Ease Release 200 is mandatory because it’ll prevent the silicone of the mold and the silicone object from bonding to each other.

If you can’t find this particular brand of spray, most other silicone mold-release sprays should work just as well.

Now mix your molding medium quickly and thoroughly so you don’t exceed the pot-life limit found in your silicone instructions.

So make sure you’re mixing enough to cover your creation completely.

Mold Star 16 is simple enough to mix since all you’ll need is a 1:1 mixture. Thankfully, the two parts are of different colors, so just mix until the color becomes uniform. If you’re using any other uncolored silicone, you could tint one part with pigments ( more on these later ) and leave the other clear to make sure both parts are mixed properly.

It’s also a good idea to use mixing bowls and utensils that you won’t mind not using in the kitchen again. Personally, I prefer using dedicated graduated pots because they’re cheap and make measuring easier as you mix.

DIY dildo graduated pots for mixing silicone


Now it’s time to pour the mixture over your creation.

The trick here is to pour a thin stream of silicone from as high as you can ( while still being accurate ) and aim at the side of your container while letting the silicone settle around your sculpture. This process will prevent bubbles from getting trapped in the mix.

Continue pouring until the sculpture is completely covered.

Set the remaining silicone aside in its mixing pot while you let the mixture cure for the amount of time shown in your silicone instructions.

 Optional Pro Step: Pressure curing will also help to remove any bubbles that could get trapped in your mold. This can be done for relatively cheap with a pressure pot for paint and a simple air compressor.

Follow the steps found in this video to set up your kit.

Once set up, just put your box containing the sculpture and silicone mixture inside of your pot and let it cure at about 40 PSI of pressure for the entirety of the curing process.

Once it is cured, make sure to release the pressure before opening your pot.

Before attempting to free your sculpture from the mold, check on the remaining silicone in your mixing bowl. If it is solid and easy to peel off, curing should be about done!

Remove the sculpture as well as the box carefully so you’re only left with the silicone sex toy mold and nothing else.

Voilà! You now have a perfectly reusable mold for replicating your homemade Fleshlight over and over again.


How to color your silicone DIY male sex toy

Now we’re finally at the step of actually making a finished homemade Fleshlights!

But before we fully jump in, you’ll most likely want to color your silicone to something more appealing than the stock silicone hue.

DIY dildo color pigments

To achieve this, you will need some good pigments like the great Silc Pig by Smooth-On.

A container or a cheap sampler kit will be enough to make tons of homemade male sex toys and mix pretty much any color you’ll need. So a little investment really goes a long way here!

It’s also worth noting that the more you’ll mix, the brighter and more saturated the colors will get.

DIY dildo glow in the dark glow worm

Smooth-On also makes a pretty cool glow-in-the-dark pigment called the Glow Worm.

It comes in green and blue and, just like the Silk pig, the more you put in, the bigger the glow you’ll get.

DIY dildo cosmetic mica

Cosmetic Mica is another great option if you’re looking for more colors, sparkles, or a real deep black.

Just make sure you’re buying a body-safe Mica since not all of them are good for sexual use.


How to mix your colors

Mixing the colors of your DIY silicone male masturbators is a lot like mixing any other type of paint.

Our favorite method is to color only Part A (of the two silicone parts) with the pigments. This will not only leave you with more time to color your silicone sex toys but it’ll also ensure a uniform mix of the two parts when the time comes to blend them together.

If you want, you can go crazy with your pour methods to create marbled designs, gradients, or any of that fancy stuff! It’s really not that complex once you see how colors interact with each other. 

Once you have your mold handy and you’re ready to mix the colored part A to part B, proceed just like with the molding process.

 Optional Pro Step: At this point, if you’re using silicone with a high viscosity, you might want to do some silicone degassing to get rid of as many bubbles as possible.

You’ll need a

 Vacuum Pump & Chamber and follow the process found in this handy video.


It is now finally time to pour the silicone into your mold!

This step is exactly like when you poured your mold except it is now mandatory to spray Mann Ease Release 200 into your mold beforehand. Otherwise, the two silicones will bond and you’ll have to make a new mold from scratch.

So repeat all the steps from the mold pouring process above but this time around, you’ll be pouring into the silicone sex toy mold.

  • If your container is even like a pringles can (easy mode) No alterations are required. You’ll be pouring your toy upside down and once done you can just flip it to face the opening. So simply place the external sculpt at the bottom with the sculpted part facing you (a).
  • If your container tapers or has different shapes throughout its length (hard mode) you will need to sacrifice another container. Cut the bottom of the said container without removing any length from it. Seal the original opening as watertight as possible and place the sculpture at the bottom of the sealed entrance with the new cut-up hole pointing up (b).

Next, you will need to secure the texture core in place.

My favorite method is to cut a sturdy cardboard piece wide enough to cover the opening while leaving some sides open so you can still pour the silicone in. Next, carve a small X into it so you can push the core through it.

You’ll want the core to touch the “hole” ( now a hole negative in your mold ) you carved in the external part.

You can now finally pour the silicone using the same methods explained in the mold-making section.

Set your homemade Fleshlight to cure in the open or in the pressure chamber at around 40 PSI for the amount of time required by the silicone you’re using.

Once this is done, pull it out, give it a good wash with some grease-fighting detergent (e.g.: dish soap) and you’re done!

If you wanted to keep the shell, put it back in a non-destroyed copy of your shell, or if you want to go shell-less just discard it completely.

That’s it! You now are officially the owner of a premium DIY male masturbator!


How to make a silicone shell ( optional )

If you like the idea of having a slightly flexible shell or a harder shell that can be sanitized along with the stroker ( vs having to remove the stroker from its shell before sanitization ) it’s pretty easy to achieve with this extra step.

Plus it’ll give your toys an even more professional finish not sporting an obviously altered recognizable container and all.

How you do this is by molding the actual shell you used during the making of your toy ( the thicker the walls of your shell the better ).

  1. Once you’ve made a mold of the shell, put your DIY Fleshlight inside said shell mold but without the actual shell. Make sure it’s perfectly centered.
  2. Apply Mann Ease Release 200 to the mold but not to your homemade Fleshlight as you’ll actually want the silicone to bond to it this time.
  3. Color and pour the silicone ( Dragon Skin is best for extra rigidity, as mentioned in the silicone section ) into the gaps between the mold and the masturbator.
  4. Let it cure as usual.

Voila! You now have a much more professional-looking product than if you kept the OG shell!

So go on and explore, innovate, and create my friend! I can’t wait to see ( and maybe even buy & advertise! ) your future homemade male masturbators!

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Pegging 101: A Top & Bottom Beginner’s Guide on How to Peg Mon, 21 Nov 2022 19:18:18 +0000 Heterosexual cis folks with a penchant for anal and traditional dynamic reversals gather up! Our pegging guide has just landed!

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Are you a straight, cis woman dreaming about becoming a powerful penetrator? Are you a straight, cis man fantasizing about a sexy woman with a strap-on fucking you? If so, this article is for you!*

That’s right, we’re diving into pegging!

The term pegging came about in 2001 thanks to the legendary Dan Savage, but this practice has no doubt been going on for much longer than that. In this article, we’re going to cover why this is controversial, why this is fun, and how you can be prepared to give it a try yourself.

*Though the dynamics are different, and it is no longer technically considered pegging when it’s outside of cis heterosexual relationships, the principles discussed here will also work for trans top men in gay relationships!

What’s so taboo about pegging?

Overwhelmingly, we are taught that straight sex is all about a penis inserted into a vagina.

This is laughably specific and excludes a lot of pleasure and experience from the definition. However, it’s a very persistent perspective. Many people consider anal sex for men to be exclusively in the domain of the queer world, but it isn’t. The gays just happen to have a lot of experience with it, on the (w)hole.

We also have internalized to varying degrees the idea that women are sexually receptive. So, the idea that a woman would wear a phallus and thrust into a straight man’s butt is super subversive to these ideas. Of course, you can also use a hand-held toy and it would still be considered pegging, but you might get a different sense of the power dynamic.

Taboo is subjective, and breaking taboos can be super hot and sexy ( remember the site you’re on? ). Maybe it’s the power swap that does it for you, or the off-limits male butt, BUT(T) there’s so much more to pegging than pushing social and psychological boundaries.

Straight-up biology: Prostates and nerves

One element to pegging that gives a biological basis for why this is so sexy, is the prostate. Cis men have a prostate gland that when stimulated feels super good and can even unlock big health benefits! It is best and most easily stimulated anally. The sweet spot is about a finger’s length up their anal canal and feels a bit like a walnut — just like your g-spot!

The prostate is unique to people born with a penis and testes, though there is a similar gland for vagina-havers called the Skene’s gland which is believed to be a major culprit for g-spot pleasure and has similar functions, but that’s a topic for another day! Suffice it to say typical straight, cis men who haven’t had to surgically remove their prostate will have one. Stimulating it can help reduce inflammation and may even help prevent some illnesses.

However, even if you don’t go all the way to stimulating prostates, the anus is super sensitive and has a similar amount of nerve endings as your lips. There’s actually quite a bit of biology that should allow for pegging to feel amazing!

Pro tip : If you’re going to be strapping on a toy, you can also get huge pleasure from it rubbing on your clit, or even from internal stimulation depending on your toy! It’s not just about your dude’s butt.

Everybody poops & how to avoid a “shitty situation”

Many of us believe that butts are dirty. For some, that’s part of the appeal. However, with some good hygiene, there’s no reason for concern. The anal canal is a temporary holding space, so as long as you’ve had a good BM beforehand, you should be fine. It’s also a good idea, especially if you’re nervous, to shower first, giving some extra care and attention to your butt.

Douching (rinsing inside your anal canal with water) is an option some people go with, but it certainly isn’t mandatory. If you haven’t yet gotten on the bidet train, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a simple bidet attachment and using that to clean away any lingering, unwanted bits.

Regardless of what you do, you might find that the fluids involved get a little tanned and there’s a chance that a small amount of poop might be on the end of the toy when you’re done, but I promise it’s not scary and if you just slap a condom over your toy before you start, clean-up is quick and easy! Just make sure to only use condoms with silicone, glass, stainless steel, or other body-safe toys. The oils in other toys break them down.

If you’re using body-safe toys, you can also boil them to sanitize or use a 10% bleach solution followed by a thorough rinse.

How to talk to your partner about pegging

You must talk about pegging with your partner before you do it. If you can’t talk about it, you shouldn’t do it. Full stop.

But what do you need to say? Well, you need to talk about any reservations you or your partner have. Play a game of What If and get out all of the situations you’re worried about happening, but also situations you hope might happen. It’s also a good idea (and good foreplay!) to talk about your game plan (start with light external massage, then move to licking, etc…).

Talk about speed, depth, safe words, angles, past experiences…anything that might impact your exploration together. And once you’re doing it at the moment, make sure you’re checking in and ensuring nothing is painful or too overwhelming. Good and plentiful conversation is just as essential as lube; use a lot of it and use more as you go.

If you don’t even know how to breach the subject, maybe start small with conversations about light anal play ( ie: how do you feel about a finger during a good bj? ) and eventually move on to bigger things!

Best Lube for Pegging


While you may be able to get away with penetrative vaginal sex sans lube, you most certainly can’t with anal penetration. Butts need lube like phones need charging — frequently and fully. There really isn’t such a thing as too much lube for pegging, so go hog wild on it and make that ass a slip’n’slide!

Silicone and oil-based lubes are going to be best to prevent hurting that delicate tushy! Just make sure you’re not using a silicone-based lube with a silicone toy, or an oil-based lube with condoms. You can also use water-based lube, but you’ll need to be even more proactive about reapplying.

What happens if you don’t use enough lube? Anal tearing — which increases your likelihood of contracting an STI/STD and will take some time to recover from. Plus it increases the likelihood of sex being painful. Don’t take the chance: lube up!

For a more in-depth look at which lube to get, refer to our handy guide

Finding the best toys for pegging together 

There are lots of toys you can use for your pegging. But be careful: butts like to slurp things up, so if your toy doesn’t have a sufficiently flared base, you run the risk of it getting stuck. You really don’t want to have to go to the emergency room for this, so be careful! Not all dildos are made for anal play.

Ladies: this is your time to choose your very own penis! Oh, lucky day! With so many options of colors and styles, you can find one that feels uniquely suited to you.

But don’t just choose one that you like. Choose your toys together. After all, it’ll be going up his butt, and he’s bound to have opinions about it. Size, shape, texture, and design can all make a big difference. Take the time to consider clean up, too. You’re going to want to clean your toys, and some will be easier than others. 

If you’re new to butt play, start as small as possible. There are even anal training sets ( this one will even fit in a harness! ) you can get to gradually work your way into it. This is not a go big or go home kind of situation.

There’s a lot to consider with this step, I know.

Fortunately, we’ve already put together a handy guide to help you and your partner choose the right pegging toy & harness for you.

Warm up and go slow

With all the excitement around being the penetrator, especially if it’s your first time, it can be super tempting to just get to the thrusting right away. Please don’t do that. An anus is not a vagina and everybody has their own tolerance. Listen to any directives your partner gives you, but also keep in mind that the more relaxed he is, the better it will be for everyone.

There are actually 2 different sphincters that need time to relax before you can get deep in there. One can be relaxed intentionally through relaxation techniques like deep breathing, and the other is connected to the autonomic nervous system that can’t be relaxed simply by telling it to relax. However, if you can stimulate them both simultaneously and gently, it can have a down-regulating effect that prepares your body for more orgasmic pleasure than if your body is aroused simply through fight or flight.

This takes time.

Massage, licks, and shallow penetration are all great to do for quite some time before getting into thrusting if you get there at all. It might take multiple sessions to get to a comfortable place for thrusting and you might never get there, and that’s ok. You don’t have to love it just because you wanted to try it. You also can always change your mind, at any time, about whether it is or isn’t for you. Just make sure you communicate that to your partner!

The best positions for pegging

There are a lot of positions to choose from, and the best ones for you and your partner will depend on your bodies.

Generally speaking, doggy style can be a great option.

It allows you to see what you’re doing as well as allowing your partner to back into you, rather than you thrusting into them.

In doggy style, for more pinpoint prostate stimulation, the top should raise themselves to lever the dildo down.

I know we talked about the subversive nature of women being the penetrative partner, but this is an especially sensitive and often times scary experience, and letting him take the lead, especially at first, can make all the difference.

Relative height might make doggy style a challenge. Another great option is to have him lie face down on the bed, maybe with a pillow propping up his hips. Again, this gives you a lot of control, so if the domination element is fun for you two, this could really trigger those exciting feelings. Keep in mind, he will have less power in this position, which means you have more responsibility to take care of his well-being.

For more intimate and complete sexual stimulation, face-to-face is a fantastic option that is often overlooked.

Regardless of who’s on top, his penis and testes will be more accessible and easier to play with while also letting you see his facial reactions. Being able to monitor his facial reactions will give you a better sense of how it’s feeling for him.

To stimulate the prostate further, the top should lower itself so the dildo levers up.

Standing on the floor while he is on the edge of the bed can make this position easier and give you more control over your thrusting. If he’s on top, he can also stay in control of the experience, which can be a great tool for you to learn what he likes.

Remember, if you want to focus on your partner’s prostate, avoid going full depth unless you’ve got a shorter toy!

Gotcha Pegged!

So there you have it! Pegging can be super fun on so many levels and there is so much to explore: toys, positions, and techniques. We hope this guide has at least given you a good, solid (and flared!) base to work from and stoked the flame of desire.

If you or your partner aren’t having fun, take it down a few notches or pause entirely and figure out why. Understanding when things go wrong can sometimes even bring you closer together than when things go right. It’s a journey you’re going on together that can foster a greater sense of empathy for one another. The pegger gains an appreciation for the challenges of being a penetrator, and the peggee gains an appreciation for how delicate and sensitive he should be when penetrating his partner.

It’s a win-win. If the two of you can enjoy and grow through this experience together, that’s a green flag if I ever saw one. Leave no man’s pegged behind!

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Ace 101: What is Asexuality & Debunking its Myths Mon, 14 Nov 2022 19:52:57 +0000 Today we’re talking about asexuality and the myths that often pervade this important element of the LGBTQIA+ community!

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Sex and all the ways we’ve been able to innovate on it. Whether you’re gay, straight, a lesbian, or pan, love and sex is what makes us human, right?

Er… no. At least not for asexuals and other sexual orientations that are on the asexual spectrum! 

Today we’re talking about asexuality and the myths that often pervade this important element of the LGBTQIA+ community!

Hold on, I thought the “A” was for ally!

Sorry to disappoint, but while it’s fantastic to see allies all over the globe helping queer folks take up the space we deserve, allyship doesn’t guarantee a spot in the community.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the allies in my life who are loud in their support of the queer community. They’ve been helpful, especially when protecting queer and trans folks from having to explain basic conversations, but that doesn’t make them queer as well.

Having said all that, the “A” in LGBTQIA stands for “asexual” an/or “aromantic”! Hip hip for A(sexuals and aromantics)!

What’s an asexual and what’s with all the garlic bread talk?

So what is an asexual?

You’re probably familiar with the definition most people learned in biology about the definition of what asexual reproduction is. While that’s an incredibly cool process (nerd alert), this isn’t the type of asexuality we’re talking about.

An asexual is someone who experiences little to no sexual attraction towards others or general interest in sex. That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

Some allosexual (not-asexual) people might have difficulty with that concept, especially those who have a higher interest in sex. 

“Zack,” I hear you say through the fictional phone conversation we’re having, “Sex is such a major part of my life! How can someone experience little interest in being physically intimate? Is it a health condition?”

Listen, I (metaphorically) hear you! You have some questions and concerns, so let’s begin addressing what asexuality is and is not.

Asexuality is:

  • A real orientation!
  • Not a phase! Though, sexuality is fluid. You might find yourself feeling differently about sex one day, and that’s okay. This goes for someone who develops a sexual attraction for others and those who stop experiencing sexual attraction for whatever reason.

Asexuality is not:

  • A health condition. (More on this later!)
  • Celibacy or abstinence! If someone does have sexual attraction for others but chooses not to engage in their desires because of a moral or religious or personal decision? That’s not asexuality!
  • Virginity. If you haven’t ever had sex, but find yourself attracted to others sexually, you’re likely not an asexual. (Though, some sub-types of asexuality can find themselves experiencing sexual attraction but only in specific situations or relationship types (like ace-flux or demisexual).

What’s all this I hear about asexuality being a spectrum?

Like most things in the universe, asexuality is a spectrum! There are plenty of different types or ways of being an asexual.

Asexuality can be an umbrella term for various other types of asexuality. Some types include:

  • Demisexuality: where sexual attraction only develops after an emotional bond is formed.
  • Ace-flux: where someone might find their sexual attraction to others fluctuates behind the average ups and downs that can occur.
  • Recipiosexual: where someone does not experience sexual attraction until they know that someone else finds them sexually attractive.

What’s the difference between asexual and aromantic?

Asexuality is about sex and the sexual attraction one feels (or doesn’t feel) toward others. Aromanticism is about romantic attraction, and the lack of romantic attraction someone might have.

Asexual vs Aromantic

As in, someone who is ace might not be into a hookup, but still want to be romantically involved with someone and have strong romantic attraction. An aromantic person has limited to no romantic attraction to others but is considered an allosexual person. They have sexual attraction for others!

Myth #1: “Asexuality is a health condition!”


A big important distinction to make here is first between libido and sexual attraction. Libido is connected to your body’s internal “hunger” for sexual release, as Harlequin romance as that sounds. Many asexuals do have a libido, but still not be sexually attracted to anyone in particular.

Throughout life, some people might encounter moments where their interest in sex changes. Whether it be from stress, hormone fluctuations, depression, or just feeling rejected, allosexuals can experience a dip in their usual interest in sex. In these cases, it’s recommended that you check with your doctor. Sometimes something as simple as an iron deficiency can impact your sex drive.

For asexuals, though, they’re not medically “sick”. They likely didn’t have a sexual attraction in their formative years, so their baseline is more of a “meh” than “WAP”, you know?

Myth #2: “If you have sex, you’re not asexual.”

Wrong answer again!

Asexuality isn’t defined by the activity of having sex, but rather by the internal feelings someone has towards someone else.

Some asexuals don’t have sex and find it actually repulsive. Other asexuals don’t mind it, and some are positive about it. They don’t necessarily get the hype about finding someone else hot but they’re open to the actual activity of sex.

Someone might have also tried sex in the past, didn’t see what the hype was, and decided they didn’t want to do it anymore. And that’s completely OK!

Myth #3: “Asexuals can’t engage in BDSM or else they’re not asexuals.”

Remember asexuality is not about the activities you participate in, but the actual sexual attraction or interest you have towards others. Also, BDSM and kink is a fantastic example of an adult activity that doesn’t place the emphasis on sex in order to be entertaining for all participants.

Plenty of allosexual people play with kinks without having sex. People go to professional doms in order to be humiliated or spanked or flogged… all without penetration or sexual release. 

Asexuals might enjoy being flogged because of the sensory experience of the leather hitting their skin, and the rush of endorphins seeing their partner be so dominating. Someone might enjoy how close and vulnerable they feel with a group of play partners.

There are plenty of reasons why people can enjoy kink, and sex doesn’t have to be one of them!

Myth #4: “Asexuals will be so alone without a sexual partner.”

Woah, lots of stuff to unpack here! Hold my hand, look both ways and let’s try to untangle the issue.

I’m repeating myself but, as we know, asexuals can have sex and still be asexual. (See above!) Furthermore, asexuals can and do date allosexuals. Maybe their partner doesn’t have much of a demanding libido and prefers solo sex to partnered sex. Maybe they’re all polyamorous and their girlfriend has other lovers! There’s even the possibility that the asexual partner doesn’t find sex repulsive, and chooses to have sex. Aces can and do sometimes have libidos. It’s fairly common, so sex might be a fun way for you to scratch that itch with a dance partner (wink wink).

There are so many reasons why people have sex while still being asexual!

Also, we can all be alone and feel lonely especially as we age. Our social groups are always changing, capitalism seems to become more and more engrossing, and our communities can be isolating. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight or ace. Life can be really isolating, and people can fall into a false sense of security when they’re in a committed romantic and sexual relationship. Even someone who’s been married for decades can find themselves laying next to someone feeling more alone than ever.

That’s just a human thing!

Myth #5: “Gay and asexual? Make up your mind!”

Plenty of people might describe themselves as asexual and gay or lesbian or pansexual. If you want to be really sure what someone is telling you with these labels, ask them! Otherwise, it could mean that someone is asexual but romantically attracted to men/women/everyone.

While we have labels like “homoromantic” and “panromantic”, they’re not as commonly used. Someone might just find it easier to use “gay and asexual” instead!

They might also be on the asexual spectrum, but still experience some sexual attraction!

Myth #6: “Asexuals don’t masturbate!”


Anyone of any sexual orientation can and do masturbate. Sure, maybe to you masturbation is where your wildest sexual fantasies for another person can fly wild in the wind of your mind! Though, to other people, masturbation is just a way to scratch another type of itch. 

Sometimes people genuinely enjoy masturbation by themselves and do things that might make people think they’re not asexual. But solo sex doesn’t mean that someone is sexually attracted to others.

Heck, you can be asexual and have a drawer just filled to the brim with sex toys! As I’ve said above, asexuals can and do masturbate and therefore they will also be likely to own sex toys. Some asexual people find using toys more comfortable than just their hands or someone else’s junk as they might be extremely sex repulsed.

Myth #7: “Asexuals are just repressed and have trauma and dysfunction!”

Is this the same person from myth #1?

A lot of acephobia seems to be surrounding these particular words: trauma, repressed, dysfunction. That’s a really unpleasant combination of words, no?

For asexuals, it’s important that we trust them as sentient beings with their own understanding of themselves. Maybe an ace friend of yours told you about their sexual trauma. Your brain made a connection between that and their aceness! Before you say it out loud, keep that thought to yourself. Your friend has likely already considered the possibility and has decided they were ace regardless. 

It would be a really shitty thing to ask a gay friend if they considered their trauma the cause of their gayness, no? Don’t do it to an ace person!

It’s true that at certain times of our lives, we can experience moments of severely depleted libido or attraction to others. Stress, trauma, and anxiety can really impact your state of mind toward sex. No one doubts that! However, we can also trust that people are able to use the correct words to describe their own unique inner experiences!

Further Readings

  1. ACE: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex by Angela Chen
  2. Refusing Compulsory Sexuality: A Black Asexual Lens on Our Sex-Obsessed Culture by Sherronda J. Brown
  3. The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker
  4. How to be Ace: A Memoir of Growing Up Asexual by Rebecca Burgess
  5. Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe

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Pay Per View: The Real Cost of being a Professional Porn Watcher Mon, 24 Oct 2022 17:28:48 +0000 As a content formatter for PornHub, the next months would end up being the most entertaining, traumatic, and mind-bending times in my career.

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At the start of the pandemic, back in 2020, like many, I was looking for work.

As most companies scrambled to make remote work possible for their employees, some companies were already prepared for this work-from-home world. In 2020, I had already been working remotely as a temporary customer service worker. I loved being able to work from home and I wanted to find a job that would allow me to do that.

So I found another remote job as a content formatter for MindGeek, the parent company to PornHub (and many other porn-streaming sites).

The proceeding months would end up being some of the most entertaining, traumatic, and mind-bending months in my career.

Day In The Life of a Content Formatter

The training to become a Content Formatter at MindGeek was a lot more thorough than I expected. In order to get a good handle on what is and is not acceptable, you end up watching a lot of unacceptable content. You’re supposed to stop watching as soon as you’ve determined a video violates content guidelines, but I dare any of you to stop watching those videos once they’ve started.

It’s like watching a car crash. Except instead of cars, it’s literal shit coming out of a real butthole. Or necro porn. Or disturbingly intoxicated performers vomiting all over the place. Or an entire arm going up someone’s butt. It’s hard to pull yourself away, even though you absolutely do not want to see it.

This was a full-time job; 40 hours a week, with quotas. On any given day, you’ve got to format about 100 videos ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours long. You watch ALL kinds of porn. Straight, gay, interracial, amateur, big-budget, vintage, gimmicky — there are so many kinds of porn and you end up watching it all.

Once I managed to survive my training (though I did receive persistent nightmares from all the trauma triggers), the regular day to day work was pretty entertaining. There’s just something endlessly amusing about clicking around porn videos to spot the sex acts and then suddenly seeing an old woman stick a phone receiver up her vagina. Part of the joy of this job was always having a ready-made anecdote about the ridiculous shit I had seen that day.

Tackling Porn From The Inside

I really liked the idea of working for a major porn distribution company. I had wild fantasies about working my way up the company and changing the industry from the inside. How naive I was back then.

I would think about ways I could subtly change the company policies and procedures to create a more woman- and queer-friendly digital pornscape. I started getting creative with video tagging.

Tags usually just list sex acts and basic descriptors of the talent (blonde, big boobs, etc), but you can tag videos with any words you want. I started tagging descriptions of the male talent in straight porn, and would add tags that spoke to the emotional or aesthetic tone of the videos. I also tried to use descriptors of the talent that weren’t just based on looks, like ‘quirky’ or ‘spunky’.

I got in trouble for all of these things. MindGeek wasn’t interested in my mission to make porn more accessible for women. They weren’t interested in being able to search with a broader array of descriptors. They didn’t appreciate the increased specificity that was possible if only we would take the time to create exhaustive and creative tagging.

Reporting Content Violations

Maybe I couldn’t change the way users could find videos, but I could work towards taking down problematic videos.

MindGeek’s content standards were actually a lot more strict than I expected. As a kink-positive person, I see no harm in offering high-quality fantasy porn that depicts a wide range of potentially problematic situations — but I do think this kind of content needs to be handled delicately, and it should be made obvious that the content is fictional.

Despite being a very common fantasy, rape fantasy videos violate MindGeek’s standards. I found a lot of videos that were in the rape fantasy genre. I reported as many as I could, especially when the videos seemed too realistic. There was one video that I reported that not only violated the content standards, but it also depicted a sexual assault I had personally lived through.

It was a video where a young woman gets stealthily raped while she’s asleep. I actually had to fight to get it taken down even though the guidelines explicitly talk about consent as it relates to a sleeping performer. Once I managed to get it taken down, I decided it was time to make use of the company’s mental health support services.

I think I had earned some support.

Accessing Mental Health Support Services

When I was hired at MindGeek, I was impressed to discover that they provide mental health care for their employees. Very few work places offer mental health care, especially in the first few months of employment. However, in retrospect, given the nature of the company, it would be reckless not to offer emotional support for their staff.

I called the number I was given and discovered that the mental health service was actually outsourced to a large company that offered generic mental health services to a massive amount of different companies. When I spoke with my appointed therapist, despite having explained everything to the operator under the promise that this information would be passed along to my therapist, he had no idea what MindGeek was.

Not only did he not know anything about my employer, he was also from a conservative town on the other side of the country. He was so radically unprepared for a MindGeek employee that I spent the entire session justifying why I worked for the company in the first place. Rather than helping me, that session made everything significantly worse. I had to deal with being shamed on multiple levels by some strange and incompetent man in addition to not receiving adequate support.

Shortly thereafter, (after reporting all of this to both MindGeek and the company offering mental health services) I chose to leave the company and gave up on my dreams of changing the porn industry from the inside.

The Greater Good

My brief stint at MindGeek opened my eyes to how this juggernaut was barrelling along a harmful trajectory that no one seemed willing or able to stop. The infrastructure was created a long time ago now and the categorization of media has been so static for so long that to change things now would create more work than is remotely possible to complete. There is now so much porn on PornHub alone that it would take nearly 300 years to watch it all.

Just imagine how difficult it would be to recategorize it all.

But at a certain point, you have to think of what this thing you’ve created is costing the world, and how much better it could be. Categories right now are fixated on details that really don’t matter. As people become less bigoted, race-based categories start to feel strange and viewers start to realize that so many of these videos are just slightly different versions of the exact same thing.

Humans love novelty and variety, especially where sexuality is concerned. Categories can be useful, but they need to be more nuanced. They need to actually mean something. And they should cater to more than just one type of person.

Room for improvement

We’re missing out on so much other porn that could be amazing.

There are millions of POV blowjob videos, but absolutely no female POV oral videos. There are a ton of lesbian porn videos, but they are almost exclusively geared toward straight men and rarely created by and for queer women. And what if you’ve got a thing for  group sex where a woman is the single focus ( I like to call it goddess worship if y’all need a new term for it! ), like so many women?

Seriously, this is a VERY common fantasy, especially among women, and yet it is wildly underrepresented in porn. Do you really think you’ll find what you’re looking for in a typical gangbang video?

female fantasies statistics
Keep in mind that this is a 2014 study, so all those numbers probably shot up with our now more sex-positive mindset…

All sorts of people are horny, and the stigma of watching porn has practically evaporated. Yet, free and available porn is still stuck in the early 2000s, catering to teen boys. Sure, there is plenty of premium, cinematic and inclusive sites you can pay for to watch the best erotic videos on the internet, but it’s niche and exclusive.

Where’s the better free content for those poor, anxious teens looking to get off but too awkward about it (or too young) to get a subscription to something better? Should they have to wade through millions of trash videos just to internalize misogyny and bigotry? What about the porn-curious people who aren’t sure they want to pay for a subscription, but just want to casually watch a horny video once in a while. Should they have to suffer through the trauma that the typical PornHub (and other major streaming sites’) videos inflict?

A Call for Change

Let’s radicalize PornHub, and the industry as a whole. With so many glaring issues in available content, it’s no wonder user-generated streaming sites like OnlyFans have become so popular. The old model is clearly dated. It may be too late to change the internal structure of MindGeek’s policies and procedures, but it’s not too late to upload our own content and tag it however we choose.

Back in 2020 when I was working for MindGeek, I wrote an article where I urged women to upload POV videos from their point of view. Since then, there actually has been an influx of female POV masturbation videos! Not only that, but the queer content is improving as well. I don’t know if it had anything to do with that article and my call to arms, but I really hope it did.

KEEP GOING! Get creative with your tagging and create the pornscape you want to see in the world! Make PornHub better for the youth these days trying to get a sense for the world of sexuality.

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How to Prepare for your First Visit to a Kink Club Mon, 26 Sep 2022 16:14:36 +0000 I recently went to a kink club in London. I had a blast and learned a lot from that experience. So here's what you need to know before going!

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I recently went to Imaginarium, a kink club in London, UK for the first time. Despite my best intentions, I had never managed to get myself to a kink club before. It was exciting and beyond fun to finally indulge in this desire.

To add to all the splendor, I was attending the club on a date with my long-term, and, until very recently, a long-distance lover who I have been visiting in person for the first time since we met 5 years ago. This is my first partner to not only be open-minded and kinky but also fully trusting and trustworthy with my body and soul. I was eager to explore this experience with him and he did not disappoint.

Yes, I had an incredible time and I learned a lot from that experience, which I will now share with you.

Here is what you need to read before going to your first kink club.

Get a referral

Sure, you could just Google ‘kink clubs in my area’ and take the results at face value, but even then, a good referral goes a long way. Sometimes the top hits aren’t the best. 

If you know anyone connected to the kink community, ask them for recommendations.

If you don’t know anyone, a great resource to meet others in the kink community and get some intel on the best spots is FetLife.

If they are female-presenting, it’s likely that they would have some insight as to which places, if any, are unsafe. Regardless, a friend in the kink community with experience going to clubs should be able to at least give you a sense for the vibe of places they’ve visited.

If you have a play partner who is familiar with a certain club, and wants to go back, I’d recommend you go with them. They can give you a guided tour and who doesn’t love that extra, personal touch?

Choose your clothing wisely

When you go somewhere for sexy reasons but are not in control of the environment, there’s a lot to consider. Sure, you may have the perfect outfit clear in your mind, but will it still be a good idea at 4 am when the chills set in?

I like dressing in layers. There should be a coat check service where you can store your extra layers, perhaps in a bag of some sort. You definitely don’t want to be carrying around all of your extra layers with you. Layering will allow you to be scantily clad when you’re ready for it, but warm enough when you catch a chill.

If the club you’re going to has multiple zones, you’ll want to dress for those activities. Dance floor? Make sure you can move freely. Bar? Will you need pockets for money and/or ID? Dungeon? Time to break out the leather chaps.

For my evening, I chose layers of black, sheer fabric. Panties with mesh sides, fishnet stockings, and a translucent, striped tank top on the first layer. The second layer was a long-sleeved fishnet dress — perfect for revealing your body with a bit of disguise. On top of that, I wore a sleeveless, button-down, frilly dress with a high Victorian-style collar. Then, I wore a tailcoat over it all and a large, soft scarf with leather gloves. I was ready for the cool, early autumn night air, the sweaty dance floor, and an intimate dungeon, all at once.

Bring your own toys

I made the mistake of thinking that a “fully-equipped dungeon” meant that there would be floggers and other toys ready for anyone to use. I considered bringing my riding crop but opted not to for fear of having it confiscated. As it turns out, bringing my riding crop would have been lovely and fully acceptable.

I could have brought a myriad of other toys, too.

Once I arrived and asked a staff person, it was too late. I’d already left my toys at home. I was still able to feel the leather strings of a pro dom’s whip, but only because I was very lucky and asked for some action before he was too booked up. He gave me a few minutes of shock and excitement that my date was able to watch and enjoy as well.

It’s a delicate balance. You don’t want to bring too many toys and risk losing or breaking any, or having to carry around an annoying amount of things in your hands, but you’ll probably really enjoy bringing one or two items for the night. Bonus points if your toys match your outfit. Even more so if your accessories support a particular role you’ve decided to play.

Explore the space

The first thing we did when we got there was just walking around and getting to know where every available room was located and what the qualities were of each room. I’m always checking for temperature, lighting, and comfort. Assessing these qualities gives you a better idea of what you might wear in each space and which sorts of activities you’ll want to get up to.

The dance floor had some lovely fog action in addition to being very industrial-feeling and delightfully filthy. I noted the dark corners within which one might get up to some mischief. The bar was a bit chaotic, but there were some good seating options and easier chatting opportunities than on the dance floor. We found all the toilets. The dungeon was a relatively calm space that was a bit warmer than the other rooms and it was clean enough that you could have your shoes off without worrying about what you might step in. Eventually, we found the bar on the other side of the dungeon, but it took a while.

Exploring the space allowed us to get a sense of the possibilities. It grounded us in this new reality and held a framework for the evening. We knew where to go to get our needs met, what we could comfortably do in each room, and how each space made us feel.

Ask for what you want

At a sexy kink club, plenty of people are there just waiting to satisfy their desires. They want to get off, they want to get you off, and really, they just want to have fun. However, not everyone you come across will have the time, space, and capacity to fulfill your desires. Some may have strict boundaries.

It’s good to ask.

One of the worst ways to approach a kink club has to be imagining all the awesome things you want to do before you get there and then once you actually arrive, holding back, not talking to anyone, and going home without ever having had one interaction. Voyeurism is totally fine and to be expected at kink clubs, but if that’s not what you want out of it, you’re going to have to push yourself a little. It’s no fun to go home grumpy, especially if it’s your own damn fault.

Instead, I would make eye contact with whomever you’re interested in and ask them if they would like to do X to/with you. If you’ve got someone who’s agreed to carry out some kink with you, make sure you communicate. Tell them when they’re going too hard, or if you want it harder, slower, or to change direction. I’m sure if communicated appropriately, any new play partner would be only too eager to satisfy your requests.

Consider your own boundaries

We all have boundaries we’d rather not have crossed, whether or not we’re aware of them. You might think, “Oh no, I don’t have any boundaries,” and then someone might come in and do something unexpected that would leave you thinking, “I definitely did not want that to happen.”

It can be hard to become aware of our own boundaries and even more so to then communicate those boundaries to others. However, it’s worthwhile when you realize that clear boundaries help everyone to behave in ways that will be well received by all parties involved. One of the best things you can do to prepare for semi-public sex is to learn how to communicate your boundaries.

To quote an anti-gambling-addiction slogan: Know your limit, and play within it.

If you’ve got clear boundaries and feel confident in your communication abilities, it might be worthwhile to begin breaking down boundaries that no longer serve you. This is a delicate process. Kink and fetish events can be great tools for redefining boundaries if used correctly.

For example, say you’ve always been more interested in whipping than being whipped, but you’ve reached a place in your life where you’re curious about what that might feel like. A kink club may be the perfect place to find a gifted dom to gently lead you into the world of submission, one step at a time.

Relax and enjoy!

Above all, whether you attend your first kink club solo or with a date (or multiple dates!), allow yourself to relax and have fun. The world is fraught with drama and inequality. Crises are reaching pre-apocalyptic levels, and it feels as though the world could just catch fire and explode at any given moment. Take your pleasure whenever and wherever you can.

My own experience allowed me to restore my sense of personal liberation, excitement, and intrigue. I was able to recognize my own boundaries and gently push them to extend my comfort zone. I got to explore how hard of a slap I can enjoy on some sensitive areas, where my partner’s boundaries lie in terms of exhibitionism, and what sort of sex furniture might be worth investing in for the home.

Whatever your goals are in attending a kink club, take a deep breath and push through whatever might have been holding you back in the past. Give yourself over to your desires and spread as much enjoyment and satisfaction as possible. The world needs it. Especially now.

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The Link Between Cross-dressing, Sissy Play & the Queer Community Tue, 20 Sep 2022 17:00:48 +0000 How does crossdressing relate to the LGBTQIA+ community? Gender and sex was always a huge chaotic pile, but let's try to sort this one out!

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Here’s a hard dose of reality: trans people are not “supposed” to discuss gender exploration, especially in sex.

We’re not supposed to talk about how it can be enjoyable to play around with gender roles, or else we’re suddenly targets for harassment by bigots.

Transphobes are quick to claim that our entire gender identity is actually some extension of our freaky sex lives. They’ll claim that we’re not actually trans, but instead, this is all some kind of perverse 24/7 cross-dressing kink. It’s sick, twisted, and especially because it involves the general public without their consent.

Clearly, that’s not true, so what’s the truth with trans people, cross-dressing, and kinks?

Trans people, like our cis counterparts, can enjoy playing around with gender presentation during kink and sex. Gasp! It’s true. Obviously, not all trans people enjoy it, but there’s a small group of trans people who do and would like for it to stop being seen as evidence against their transness.

Sissy? Cross-dressing? What?

Let’s break down some loose definitions so we’re all on the same page, right?

First off, cross-dressing is a sliding scale behavior usually defined as people dressing in clothing that’s “not for women/men”. In most countries, cross-dressing had a legal definition that led to many people getting arrested for not wearing clothing meant for their sex. As society changed, so did the definitions for cross-dressing. For example, most communities would hardly consider women wearing pants as cross-dressing but back in 1900 it would be!

Nowadays, cross-dressing is done for performative reasons (for things like drag or even Halloween), pure enjoyment, or for a sexual thrill. Being trans is not cross-dressing, as it isn’t about subverting your gender identity by dressing “as the opposite gender”. If a trans woman wears a dress, she’s just a woman in a dress!

Cross-dressing is an umbrella term. Kinks like “sissy play” and “forced feminization” are under that umbrella. 

Sissy play is a type of dynamic where a man takes on an almost alter ego that’s a caricature of a stereotypical woman. The sissy dresses in extremely feminine clothing, including lingerie, and heels, and might even wear breast forms to create a more alluring silhouette. Usually, the alter ego has a completely new name like “Candy” or “Bambi”, and behaves like a stereotypical airhead.

Forced feminization is a kink where the man is being “forced” to dress and behave in a stereotypically feminine way. The main difference between sissy play and forced feminization is that people who engage in sissy play might do it solo, while forced feminization requires having others dominate you by “forcing” the person to dress up.

I’ve put “forcing” in quotations because the forcing is consensual, and the person being feminized can decide to end things at any point in time. It is a BDSM dynamic, and the submissive can say their safe word without repercussions. 

With that out of the way, let’s break down some commonly asked questions!

Does cross-dressing make someone trans?

Short answer: no!

Long answer: no, cross-dressing does not make someone trans.

Being a trans person is more than just “wearing clothes traditionally made for another gender”. Transness is a whole state of being, and what you wear isn’t what makes you trans. If a trans man is wearing a dress and makeup, he’s still a trans man! 

Just because a cis het man enjoys dressing up as a slutty kitty on Halloween does not make them a trans person. Plenty of people enjoy playing around with gender as a cisgender person. There are tons of people who want to be called “daddy” and aren’t men, plus plenty of men who enjoy wearing lingerie for a thrill!

But… does cross-dressing turn someone trans?

No, cross-dressing isn’t the reason why people are trans. 

It is true that lots of trans people do start to understand their gender identity after dipping their toes into more casual forms of cross-dressing. 

Personally, I dressed up as a man as a kid for Halloween or during school plays and felt incredibly at peace with myself. I felt powerful like I suddenly became an idealized version of myself. They were such euphoric moments for me that I dreaded taking off my outfit and having to “become” a girl again.

So yes, lots of people realize they’re trans through playing around with cross-dressing but it isn’t the cause of our transness.

If I’m a trans man who enjoys a sissy kink, does that mean I’m not actually a man? If I’m a trans woman who still participates in it, am I just a pervert?

You are not weird or perverted for participating in sissy kinks! 

There are trans men or transmasculine people who enjoy dressing up for forced feminization scenes, and it’s really not that uncommon! You’re not weird if you enjoy them, and you are not less transgender for engaging in them either.

As for the trans women who are into sissy kinks, that’s obviously still ok! You’re allowed to be in that space, and sometimes it’s easier to find sex partners in these spaces, especially since these cis men are actively seeking out a feminine person with a penis. These spaces might be familiar to you, and easier to navigate than the vanilla hookup scene where people can become horribly transphobic in their rejection.

So don’t worry, you can be into cross-dressing and still be trans, it’s not as cut and dry as some people (ahem, bigots, ahem) would want.

Wouldn’t dressing up as a woman during sex make a trans man dysphoric?

For some people, kink can involve playing with typically “uncomfortable” feelings or sensations.

There are practices that outside of a sexual nature might be deeply unpleasant to experience, like public humiliation or physical pain, or even people interested in playing with kidnapping or rape fantasies with their partners. During sex, these might feel thrilling and novel like a spicy hot sauce over your favorite pizza but that doesn’t mean you want these things to actually happen to you outside of the safe space of kink and sex. 

There is also the aspect where exploring dysphoria during sex through forced feminization can allow the trans person to experience it in a comfortable and safe environment. If at any point in time the trans guy feels overwhelmed with dysphoria, they can say their safe word and end the scene. In an ideal kink scene, there will be aftercare as well, which will be tailored to gender affirmation.

Why would a trans man enjoy cross-dressing as a woman?

I was actually asked this question back when I was exploring sissy play on an online kink community.  A cis het man (who I later found out was a chaser… groan) asked me a strange question. If I was looking to play around with someone dressed as a hyper-feminized woman, why didn’t I just live my life as a woman?

I replied that people dress up as French maids during kink play, but that doesn’t mean they want to get a job in sanitation or move to France! Someone can enjoy putting on a costume and engaging in particular kinks without wanting those kinks to be their entire life!

The man’s question felt ridiculous at the time, but I now understand the flawed logic, especially if someone misunderstands what it means to be trans.

As I’ve said above: being trans isn’t about what you wear, it’s about your internal sense of gender identity. You don’t have to perform or wear anything to be trans, you just are.

Do all trans people enjoy playing with gender during sex?

Do all gays watch RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Do all cis people want to get married and have kids?

Do all hetero people “live, laugh, love”?

Except for that last part, obviously, the answer is no! There is not one right way to be cis or gay or queer or trans. Lots of trans people just don’t enjoy playing with gender during sex, and that’s completely understandable!

There are trans people who feel like the forced feminization community is actively harming trans women’s lives. A visualization by shows that conservative states in the US are far more likely than their progressive counterparts to search for transgender porn (using terms like “shemale” or “tranny”), and these people are paradoxically also those dominants who seek out “sissies” online.

Due to transphobia, These conservative men perpetuate transphobic ideas within their kink scenes, and for trans women who just want to date people who aren’t total assholes… it can be a real pain to have to constantly come up against people who think they’re sissies for just being trans women. Trans people, sissies, transvestites, and crossdressers are completely different things!

So no, not all trans people want to engage with those kinks, and that’s fine! Having these kinks also doesn’t make you less trans, and I want to especially underline that you’re not trans for cross-dressing either.

Was that a huge jumble of possibly confusing terms and words? Yes, but heck, gender and sex is a huge messy chaotic pile so… definitely get used to it and enjoy the ride 

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Best Squirting Dildos & Cum Lubes that are Body-Safe in 2022 Thu, 01 Sep 2022 19:32:52 +0000 Body-safe squirting dildos weren't a thing until just recently. But as we finally enter the silicone era, here's everything you need to know!

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Ejaculating dildos are a great & surprisingly popular concept.

Society would have you think that body fluids are just plain yucky but some folks just love the stuff to a point they’d even simulate it! And that’s without counting all the other practical uses for these niche dildos.

In short, squirting dildos are underrated.

Sadly, most ( if not nearly all ) dildos that ejaculate aren’t made of body-safe materials.

So if you care about the health of your bits you pretty much have to give up on your dreams of artificial cream pies and cum shots… until now!

It seems that once more the kink gods have answered our prayers because, in the past few years, silicone ejaculating dildos have slowly started to appear, making their mark on the industry. 

To sweeten the deal I won’t only cover the best squirting silicone dildos, but also all sorts of fake cum lube and recipes for different situations!

That’s right, this is the one-stop-shop body-safe cum fetish/artificial insemination article you’ve all been dreaming of! And THAT is a sentence I never thought I’d ever utter.

Why use squirting dildos?

Back when they weren’t body-safe, I was more focused on why not to use them. But as the times are changing into a more body-safe world, there are almost TOO MANY reasons to actually use them.

  1. The obvious: Cum fetishes!

    This is for the cumshot fans, bukkake aficionados, and lovers of being internally filled to the brim with the stuff!

    This is what most people think of when they think of ejaculating dildos, and while they are partially right, boy are they missing the big picture!  

  2. More natural artificial insemination for lesbians, trans men, and the infertile!  

    Didn’t see that one cumming, did ya? 

    You see, the official method of good ol’ spunk and turkey basters just isn’t exactly all that romantic… or fun. So it is entirely understandable & logical that one would want to strap on a nice silicone dil, and put some love into it! So for many, a fully-functional ejaculating strap-on dildo is quite the dream!

    Now for trans men, it isn’t strictly a conception thing. It can also just be about gender euphoria. All boys want an explosive finish after all!

  3. Seamless lubrification during play!

    Yep, another curveball from your buddy Jim the Dildo Dealer!

    This is an underrated but not to be forgotten use for squirting dildos. If your “cum alternative” is lube, you can slowly release it as you play to stay lubrified for as long as you’d wish!

    So if you like a long session, need help with lubrification, or just like to keep your play as slippery as humanly possible, this is an awesome method to keep you going well into the night.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here’s our list of the best squirting dildos & fake cum lubes, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


Body-safe best silicone squirting dildo POP by tantus review


Best squirting dildos that are non-realistic

Tantus’ POP dildos

Body-safe best silicone ejaculating dildo Strap-On-Me review


Best ejaculating dildos / POP alternative for those looking for more sizes

Strap-On-Me’s squirting dildos

Body-safe best realistic silicone squirting dildo POP 'n' Play by tantus review


Great small realistic squirting dildo/packer hybrid

Tantus’ POP ‘n’ Play

Body-safe best vibrating silicone ejaculating dildo Evolved's Big Shot review


Realistic vibrating squirting dildo for people who like rigid toys

Evolved’s Big Shot

Body-safe best silicone squirting dildo Deep Fantasies Irkox & Xenomorph review


Gorgeous squirting fantasy dildos with colorful cum tubes

Deep Fantasies’ Irkox & Xenomorph

Body-safe best silicone ejaculating dildo Sinnovator review


Best Bad Dragon alternative for fantasy ejaculating dildos


Body-safe best silicone squirting dildo Joystick by Transthetics review


Best vibrating realistic ejaculating dildos & FTM prosthetic 

Transthetics’ Joystick

Best Fake Cum Lube Sliquid Silk review


Best faux cum lube for all internal use

Sliquid Silk

Best Fake Cum lube J-Lube review


Best bulk affordable & customizable cum lube


Best Edible Fake Cum lube Coconut oil review


Most versatile edible and safe to use cum lube

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Best DIY edible Fake Cum


Best edible imitation semen ( external use only )

Multiple Entries

The Best Ejaculating Dildos

Pop Squirting Dildos by Tantus

Body-safe best silicone squirting dildo POP by tantus review

The OG!  When these first came out, boy was I stoked! They were the first silicone squirting dildos to ever grace the sex toy world after all.

Before the rebrand, they were called Semenette and were pioneered by Stephanie Berman, a lesbian woman looking for a body-safe alternative for strap-on assisted artificial insemination.

Being catered for women who love women, all their designs were unrealistic/abstract so they wouldn’t look like bio dude dicks.  

A few years later in 2018, they sadly crumbled under the huge demand for such toys and, to my dismay and that of many body-safe sex toy die-hards, disappeared from the map. But they’ve recently reappeared under the wing of legendary silicone dildo brand Tantus! Another pioneer in the body-safe sex toy world. 

With their return, they now offer two non-realistic silicone ejaculating dildos: POP and POP Slim. 

POP is for people who prefer bigger bits at 7.5 inches of insertable length and 4.75 inches of circumference. It also has a nice pronounced head for the sake of all eager g-spots & prostates around the world!

POP Slim is their smaller model with 5.5 inches of insertable length and 3.5 inches of circumference. A real champion for beginners and people starting out with pegging.

Both models come standard with a syringe system, though they can easily be swapped with a bulb system instead.

You’ll be also glad to hear that their spare parts ( that includes optional bulbs ) are easily available through Tantus and various other online sex shops!

If you like your dildos unrealistic, the POP dildos are the ones you should reach for as they are some of the best ejaculating dildos around!

They’re the OG body-safe squirting dildos, after all. So you can’t really go wrong here!

The original body-safe squirting dildo
Best non-realistic option right now
come in 2 sizes and multiple colors
interchangeable syringe and bulb system
spare parts easy to find
I wish the small models had pronounced G-spot/P-spot heads like the bigger models


Strap-On-Me Squirting Dildo

Body-safe best silicone ejaculating dildo Strap-On-Me review

Here’s a little brand that’s been slowly earning its place in my silicone heart.

You see, back in my sex shop days, strangely enough, I used to be the guy to talk to when it came to strap-ons. I say strange because I’m not a lesbian or a transgender man and I’m not into pegging either… I just really knew my stuff! And as the strap-on guy, I can tell you that Strap-On-Me is doing a lot for harness aficionados! 

You might notice that these dildos have a lot in common with the POP dildos.

I believe this is because this ejaculating dildo came out during the disappearance of POP before their recent return.

So why include this toy on this list if it just riffs on the OG? Well, I think it’s a great in-between size for the POP & POP Slim.

While it doesn’t come in as many colors as the POP squirting dildos, it does come with a feature I always like seeing on dildos with cum tubes: It offers multiple alignments for the tube itself, so you can better fit it into a multitude of harnesses. Plus, since we’re all very particular when it comes to our own pleasure, just having the option of having the tube come out at an angle that is most comfortable for you is always good! 

The silicone here is great as well, not too rigid or not too soft, so it should please most!

If you find the POP too big and the POP slim too small, this might be the squirting dildo for you!

Of course, if you prefer more realistic or fantasy designs, you will love the next entries.

The missing in-between size between POP & POP Slim
come in 2 colors
Tube alignment can be adjusted to your liking
We need more colors!


POP ‘N’ Play by Tantus

Body-safe best realistic silicone squirting dildo POP 'n' Play by tantus review

Are lovers of realistic dildos feeling left out yet?

Well, don’t fret! POP dildos, with their return to the industry, came back with the POP ‘n’ Play dildos as well!

While originally made for trans men for play, packing and conception, there’s nothing stopping anyone from using them as just plain old silicone squirting dildos also! 

To make these dildos feel as natural as possible, they’ve also opted for dual-density silicone, which makes the POP ‘n’ Play almost feel like the real thing! 

For those who don’t know, dual-density dildos are made with a rigid but still flexible silicone core wrapped in an extra layer of squishy silicone, which makes your dildos feel almost like IRL bio cocks!

If you’re trans masculine, you’ll also be glad to hear that this dildo also doubles as a packer.

Pack & play prosthetics are already a rarity and so are squirting prosthetics. So this is kind of a gift from trans heaven right there! It’s also not too big as to not look like you’re fully erect at all times. A big plus in my book, especially if you live/work near a school zone! 

There is a small caveat though, especially for size queens & kings. 

This dildo only offers 4.25 inches of insertable length and 4 inches of circumference. Now, this shouldn’t be much of an issue for most but if you like your peters to err on the side of huge, this might be a bit underwhelming for you.

The reason they went for the smaller size is so trans men can fit them in their pants as packers when not in use. But I get you, I would’ve still liked them to make a non-packing larger version of this dildo as well as it would probably be quite popular!

If you’re not looking for a big squirting dildo, or you’re a trans man looking for a feature-packed pack and play toy there is A LOT to love here. Not only is this a realistic body-safe squirting dildo, but it’s also made of premium dual-density silicone.

Of course, size queens & kings are all shedding a lone tear as they read this, but we’re not done! Keep on reading my size-hungry friend!

Great realistic look and feel
From the makers of the OG silicone ejaculating dildos
come in beautiful natural tones
interchangeable syringe and bulb system
spare parts easy to find
doubles as a pack and play packer for trans men
This model needs at least one larger size


Big shot by Evolved

Body-safe best vibrating silicone ejaculating dildo Evolved's Big Shot review

The 6-inch long & 1.6-inch wide Big Shot is probably the most feature-packed silicone squirting dildo around… BUT it’s a bit of a mixed bag as well.

Evolved’s squirter vibrates, ejaculates electrically ( no external pumps/syringe required ), and is fully waterproof.

The 10 vibration modes are surprisingly good and rumbly, which wasn’t expected at all! 

The electric cum pump though is maybe not for everyone as it isn’t as powerful as some would like. It’s also quite noisy in action ( as most electrical pumps are ). So the result is a bit of a noisy and underwhelming squirt. Think dehydrated and tired vocal dude and not professional & stoic pornographic loads.

Still, if you want something a bit more natural ( if not slightly below average ) this squirting action might still do it for you!   

While most can live with somewhat loud and underpowered squirts, there’s a caveat that definitely isn’t for everybody here:

This toy is REALLY rigid. As in “is this even silicone” kind of rigid. So if glass & stainless steel toys just scare your orifices to death, this might not be the dildo for you. 

Either way, use plenty of lube and it should make your experience much easier to handle!


If you don’t mind SUPER hard dicks, and somewhat noisy and underwhelming loads ( We all know a guy like that ), this is probably the most high-tech silicone ejaculating dildo in the business! 

Of course, I realize that many of those caveats can be full-on deal breakers to some, but for others this might be the perfect toy for their needs! So there it is.

Decent suction cup
come in natural skin tones
ejaculation controlled by an internal electric pump
Vibrations are strong and rumbly
Ejaculations are noisy and slightly underwhelming
Silicone is super rigid


Deep Fantasies’ Dildos With Squirt Tubes

Body-safe best silicone squirting dildo Deep Fantasies Irkox & Xenomorph review

I love it when indie Etsy toy makers make it to the big leagues / mainstream retail. I love it even more when they’re fellow Canadians! We canucks gotta stick together, eh?

But more seriously, many of the best sex toy brands are actually Canadian, so it’s not just bias here. Us northerners have to stay warm somehow, you know!

You’re probably wondering why you aren’t looking at Bad Dragon right now.

As I’ve mentioned in our ever-popular Bad Dragon alternatives article. BD has had a fair share of controversies in the past and I fully understand and support folks looking for good alternatives. So here we are!

Deep Fantasies are currently selling two gorgeous pre-built silicone squirting dildos: 

They come in gorgeous marbled colors ( a personal favorite when it comes to silicone toys ). I also love that the cum tubes match the colors of the toy. Usually, the tubing and pump systems on these dildos look out of place and unsightly, but not in this case! It’s a solution that is simple, smart, and just looks awesome.

While Xenomorph has a normal cum tube alignment, I also love that Irkox has a tube hole placed a little lower on the underside of the shaft, adding to the Alieness of it all! So if you like your fantasy toys to be a little uncanny and alien, this definitely is a dope option.

Now there are plenty of indie fantasy toy makers that didn’t pierce through mainstream retail making awesome squirting dildos as well.

I put Deep Fantasies on the list because I know some folks don’t love the wait times that come with getting a custom toy. But if you’re patient, here are some of my favorite trustworthy & quality brands making fantasy silicone ejaculating dildos right now:

The selection here isn’t huge ( check out the next entry for more! ), but what’s offered here is just gorgeous and of great quality!

Plus, colored cum tubes are also something I never thought the world needed but everything else just looks like an ugly piece of medical equipment to me now.

Gorgeous Fantasy Dildos
Colored tubes add a lot of visual appeal
Buying means supporting indie toy makers
Not enough options though what is offered is awesome


Sinnovator Body-safe best silicone ejaculating dildo Sinnovator review

If you’re looking for a Bad Dragon alternative that has the same level of choice, customization, & extras as the popular brand, Sinnovator is probably your best bet.

Sinnovator allows you to make your own marbled ( or not! ) color mixes, offers optional suction cups, Vac-U-Lock holes, and most importantly, most of their toys can be outfitted with cum tubes! 

So if you felt a bit underwhelmed by the limited ( but awesome ) choices of Deep Fantasies, you will definitely find something to cheer you up at Sinnovator.

Here you can find almost any fantasy variation you could hope for, tentacles, slinks, dragon dicks, you name it, they got it!

Most of their toys also come in multiple sizes from manageable to scary. Additionally, they offer multiple silicone densities, and the color choices are nearly endless. So don’t feel limited by their stock setups! Though some of their signature toy-specific colorways are pretty awesome as well.

The only downside ( for non-europeans ) is that Sinnovator ships from the UK so you might have to deal with customs if you’re in America. Still, their prices are great enough to make up for it!

Sinnovator is probably the closest alternative to Bad dragon in almost every way MINUS the controversies!

So as long as you don’t mind shipping things from the U.K. there’s almost no reason to deal with BD anymore if you don’t feel like it.

Biggest selection of squirting fantasy dildos
Best Bad Dragon alternative
TONS of customization options
come in tons of different sizes
Ships from the U.K. ... which might actually be a Pro to Europeans to be fair!


Joystick by Transthetics Body-safe best silicone squirting dildo Joystick by Transthetics review

What if you want a super realistic silicone dildo that vibrates and ejaculates but you don’t want it to be as noisy or rigid as the Big Shot?

That’s where the Joystick comes in! Another sex toy innovation coming straight from the queer world! 

Kind of interesting how lesbians and trans men are at the forefront of most body-safe ejaculating dildo innovations. Still, that doesn’t mean cis straight folks can’t reap the benefits and indulge as well. Everyone’s happy!

While the Joystick can easily work on its own while playing solo, it is a great “strapless” dildo for partnered play as well.

You will need to buy Transtethic’s special harness underwear ( or easily modify your own underwear ) for optimal play, but this is a great solution to make the wearer feel like this dick is actually their own!

The positioning of the wearer’s stimulation head is super unique and rubs against their sensitive bits as they play. Unlike other strapless strap-ons it provides external stimulation vs the usual internal stim, which is definitely welcome.

You know what else is welcome? That part on the wearer’s bits vibrates and it vibrates good! A Vibration that can be felt on the person on the receiving end as well.

What’s more, to ensure a perfect match with the wearer’s complexion, the Joystick comes in a nice range of natural skin tones!

The material is squishy and realistic, and the vibrations are great but what about that ejaculation action!?

It depends! For one, I love that there aren’t any external tubing or bulbs attached. The cum/cum imitation is simply inserted through the tip and you squeeze the base of the tip for the big finale.

Now, the lack of external apparatuses also means you won’t get the most explosive finish. But this truly depends on the consistency of the faux-semen ( or actual semen ) you use. If you’re using a thick cum lube, for example, it’ll tend to just flow out, but if you use a more liquid substance, it’ll truly shoot out.


This is as luxurious as silicone squirting dildos get! This toy is super realistic in looks and feel, vibrates beautifully, is an awesome strapless strapon/trans prosthetic and doesn’t have any kind of external bulb or syringe.

Of course, this does limit the explosiveness of your climaxes, but if you go with a less thick imitation cum, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Most realistic silicone squirting dildo in the business
Great Vibrations
Come in uncanny natural skin tones
come in 2 popular sizes
Internal bulb system = nothing hanging out of your toy
Doubles as a great play prosthetics for trans men
You need to use a thinner fake cum if you want explosive finishes
If you want to use it as a strap-on toy you will need to buy their underwear or modify your own


Best Imitation Cum

Sliquid Silk Lube

Best Fake Cum Lube Sliquid Silk review

While you can just use standard lube if you’re only in it for constant lubrification during sex, Sliquid’s Silk makes that concept even better by being creamier and whiter than your standard lube, adding an extra layer of realism in the process.

It also helps that Sliquid is one of the best brands for healthy, body-safe, and PH-balanced lube!

Silk isn’t just for cum fetishes either. It was originally made to be a “best-of-all-worlds” lube in the first place, mixing the qualities of water-based lube with the long-lasting effects of silicone lube. So it’s not even branded as a cum lube, which can be a plus if you’re afraid of folks rummaging through your drawers.

You’ll be getting a great lube out of this purchase, not just a regular cum lube … which are often irritating, smelly, and have questionable shelf lives! So if you were looking for THE Bad Dragon cum lube alternative, this might be it!

If you’re looking for a cum lube that is safe to use for artificial cream pies, this is it!

Since it was made with the standard of being healthy for the ever-capricious vaginas, you won’t have any problem with other orifices either.

You can empty entire syringes/bulbs of the stuff in you and still remain healthy to do it again the day after, how wonderful!

Just keep in mind that since there is some silicone in this mixture, you will need to clean your silicone toys thoroughly as soon as possible after use so as to not deteriorate the silicone of your toys over time ( Hint: Solid and liquid silicones don’t always agree with each other )!

All in all, If you’re looking for a cum lube made specifically for internal use, it doesn’t get much better than this! Cum appreciation aside, this is an awesome lube to start with, so you won’t be disappointed!



Best Fake Cum lube J-Lube review

J-Lube is probably the most realistic and affordable faux cum you can get your hands on.

It comes in a powder that you have to mix with water so you can adjust the viscosity to your taste. Plus, you can make literal tubs of the stuff for pennies!

J-Lube is stringy and cloudy just like the real stuff so it really adds to the realism of it all as well.

So why not skip the more expensive and tad less realistic Sliquid silk above? 

Due to the sucralose content, it won’t be safe for sensitive vaginas, but still perfect for anal and cum shots!

So if you are prone to bacterial or yeast infections or just have a very sensitive flora, I’d avoid it for internal use.

If you’re more into anal or getting covered with the stuff though, there is a lot to like here! Plus, the fact that you can essentially produce it in bulk for cheap means that if you have a bukkake fetish, you’ll be able to indulge on the cheap ( if you don’t count the multiple dildos required of course )! 

Should be enough for the weekend

So while not all vaginas can take sucralose, most if not all anuses and bodies will love J-Lube! It’s stringy, cloudy, dirt cheap, and allows you to choose the exact viscosity you want for yourself. So it’s pretty hard to beat when it comes to cum lube!


Liquified Coconut Oil

Best Edible Fake Cum lube Coconut oil review

If you’re planning on putting the stuff in your mouth as well as in your various other orifices, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can go a very long way.

Of course, if you’re in a place where the temperature is below coconut oil’s melting point, you will have to warm it up a bit before it is usable in its liquid form. Plus, the warmth makes it feel all the more real.

You can also add a bit of water to alter viscosity to your liking. 

Additionally, If you want to keep the mixture in its liquid form, mix it up with body-safe emulsifying wax and you can have it always at the ready!

While Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is safe to use in most orifices, you might not want to swallow gallons of the stuff.

Oil is pretty heavy and can negatively affect your health in large quantities! ( As a Greek, I tend to overdo olive oil and forget how caloric it is myself, so I’m speaking from experience here ). So if you’re planning on drinking the stuff like your life depends on it, you might prefer the next option better, though this one won’t be safe for internal use!

Keep in mind that if you’re a woman and extra sensitive down there, coconut oil might still irritate you. So do a small test before indulging!

I suggest starting with a small drop on the underside of your forearm and if there isn’t any redness, then try it around more sensitive areas before making the jump.

Warnings aside, this is a great option for people who wants one fake cum to do it all!

It’s a great natural cum lube ( if you’re not sensitive to it ), it’s cloudy, and not disgusting in the mouth. I’d just avoid swallowing big amounts of it if you care about your line! All in all, if you’re looking for a great bad dragon cum lube alternative that’s also edible, this is an awesome AND natural solution.


DIY Edible Fake Cum

Best DIY edible Fake Cum

Now, what if you actually want to swallow the stuff? There’s a solution, but keep in mind:

It’ll only work for swallowing and getting covered up as I wouldn’t use these recipes internally!

The base is simple, Either use potato starch or corn starch mixed in with water. ( about 4 tablespoons to 1 cup of water )

Next, you will want to heat it up on your stovetop at medium heat until it reaches a light boil. Stir well for about 30 seconds, remove it from the heat and let it cool completely before use/transferring it into bottles.

There are extra steps you can take to modify the recipe for your needs.

  • If you want to make it tastier, you can add sweetener to the mix as long as it doesn’t alter the color ( like sugar or stevia ).
  • If you want to make it taste more like the real thing, use salt instead of sugar. Ignore everyone online saying to add bleach, they just have a death wish.
  • If you want it whiter/creamier, add yogurt! ( Greek yogurt is the thickest, and is an awesome protein supplement! ) 
  • For extra viscosity, others like to add egg whites, though raw eggs aren’t safe to use everywhere in the world. So check how your country regulates this first!

Alternatively, another tasty method is to mix Piña Colada cocktail mixer with water.

It’s pretty realistic looking and tastes pretty nice if you’re into that type of flavor, of course. It’s also simpler than most recipes out there so it’ll leave you with more time to actually indulge! It’s just a little pricer than the starch method above.

So If you love the stuff so much that you just want to drink it, these recipes should do the trick. Just keep in mind that it’s for your skin and your mouth only!

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I Did Strip Karaoke And Lived To Tell The Tale Mon, 22 Aug 2022 15:07:09 +0000 I recently gave Strip Karaoke a try at the Montreal-based "Bareoke" event and it opened my eyes in a way I hadn’t expected!

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Montreal is a great city. It is full of leftist, sex-positive, body-positive queerdos putting on all manners of wild events, from cabarets to kink parties to circus acts! Among these events is Bareoke aka strip karaoke at Café Cleopatra in the quartier des spectacles of Montreal.

I recently went to this event for the first time and even gave it a try myself! And let me tell you; it opened my eyes in a way I hadn’t expected.


What Is Strip Karaoke?

What is strip karaoke, you ask? It’s not like Strip Poker, Strip Go Fish or Strip Chess (or other competitive games where you take off items of clothing when you lose).

It’s just like regular karaoke — you have a massive book with the repertoire of songs on the tables along with little slips of paper and pens to write your name and song selection, and you get called up to perform one by one — but you add the daring performative element of removing your clothes while you’re doing it.

You might think that such a vulnerable activity would be rife with public breakdowns and questionable consent boundaries. But no, strip karaoke here has a joyously liberating feel.


What’s The Vibe?

This is a recurring event like no other. Think of all the vulnerability and insecurity (or not!) of karaoke. Then, think of all the vulnerability and insecurity (or not!) around showing your naked body to a room full of strangers (or not!). Then, combine them at the same time.

To say that the room was buzzing with excitement is an understatement. That room at the top of the stairs, with its glowing fiber optic ceiling fan lights and its labyrinthian array of cozy, two or three-person tables with glowing candle lights in an otherwise dark space, that room — seemed about as solid as soft pasta yet as relaxed as a captive mouse.

The line between performer and audience was imperceptible. Going into the night, I couldn’t tell who was going to go up. Who was considering it? Who came just to watch? Looking through the crowd, across all the faces and bodies and clothes, I wondered who would sing what and how naked would they get?


How Naked Do You Get?

As naked as you want! I saw people who barely removed anything at all — merely a top-layer button-down shirt. I also saw plenty of people going ALL THE WAY! I’m talking full nudity, junk, and bits waving around, completely unrestrained from any sense of body-in-public boundaries. Most people went down to their undies, some went topless. There was a full range of levels of commitment.

The full nudity was often my favorite because there’s something so infectiously liberating about displaying your entire body and just GOING FOR IT. There are so few situations in North America where we get to stare at naked bodies without a shred of shame, and very few opportunities to legally get naked in public, especially not in a sexual context.

Oddly enough, shoes often stayed on, though I suppose they are tricky at the best of times let alone while juggling a microphone and reading words on a screen, wildly keyed-up. But those who managed to remove them in a sexy way won my approval instantly.


Freedom of Sexual Expression

From Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, to all the versions of Sweet Dreams to nearly all of David Bowie’s discography, the music was fun and sexually charged with many flavors. One minute, someone would shyly undress to a shaky love song, the next someone would be grinding into the floor to some Marilyn Manson before pouring hot candle wax on their chest. It was wild!

No matter how they started though, every performer looked happier, more excited, and more confident by the end. You could see the transformation happening over the course of the song. They would remove one item, to great applause, and then more and more would come off and the crowd went wild. Each person became more and more comfortable strutting their stuff and it felt like group therapy.

When I think of how narrowly represented sexuality tends to be in regular media, and compare it to Bareoke, I can’t help but marvel at how beautiful variety can be. Each person was radically different from each other and expressed their sexuality in completely unique forms. They were all free to be sexy any way they choose.

How much more sexually liberated can one person get?


No Surveillance

One element that is CRUCIALLY important to all of this is that there is no photography or recording of any kind permitted during the show unless the performer has explicitly said who is allowed to take photos or videos into the microphone. If you don’t want any evidence of your involvement on that stage after the fact, you can simply not worry about it. The default is privacy.

In a smartphone, social media world, it’s hard to believe that such a space could exist. A place where you can be sure that you’re not being captured without your explicit consent. A world where you might be doing one of the most daring acts of your life, and no one will record it unless you want them to. How refreshing!

Instead of worrying about your angles, you can be free to move around and use your body in whatever way feels good. You don’t know what you look like, but you do know how you feel. Because of that, the performances end up being more genuine rather than strictly performative.

Of course, there are also professionals who take the stage with a rehearsed and refined routine, but that’s not all of them.


Challenging Expectations

In the media, we see tall, skinny blondes with perfect, sexy underwear, daintily undressing for the male gaze, and we see men’s nudity as the punchline to a joke. It is so rare to see butch lesbians, or trans women who never transitioned medically, or disabled people, or just men getting in touch with their own sexiness. Not only seeing it but seeing it live and in your face. It was a powerful experience.

When I went to Bareoke, I was expecting it to be a lot of women stripping for their boyfriends, or bachelorette parties getting raunchy together and maybe a few exhibitionist men. I expected a lot of heteronormativity, a lot of abled bodies, and a lot of “traditional” gender norms. To my great delight, it was not that at all! Sure, there were a few of those, but it certainly wasn’t the majority! There seemed to be a strong community of mostly queer folx enjoying their sensuality in public together.

I think one of the worst fears about this is having people disapprove of your body, your voice or just you in general. We all fear rejection at least a little, at some point. But the crowd was so supportive and though they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and cheered loudly, no one called out any names or made hurtful comments.

Everyone seemed to be just as enthusiastic with the bodies that defied established beauty standards as with those that conformed to them. In fact, since those who defied those norms probably had more experience with building themselves up in the face of a cruel culture, they were often the better performers due to their enthusiasm of proudly declaring through art, ‘THIS IS ME AND I AM SEXY!’

And that won the applause every time!


How Naked Did I Get?

I definitely considered going all the way, and I think I’m going to have to go back and get fully nude one of these days. But I didn’t bare it all on my debut performance.

I wore something I could really play with and have fun removing without having to commit to being too naked. I wore shoes that were easy to slip off, a very sparkly shirt for performative effect and a loose tank top with a plunging back line. By the end of the song, I was down to just my little undies and completely topless. No pasties. The nips were out! I did it! I finally freed the nipple!

This was my first time doing anything like this. I was always the kid who changed in the bathroom stall, and I even put my towel on before I even pulled open the shower curtain in my locked bathroom at home. I was in full support of liberation and nudity and wild sexuality, but I hadn’t yet pushed myself too far down that road. I was really amazed at how terrifying and electrifying it was to rip off my shirt for a crowd of cheering people!

You never get that kind of reaction out of one person behind closed doors.


Bare-Naked and Singing

I made it on stage and survived being mostly nude and singing in public. But rather than feeling like I had survived a harrowing experience I’d never want to repeat, I felt inspired to come back and do it again. I still want to know what it feels like to confidently and proudly dance, fully naked in front of a crowd of people and sing my heart out to uproarious applause.

I can’t imagine anything else more powerful than that.

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The Best Affordable Sex Toys & Tools for Trans Men Under 60$ Tue, 02 Aug 2022 19:58:16 +0000 Money’s tight? So what do you do when you’re trans masculine and need toys? You check out the recommendations on this list, of course!

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Transitioning can be pricey.

Take your pick: from legal forms to change your name and gender, to buying new gender-affirming clothing, to hormones. And in this economy, it’s hard to justify budgeting away money for pleasurable things like sex toys.

But… we have to. Now I’m not saying that you absolutely must go out and buy buy buy! I’m insisting that you prioritize your pleasure. As the good book says, “There is no way to repress pleasure and expect liberation, satisfaction, or joy.” This is from adrienne maree brown’s radically compassionate and liberating text, Pleasure Activism, and the point resonates throughout my entire life.

So, money’s tight. What do you do when you’re trans and need pleasure supplies that won’t cost you an entire month’s rent? You get savvy by checking out some of the recommendations we have on this list for you.

These are the best affirming toys we have found thus far under 60$. If you have recommendations, please don’t hesitate to send them to us. We always like to test our recommendations first, and if they pass the test, we add them to the list! 

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our list of cheap sex toys for trans men, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


Best budget toys for trans men Shotpocket Review


Best one-size-fits-most stroker for T-dicks


Best budget toys for trans men gendercat fascination sleeve review


Top transmasculine stroker with a customized fit 

Fascination Sleeves

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ review Best budget toys for trans men


Best suction / blow-job toy post-testosterone 

Satisfyer Curvy 1+

Best budget toys for trans men Rodeoh FTM harness underwear briefs strap ons review


Greatest budget gender-affirming harnesses

Rodeoh Harnesses

Best budget packers for trans men


The best affordable packers

Multiple Entries

Best budget STPs for trans men


Cheapest quality Stand-To-Pee devices

Multiple Entries

Best budget harness prosthetics & dildos for trans men


Greatest dirt-cheap harness-play prosthetics / dildos

Multiple Entries

Best budget packing straps for trans men


Great affordable packing straps

Multiple Entries

Best budget butt plugs for trans men


The best budget butt plugs

Multiple Entries


Best budget toys for trans men Shotpocket Review

The first few months of being on testosterone can be wild. For most people, the increased blood flow to the clitorus and increase in testosterone means your libido will be sky high. You might find your usual toys don’t quite work, and find yourself sexually frustrated to an extreme.

Fear not, friend! Take yourself to your closest gender-affirming sex toy store, and pick yourself up a Shotpocket.

It initially looks like a squishy forbidden marshmallow and feels like a stress toy. It’s not the most seductive sleeve, but it’s absolutely one that gets the job done with glee.

Good news everybody: the Shotpocket can also double up as a pump. 

Something that makes it perfect if you want to try pumping without necessarily buying a specialized pump. Heck, this could be a great option for discreet pumping while on vacation or sleeping over at someone’s house. (Wink, wink!)





Fascination Sleeves

Best budget toys for trans men gendercat fascination sleeve review

I’ve always felt jealous of the variety of Fleshlights available to people with dicks. Fleshlights look so fun, novel, and they are customizable with different orifices and/or inside textures. In my ideal future utopia, toys like these would be more available for trans men and masculine people like me!

GenderCat’s Fascination Sleeves aims to bridge that gap between what’s possible now and in the future with their top-of-the-line toys!

Sincerely, they are one of my favorite toys for trans masculine people right now, and for good reasons: there are four sizes to choose from, an absolute buttload of interesting colors, and two different textures for the inside.

If you want to splurge, they also have a “Gender Extender”.

No, it’s not a special warranty for your gender but a stroker that’s shaped like a dick available in nearly any skin tone, size, and texture!

Both the Fascination Sleeve and the Gender Extender can be used like a pump as well, which makes them multipurpose and definitely worth the money!





 Satisfyer Curvy 1+

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ review Best budget toys for trans men

Air pulse toys, or “suckers”, can be a real tricky spot for people who have been on testosterone for a while (or are just lucky).

There’s so very few nozzles with holes large enough to fit our t-dicks, and while that can be affirming it can be a major masturbation bummer.

Personally, my favorite affordable pick for this category is the Satisfyer Curvy 1+!

While the hole is firm (and slightly ribbed), the size is pretty generous and feels great especially used with lube.

The toy can be controlled by using the buttons on the body of the toy, or by connecting it to the Satisfyer app on your smartphone. This gives you, or a person anywhere in the world the chance to control every vibration through their snazzy interface.

For the price, it’s more than a worthwhile purchase!





Rodeoh Harnesses

Best budget toys for trans men Rodeoh FTM harness underwear briefs strap ons review

So you’ve got a realistic dildo to use, or maybe you’ve got a fancy prosthetic (lucky you!). How the heck are you going to keep it on your body while you’re doing the deed?

Harnesses to the rescue! But where to start?

With the connection to queer women’s culture, trans guys might find that certain styles of harnesses might drum up feelings of dysphoria for them. Maybe you struggle with some dyspraxia and your fingers can’t seem to figure out how to secure the harness before your sweetheart gets bored and falls asleep. 

Friend. Pal. Buddy. Have you ever considered the affordable option of Rodeoh harnesses?

They’re essentially boxer briefs that have a flexible o-ring to use with your favorite toy.

You slip them on like any pair of underwear, then when it’s time to boogie, you pop your toy in place and put the shaft through the front. Done!

They’re a great option if you want to try wearing a harness, but it does have a small drawback.

Since Rodeoh harnesses are meant to be comfortable, they have a lot of stretch. That can make it a bit hard to fuck someone rough because the toy can move out of place in your harness (but you can always stabilize it with your hand)!

Regardless, these are a great first-time harness or just one to keep in your toy chest for those comfy fuck sessions.




Cheap Packers

Best budget packers for trans men


Best budget toys for trans men FTM classic packy mr. limpy review

You always remember your first. Your first kiss, your first movie, your first packer. My first? Mr. Limpy of course!

If you don’t know, Mr. Limpy is one of the quintessential trans packers. It’s relatively easy to purchase, comes in three sizes, and is very affordable making it the perfect beginning packer for almost anyone.

A couple of downsides to the Mr. Limpy? It isn’t made of silicone, which makes it less than ideal for long-term wear (since it can’t be 100% sterilized), and it only comes in two skin tones, which is disappointing especially since they’re very light.

Reel Magik Basic Packers

Best budget toys for trans men Reel Magik basic packers review

Having a 100% silicone packer was very important to me, so I looked elsewhere on the internet for a basic silicone packer and found Reel Magik’s Basic Packers. These puppies are the reel deal, and if you can get them at discount (due to small production flaws), you are getting a fantastic prosthetic packer for essentially the same price as a non-silicone packer.

Here’s the deets: five sizes (from 2.5 to 5 inches), six skin tones, and two different densities of silicone. There’s a softer and squishier model or their classic one.

They’re a fantastic product, and I recommend them to all those who want to retire their Mr. Limpy for an affordable high-quality silicone packer.

NYTC’s Archer and Pierre Packers

Best budget toys for trans men NYTC pierre and archer review

NYTC is famous for its bendable pack and play prosthetics, and knock it out of the park with their 100% silicone basic packers, the Archer and Pierre.

The main difference between them is that the Archer is the circumcised version, while the Pierre has a foreskin. Both models come in two sizes, and four colors (four skin tones and four unnatural colors), so you’re bound to find one that suits you!

They are known for being a slight bit heavy, but for some folks, that’s a plus!



Affordable STPs

Best budget STPs for trans men


Best budget toys for trans men  STP pstyle review

STPs aren’t for everybody. You might try them and decide they’re more hassle than they’re worth, or you might not find them entirely comfortable to use! However, when an STP is expensive and you’re unable to return them, how do you find out if you like them? Try out the Pstyle!

Okay, before you go running after seeing the design of the Pstyle… hear me out. If you’re not entirely sure about wanting an STP, try this tool first. It is the furthest from a realistic STP, but it’s affordable and easy to use. If you do enjoy using one, then you can comfortably buy a realistic packer knowing that you made an informed decision!


Best budget toys for trans men nytc sam review

It’s hard to find a good quality, comfortable packer for an affordable price but NYTC’s got your back. A lot of affordable STPs are actually not meant to be worn as a packer, but the Sam has been designed to be comfortable to wear all day.

It’s 100% silicone, and looks realistic enough to not cause anyone to stare at the urinal. NYTC has also released a silicone insert to turn the Sam into a toy you can use to fuck someone, which makes it possibly the most affordable 3-in-1 STP on the market to date.




Harness Play Prosthetics

Best budget harness prosthetics & dildos for trans men

Heads up: it can be hard to find affordable realistic-looking dildos for harness play. There are a few on the list, but many of these have great sculpts and are in wild and unnatural colors.

NS Novelties Colours Dildos

Best budget toys for trans men colours dildo review

NS Novelties has a whole line of dildos, ranging from cheaper rigid dildos to super soft. They even offer dual-density and vibrating dildos as well. The Colours all come in colorful or realistic skin tones (though the realistic colors aren’t available in their ultra-soft / Coloursoft dildos).

Whatever your preference and flavor, they probably have one for you.

I got the chance to review one in my “Good Vibes Only” article, and while I was a little underwhelmed with the vibrations, the toy itself was a fantastic entry-level toy for anyone who didn’t already have a closet full of dicks. If you’re on the market for an affordable dildo, take a peek and see if you can find the dildo of your dreams.

Neo Elite

Best budget toys for trans men Neo elite review

The Neo Elite was another toy I had the pleasure of reviewing, and it was one of the standout shockers of the bunch.

While they, unfortunately, don’t have any natural skin tones, I would still highly recommend these toys for their truly satisfying realistic sculpt and incredible DUAL-DENSITY silicone.


Large Silicone Willy’s

Best budget toys for trans men silicone willy review

On the other hand, if you’re partner is quite the size queen/king/royalty, it generally doesn’t look good if you are on a budget & looking for something body-safe. Luckily, Silicone Willy’s large dildos are the rare affordable exception when it comes to large toys. 

Like many affordable silicone toys, the silicone on these toys tends to be on the rigid side of things, so keep that in mind before making the jump. 


Cheap Packing Straps

Best budget packing straps for trans men

NYTC Packing Pouch

Best budget toys for trans men  NYTC magnetic packing pouch review

The NYTC Packer Pouch is a simple but effective way of wearing a packer. Just slide your silicone willy into the pouch, and snap it onto the inside of your underwear with the magnetic closures. Voila! 

NYTC STP Harness

Best budget toys for trans men  Nytc Packing & STP strap harness review

Another great packing solution from NYTC, this one is specifically meant for their Sam STP, but the NYTC harness can work with nearly any STP on the market! It was designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible, while also making it easier to slide the STP down while in use.

Spareparts Pete Commando

Best budget toys for trans men spareparts pete commando review

I love this packing harness! It’s everything I wanted it to be, and more. It might seem basic at first glance, but the quality of it is impeccable. I was worried that I’d feel too warm wearing a packing harness under my boxer briefs, but the nylon spandex material helps keep it breathable!


Basic jockstraps are a fantastic option. Though they’re not necessarily the most secure for keeping your packer in your pants, many jockstraps come with internal pockets. You can tuck your packer into this to secure it for the day, or just wear it tight between you and your underwear!


Budget Butt Plugs

Best budget butt plugs for trans men

Oxballs Ergo Plugs

Best budget toys for trans men ergo plugs review

These are possibly one of the highest quality butt plugs on the market, and for good reason. They’re comfortable, incredibly squishy, and easy to wear long-term (if that’s your kink)!

While they can get pretty pricey, if you’re using only the smaller sizes you can absolutely find a plug under $60.

SquarePegs Egg Plugs

Best budget toys for trans men egg plugs review

In the battle for the best butt plugs, SquarePegs Egg Plugs are the other big contender for the top spot. Similar to the Oxballs, the Egg Plugs are made of a ridiculously squishy silicone but the main difference is in the overall shape of the plug. While the Ergo plug is more of a bean shape, the Egg Plugs are exactly that: egg-shaped!

If you’re looking to stay under $60, you can buy every size except the large and above. Still a fantastic toy to have in your arse-nal. (Pun intended!)

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The Best Cheap Sex Toys & Tools for Trans Women Under 60$ Mon, 04 Jul 2022 18:58:21 +0000 These are broke times and broke times call for cheap sex toys! So here are the best sex toys for trans women under 60$!

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It’s been a rough few years, and even though it has left a lot of us pretty darn broke, it doesn’t mean our needs vanished in the process. Hell, stressful times call for more vigorous masturbation than ever!

So what happens if you’re a broke gal with growing needs? Sex toys can be damn pricey after all.

Plus, cheap toys tend to be made out of toxic materials or just plain underwhelming!

Luckily for you, I’ve been doing this job for years and all this time & experience in the field helped me uncover plenty of affordable hidden gems that are not only safe but are also quite pleasurable nonetheless!

I’d suggest these toys to you even if you had all the money to spare, so we aren’t compromising here, folks.

With the toys & tools on this list, it doesn’t matter if you’re Pre-Op, Post-Op, or Non-Op. If you’re AMAB, transfeminine, & penny-pinching at the moment, this is the listicle for you!

Even if the toys seem like they’re meant for a specific scenario, read on as this selection is specifically catered to fit most, even if transition is very unique to the individual.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our list of cheap sex toys for trans women, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


vibratex Mystic Wand review hitachi magic wand alternative


Cheap Magic Wand Alternative

Mystic Wand Original

Rumbly affordable Bullet Vibrator Sensuelle Point by Nu review


Pocketable & affordable Wand & Tango alternative

Nu’s Sensuelle Point

best beginners dildos for trans women


Best cheap beginner dildos for post-op & anal training

Tantus Silk

LELO Ella review best G-Spot toys


Budget “G-spot” toys for Trans women

Multiple Entries

Blush Nude Impressions Review Best Suction cup vibrating g-spot vibrator


Best rumbly G-spot vibrators with suction cups 

Blush’s Impressions

best affordable body-safe silicone dildos


Best budget body-safe dildos sorted by size

Multiple Entries

best cheap body-safe silicone butt plugs


Great cheap body-safe butt plugs

Multiple Entries

Cheap gender gear for trans women: Waist training & tucking


Awesome & affordable gender gear

Multiple Entries


Mystic Wand Original By Vibratex

Cheap sex toys for trans women: vibratex Mystic Wand review hitachi magic wand alternative

If you speak to almost any self-respecting trans women, they’ll point out their Magic Wand ( or its growing list of alternatives ) as the hero of most of their best jilling sessions.

The reason for this is that it is powerful enough for pre-op/non-op women or post-op folks who’ve lost a bit of sensitivity. This is mainly due to the fact that the vibrations travel so deep into your body that they can stimulate even the internal erogenous structures of your anatomy.

Plus, using a wand is definitely less dysphoria-inducing than a lot of the other alternatives for people who didn’t get bottom SRS. They’re so powerful, you can even use them over clothes if you’re more comfortable that way!

The problem is that the Original Magic Wand is 10 bucks too expensive to make it onto this list, and the newer versions of the Magic Wand & its alternatives are even more expensive than the OG!

Wands just aren’t synonymous with cheap! Except for one wand that is…

The Mystic Wand is made by the same company as the legendary Magic Wand, but it is smaller, cheaper, & still packs a punch!

Of course, it won’t be as powerful as a mains-powered full-sized wand, but it is still quite impressive for its size and battery-powered nature!

Thanks to its small size, it’s also easier to integrate during partnered sex or to throw into your bag as a travel buddy. 

The Mystic Wand comes in black and pink and has 6 different modes: 3 gradual constant vibrations and 3 patterns.

I also love that it comes with a silicone head, a feature that was quite rare back when this toy originally came out. Could it be the first wand with a silicone head? I’ll let the Sexstorians answer this one!

While there’s a rechargeable model, it doesn’t quite live up to the sheer power of this compact wand vibrator. So you’re better off sticking with the original if you like power.

For an extra 10 bucks: Magic Wand Original

Now if you’re willing to invest a touch more, you can get your hands on the trans-beloved classic! It does show its age with its only two very powerful speeds and wired design, but the OG Magic Wand is still as powerful as ever! 

Plus, it is highly upgradeable and can be modified with a silicone head and a dimmer to reach a similar level of features as the modern wands of today. So with a few extra investments over time, you can turn this budget wand into a pretty awesome high-end toy and it’ll still be cheaper than buying a high-end wand! 

You can get your hands on it here ( Canada ).




Sensuelle Point by Nu

Cheap sex toys for trans women: Rumbly affordable Bullet Vibrator Sensuelle Point by Nu review

Now, while tons of trans women swear by their wands. The small pocketable nature of bullet vibes is still hard to ignore. 

This presents a new problem for those of us looking for a cheap toy since your standard affordable bullet is usually way too buzzy and weak to satisfy the needs wands can easily satiate.

What I usually suggest to transfeminine folks ( and women in general, to be fair ) is the rumbly Tango by We-Vibe. It’s so powerful it’s like a mini baby wand! 

But sadly, this bullet isn’t exactly cheap…

Enter the Sensuelle Point by Nu, the almost perfect cheap Tango clone!

Its power rivals the iconic Tango at the fraction of the price! 

Of course, being so cheap, this build won’t feel as luxurious as its competition and you’ll have to sacrifice a few premium features like being 100% waterproof and the vibrations being a touch buzzier than the Tango. But all things considered, it is syill truly awesome for the price.

My biggest nitpick here is the fact that it has 20 FUNCTIONS! While this might sound great ( the more the merrier, right? ), who really needs 17 patterns, when most just use the standard 3 constant vibrations?

It wouldn’t be a big deal if you could go back and forth with the functions, but you can only go forth, so if you pass your favorite 3rd speed, get ready to click through all 20 of them to get back to your favorite.

Also, a lot of people report that the charger stops working after a while.

But back at the old sin bin, we’ve noticed that cleaning the metallic contacts on the bullet vibrator and the charger with rubbing alcohol usually does the trick at bringing it back from the dead. So don’t let that deter you!




Tantus Silk

best budget beginners dildos for trans women

If you like the idea of penetration, whether you’re post-op or pre/non-op, some training might be in order!

Butts and brand-spanking-new vaginas definitely require some patience in the beginning and golly do I have just the right beginner’s dildos for you, young padawan!

What makes the Silk so appealing as a starter dildo is that it come in 3 sizes, starting from VERY small to slightly above average and they are virtually frictionless!

The advantage of having dildos that are near identical in nature makes progressing in sizes that much easier. Plus, there aren’t any intense coronal ridges, textures, or a matte finish to get in the way of your progress. These are truly perfect beginner dildos.

I also love that they come in pretty gender-neutral colors like purple & black. So if you have a boyfriend who’s into pegging or are just sick of pink for every toy, no one will be offended! 

She-ology dilator set review best dilators for trans womenFor an extra 10 bucks: She-Ology Dilator Sets

I know it says these are more of an investment, but since they come in sets, they end up being way less expensive than the Silks in the long run. The big advantage here is that these can really gradually help you work your way up to full-size dils & dongs!

There are two sets, a beginner one and an advanced one for a total of 8 dilators.

The only issue with these is that they are made of a slightly matte silicone, so use extra water-based lube to mitigate the drag!

You can get your hands on it here ( Canada ).


Cheap G-Spot Dildos

Cheap sex toys for trans women: LELO Ella review best G-Spot/P-spot toys

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: The prostate and the G-spot are not only nearly identical, but they’re also pretty much in the same spot!

What this means for Pre/Non-Op ladies: This opens up tons of possibilities for nice and intense stimulation without having to actually buy dysphoria-inducing male-branded toys.

What this means for Post-Op Folks: Even if used vaginally, you can still get to your “G-spot” as vaginal walls are quite thin!

You should keep in mind: Hormones can sometimes shrink the P/G-spot, making it less accessible. Though prior stimulation does help making things more sensitive and accessible and that’s a pretty common trick for anyone trying to get to their fun spot ( woman, man, trans, or cis ).

Just know that if that still doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t make you less of a woman, as there are plenty of cis women with smaller skene glands as well ( and in some cases completely absent ones! )  and there are plenty of other great ways to get off!

Lastly, if you’re going to use these toys anally, just be careful as these toys generally don’t have stoppers, so never let go of that handle if you don’t want to lose your g-spot toy!

Cheap sex toys for trans women: Glas Slimline g-spot review best glass G-Spot toy


The Glas G-spot dildo is a double-ended, cheap yet functional, and hygienic G-Spot stimulator in a satisfying shape!

Glass means it’s rigid enough to be an effective g-spot toy even for the most buried & difficult spots. It also means it’s compatible with silicone lube, which is known to last forever and it doesn’t get sticky like its water-based counterparts!

Glass is also great for temperature play, it’s easy to sanitize, and it’s also nearly frictionless, making penetration and play a breeze!

Cheap sex toys for trans women: LELO Ella review G-Spot toys

The Lelo Ella is another great choice, especially if you’re not that into glass and prefer toys with a bit more give to them.

It’s a nice versatile shape that adapts to being rocked or thrust. No matter your play style, it’ll follow along nicely!

Just like the Glas G-spot dildo above, it is also double-ended, so you get a free dildo out of this affordable package as well.

For an extra 10 bucks: Pillow Talk Sassy

10 extra buckaroos and you’ll get a nice traditional and effective shape coupled with great rumbly vibrations!

This is also my top pick for a beginner’s toy as this doubles as a nice handheld wand, allowing you to explore internal and external vibrations along with G-spot stimulation.

So if it’s your first toy, once you’re done with it, you’ll be much closer to knowing exactly what makes you tick!  

You can get your hands on it here.


Blush’s Impressions

Cheap sex toys for trans women: Blush Nude Impressions Review Best Suction cup vibrating g-spot vibrator

Sure, I’ve pointed out a great vibrating g-spot toy in the previous entry, but that option is only available to you if you’re willing to go above our previously stated 60$ limit.

Why am I insisting on having a great affordable powerful vibrating G-spot toy on this list?

Well, it’s simple, they’re the most versatile sex toys around! They can be used as mini wands for external stimulation, used as internal toys, with or sans vibrations, and of course, be used as a g-spot toy.

It’s sort of a jack of all trades for your junk, really!

While powerful vibrating G-spot toys are extremely versatile, the Impressions are probably the most versatile of all!

That’s mainly because they also come with great suction cups! If you didn’t know, G-spot toys with suction cups are extremely rare. So are body-safe vibrating dildos with suction cups. And since these G-spot toys are straight enough to be used as vibrating dildos, the impressions definitely fit that niche as well! 

So on top of being G-spot toys, vibrators, and mini wands, they’re also vibrating ( and non-vibrating when turned off ) suction cup dildos! It’s like a whole box of toys in one.

The Blush Impressions are not only nicely rumbly for the price, they also come in 5 unique models, have great suction cups, are rechargeable, and are fully waterproof!

I know it might sound too good to be true for the money, but hey that’s what Blush specializes in: Cheap and Great!

Plus being at 60$ exactly, it’s like they were made for this list!




Affordable Body-safe Dildos

Cheap sex toys for trans women: best affordable body-safe silicone dildos

Shopping for dildos is a complicated matter, no matter who you are. We all have very specific views on what density, texture, size, and shape we’d like after all.

Plus, if you’re going to use these toys for anal or post SRS, you’ll need to complicate things a tad further by trying to find nicely gradually-sized dildos. Especially if you’re not that into very medical dilators or the slightly boring but effective Tantus Silk mentioned above. 

Well, you know what I say? You can always trust a guy called Jim the dildo dealer with such issues! Though I might be a little biased.

This list will be presented with gradually bigger affordable dildos, so it is specifically catered for someone trying to get used to anal or post-SRS penetration! 

Though we do get really big in the end so if you’re already a size queen, don’t feel left out. That’s right giant affordable silicone dildos do exist as well!

Small dildos ( 0.75 to 1.25 inches in diameter )

Best small dildos Blush Temptasia Twist Small Review

Blush Temptasia Twist Small ( Diameter: 0.75 inches ) has a superbly smooth and silky feel. The body of the toy has a twist built-in, which is subtle and smooth as butter. There’s also the adorable heart-shaped suction cup that is shockingly cute AND powerful!

Best small dildos Fuze Star Review

The Fuze Star  ( Diameter: 0.9 inches ) is perfect if the jump between the Silk small & medium is a bit too intense for you. With the Silk small being at 0.8 inches in diameter and the medium 1.1 inches, the Fuze’s Star meets you right in the middle at 0.9 inches. Plus it has a pretty good suction cup for some hand’s free fun! Just beware that, unfortunately, this toy has a seam that can be a little irritating to some.

Best small dildos Tantus Compact Review

The Tantus Compact ( Diameter: 1 inch) is a great alternative to the above toys if you’re looking for something a little more realistic! I still suggest starting with the Small Tantus Silk and maybe the Fuze Star as well before moving on to this one though.

The Tantus Sport ( Diameter: 1.1 – 1.25 inches ) is essentially a Tantus Silk with a nice G-spot bulb a the end! With a 1.1 inch shaft and being 1.25 inches at its widest point, it would be good if you had some experience with the Silk medium at the least. Even better if you’re used to the Leisure!

The Tantus Leisure ( Diameter: 1.25 inches) like the Fuze Star is another perfect bridge, but this time between the Silk Medium (1.1 inches) & Large (1.5 inches). The leisure is a touch pricier than the other options as it comes with a removable vibrator. If you like that feature, I suggest you upgrade to a better vibe like the Tango as soon as you can!

Best small dildos Avant Pride P3 Review

Avant Pride P3 ( Diameter: 1.25 inches ) is a great small dildo sporting the colors of the lesbian flag! But lesbian or not, this dildo is still worth a look, especially with its satin texture, the springiness of the silicone, and its great suction cup. The P3 is very marshmallow-like in how squishy & comfortable it is!

Best small dildos Avant D9 Ergo Mini Review

Ergo mini ( Diameter: 1.25 inches ) are the OG affordable dual-density dildos. Before these bad boys came out it was impossible to find a DD dildo under 100$, so you better show some respect! They’re still worth your time too as they are deliciously squishy, though the suction cups are a bit underwhelming on this specific model. 

Funkit’s Nofrilldos ( Diameter: 1.25 inches ) are so affordable it isn’t funny. What’s even more surprising is that these dirt cheap silicone dildos come from an indy company and not a large manufacturer with a huge factory geared for mass production.

So if you need a quality, slick silicone dildo for smaller bits or to use as beginner anal dildos, these are pretty hard to beat!


“Regular” dildos ( 1.5 to 1.9 inches in diameter )


NS Novelties’ Colours, Coloursoft & Dual-Density Colours are not only some of the most affordable dildos around, but they’re also body-safe, varied and come with pretty darn good suction cups!

It’s good to keep in mind that the OG Colours, while most affordable, are quite rigid. This coupled with their intense texture can become slightly irritating to some, so investing a bit more for the squishy Coloursoft or the squishy yet stiff Dual-Density Colours might be your best bet!

Blush’s Neo Elite dildos are extremely affordable dual-density dildos with great suction cups that come in gorgeous eye-popping colors.

For those who don’t know, dual-density means these dildos are naturally squishy on the outside while hard on the inside. Dual-density dildos are awesome to squeeze on while remaining hard enough to be functional!  

BMS’ Naked Addiction dildos are probably the most natural feeling affordable dual-density toys in the biz. Anything of that caliber is usually from high-end sex toy makers like Vixen Creations & Uberrime! So that’s huge coming from such a budget option!

best silicone abstract suction cup dildos Blush's neo elite glow in the dark review

Neo Elite Glow in the Dark toys are gorgeous glow-in-the-dark dual-density dildos ranging from abstract to semi-realistic. These are the perfect toys for those who are into the realistic feeling of dual-density but not so much into the realistic look of it all.

Glass Dildos

Glas Glass Dildos are the best affordable glass dildos in the business! They have tons of options, they’re made of durable borosilicate glass so they won’t break on you, and they won’t break the bank either!

For those who aren’t in the know, glass is a great body-safe material for folks who prefer rigid toys. They’re awesome for temperature play, see-through action, and it’s the most frictionless material around ( except for stainless steel, but that isn’t exactly cheap ). Couple these with a good silicone-based lube and never struggle to insert a toy ever again!


XL Dildos ( 2 Inches + in diameter )

Silicone Willy’s Large Dildos are the rare affordable exception when it comes to large toys. Usually, size queens need to whip out the big bucks for their big toys as silicone is quite expensive per pound. But these are almost impossibly cheap with some pretty good suction cups to boot!

Like many affordable silicone toys, the silicone on these toys tends to be on the rigid side of things, so keep that in mind before making the jump. 

Addiction Tom & Ben are the unicorns of the fantasy sex toy world. Your usual suspects are quite the luxury items, which is a shame considering how popular fantasy/dragon dildos have become. The Suction cups on these bad boys are pretty good too but again, the silicone can be a bit too rigid for some! 

Blush’s Realm features a few cheap fantasy dildos as well, which are a welcome addition as these are quite rare. They also all have Vac-U-Lock compatible holes so they’ll fit on a nice variety of accessories like handles, suction cups, strap-ons, and most sex machines!


There are a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Body-safe Budget Butt Plugs

Cheap sex toys for trans women: best cheap body-safe silicone butt plugs

Butt plugs are the most universally appreciated toys across all genders! You’ll also be glad to hear that a lot of the best options around are quite affordable.

So here are a few of my favorites!

Training Butt Plugs

Anal Fantasy Plugs are your perfect affordable training butt plugs. They don’t come in a kit so you can get the specific size you need and work your way up to the size you want! No frills here, just good training plugs.

Crystal Glass Training Plugs are probably your most affordable option as they come in a handy 3-plug kit. Being made of glass they’re also completely frictionless. Coupled with a good silicone-based lube, you shouldn’t struggle to insert these at all! Training made easy baby!

All-day / Long-Term Wear Plugs

Tantus T-Bar Plugs are a great choice when it comes to plugs you can wear as you go about your business. The T-bars sit comfortably between your cheeks and won’t get in the way when you sit down or walk around!

Everything Plugs

Squarepegtoys® Egg Plugs are amazing squishy plugs that can work for training, all-day wear, or just plain old fun! They come in a ton of comprehensive sizes, so just take your pick. Just as long as you don’t buy anything larger than the large plug, you shouldn’t blow your 60$ budget!

 Oxballs Ergo Plugs have a ton in common with the above plugs except they come in a bigger variety of colors and levels of squishiness. They also have a nice curve to them which applies extra pressure in the direction of your choice ( if you have a man in your life, this could be their prostate! ). They’re a touch pricier though but if you buy any size from medium and down, it’ll stay under 60$! 

Tail Plugs

best cheap tail butt plugs

Tailz Butt Plugs are a decent budget option if you’re looking for faux fur tails. 

The main issue with these plugs is that the tails aren’t removable, which makes cleaning up a bit more complicated. Otherwise, they’re great little plugs if you don’t mind the extra clean-up time!


There are a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Cheap Gender Gear 

Cheap gender gear for trans women: Waist training & tucking

A lot of brands charge big premiums for their gender gear. While in many cases it’s a good idea to invest more for quality products, it seems like a lot of brands are just capitalizing on the fact that this is a smaller niche so they can just charge what they want.

But hey! There is still some great affordable gender gear out there, so broke gals rejoice!

Cheap Tucking Gear

Pre/Non-Op, broke, & planning on wearing something slightly revealing? No problem!

best underwear for tucking for trans women

For starters, there is plenty of regular & affordable underwear that are great for tucking.

Lace underwear is pretty awesome as the material isn’t as stretchy as what you’ll find in basic cotton undies. If lace isn’t your thing and you like the feel/style of cotton panties better, go a size smaller or just double up for a pretty cheap DIY gaff. 

Boy shorts, despite the slightly dysphoria-inducing name, are very popular amongst trans women as they are great for keeping everything safe and contained. If the name is making you feel a little icky, just remember it’s a popular style originally made specifically for cis women. It’s like the boyfriend hoodie of panties!

Tight yoga shorts will also work great on a pretty active day. As long as they’re structured, you should be good to go! 

best tape for tucking for trans women

KT tape is another great cheap way of tucking, especially if you’re looking to wear something like a bikini or if you just want to avoid panty lines!

This is a great option if you want to wear a swimsuit to the beach as all KT tape is waterproof. That’s right, no need to invest in Pro tape, they all do it! ( Avoid buying Trans Tape as well, it’s the same thing but marked up to profit off trans people. Yuck! )

Of course, this option is best if you shave your bits bald, though a piece of fabric between your hairy spots and the tape can remedy that!Best Gaff underwear for tucking for drag queens

Gaffers, the dedicated option for tucking, are of course going to be great for the job as well.

While the classics ( like Leoline’s ) can be quite pricey, there are still some great affordable options to be had.

If you’re looking for something cheap, I’m a big fan of the Transform brand as they offer some pretty good gaffing underwear that won’t break the bank. Of course, they’re not as comfortable as Leoline’s but they’re awesome nonetheless.

Just remember to choose the right size, as tighter isn’t better here. It just means more injuries than anything else!

Cheap Waist Training Gear

If you’re craving that hourglass silhouette all the girls dream about, you might want to look into waist training! The problem is that corsets are REAL pricey.

But there’s another option: Cinchers.

Of course, you won’t get as dramatic results with these as with corsets, but they’re also healthier and easier to wear long-term.

Best cinchers / waist trainers for trans women

Amazon Cinchers are especially a great deal for those starting out with waist training.

Most cinchers will usually allow you to trim off about 1 to 2 inches off your waist, while corsets can easily go up to 4 inches with enough effort & time. Of course, there are going to be fewer permanent gains with Cinchers but you really don’t want to cheap out on corsets as the cheap stuff can lead to some pretty bad injuries. 

Plus, previous training with a cincher can get you ready to jump into corsets faster than if you started out with corsets in the first place, so if that’s what you want, it’ll “buy” you some time until you can afford a good one!



There is a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!


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