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Before the fun, a bit of history

The Hitachi Magic Wand was Originally made by Hitachi in 1968.
Intended to be used as a body massager, it didn’t take long until overworked women figured out it wasn’t only good for their sore backs.

It has since acquired a following for being an amazing, bone-rattling, clitoral stimulator.

Following this discovery, it was subsequently proven to turn women suffering from anorgasmia into puddles of their former selves with a 93% success rate.

In 2014, the rights to the popular vibrator were sold to Vibratex. 

This was to avoid having the company’s name attached to such a popular sex toy.
But being the Hitachi Magic Wand’s distributor since the year 2000, no one was better suited to take the mantle.

The wand was then re-branded as “The Magic Wand Original”, which is why you can’t find it under Hitachi’s name anymore.

And Vibratex didn’t stop at re-branding and keeping the factories going.

About a year later they came up with the HV-270 cordless rechargeable model.
A rechargeable equal to the original model, now featuring a more modern and body-safe silicone head better suited for sexual stimulation.

The Magic Wand Original & Rechargeable Comparison

Magic Wand Original

Magic Wand Original Vibrator

While the Magic Wand Original features only 2 extremely strong levels of vibrations and a short 6 ft long cable, both issues can be easily fixed.
All you need is a cheap dimmer extension cord giving you more reach and gradual adjustment of the vibrations.

Having all those cables might bother some but it is the most affordable way to go if you want more gradual strengths.
A much-needed hack since the starting power of the wand might be a bit too much when you’re just starting to warm up your engine.

Specs & Features

  • Plug-in
  • 2 incremental strengths
  • 6-foot long cord  (110v – 120v/60A)
  • 1.2 pounds
  • 1-year warranty


Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator

For twice the price, the rechargeable model is cordless, features 4 incremental vibrations along with 4 different rhythmical pulsations.

It is the perfect option for someone who can afford it and can’t stand the sight of cables.
And if you run out of battery, it can also be used while plugged in like the Original.
So you can keep the fun as long as you need.

Another nice addition is the Silicone head which is much softer to the touch and easier to clean compared to the rough head of the Original.

Dildo dealer pro tip: When plugged in, the rechargeable is even more powerful, with its max speed acting like a secret ultrapowerful 5th speed that even outdoes the original.


Specs & Features

  • Rechargeable
  • 4 incremental strengths
  • 4 vibration patterns
  • 6-foot long cord  (110v – 120v/60A)
  • Safety 20-minute shut-off which can be turned back on right away
  • 1.5 Pounds
  • 1-year warranty



Both models are as powerful and both are compatible with tons of extensions that can turn your wand into almost any type of sex toy.

Just remember that no matter which Magic Wand you choose, it should never be used in the bath or in the shower.
If it’s something you might want, keep on reading since we’ll tackle some worthy alternatives with some being entirely waterproof.

Also, anything else that doesn’t come from Vibratex or claims to be from Hitachi is most likely a knockoff.
And since the market is flooded with fakes, make sure to deal with a respected retailer and avoid buying from Amazon or Ebay at all cost since this is where most of the knock-offs are sold.

Sadly, for people with non-american plugs, the magic wands are only made with U.S. style prongs.

The magic wands will still work internationally with normal adapters just as long as the voltage is right. But you still need to order them from america to get your hands on it.


Magic Wand Original

Sadly, the Magic Wand isn’t made with a U.K. plug. The best alternative is the Doxy!



Magic Wand Rechargeable

Again, no chance for the Brits. I still have your back though and a good alternative would be Lelo’s Smart Wand!


How to use

While the Magic Wand can be used directly, using it over clothing or around erogenous zones instead of dead-on can be a better option to someone who is more sensitive.

The vibrations are deep and rumbly and they can easily be felt throughout the body so there’s no need for direct contact unless you really need it to get off.
So go gradually from your pubic bone to your taint to find the perfect spot for you.

And if you’re a man or a pre-op trans woman, nothing stops you from benefiting from the rumbles provided by this powerful wand either.
Anywhere from the gland to the taint can be quite pleasurable, no penetration or stroking needed!

You can also add a variety of attachments to the wand

like dildos, dual-vibrators, prostate stimulators and masturbators.  
This extends the functionality of the wand greatly.
If the add-on is somewhat of a tight fit, just add a bit of water-based lube on the head of the wand to help secure the attachment in place.

Now over time, your wand vibrator might become a bit heavy and uncomfortable to some.
This can easily be circumvented with the aid of Liberator’s toy holders.
But if you’re low on funds and have some bondage rope lying about, Artemisia FemmeCock has a great tutorial on how to secure the Magic Wand to a chair for hands-free play.

Liberator or rope, both are great ways to play with Magic Wand extensions as well. Effectively turning your magic wand into an affordable, portable Sybian ( minus the rotations)!


On Loss of sensitivity

Most people won’t get there since extended play with the magic wand is rarely needed to reach orgasm.
But it is true that, with extended use on a high setting, you might develop a tolerance to the vibrations and need more vigorous play to get off.

But, contrary to what a lot of people believe, the loss isn’t permanent.
If you stop using your toy from a few days to a month, sensitivity will completely return to normal.

So, if it’s the only reason you’ve been staying away from the wand… Well, restrain no more!


Best Attachments

Lutron Dimmer Extension

Lutron hitachi magic wand Dimmer

Like mentioned above, this is the most important add-on you should acquire along with your Magic Wand Original.

On top of getting rid of the two-speed limitation — with the lowest speed often being too strong for most  — this adds an extra 6 feet of reach to your toy, for a total of 12 feet overall.

And thanks to this little fella, you no longer have to briefly shut down the toy to change the vibration’s strength. A drop that can be quite frustrating when building up towards an orgasm.

Just set the Magic Wand Original on the second strength and adjust the power directly on the dimmer to get access to the full range.




Pop Top by Pleasure Works

magic wand pop top

The Pop Tops are another essential add-on if you decide to go with the Magic Wand Original.
It’s a medical-grade silicone cover that goes on top of the original head.
Which is a godsend considering that it is pretty much impossible to sanitize the Original PVC head.
Something that could be crucial, especially if you intend on sharing your wand with a partner.

Additionally, the rough texture found on the original head can become quite irritating if you enjoy rubbing on your toys.

So let’s just say it’s a little hard to live without them once they make their way into your life.

The Pop tops come in smooth fuchsia, nubby purple, and ribbed black.
For most people, the smooth version should probably be your go-to, but the textured models are a welcome addition.




Gee Whiz / Gee Whizzard by Vixen Creations

The perfect g-spot/Prostate attachment!

Made by one of our favorite independent companies: Vixen Creations, the makers of the beloved Vixskin line

It comes in two models, the Gee Whiz and the Gee Whizzard.
The first comes in blue with a 4-inch insertable length compared to the Whizzard which has 5 inches in length and a nice green bumpy body.

Both have similar girths and are made of high-quality marbled silicone.


The Rabbit by Bodywand

While designed to fit the Bodywand, it fits perfectly on the more powerful Magic wand.
As a matter of fact, it is truly only useful with the sheer strength of “the Hitachi”.

With a design reminiscent of Lelo’s ever-popular Ina 2 coupled with a soft silicone body, this extension draws inspiration from the best.
So it is great for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

It offers about 4 inches of insertable length and 4.5 inches in circumference at the largest point.
Sadly, while this should be fine for most, it still may be too large to some.

Additionally, it is good to remember that dual vibrators have a bit of a bad reputation.
This is because, considering how everyone is built differently, it’s almost impossible to build a toy that’ll fit most anatomies.


Flutter by Wand Essentials

The Flutter is perfect if you’re looking for a different type of external stimulation than the one originally offered by the Magic Wand.

This attachment has an innovative web made of quality silicone that is going to “flutter” with the vibrations providing you with a whole new way to enjoy your wand.

You can simply glide the webbed part over any sensitive bits that are at your disposal.
Or if you’d prefer a deeper sensation, you could insert the top nub vaginally and rest the other nub over your clit and just let it go to town.

While we wouldn’t back their claims that it mimics oral sex in any way, it is still well worth the try.
Especially if your not that into large surfaces for clitoral stimulation.


Vibra Cup Head Stimulator

VIbra Cup magic wand attachment

While it is not impossible to achieve orgasm just by pressing the head of the Magic Wand against the underside of your penis, this is not what male bits would naturally crave.

We just want to be inside things, dammit!
And this simple add-on allows you to enjoy the Magic Wand’s power in the form of a masturbator.

Now there are other add-ons around with open-ended designs, but these won’t stimulate the head (i.e. the most sensitive part of the dick) as this model will.
Of course, closed designs makes clean-up a bit more involved, but it’s well worth it.

Just be sure to use a good lube since masturbators don’t really work without it.

And to clean it, rinse it out and use anti-bacterial toy cleaner all over, let stand for 3 to 5 minutes, rinse again and put aside to dry before storing.

Sadly, this is the only attachment on this list that isn’t made of silicone.
While we know that masturbators made of silicone are very rare and rarely any good, I don’t think it would be impossible to make something good.
So being porous and impossible to fully sanitize, you might have to replace this sleeve after a while.

Otherwise, we’re happy to say that, while there’s not much on the market for men in the wand attachment business, men can still use their wands for something else than their sore backs.


Kink Vac-U-Lock Adaptor

magic wand attachment

Vac-U-Lock is Doc Johnson’s attempt at making an attachment system for Dildos.

Every toy comes equipped with a hole in their base and the attachments are made to plug into that said hole.
The shape of the plug causes a vacuum once inserted and should be very stable during use.

This is why we’d like to give a shoutout to the Vac-U-Lock wand adaptor.
Since Vac-U-Lock systems offer a snug fit, you won’t have to worry about vibrations not traveling throughout your toys. Which is a common issue with a lot of Wand attachments. 

Another big plus is that this collaboration between Doc Johnson and Kink is entirely made of silicone.
Meaning that it’s completely sanitizable and will last you a long time!

Read our handy Vac-U-Lock guide to find the perfect dildos that’ll fit onto this adaptor.




Wanda & Axis by Liberator

Axis & Wanda for hitachi magic wand

The main issue people have with their Magic Wands is the weight and the difficulty to maneuver it during intercourse.
It becomes a real problem especially for extended sessions or simply if you’d rather use your arms for something else.

Well, Liberator, a company known for their pillows built for sexual intercourse, has the perfect solution.

The Wanda & Axis are made specifically for the Magic Wand Original or Rechargeable but will also work with other similarly sized wands as well.

All models are very easily washed and their covers are removable and machine washable, just so you can get as messy as you want!

Just keep in mind that these sex pillows don’t necessarily come in cheap, but they sure are worth it if you really can’t get enough of your wand.


Best Magic Wand Alternatives

Mystic Wand Original By Vibratex

Mystic Wand magic wand alternative

Made by the makers of the Magic Wand, the Mystic Wand is a great alternative for those of us who are a little put off by the sheer size of most wands.
A welcome addition since full-size wands can become quite hard to integrate during sex or for folks with issues with their articulations.

And even if it isn’t a concern to you, just the fact that it’s easy to travel with makes it a worthy alternative to anyone who doesn’t like being tethered to their home for too long.

Dirt-Cheap, battery-powered and surprisingly powerful, there’s a ton to love about this classic toy.
Battery operated toys usually aren’t the most powerful or the rumbliest.
Well, the Mystic wand disagrees and you better show some respect!

While we usually prefer rechargeable or mains powered toys, there are some clear advantages to batteries. 
For one, if you run out of juice, no need to wait until the toy is charged.
And just like rechargeable toys, you won’t be limited by the length of the cords.

The Mystic Wand comes in black and pink and has 6 different modes: 3 gradual constant vibrations and 3 patterns.
We also love that it comes with a silicone head, a feature that was quite rare back when this toy originally came out.

While there’s a rechargeable model, it doesn’t quite meet the sheer power of this compact wand vibrator.
And the more depleted the charge is the weaker it gets, so you’re better off sticking with the original if you like power.




Palm Power by BMS

Palm power magic wand alternative

At half the size of the Magic Wand and a fraction of the weight, the Palm power still comes close to the sheer power of the former Hitachi.

The vibrations are also very gradual in their climb no matter which model you go with.
And while noisy, the Palm Power is still much more silent in comparison.
Being smaller, it is also easier to use it during sex or along with other toys.

So with all things considered, the Palm Power is definitely a worthy portable alternative to the Magic Wand.

The Palm Power, just like the Magic Wand, also comes in two different models:

The classic model features an 8.5 feet long cable, giving you more reach than the Original magic wand.

The Recharge model comes with a USB cable for recharging the unit and comes in a darker grey.

And to soften the blow on of not being compatible with the Magic Wand’s many attachments, it has its own range of accessories.
All interchangeable tips are also made of medical grade silicone, including the default cap.
So let’s just say that they are extremely easy to sanitize.
Just remove the caps and boil them for 10 minutes and you’re done.

And while this sounds great in theory, in practice it’s a bit of a different story.
First of all, since the caps don’t cover the whole head, it’s not uncommon to have the ridge come in contact with you during play. 

Something that can be a little irritating as well as complicating the cleanup process.
This is especially true for those of us who enjoy using the side of their wands during masturbation. 

Also, the original model doesn’t come with U.K. plugs, but the recharge will work perfectly.

Lastly, the larger attachments have a tendency of coming off the wand during play since the fit of the attachments is a little iffy.

But apart from that, the Palm Power is an amazing portable wand vibrator that is well worth considering.


Doxy Die Cast

Doxy Die Cast

A few years back, the Doxy was only available across Europe.
But even then, claims of it being a worthy Magic Wand replacement still managed to make their way to me.
So needless to say, I’ve been dying to get my hands on it for a while.

So when we were sent the original Doxy and Doxy Die Cast to compare them with the Magic Wand as alternatives for this article, we were pretty excited.

While there’s not much of a difference in terms of strength between the Doxy models and the Magic Wands, the Doxy does have its own advantages.

A big plus is the gradual increments of the vibrations and the pulsating option triggered when you hold the ON button for a few seconds.
This makes these corded models act a bit more like the Magic Wand Rechargeable in terms of functions.

Still, I’m a long time owner of the “Hitachi” and, by comparing it with the original Doxy, I didn’t really feel like it could replace it since it looked and felt cheaper than both the Magic Wands.

On the other hand, the Die Cast model is a beautiful and sturdy massager and a worthy replacement. 
The biggest selling point for me is the Silicone head found on this model ( but absent from the original ).
It’s very soft and can be fully sanitized if needed.
But just like the rechargeable Magic Wand, it can’t be removed, so you’ll have to rely on a 10% bleach water solution wash followed by a rinse as a means of sanitization.

The extensions for the Magic Wand are perfectly compatible with the Doxy as well.

One downside, other than the steeper price, is that if you live in a cool place, the metal body of the Doxy does get rather cold in the winter.

After a year or so of using it for massages and sex, we’ve also had the silicone layer come off the head and had to reglue it in place.
It seems like it’s a common issue with the Doxy, but it might’ve been corrected since. 
In any case, it’s quite easy to fix.

If you still want to keep things as cheap as possible, we still wouldn’t go with the Original Doxy.
This is because, with a few cheap add-ons (Dimmer extension, Pop top Silicone head), the Magic Wand Original can become almost as great as the Die Cast model…It just won’t be as pretty!

And while we wouldn’t say the same about the Original Doxy, the Doxy Die Cast sure is a worthy Magic Wand Alternative.


Doxy 3

Doxy 3 Magic Wand Alternative

Following the general success of the Doxy, it was hard to guess in which direction they would go next.

Instead of going the obvious rechargeable route like most of the competition, they gave us the Doxy 3, which is essentially a miniature Doxy Die Cast.

And as you may imagine, given all the praise we had about the Die Cast, there’s a lot to be excited about!

Thanks to its smaller size, the Doxy 3 is much lighter and easier to handle than the Doxy Die Cast.
Of course, it comes at the sacrifice of power, but this small wand still delivers enough rumbles to get almost anyone going. 

And being so compact also makes the Doxy 3 feel even sturdier than it’s already tank-like big brother.
It’s also quite a bit more silent than the previous models.

Still, being a mains powered wand, the Doxy 3 features a 9 ft cable that should give you all the reach you may need. Given that you have an outlet close to where you prefer getting off. 

And while the Doxy 3 isn’t compatible with Magic Wand Attachments, the removable silicone head can be replaced by an already impressive amount of attachments.
It was already compatible with Palm Power’s Attachments on launch and just recently, Nexus came out with its own range of Doxy 3 attachments.

Speaking of the Palm Power attachments, these actually fit way better on the Doxy 3 than they did on the intended model, where they had a tendency of coming off the second things got a little intense.

And while the newer Nexus attachments all seem interesting, the rabbit and prostate caps are made in a way that would almost be impossible to use on their own.
This is because insertable attachments work much better when they are positioned to the side of the head instead of the top.

So the only way to actually enjoy these would probably be with the Liberator toy holders or with someone else operating the wand altogether.


Smart Wand (Large) by Lelo

Large Smart Wand Magic Wand Alternative

Another great option that is compatible with the Magic Wand’s accessories is Lelo’s Large Smart Wand.

With a body almost completely covered with soft medical grade silicone, it is easy to clean and feels just great to rub on.

It is also rechargeable with a 2-hour battery life on a 2-hour charge and while it might not reach the strength of the “Hitachi” it doesn’t necessarily have too.

The Smart Wand’s vibrations are of lower frequency/more rumbly compared to the Magic Wand’s vibrations.
So this means that you feel them deeper and more efficiently than the buzzier, sometimes even numbing vibrations of the Magic Wands.

It features 8 different vibration patterns that can each be adjusted in intensity. It also has a “Touch mode” that activates and increase in intensity the harder you press the wand against your skin.
A feature that might be fine for real massages but might feel more like a gimmick if used only as a sex toy.

It also comes with Lelo’s excellent 10-year warranty with the first year completely covered.
And the next following years, if the toy fails, you’ll get 50% off your next Lelo toy.

But most importantly, it is one of the rare wand vibrators out there to be a 100% waterproof.
So if you’re all about jilling off in the shower or the bath, this might very well be your new favorite toy!

Let’s just say that if you’re looking for a High-end rechargeable wand that is extension compatible, it honestly doesn’t really get much better than this!





O-Wand Magic Wand Alternative

At first, I was a little put off by all the claims the O-Wand was making, pretty much painting themselves as the next best thing since sliced bread.
But hey, companies do what they can to sell units, right?

And while I don’t think it is the strongest and best wand ever made as advertised, I still believe that it is a worthy alternative that can compete with some of the best wands today.

But to put those claims to rest, here’s how we found it compared to its direct competition:

We found that the O-Wand was a tad less powerful than the Rechargeable Magic Wand, but it is a bit more rumbly as well.
And while it might be a bit more powerful than the Large Smart Wand, it is still a little less rumbly than Lelo’s effort.

So if the Magic Wand rechargeable is all about power and the Smart Wand all about them rumbles, the O-Wand would find itself somewhere in the middle. 

Still, you have to consider that the Magic Wand Rechargeable is considerably cheaper than the more expensive O-Wand, which is now sold at the same price as the Smart Wand.
The O-Wand also used to be much more expensive than Lelo’s take, hence why we originally omitted it from this list since we just couldn’t justify the price tag.

Just like the Smart Wand, the O-Wand is waterproof and almost entirely covered in silicone.
Two features that come together, making clean up way easier than with most wands.
And considering how rare waterproof wands are, this is a welcomed addition.

But unlike the competition, it isn’t compatible with Magic Wand’s attachments.
To make up for it, O-Wand does have its own limited but decent range of attachments for men and women.

What really stood out for us with the O-Wand is the ingenious handle.
A type of handle that was only seen on a few insertable toys in the past. And just like with these toys, it truly makes handling the O-Wand a joy.

Our only real complaint, apart from their claims, is that the stronger the vibrations got, the buzzier they became.

But this is true with most wands, so we might just have to put our dreams of extremely powerful rumbles to rest.