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Pump It Up: A Trans Man’s Review of FTM & Clit Pumps

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What are pumps?

You know when you’re making out with someone, and they’re kissing your neck when all of a sudden, oops! There’s a hickey? Pumps work very similarly.

Pumps are tools/toys that create suction on a particular body part in order to increase blood flow.

For cis women, just the act itself can be fun enough, it can be a kind of kink play especially if you’re a hickey aficionado. For others, hickeys are not the goal. Pumping can enhance many sex acts, or make erogenous zones much more reactive.

It’s not all about the ol’ clitoris pump either: For example, a common way to use pumps is to apply “nipple suckers” on the chest or breasts to increase sensitivity. 

For many trans masculine people and trans men, pumps are something entirely more important. Pumps can help to increase the size of t-dicks (clitorises enlarged by being on testosterone therapy), and this can be incredibly gender-affirming for many folks.

Why do trans people use pumps?

So many reasons!

  • Just like cis men, trans men might want to pump to increase the size and hardness of their erection.
  • Pumping increases sensitivity.
  • Some trans people can penetrate their partners with their t-dicks, and pumping can help get them a bit larger to more effectively do that.
  • For people considering bottom surgery, some doctors recommend pumping as a way to increase size before or to prevent loss of length after surgery. (Please consult your doctor and surgeon before doing this after surgery, though!)

And while this review is done by a trans man (Hi!), it should be a good place to start whether you’re looking to work on that T-dick or if you’re a woman looking for a good clitoris pump!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here are the best FTM & Clit pumps, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


Best trans pumps: Hydromax 3 review


Almost great: Best pump for bath/shower routines

Bathmate Hydromax 3

Best FTM pumps: CalExotics Intimate Pump review


Almost great: Versatile pump for all your other bits

Calexotics Intimate Pump

Best Trans men pumps: NYTC Deluxe Pump review


Most affordable & effective clit & trans pumps

NYTC Trans Masc Deluxe Pump

Best trans pumps: Gender extender & shotpocket review


Top pumps for beginners & mixing pumping with pleasure

Shotpocket & Genderextender

Best ftm pumps: LA Pumps with the 3 Inch Cylinder review


Best FTM/FTX/Clit pump overall

L.A. Pump + Trans 3-inch cylinder OR Clit cylinders


The Bad

 Temptasia Clit and Nipple Twist Suckers

Best FTM pumps:  Temptasia Clit and Nipple Twist Suckers Review

Wow! What a name. Try saying that five times fast!

Do these work? Yes. Do I recommend them? Absolutely not.

I really loved the idea of these “twist suckers” especially since they seem so portable and accessible for anyone. You don’t have to just use them on your clit, you can use them on nips, belly, anywhere!

The issue I have is that there’s no release valve. Every other product on this list has a release valve to be able to quickly remove the suction, but these don’t. This makes me reluctant to recommend these to people, especially for use on your genitals! You can bruise pretty easily in such a delicate area, and I am not looking to add “bruised dick” to my list of injuries received in 2023, thank you very much.

I guess you could keep these more as erotic aesthetic decoration…?




Temptasia Beginner’s Clitoral Pumping System

best trans men pumps: Temptasia Beginner’s Clitoral Pumping System REview

I want you to imagine me yelling at this toy, “You were the chosen one!”

This was so promising to me, despite the possibly dysphoria-inducing packaging and name. It promises a removable cylinder, so you can “set it and forget it” and free up your hands to do other stuff. However, it has some major issues with usage despite all the fancy bells and whistles.

Temptasia’s Beginner’s Clitoral Pump looks legit. It’s red and black and clear acrylic, so it feels like a real heavy-duty kinky pump to add to your toy box. I mentioned this earlier but a major selling point to me was that you can also remove the pump and tube from the vacuum cylinder while still maintaining suction! This means you can leave the pump on while you attend to other things (or partners).

That’s unfortunately where the benefits of the product end.

First, the pump is a squishy ball that looks similar to the bulb for an enema… except it is frustratingly hard to squish. I know my grip strength is disappointing, but what if your hands are already slick with bodily fluids or lube? The whole thing becomes a Yakety Sax physical comedy act as the ball slips out of your hands and you struggle to get a grip.

My biggest issue is that you can only pump once or twice before the ball no longer inflates. With the other types of pumps on this list, you can squeeze the pumps and increase the suction until you decide it’s good enough. With this pump? The ball just doesn’t inflate anymore, there’s too much suction inside the pump.

So unfortunately it’s not a pump I would recommend to anyone seriously looking for, you know, suction.




The Almost Great

Hydromax 3

Best trans pumps: Hydromax 3 review

One of the products I get the most requests to review is pumps and specifically this pump. It’s a pump meant for natal dicks, but specifically for people with micro-penises. It promises to help boost your erection while using it in a hot shower and/or bath. 

Though on inspection of the hole to fit your dick through, I’m nervous. It’s big, or at least big for a trans-masc person like myself!

Will all my bits get sucked right into the pump? My intrusive thoughts are like, “Bruh this is a black hole and you will get sucked up and disappear”. Despite the concerns of spaghettification the gender euphoria I get in using a product meant for a cis man is enough to have me test it out genuinely.

I was surprised: the pump did work, but it was such a large toy that unfortunately it didn’t stick on well. I held it down with one hand, and that worked to keep it stuck down on my body but not for very long. 

I would love it if there was a Hydromax 1.5, something specifically scaled down to fit trans masculine people and trans men. It’s a super smart idea, but just a bit too big.




CalExotics Intimate Pump

Best FTM pumps: CalExotics Intimate Pump review

I honestly thought this one would be the least effective of the bunch, but it was much more powerful than I imagined. I know, I know: assuming makes an ass out of you and me, but I had my reasons! I initially ignored it due to the lilac packaging and feminine details. For a little toy, it has great suction! 

A couple of drawbacks to take into consideration: I struggled to fit the size of the suction cup between my labia, and I think the hole on the pump is too wide to comfortably fit most clits without popping off. I don’t usually have an issue with the cylinders provided, but this one just didn’t fit quite as well as I would have hoped. I needed a hand to spread ‘em, and another to hold it in place.

This one definitely works all over the body, and I do like their little heart-shaped release valve button. Still, if you’re specifically seeking out clit suckers, you’d be better off with either the NYTC Deluxe Pump or the LA Cylinders one.



My Recommendations

NYTC Deluxe Pump

Best Trans men pumps: NYTC Deluxe Pump review

As a trans masc person, I’ve always heard such good things about New York Toy Company’s products. I mean, their bendable pack-and-play dildos are legendary in the trans-masc community!

NYTC offers a pump in three tiers: 2.0 with one cylinder, the Deluxe with three different-sized cylinders, and the recently released Pro with an electric pump. I received the Deluxe and appreciated the different-sized cylinders available.

There are some design elements I really liked about their Deluxe pump! The pumping mechanism has grooves for your fingers, so it was easier to hold and pump when my hands were slick with lube. (You’re gonna need lube!) The cylinders are made out of a solid plexiglass-type material and are very sturdy while still being lightweight. 

The suction was strong, and the product did what it said it would: pump up your dick.

Unfortunately, I do find the actual tubing and the pump itself feels cheap. All the parts are made out of plastic, and it feels more like a bicycle pump than the more medical vibes I got from other products on our list. I hate to say that, especially because I respect NYTC and their fantastic dildos. I just feel like I worry about the longevity of the product.

If you’re starting out pumping and want to try a reputable product without spending a small fortune, this is it!




Trans Masturbators that Double as Pumps

Best trans pumps: Gender extender & shotpocket review

Whenever someone is looking to try out pumping, I direct them toward one of these squishy and less intimidating options. Not only are they less expensive than some pumping systems on the market, but they’re also less likely to cause bruising. Not only are they a softer pumping alternative, but they’re ribbed inside and can be used for masturbation. It’s a multitool for your tool!

My first love was FTM Pitstop’s Shotpocket and still remains my go-to recommendation for folks newly on testosterone with bottom growth. It’s an inoffensive squishy translucent blue marshmallow, so it doesn’t feel as intense as other toys. 

If you’re looking for something with a bit more suction, I’d recommend GenderCat’s Fascination Sleeves. For such a small toy, they are powerful.

You want to impress your play partner with a throbbing hard t-dick? Store one of these in your overnight bag, pop it on your bits 5 minutes before getting busy with your crush, and voila! Your hard-on is suddenly swole and seriously impressive.


L.A. Pump & 3-Inch Cylinder

Best ftm pumps: LA Pumps with the 3 Inch Cylinder review

This is the Rolls Royce of pumps. (For everyone born after 1990, that’s a fancy car. You know, cars? Imagine an Uber but without the driver.)

This pump does not disappoint in any way possible.

It has a removable pump, so you can pump up your dick and then disconnect the tube to do other things. It has a pressure gauge so you know exactly how much force is being exerted on your bits! (Data!) It has a quick-release valve, though I do wish it was a bit easier to recognize. The pump is entirely in metal as well, with a rubberized grip! It kind of looks like a tool for your car, which is a bit gender euphoria-inducing.

Not only is the pump beautiful, but if you’re looking for other sizes, LA Cylinder offers a bunch of other cylinders. I chose the three-inch cylinder, but if you need a bigger one (lucky you), they’ve got you covered.

Really? If you’re serious about pumping and don’t mind buying a product that’s a bit more expensive, splurge on this one.

We would like to thank Shevibe, GenderCat, Bathmate, & L.A. Pump for sending us the FTX/FTM Pumps included in this review. This roundup wouldn’t have been possible without their help!