best silicone suction cup dildos
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Let’s face it, dildos with suction cups are just better in every way. They have all the advantages of standards dils, with the added benefit of having the option of making them entirely hands-free if you need to.

Plus, if you’re looking for the best dildo for riding, chances are you’ll find your happiness here! Even the worst suction cups that can’t even stick to walls still fare quite well on horizontal surfaces.

There’s really no sacrifice here as they’ll still fit it in strap-on harnesses as well. But if your favorite strap-on-wearing significant other is not available at the moment, you can just stick it on a wall and act like they never left! It won’t replace them but it’ll sure make waiting for their return that much more manageable! 

The problem is that most decent suction cup dildos are not body-safe.

But this is slowly changing as the silicone sex toy revolution pushes on! This is exactly why I wrote this article: No one, and I mean NO ONE, should have to put their health at risk just for some good sexy fun! Alright? Alright!

How to use a suction cup dildo

Now, suction cups aren’t made of magic, so not all surfaces are going to work.

Smooth surfaces are the name of the game here, so tiles, glass, plastic, & metals are your best bet. Some painted walls and polished floors might work as well as long as they aren’t too textured.

But I do have a few fun cheats that’ll allow you to use them almost anywhere: 

  • Sticking a bit of packing tape on a textured surface will really smooth it out, allowing you to stick your suction cups in previously inaccessible places. If the surface is extra textured, layering packing tape can help quite a bit.
  • Want to use your suction cup in bed? Sure headboards are great, but what if you want to ride your toy cowgirl/boy-style? Stick it to a book or DVD case, of course! Hardcover works better as folding the book will break the seal of the suction cup. It’s also a great way to mix your love of culture with your love of getting it on!
  • Plastic chairs are really underrated when it comes to suction cups ( If you like being watched, go for a transparent chair! ). Depending on how it’s built, you’ll not only be able to use it on the seat but on the backrest as well. It also allows you to hold onto the backrest or seat as you ride! Just try to go for a chair with flat surfaces as opposed to curved ones for better results.

How to properly stick & remove your suction cup dildos

Back in my old sex shop days, lots of people would come to me claiming their suction cups didn’t stick. There are some crappy suction cups out there, but in most cases, it’s all in the technique my friend!

I like the “slam technique” most, as it is quick and efficient. So instead of just pushing on the cup, hold the dildo at the base near the suction cup ( with the cup facing down ) and hammer fist it into the surface you want to use. ( Of course, avoid using this one on glass ). It’s a great way to get a solid seal quickly, so it’s especially useful when you’re extra horny!

If that’s too violent for you or if you need to stick it against something fragile like glass, grab the dildo with two hands as close to the base as you can with the suction cup facing up this time ( or down if you want to stick it on a horizontal surface ). You’ll want to use your body weight to push the suction cup into the surface until you completely bottom it out. The flatter you can get the suction cup, the more of a seal you’ll get on release.

No matter what technique you use, go as straight as possible as angling the dildo will cause an uneven and easier-to-break seal. 

Instead of pulling on your dildo to take it off, break the seal by angling the dildo to the side or pulling on the edge of the cup itself.  This is important because simply pulling on the dildo might cause damage to the surface it’s on and might cause enough wear and tear over time to actually break off the dildo itself. 

Fun Fact: When bored on a dead day back in my good old sex shop days, we also really enjoyed “knife throwing” tester suction dildos directly at our shop window and trying to make them stick on landing and we actually got pretty good at it. So if you want to become a sex ninja, it’s totally possible!

Also, make sure to read our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here’s my guide to the best suction cup dildos that are body-safe, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different!

Integrated Suction Cups

best silicone suction cup dildos

As mentioned above, these used to be very rare but are slowly becoming the new standard. They are also often the preferred option as integrated suction cups mean fewer parts to deal with.

You’re still pretty limited in choice though & silicone suction cups can be a bit hit-and-miss at times ( in some cases they might work better vertically than horizontally ) but most of the below dildos should all work pretty well!

Cheap & Best Suction Cup Dildos 

hands-free sex toys for women suction cup dildo colours review

Colours, Coloursoft, & Dual-Density Colours are the most affordable silicone suction cup dildos you can get.

While the basic and most affordable Colours can be quite rigid ( which can become irritating to some with their intense textures ), Coloursoft & Dual-Density Colours are perfectly squishy! The suction cups are also quite impressive for the price.

There just isn’t a ton of choice in terms of shapes and designs here.

best silicone suction cup dildos blush neo elite review

Blush’s Neo Elites are the most affordable dual-density silicone dildos in the game.

They come in plenty of shapes & sizes. Plus they all adorned in beautiful unique eye-popping colors you won’t usually see on dildos! 

best silicone suction cup dildos addiction review

Addiction might be the new kids on the block, but they offer some of the most unique affordable body-safe dildos you can get.

The designs here are highly inspired by independent toy makers whose toys tend to border on art. So it’s a great way to get cool and quirky dildos without spending the big bucks!

If you’re looking for a really small toy to get started, definitely check out their Tino dildo as well!

best silicone suction cup dildos fuze review

Fuze Makes aesthetically pleasing affordable dildos with beautiful and soft matte finishes.

There isn’t a ton of choice here in terms of suction dildos, but the available options all feel premium and super soft, though, like most cheap silicone dildos, they can be a bit rigid. Interestingly, their suction cups are made in a way that they can be stuck together to make your own double-ended dildos!

I’m also a big fan of the Fuze Star, which is the perfect beginner’s suction cup dildos for people starting out pegging, MTF transition, or women suffering from vaginismus!

best silicone suction cup dildos Blush's neo elite glow in the dark review

Neo Elite Glow in the Dark dildos are affordable dual-density, glow-in-the-dark dildos for all you raver kids at heart.

These dildos are not only great budget dual-density dildos like their non-glow-in-the-dark alternatives but they’re also quite unique. Plus, they’re super easy to find in the dark!

best silicone suction cup dildos naked addiction review

BMS’ Naked Addiction 6 inches & 8 inches is probably the most natural dual-density dildo you can get your hands on for such a low price.

It’s pretty close to the pricier options below, which is darn impressive. I only wish they came in more sizes and colors!

best silicone suction cup dildos blush's avant review

Blush’s Avants are beautiful, squishy, flexible, and matte dildos for those who aren’t into realistic designs.

When I first saw them at the New York Sex Museum, it was love at first sight, and my mind hasn’t changed since! Cheap, cute, and squishy suction cup dildos that are also body-safe? What more can you ask for?

best silicone suction cup dildos blush's avant ergo & sukka review

Blush Avant Ergos were really the first affordable dual-density toys on the market, paving the way for many more brands to follow closely behind.

They’re still amazing value for the money, plus being semi-realistic, they should appeal to folks looking for dual-density toys who aren’t that into folds and veins galore.

best silicone suction cup dildos Blush's Impressions Review

Blush’s impressions are the best vibrating silicone suction cup dildos, PERIOD. Regardless of the price!

It also helps that they’re almost the only dildos to fulfill that niche, but still, they vibrate like they’re at least twice their price and we love those rumbles! Blush is really king when it comes to surprising quality for the money, and these suction cup vibrators are definitely no different.

best silicone suction cup dildos addiction tom & ben review

Addiction Tom & Ben are the most affordable fantasy dragon dildos in the biz.

Yeah, it’s addiction again, but I felt these deserve their own mention as I know how popular fantasy dildos are getting and how expensive most of them are.

Of course, they’re not perfect. But at that price, you’d be crazy to think you can get a big silicone toy that is also completely flawless. Still, my only real critique here is that the silicone can be quite rigid.


High-End Silicone Suction Cup Dildos

best silicone suction cup dildos vixen creations visxkin review

Vixen Creations makes some of my favorite dildos ever; especially when it comes to their legendary, natural-feeling dual-density Vixskin dildos!

They pioneered dual-density dildos, after all, so you can see what the hype is all about. Still, even their non-dual density dildos are super squishy and beautiful ( more affordable too! ), so either way, you’ll get a great dildo! Their suction cup models are the Maverick, Mustang, Tex, Randy, Bent, Mistress, Ranger, Slim, & woody. All in all, these are definitely some of the best suction cup dildos you’ll ever own! best silicone suction cup dildos Naked addiction freak review

Naked Addiction Freak is a thrusting, twisting, and vibrating suction cup dildo.

This suction cup vibrator moves like it’s possessed, and once it’s inside you, you too will confuse any nearby exorcist. Now it doesn’t thrust as deep as the other thrusting dildos below ( 1.5 inches vs 2.5 & 3.5 respectively ) but the additional twisting motions, soft silicone, and low price sure make up for it! 

best silicone suction cup dildos velvet thruster teddy review

Velvet Thruster Teddy is the affordable version of VTs great handheld sex machines/thrusting dildos. 

They offer 2.5 inches of stroke length, vibrations, and great little suction cups. It also helps that they come in plenty of colors and shapes!

best silicone suction cup dildos velvet thruster prime review

Velvet Thruster Prime is the most advanced version of VTs handheld thrusting dildos, which comes with tons of customization options.

You can replace the “fun end” of this toy with any of the other shapes available. Effectively turning this thrusting dildo into multiple different toys. You can also attach all sorts of accessories to the base, including a very good suction cup and different types of handles!

Just keep in mind that the basic model doesn’t come with a dildo suction cup and you will need to buy that attachment separately. But once it’s on this is the best suction cup dildo for lazy play you’ll ever own! 

best body-safe vibrating suction cup dildo: Evolved novelties Ballistic dual stimulation review

Evolved’s Ballistic Dual Stimulation is probably the most powerful vibrating suction cup dildo ever made.

Hell, it’s about as powerful as a full-sized Wand!

The suction cup here only can handle vertical play as sticking on walls is quite difficult with such a hefty weight but this toy is still well worth your attention, especially if you’re looking for the best dildo for riding! Do you want the most powerful suction cup vibrator in the business? Search no more!

best silicone suction cup dildos Sinnovator Review

Sinnovator is a great alternative to the often controversial Bad Dragon.

Most of their toys are highly customizable and come with the option of adding a suction cup for a few extra dollars.

These are also often more affordable than Bad Dragon, but keep in mind that they ship from the U.K. so shipping might be more expensive for folks in America!

best silicone suction cup dildos squarepegtoys review

Squarepegtoys make gorgeous large realistic and abstract toys for all you size kings and queens out there.

They almost all come in beautiful metallic finishes and quite a few of their models come with suction cup options! So if you like them large and in charge, SPT is the brand to check out!  


Vac-U-Lock Suction Cups

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock

Even though it was somewhat abandoned by its inventor ( the sometimes controversial & pusher of non-body-safe sex toys: Doc Johnson ) Vac-U-Lock has become quite popular none-the-less due to its great versatility.

There are tons of very stable attachments made for the system like handles, strap-ons, and vibrators. They’ve become especially known for being the standard compatible dildos for sex machines as well. 

While a lot of the official Doc Johnson stuff sucks balls ( ie: they don’t sell ANY silicone/body-safe dildos for their Vac-U-Lock system anymore ), there are plenty of great suction cups & dildos out there since the system has been adopted and embraced by tons of companies that aren’t the official one.

Quick tip: Use water-based lube to make insertion and removal of the suction cups a tad easier.  

The Suction Cups

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock suction cup review

The official Vac-U-Lock suction cups from Doc Johnson are a bit hit-and-miss.

Being a bit too rigid, they’ll only work on very smooth surfaces and while they’ll work pretty well on Horizontal surfaces, don’t expect the same for walls and other vertical planes as the toys will tend to slide around before eventually coming off. So if you’re looking to build the best dildo for riding, I wouldn’t discount these completely. But if doggy is your thing, you might have to look elsewhere!

You can choose between their basic small suction cup that comes included with most kits or the larger model ( seen above ) that is supposed to work a bit better.

Just avoid their deluxe suction cup, since it’s a pretty flimsy and ineffective build. A real shame since, if done well, this could’ve been a great attachment.

best silicone suction cup dildos Blush Lock on suction cup review

If you want another cheap option, Blush now makes an OK third-party suction cup.

Though, as always, your success may vary since it always really depends on the surfaces you use as well as the weight of your toys.

Sadly, just like the official suction cups, they work much better on horizontal planes than vertical ones. A bit strange coming from Blush as they are known for making some pretty good budget dildos with effective suction cups.  

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock Mr-Hanky & Sinnovator suction cup review

If you want the best-performing suction cups, look no further than from the XL sex toy experts themselves: Mr. Hankey & Sinnovator.

Both are pretty phenomenal as they were designed to hold heavy XL dildos. But nothing stops you from using them on regular dildos as well! The real main difference between the two suction cups is the materials used & customization options. But either one of these will work in most situations and a bit of texture or verticality won’t render them completely useless like with the suction cups above.

So if you’re looking to build the best dildo for riding AND doggy-style action, there’s really no sacrifice to make here.

Mr.Hankey’s heavy-duty suction cup is made of silicone at the cup and aluminum at the stem and only comes in black. This is a perfect option for those who like a nice rugged look and a very durable build. If you need all the dildo suction you can get, they also make a truly HUGE cups as well if you’re into XL toys! Both can be found in Mr. Hankey’s accessory section. 

The Sinnovator suction cup on the other hand is completely made of silicone so it is very easy to sanitize. You can choose from a ton of gorgeous colors if you wish to match them with your toys as well. The only downside is that it ships from the U.K. So if you’re not European, you might have to pay a bit extra for shipping.

best silicone suction cup dildos Thrusting Velvet thruster universal mini review Vac-U-Lock suction cup

Velvet Thruster’s Universal Mini is the suction cup to beat all suction cups. Why? Well, it’s basically a mini sex machine as well!

While suction cups are great for hands-free play, it’s definitely better if you don’t have to pump yourself! Plus, it also vibrates, which is definitely a great little extra to have.

So if you like the idea of an affordable handheld sex machine with Vac-U Lock compatibility like on the full-size machines, this is it, folks!

It’s worth noting that this version of the Velvet thruster only offers 1.5 inches of thrust as opposed to 2.5 & 3.5 on their non-Vac-U-Lock models. I believe it is meant to give it enough strength to handle most dildos.

The Dildos

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock silicone dildos blush lock on & realm review

Blush Realm and Lock On are simply the best affordable silicone dildos in the Vac-U-Lock line.

Blush really filled the large gap Doc Johnson left when they stopped making silicone Vac-U-Lock toys with two very different toy lines!

Lock On is for all your basic realistic dildo needs while Realm is all about fantasy toys, so take your pick, my friend!

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock silicone dildos Mr. Hankey review

Mr. Hankey is a great option for all your XL & Fantasy dildo needs!

They do make smaller “normally sized” toys ( they call them X-Small! ) but these don’t come with Vac-U-Lock options, sadly!

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock silicone dildos squarepegtoys review

Squarepegtoys is another key contender for the best XL silicone toys.

Beautiful gorgeous metallic designs are on the menu here. Just keep in mind that they call their Vac-U-Lock holes SquarePegHoles!

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock silicone dildos Geeky Sex toys review

Geeky Sex Toys are probably my favorite affordable fantasy sex toys!

They don’t have a ton of Vac-U-Lock compatible toys, but each one of them is so unique and awesome I couldn’t skip them!

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock silicone dildos sinnovator review


Sinnovator is one of the best Bad Dragon alternatives out there.

They offer tons of customization options including Vac-U-Lock holes! Just keep in mind that they ship from the U.K. so orders from America might be subject to extra shipping fees.

best silicone suction cup dildos Vac-U-Lock silicone dildos Realcock 2 review

Realcock 2 are the most realistic dual-density silicone dildos in the business!

They are dual-density, come in multiple sizes and colors, and are hand-painted for extra realism. And let’s not forget about the floating balls!! But more importantly, each model comes with a handy Vac-U-Lock hole!


Bullet Vibe Hole Suction Cups

best silicone suction cup Bullet hole dildos

Plenty of dildos come with holes for bullet vibes, and though they are pretty common ( more so than silicone Vac-U-Lock dildos ) they are a touch less versatile than their Vac-U-Lock counterparts.

They are only good for the intended bullet vibes and like 2 suction cups. But still, being so common gives them the upper hand in terms of dildo choice!

Plus, if you really want to, with a bit of work, the dildos are still gonna fit on most Vac-U-Lock attachments.

Though I don’t guarantee they’ll live a long life as it stretches them out quite a bit. It also causes them to bulge a bit at the base as well. I haven’t broken a dildo this way yet but definitely do it at your own risk.

It’s also worth noting that the below dildos aren’t the only ones to come with bullet holes. These dildos are super common ( you might even own a few ), so the ones I mention in this article are just a few favorites of mine.

The Suction Cup

best silicone suction cup Bullet hole dildos tantus suction cup review

The Tantus Suction Cup is the OG & best suction cup for bullet vibe holes!

It’s an awesome innovation from one of the oldest and best brands that pioneered all-silicone sex toy designs. The cup itself sticks super well and is entirely made of silicone so it is super easy to sanitize and will last you a very long time. It’s a lot of dildo suction for such a small package, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


best silicone suction cup Bullet hole dildos fleshlight suction cup review

Fleshlight/Fleshjack also makes a removable suction cup for their range of silicone dildos.

It’s almost a near-identical copy of Tantus’ cup. I’m not entirely sure if it’s some kind of collaboration or complete rip-off, but it’s really your only other option here. I would still go with the OG in most cases, but if you can get it included with a Fleshlight Dildo, I wouldn’t avoid it either!

The Dildos

best silicone suction cup Bullet hole dildos tantus review

Tantus is not only the obvious choice here but also one of the best & most varied choices when it comes to silicone dildos!

There are really tons of options to pick from here and any of their suction cup/vibrating dildos will be compatible. I would also keep an eye out for the O2/dual-density dildos that are compatible with the suction cup as they are truly beautiful and awesome!

best silicone suction cup Bullet hole dildos fleshlight and fleshjack dildos review

Fleshlight and Fleshjack make tons of great realistic, squishy, and affordable replicas of various porn stars.

The only difference here is that Fleshlight sells replicas of hetero stars while Fleshjack is all about gay stars! These are also the most realistic colors you’ll find on dildos as they really try to replicate the complexion of the stars concerned here. 

Many of their dildos are sold with a suction cup included! So unless you already own an original Tantus cup, this is definitely a great deal. 

best silicone suction cup Bullet hole dildos Vixen Creations review

Vixen Creations makes a few really nice dildos with bullet holes.

Sadly, they don’t make any for their great Vixskin material except for a few VERY limited editions. But their basic silicone is so nice and squishy I won’t complain!


Double-Sided Suction Cups

best double-sided suction cup for dildos

What a life-saver these are! They are essentially able to convert almost any dildos without suction cups, bullet, or Vac-U-Lock holes into perfectly functional suction dildos! All you need is a dildo with a flat base, stick the double-sided cup to it and you’re ready to go.

Not only can they turn most standard dildos into suction dildos, but they can also be used to turn any of your two favorite dildos into a double-ended dildo! Since there isn’t a ton of choice when it comes to body-safe double-ended toys, this is huge! Plus, most orifices are pretty unique to the individual, so it allows you to perfectly customize your double-ended dils exactly to the liking of both parties concerned!

If you need dildo suggestions, look no further than our realistic, abstract & non-phallic, fantasy, & XL dildo guides for everything you need to know. And if you’re REALLY picky, we also have a pretty in-depth DIY dildo guide as well!

The Suction Cups

best double-sided suction cup for dildos New york toy collective double-sided suction cup review

NYTC Double-Sided Suction cup is probably the best affordable double-sided suction cup. 

It’s surprisingly OK considering how thin it is though they don’t sell multiple sizes, so you’ll need a dildo that has a bigger base than the cup for them to work.

best double-sided suction cup for dildos deep fantasies double-sided suction cup review

Deep Fantasies are another great affordable and powerful double-sided suction cup.

These are a touch more expensive than NYTC’s but, made of silicone, they’re more durable and also come in multiple sizes. These are a bit of a rip off of Lustart’s design, so keep that in mind if you’re torn on who to encourage!

best double-sided suction cup for dildos lustarts double-sided suction cup review

Lustarts Double-Sided Suction cup are probably the most beautiful option. 

They come in tons of sizes and gorgeous marbled colors and work extremely well as they were designed to handle large toys. Just expect long shipping times as they are hand-made and shipped by the person who makes them!

best double-sided suction cup for dildos sinnovator double-sided suction cup review

Sinnovator Double-Sided Suction cup is the most powerful Lustart equivalent for Europeans or folks who want to match their suction cup’s colors with their dildos.

They come in tons of colors & sizes, so it’s super easy to find a match for your dildo that’ll look like it was exactly made for it.

Of course, since they ship from the U.K. expect extra shipping fees if you’re ordering outside of Europe.