The Best Rabbit Vibrator Models That’ll Actually Fit Your Anatomy

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First of all, let me preface this article with a bit of a disclaimer: Most Rabbit toys SUCK.

I know this is a bit of a strange way to start a piece about the best rabbit vibrators, but you guys expect honesty from me and I would hate not to deliver. So if I was going to do a rabbit vibrator review roundup as I usually do it with other toys I would have a really hard time populating it with real hits.

But what did you expect? Rabbits initially gained popularity thanks to the hit TV show Sex and the City… a show created by Darren Star, an openly gay man.

Now repeat after me folks: Getting your sex toy advice from men who have absolutely no interest in vaginas is never a great idea!

To add insult to injury: that Rabbit toy featured on the show was definitely not body-safe.

I don’t want to throw Darren completely under the bus, he did normalize sex toy usage amongst women after all. In my opinion, that’s always a good thing, no matter how misleading his stamp of approval initially was.

So thank you Darren, but still, screw you a little bit for making my job a little harder!

Why is a Rabbit sex toy so bad in practice?

It wouldn’t be fair to shit all over an entire sub-category of sex toys without giving you a bit of an explanation.

If you’ve ever been pulled into using rabbit vibrators only to be left wondering how to actually enjoy said toy, know that you’re not broken or alone. These toys are just generally flawed by design.

Heck, just read any honest rabbit vibrator reviews and you’ll be bound to read something along the lines of “Not for me” somewhere in the conclusion. And if did work for that reviewer, chances are it’ll only work for them or people built exactly like them.

So without further ado, here are the 2 major issues these overrated toys present:


The biggest problem with dual vibes is that there’s not a single vulva-vagina combo that works exactly the same.

Some have clitorises 1 inch away from their vaginal opening, others have them 2 inches away. Some vaginas are shallow while others are deep and G-spot positions vary wildly from one person to another.

Expecting a single rabbit vibrator to cover about half of the human population’s needs is absolutely ludicrous, especially when all vulvas & vaginas are all essentially unique little snowflakes!

Of course, you could just keep buying dual-vibrators until you find one that fits, but considering the price of most of the decent options out there, you’d most likely go bankrupt before you found the perfect match!


Let’s say you found said perfect match. 

Well, I sure hope you don’t like thrusting or rocking your toys as you play! You see, because of the fixed nature of these toys, while actually using rabbit vibrators, there’s absolutely no way the clit vibe will stay on your clitoris as you rock or thrust.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize how frustrating this can be. Most climaxes come from a nice and steady incremental stimulations. So having your vibrations interrupted every time you’re looking for a bit of motion is definitely counterproductive!

The Silver Lining

But I wouldn’t be Jim the Dildo Dealer if I didn’t have solutions for you.

The concept of a sex toy that stimulates all your sensitive bits at the same time is still a good one after all, and I’m happy to say that there are still a few exceptions to the all-rabbits-suck rule!

Plus, once we run out of exceptions, Rabbit toy DIY alternatives are also plenty. Where there’s sex there’s space to get creative, after all. So we’ll definitely do some of that in this article as well. 

So get ready to have all your fronts covered & read on!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here is our top 6 list of best rabbit vibrators & dual-vibe alternatives, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different!



The best rabbit vibrator with a more “traditional” build

We-Vibe’s Nova 2


A different take on the rabbit vibe concept

Womanizer’s Duo 2

Happy Rabbit Thrusting Review best Rabbit Vibrator alternatives


Best thrusting rabbit vibrators

Happy Rabbit / Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit


The best of both worlds 

Chorus / Sync O + dildo combo


The Perfect Rabbit Vibe DIY alternative

Multiple entries

Sinnovator Deep Sensations Review Best rabbit vibrator alternative & attachment for wands


Best Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment

Sinnovator’s Deep Sensations


The Best “Traditional” Rabbit Vibrator

We-Vibe’s Nova 2

rabbit vibrators reviews: We-vibe Nova 2

The original Nova was the only dual-vibrator to actually address both the anatomy & thrusting issues mentioned above.

Years later, with the release of the Nova 2, it is still the only truly amazing option available for those looking for a “traditional” silicone Rabbit vibrator.

Why is it better than the rest?

What makes the Nova so special is its clitoral arm that bends and conforms with your body as you move.

Not only does it help with fitting with different anatomies, but the clit vibe will also bend and stay on you at all times as you thrust and rock.

Thanks to this innovative feature, you no longer have to deal with interrupted clitoral stimulation every time you make your way up and down the rabbit dildo end.

With a fully adjustable shaft, the updated Nova 2 goes even further in making itself accommodating for most body types.

You can now intensify the curve and turn the Nova into one of the best rabbit vibrators for g-spot stimulation or you can completely flatten it out if you prefer a straighter toy.

The spine that allows the Nova’s rabbit dildo end to bend is not a flimsy one either, so you won’t have to worry about it unraveling as you play. Something that is quite common with most adjustable dildos.

Other Features

As if that wasn’t enough, this rechargeable rabbit vibrator is also packed with features.

You get to choose between 10 different functions with each mode sporting 10 different intensity levels. Being a We-Vibe product, the vibrations are definitely rumbly as well, so it won’t disappoint the power queens in the room. 

You can also turn off the vibrations of any arm of your choice, so you can really customize your experience to your liking here.

This beautiful piece of kinky engineering is also 100% waterproof/submersible so it’s super easy to clean and will make any bath, shower, or jacuzzi a treat.

Sadly, there isn’t much color choices here, but if you were looking for than classic pink rabbit vibrator look, this definitely fits the bill!

And that’s without counting all the extra features that come with the We-Connect App!

Like most We-Vibe products, the Nova 2 can be controlled by your phone or someone else’s from any distance.

Here you can also customize vibrations, sync them to the sound of music, or use the touch mode to control the vibrations with your motions. 

If you do decide to give the reigns to a partner, there are also chat & video call options directly inside the app so you can communicate while still having access to the controls.

Differences between We-Vibe’s Nova 1 & 2

Original We-Vibe Nova 1

If you’re not sure whether or not you should upgrade, know that before the second iteration came out, I still considered the Nova 1 to be one of the best sex toys ever made and it’s definitely still a solid option.

But there are still some pretty major improvements here, so here’s a little list to help you decide:

  • Nova 2’s shaft is posable as opposed to Nova 1’s fixed curve.
  • The Nova 2’s silicone is much squishier compared to the rigid rabbit dildo end of the original.
  • The clit arm is much more flexible, so there’s less pressure on the clitoris as it bends.
  • Vibrations are a bit more powerful and extra rumbly, but it’s not a huge difference.
  • Buttons have better placement so there are fewer accidental presses.
  • Nova 2’s design is now seamless, so it’s even easier to clean.
If you’re dead set on getting a little more traditional, the Nova is probably the best rabbit vibrator ever made.

It’s adjustable, powerful, the clit arm bends and stays on you as you thrust or rock, and it’s just filled with tons of extra features thanks to its We-Connect App.

Just as long as you’re not looking for a really thick toy, you will probably love We-Vibe’s Nova.

Fits most anatomies
Clit Vibrator bends and stays on you at all times
Shaft is entirely adjustable
Powerful & Rumbly
100% waterproof
Can be a touch slim for those who prefer thicker toys
Comes in only one color


A Different Take on Dual-Vibrators

Womanizer Duo 2

rabbit vibrators reviews: Womanizer Duo

Now here’s a new take on Rabbit vibrators that sucks in a good way! And even some of the biggest rabbit skeptics agree with me on this one.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of Womanizer’s rise to glory thanks to their innovative suction/pulsion toys known to dish out climaxes in record time. This new concept has been imitated by countless companies since, which is really a testament to their new take on clitoral stimulation. 

Now that they’ve released their spin on dual-stimulation, you better brace yourself for another flood of sub-par imitations because this is a good one!

Why is it better than the rest?

It’s a dual-stim toy with Womanizer’s groundbreaking pleasure air technology instead of a traditional clit vibe.

I know I might be sounding like a broken record here, but this is definitely a cause for celebration!

If you don’t know about the hype, go read all the testimony online. Lots of clitoris-owners find this to be even superior to traditional vibes when it comes to achieving quick and intense orgasms.

The mix of suction and rhythmical air pulses seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Plus, it’s also a perfect option for folks who don’t really enjoy clitoral vibrations in the first place!

The flexible rabbit dildo end can accommodate a multitude of anatomies.

If they didn’t make the G-spotting end as flexible as it is, there would be no way this toy would’ve made its way on this list. If your clitoris is anywhere between 1 to 2.5 inches away from your vaginal opening, you should have no trouble enjoying this toy.

All you really have to do is insert the toy, adjust the mouth of the Duo until it completely covers your clitoris and you’re good to go!

Of course, once you’re all set up you can’t really thrust with the Duo as it would break the seal on the clitoris. Also since the shaft is so flexible, it’s also not meant to apply extra pressure on the g-spot, which is a common way to get off.

The Duo is more for lazy masturbation and letting the suction and deep internal rumbles do their work. So if you’re looking for a suction toy option that allows for thrusting and rocking, you’ll probably prefer the last entry on this list! 

Other features

As if the suction & pulsions and the deep rumbly internal vibrations weren’t enough, the Duo is also a rechargeable rabbit vibrator that is 100% waterproof/submersible.

This also makes clean-up a breeze even though it is a touch more involved than with the Nova 2 since there are two parts to deal with here.

Smart silence technology is perfect for those who need to have stealthy wanks.

If you live with people who tend to barge in unexpectedly, this feature is for you.

Basically, if you throw the toy aside, the toy will automatically shut off & will only resume once you get back into contact with it.

The feature is definitely a bit of a gimmick, but I’m sure it’ll save a few embarrassments nonetheless! And again, it’s entirely optional, so turn it off if you don’t like it.

Pro tip: I would turn the Smart Silence feature on only once you are properly positioned as it can be a little annoying if it triggers on and off as you try to get things aligned.


The suction/pulsions coupled with the deep internal vibrations make the Duo one of the best toys for lazy and quick masturbation.

Of course, Womanizer’s take on Rabbit vibrators wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for its flexible shaft that allows for different anatomies. It’s still worth noting that, because of this flexibility, those who enjoy vigorous g-spot pressure might be left a little hungry.

So if you would want to be able to thrust or rock as you play, you will probably prefer the Rave ( similar motor & shape ) & Womanizer / Melt combo mentioned below in the last entry.

Perfect for lazy masturbation
Uses Pleasure Air technology instead of vibrations
Shaft is flexible for a better fit
Powerful & Rumbly
100% waterproof
Not really suited for thrusting/rocking
A bit louder than other suction toys
A little bulky


Best Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators

Lovehoney’s Thrusting Happy Rabbit / Greedy Girl

Happy Rabbit / greedy girl Thrusting rabbit vibrators reviews

I have a bit of a confession to make: I don’t always love Lovehoney’s self-branded toys. But the good news is that their thrusting rabbit vibes are definitely the exceptions to that rule.

The obvious plus here is that thrusting dual-toys solve the big issue of loosing contact with the clitoris while thrusting and rocking!

But what makes the Happy Rabbit ( the pink rabbit vibrator ) / Greedy girl ( the black alternative ) better than other thrusting rabbit vibrators?

For one, the price is highly competitive, even amongst non-rabbit thrusting toys. So if you’re looking for cheap rabbit vibrators, these might be the ones for you!

The “gland” is also quite pronounced which is conducive for some good ol’ G-spot stimulation.

But more importantly, the clit vibe is probably the most powerful you’ll find on thrusting rabbit vibrators.

It’s not Tango strong ( Tabooless’s standard for badass clitoral vibrations ) but it’s also no slouch either. Like most cheaper decent vibes, the vibrations are quite rumbly on the lower strengths and get a touch buzzier as you raise the intensity.

Of course, this is still a rabbit vibe, so there will be some caveats.

Like any traditional rabbit sex toy, where the “ears” land will really depend on your anatomy, but thanks to their wideness, it does give your clit more of a chance than some other toys.

This toy also came out at a time when toy companies were going ham on the number of functions offered. And while that sounds like a plus, it’s really not all that great as you will need to cycle through 12 functions with a single button.

So if you skip your favorite mode, it’s not exactly seamless to get right back where you want to be. Plus, if you aren’t a fan of rhythmic vibrations ( like most folks ), you’ll probably hate that most of the extra functions are just that.

Lastly, the thrust length on this thrusting rabbit vibrator is only 3/4 of an inch and while it is competitive for a thrusting rabbit toy, compared to other thrusting toys that start at 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches on most handheld devices, it is a bit limited.

Still, the thrusting speeds offered are still pretty good and once all that thrusting is coupled with pretty decent vibes, you tend to forget about it!

Why is it better than the rest?

The main appeal of this toy is that the ears don’t leave your body as the rabbit dildo end thrusts independently from the clitoral vibe/”rabbit ears”.

This effectively fixes one of the two major issues found on almost any rabbit sex toy.  So while I originally thought these were just a gimmick to make bad toys more appealing, it actually works quite nicely!


Self-thrusting means you won’t lose contact with the clitoris as soon as you want some internal motions. This feature alone fixes pretty much half of the issues found on most traditional rechargeable Rabbit vibrators!

So if you’re looking for an affordable option that should work with most anatomies, this is the Dual Stimulation toy for you.

Perfect for lazy masturbation
Thrusting rabbit dildo end means you get to stay in contact with the clit vibe
100% waterproof
Thrust Lenght is a bit limited
Too many useless functions and not enough buttons


The Best of Both Worlds

We-Vibe’s Chorus & Sync O + Dildo

Rabbit toy diy alternatives

This is where we start getting a little more creative with some kick-ass Rabbit toy DIY alternatives!

If you’re looking for a one-handed dual-stimulation solution, you will probably love this option as it is truly versatile and customizable.

Plus, since the We-Vibe Chorus & Sync O were originally made to be a wireless/couples’ toys, the amount of value per dollar you will get out of this combo is really tremendous. You’ll be able to use your Chorus/Sync O with a partner, during solo play, and even when out and about. So even if one of these options doesn’t work for you, I’m sure at least one will!

We-Vibe Chorus & Sync O review and comparison

Picking between the Chorus & Sync O is just a matter of preference.

These two toys are nearly identical except for some key features:

  • The insertable end on the Chorus is more pinpoint and slightly more powerful, while the one on the Sync O leaves an opening for more direct contact with the G-spot and less popping out during particularly intense play.
  • The controller on the Sync O is pretty standard while the one on the chorus can be squeezed to intensify vibrations, which is a pretty natural and organic way to play.
  • The battery life is slightly longer on the Sync O, so if you like your extra-long sessions, or want to recharge as little as possible, this one has a slight edge ( over 2 hours vs 1h30 max ).
  • The price is a touch cheaper on the Sync O.

You probably already noticed that the insertable ends are completely different.

What this means in practice is that the Chorus has more pinpoint and slightly more powerful vibrations.

On the other hand, the Sync O offers a more stable fit ( less risk of popping out! ) and allows for more skin contact with the g-spot while simultaneously providing vibrations.

So it’s all a matter of what you’re looking for more pinpoint vibrations and power or a more intimate and stable fit!

The controllers come with all their standard functions, but the Chorus does get the win thanks to some pretty exciting bonus features.

You can squeeze the Chorus remote to intensify the vibrations. This is a really natural way of operating the toy since a lot of folks already naturally squeeze anything in their reach when nearing climax.

Additionally, the controller essentially acts as a relay for the Bluetooth signal. The Ankorlink technology ( as they call it ) allows your controller to receive the signals sent from the App and transfer it to the toy itself, allowing for more seamless play and fewer connection issues!

Lastly, the Sync O is slightly cheaper with a longer battery life ( 1h30 vs over 2 hours! )

Why is it better than the rest?

You will never lose contact with your clitoris, no matter how vigorously you thrust.

The Chorus & Sync O clamps onto your pubic bone, steadily hugging both your G-spot and clitoris at all times. So this completely fixes one of the major issues known to plague even the best Rabbit vibrators.

The external and internal vibes are no slouch either. They’re essentially wearable We-Vibe Tangos, so you can expect some pretty impressive rumbles out of this tiny toy!

This also means that you won’t need to invest in a vibrating dildo to bundle with your Chorus/Sync O as the internal vibrations are plenty already. So any standard non-vibrating dildos will do!

Just like the Nova 2, it is entirely adjustable, so it’ll fit most anatomies.

Just like the Nova 2, the Chorus & Sync O comes with 2 points of adjustment that you can bend to conform to your anatomy.

This ensures that the Chorus stays in place at all times. Thanks to this feature, you can also really tailor your preferences on clitoral and G-spot pressure to your liking. 

You get to choose the size and shape of the internal part… or you can just use a partner instead!

Understandably, when it comes to penetration, everyone has a preference. Size, rigidity, shape, and looks all play a big role in finding the perfect dildo. Something you rarely get to choose when shopping for a dual-vibe.

Even the likes of the near-perfect Nova 2 has left quite a few size-queens unimpressed. You really can’t please everyone with just one toy. And this is where this option really shines.

Let’s say you’re looking for a truly large rabbit vibrator. Well, with the right dildo, you can now just make your own! On the other hand, if you tend to find penetration a bit uncomfortable and you were in store for a mini rabbit vibrator instead, you could even ditch the dildos altogether!

Of course, another big advantage of the Chorus is that you can essentially turn your partner into a Rabbit dildo as well. So as long as they have a dick or a strap-on handy, you should be good to go!

If you need help finding your perfect rabbit dildo end, we’ve got plenty of in-depth lists to help you out:


Other Features

Being a We-Vibe product, the extra features included in this toy are almost identical to the ones found in the Nova 2.

It is rechargeable and waterproof, it has tons of customizable functions, and it offers app support as well ( music sync, remote control, long-distance relationship features, etc ).

Since they were built with public play in mind, the Chorus & Sync O is also virtually silent. So if you were looking for a truly quiet Rabbit vibrator, this might be your best choice.

If you’re all about thrusting, this is the best and most versatile one-handed option on this list!

The vibrations will never leave your G-spot or clitoris as you play & the adjustable body of the Chorus & Sync O will always conform to your anatomy. And that’s without counting all the extra features that come with the App.

Plus, since you get to choose the internal part yourself, you’re not limited to any shape or size on this one. Heck, you can even use your partner if you’re so inclined ( That’s what it was originally designed for after all )!

Always in contact with your clitoris and G-spot
Allows you to thrust to your heart's content
Entirely adjustable
Still one-handed even though you're using two toys
Let's you decide exactly which internal part you want
Can be used with a partner instead
Powerful & Rumbly
100% waterproof
You have to use two toys


The Tried & True Rabbit Alternative

Internal + External Vibes

rabbit toy diy alternatives

Before We-Vibe perfected their flagship couples toy and before the Nova was out, this option was what I always suggested to those looking for the best Rabbit vibrators.

Even with these recent releases, this is still a solid option for almost anyone who has picky bits!

With this combo, you can essentially build the Rabbit of your dreams, with any feature you want, no matter how exotic. 

Why is it better than the rest?

This method basically fixes any of the issues that come with traditional Rabbit vibrators. 

As long as you pick toys that are right for you, this method will definitely fit your anatomy. Plus, you can thrust & rock all you want since both parts are completely independent of each other! 

The only real downside here is that this is the only option on this list that will require you to use both of your hands. But the control it gives you over your experience is beyond what any of the previous toys have to offer!

External Vibes

We-Vibe’s Tango is one of the most suggested and beloved clit vibrators. It’s a no-frills, rumbly, and powerful vibe that should please both beginners and power queens equally.

So as long as you enjoy pinpoint stimulation, the Tango is never a bad choice!

The Melt & Womanizers are the best suction/pulsion toys you can get your hands on today. And it’s no coincidence as We-Vibe and Womanizer are sister companies.

Just as long as you go with Womanizer’s Classic, Premium, Liberty, or We-Vibe’s Melt ( If you want extra suction ), you’re bound to have a blast.

This choice is particularly interesting if you liked the idea of the Duo mentioned above but would still like to be able to thrust or rock your toys as you play!

The Magic Wand ( CA ) might be a bit cumbersome, but it definitely makes up for it in raw power. So if you’re the type of person who always needs more, this is really your best bet!

It also helps that the former “Hitachi” ( now sold by Vibratex ) comes in 3 different models that should fit almost every budget. So you really don’t need to be rich to be a power queen! 

Definitely check out the links below for some smaller or more ( or less ) powerful options though!

For more ideas:

Internal Vibes

The Pillow Talk Sassy is your perfect standard ( and surprisingly affordable ) G-spot vibrator.

There are no fancy extra features here, just a pleasurable classic shape along with soft silicone and a powerful rumbly motor. 

If you’re trying to build your own cheap Rabbit vibrator or if you simply prefer a traditionally shaped G-spot toy, you really can’t go wrong here!

We-Vibe’s Rave is a favorite at Tabooless for a reason, For one, it’s rumbly as hell. Its asymmetrical design welcomes standard penetrative & rocking motions as well as twisting!

The Rave also comes with We-Vibe’s We-Connect App, just like the Nova & the Chorus. So if you liked the idea of a remote-controlled Rabbit vibrator but felt limited in your choices, this is definitely a great option.

Its powerful rumbly motor is also very similar to what you’ll find in the Nova & Duo. So it’s similar power, just with more freedom of motion!

The Velvet Thrusters are some of the best thrusting dildos available today & definitely a must-have for anyone who enjoys a nice and lazy masturbation session. And since most thrusting rabbit vibrators are complete trash, this is definitely a golden opportunity to show these Rabbit manufacturers how it’s done!

Couple these mini fuck machines with a suction/pulsion toy, and you’ll really get a feel for what the future of masturbation holds! Now we just have to wait for a thrusting Duo…

For more ideas:

Internal Toys Honorable Mentions

best rabbit vibrator alternatives

The G Squeeze Vaginal plug can be used for thrusting, but it’s really made for squeezing on while you tend to other activities ( like taking care of your clitoris with the above-mentioned vibes! ). 

So you can probably see how this ultra-squishy, tailor-made for the female anatomy pussy plug can come in handy as it essentially renders this 2 toy combo much more manageable since you only need to hold one toy! Of course, it doesn’t vibrate like the other internal vibes mentioned earlier, but it’s so unique and effective that it had to be mentioned.

Lovense’s Lush 3 is another great option if you want to free up your hands but still want vibrations! These vibrations are also powerful and rumbly and can be controlled with the help of an app, so you don’t even need to touch the toy.

Like the G Squeeze above, thrusting with this toy is also possible but you’ll have to pull and push on the antenna to make it happen, which doesn’t give you as much control as a handle or base would. So it is better suited for leaving in and enjoying the vibrations on your G-spot.

If you’re a picky masturbator and you really want to customize your experience, this is definitely the best option for you.

You really get to build the dual vibrator of your dreams here, so go crazy and mix all your favorite features! You’re only limited by your imagination here.

The only real downside is that it’s the only choice on this list that’ll require you to use both of your hands ( unless you go with the G Squeeze or Lush 3, of course). But it’s also the only option that’ll give you that much control over your sessions. So it’s a pretty balanced-out caveat in my opinion!

The most customizable option
2 toys means you have way more control over your experience
Allows you to thrust/rock to your heart's content
It's the only option on this list that requires both hands


There are a lot of toys represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



The Best Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment

Sinnovator’s Deep Sensations

Sinnovator Deep Sensations Review Best rabbit vibrator alternative & attachment for wands

This one is for the folks out there who own a Wand with a universal head like the classic Magic Wands, Doxys & We-Vibe’s wands to name a few.

While I’ve seen this type of attachment before, it’s never really been done justice. A real shame because this shape is quite ingenious when you think about it as it is also quite a universal fit compared to other dual stimulation toys/Rabbit vibrators.

Just insert the bulbous end vaginally while the head of the wand rests on your clitoris for some intense dual stimulation!

Plus, if you’re significant other is a prostate owner, it’ll work for them as well! It’s pretty much the same concept but replace the clit with the perineum.

Also, being from Sinnovator, expect the silicone to be great, and they just offer TONS of customization options here as well.

Want a nice plain color of your choice? Cool! Prefer a marbled work of art where you decide the two colors that make up the marbling? No problem! I’ve rarely seen companies giving their customers this much freedom of choice, and I’m quite the fan!

The only downside here is that these can be a bit too girthy for some ( 2 inches diameter at its widest ) so plenty of foreplay and lube is on the menu here. But if you were struggling to find the perfect large rabbit vibrator, this might be the perfect toy for you! This Rabbit attachment is also made in the UK, so plan on spending more cash on shipping if you’re outside of Europe!

Why is it better than the rest?

Flexibility and large surface areas mean it’ll work on most anatomies, as long as you can take the filling size comfortably.

Of course, the sheer power of your wands will also mean this is probably the most powerful Rabbit vibrator alternative you can find!


If you’re a Wand owner and don’t mind a filling toy, this is a great Rabbit alternative that’ll fit most anatomies.

Plus, being powered by a Wand means you’ll get to enjoy some of the most intense vibrations any dual toy can provide.

Highly Customizable
Fit most people
Super powerful vibrations when coupled with wand
Easy to clean
A bit large for some