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Before the fun, a bit of history

The Hitachi Magic Wand massager was Originally made in 1968.

Intended to be used as a body massager, it didn’t take long until overworked women figured out it wasn’t only good for their sore backs! It has since acquired a following for being an amazing, bone-rattling, clitoral stimulator. It subsequently became the wand vibrator best known for starting the wand revolution!

Following this discovery, it was subsequently proven to even turn women suffering from anorgasmia into puddles of their former selves with a 93% success rate! So if you were wondering what is a Hitachi massager used for and why they’re so popular, there you have it: Clit owners gotta have their orgasms no matter what!

In 2014, the rights to the popular vibrator were sold to Vibratex. 

This was to avoid having the company’s name attached to such a popular sex toy. Vibratex, being the Hitachi Wand massager’s distributor since the year 2000, couldn’t have been better suited to take the mantle.

The classic wand was then re-branded as “The Magic Wand Original”, which is why you can’t find the wand vibrator best known as the Hitachi anymore. So no, it’s not gone, just rebranded!

Vibratex didn’t stop at re-branding and keeping the factories going either.

About a year later they came up with the HV-270 cordless rechargeable model. A modernized take on the Original Hitachi Magic Wand, now featuring a body-safe silicone head better suited for sex along with some additional modern features.

Finally, in 2019 they released the Magic Wand Plus ( HV-265 ), a beautiful middle ground between the classic model and the rechargeable. The Plus retains the modern additions found on the HV-270 model, while still being an affordable mains-powered alternative.


How to Use a Wand Vibrator

If you’re a recent proud owner of a Hitachi vibrator or one of its alternatives, learning how to use them for maximum impact is probably the next thing on your mind! By the way, these Magic Wand tips extend to most other wands powerful enough to join the ranks of this article! 

While vibrating wands can be used directly, using them over clothing or around erogenous zones instead of dead-on can be a better option for someone who is more sensitive. So there’s really no need for direct contact unless you really need it to get off. Going gradually from over your pubic bone to your taint is a great way of finding your sweet spot!

By the way, this method applies to both men and women, cisgender or not!

Either way, the vibrations are deep and rumbly enough that they can easily be felt throughout the body. A feature that makes those toys some of the best vibrators for squirting in the business. Of course, powerful internal G-spot vibrators might be better suited for the job, but if you wish to keep things external, these are definitely fit for the job.

You can also add a variety of wand attachments to these toys like dildos, dual-vibrators, prostate stimulators, and masturbators.  

This extends the functionality of the wand greatly. If the add-on is somewhat of a tight fit, just add a bit of water-based lube on the head of the wand to help secure the attachment in place.

Over extended periods, your massager might become heavy and uncomfortable to use.

This can easily be circumvented with the aid of Liberator’s toy holders or simply by using a smaller wand.

But if you’re low on funds and have some bondage rope lying about, Artemisia FemmeCock has a great tutorial on how to secure your wand to a chair for hands-free play.

Liberator or rope, both are great ways to play with Magic Wand extensions as well. Effectively turning your Magic Wand into an affordable and portable Sybian ( minus the rotations, of course )!


Will wand vibrators desensitize my clitoris?

Most people won’t get there since extended play with wands is rarely needed to reach orgasm. But it is true that, with overuse, on a high setting, you might develop a tolerance to the vibrations and need more vigorous play to get off.

But contrary to popular belief, the loss isn’t permanent.

If you stop using your toy for a few days to a month, sensations will completely return to normal. So, if it’s the only reason you’ve been holding back… Well, restrain no more, my friend, and read on to learn about the best wand vibrators in the business!



Most affordable Hitachi Massager

Magic Wand Original


Rechargeable & feature-packed Hitachi Magic Wand

Magic Wand Rechargeable


Best mains-powered & modernized take on the Original Hitachi Vibrator

Magic Wand Plus


Most affordable powerful small wand

Mystic Wand Original


Best wand vibrator for those looking for a powerful small toy

Palm Power


Rumbliest rechargeable mid-sized wand with app control

Lovense Domi


Most comfortable, powerful, & rechargeable wand sex toy

Palm Power Extreme


Best Magic Wand Alternative ( MW attachment compatible )

Doxy Die Cast


Best wand vibrator for deep rumbles & waterproof action ( MW attachment compatible )

We-Vibe Wand


Most luxurious rechargeable & waterproof wand ( MW attachment compatible )

Lelo Large Smart Wand 2


Magic Wand Original, Plus, & Rechargeable Comparison

Magic Wand Original

Hitachi Magic Wand Original Vibrator review

While the Original Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator features only 2 extremely strong levels of vibrations and a short 6 ft long cable, both issues can be easily fixed.

All you need is a cheap dimmer extension cord to upgrade this plug-in vibrator. This fix should give you more reach along with allowing you to make more gradual adjustments to the vibrations. 

Having all those cables to wrestle with mid-wank might bother some people but it is still the most affordable way to go if you want more speeds to play with. It is definitely a great hack for OG Magic Wand vibrator owners since the starting power of the Hitachi wand massager might be a bit too much to handle when you’re just starting to warm up your engine.

Just keep in mind that this hack might hurt the durability of your toy. But hey! You always have the Vibratex Magic Wand Warranty if your toy doesn’t make it through the year!

Another thing that is unique to the original is the lack of a silicone head. Something that can make cleanup a bit more of a chore on top of making it unsharable between partners. Thankfully, this can be remedied as well with something like the Pop-Top attachments or Vixen’s replacement head.

So while the OG model is a bit dated feature-wise, it is still the best Magic Wand massager for the price. Plus, with a few small investments, it can still compete with the higher-end models even if your funds are low!

How to clean Magic Wand Original

Cleaning the head of the original Hitachi wand vibrators is probably the worst part of owning this iteration ( especially if you don’t opt for the Magic Wand head cover mentioned above ). 

Still, if you can’t quite afford a Magic Wand replacement head just yet, there are some alternatives. You could use a condom to cover the head while in use, which could be especially helpful if you plan on sharing this classic wand sex toy. Large condoms will work best but don’t worry, you’d be surprised how far standard condoms can stretch!

But what if you only play solo and need to clean that textured head? Mild soap and water should do the trick! Just make sure the cable is disconnected while cleaning up and that your Hitachi Magic Wand is fully dry before plugging back. 

Lastly, if you struggle with getting into the cracks, a soft bristle toothbrush is a must for your toy cleaning kit! 

Specs & Features

  • Plug-in
  • 2 incremental strengths
  • 6-foot long cord  (110v – 120v/60A)
  • 1-year warranty


Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator review

For twice the price, this cordless Magic Wand is rechargeable, and features 4 incremental vibrations along with 4 different rhythmic pulsations.

This is the perfect option for someone who can afford it and/or just can’t stand the sight of cables.

If you run out of battery, it can also be used while plugged in like the original Hitachi Magic Wand so you can keep the fun going as long as you need. Plus, when plugged in, the rechargeable is even more powerful, with its max speed acting like a secret 5th speed that outdoes even the original.

Just for the extra vibration strength, in my book, the rechargeable always wins the Magic Wand Rechargeable VS Orginal debate! And internal competition aside, this is definitely a contender for the best cordless wand massager.

But to me, the best update is the Silicone head, which is much softer to the touch and much easier to clean  & sanitize than it was with the rough head of the Original Hitachi wand vibrator. 

Specs & Features

  • Rechargeable / Wireless
  • Silicone head
  • 4 incremental strengths
  • 4 vibration patterns
  • 6-foot long cord  (110v – 120v/60A)
  • Safety 20-minute shut-off which can be turned back on right away
  • 1-year warranty


Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand Plus review

The Magic Wand Plus is Essentially a non-rechargeable Magic Wand Rechargeable, minus the vibration patterns ( which aren’t really popular anyway ) and big price tag!

Otherwise, everything else is there: more vibration strengths, a sanitizable and body-safe silicone head, and an updated design.

While it needs to be plugged in to work just like the OG, you can still remove the cable for easy storage. It’ll also prevent you from damaging your cable by bending it in unnatural ways. And if you do damage it, you can just easily get a replacement from most shops that sell the Plus.

As if this wasn’t enough, the Magic Wand Plus is also a touch stronger than both previous Hitachi vibration wands! So your bits are definitely going to thank you as this is probably the best plug-in vibrator in the business.

Specs & Features

  • Plug-in
  • Silicone head
  • 4 incremental strengths
  • 6-foot long detachable cord  (110v – 120v/60A)
  • 1-year warranty



All models are compatible with tons of extensions that can turn your wand into almost any other type of sex toy.

So if you ever wanted an *insert name of the toy you like most* with mind-boggling vibrations, this is probably the best way to go!

Anything else that doesn’t come from Vibratex or claims to be from Hitachi is most likely a knockoff.

Since the market is flooded with fakes, make sure to deal with a respected retailer and avoid buying from Amazon or Ebay at all costs since this is where most of the knock-offs are sold. So if you’re wondering where to buy an authentic Hitachi Magic Wand massager, look at the links under each entry to find out about some of our favorite trustworthy retailers!

Sadly, for people with non-American plugs, the Hitachi wand massagers are only made with U.S.-style prongs.

Most Magic Wand vibrators will still work internationally with normal adapters just as long as the voltage is right. But you still need to order them from America to get your hands on them!

Is the Magic Wand Waterproof?

No matter which model you choose, it should never be used in the bath or in the shower. If it’s something important to you, I suggest you keep on reading since we’ll tackle some worthy alternatives with some being entirely waterproof.


Magic Wand Original

Sadly, this Magic Wand Vibrator isn’t made with U.K. and Australian plugs. Your best alternative is the Doxy!



Magic Wand Rechargeable

Again, no chance for the Brits & Aussies. A good alternative would definitely be Lelo’s Smart Wand!



Magic Wand Plus

Same song and dance, no U.K. & Australian plugs. So your closest alternative is once again the Doxy!


Best “Hitachi” Magic Wand Alternatives

Mystic Wand Original By Vibratex

vibratex Mystic Wand review hitachi magic wand alternative

Made by the makers of the Magic Wand vibrators, the Mystic Wand is a great alternative for those of us who are a little put off by the sheer size of most toys of this type.

A welcome addition since full-size wand massagers can be quite hard to integrate during sex or plain impossible to use for folks with issues with their articulations.

Even if it isn’t a concern to you, just the fact that it’s easy to travel with makes it a worthy alternative for anyone who doesn’t like being tethered to their home for too long.

Dirt-Cheap, battery-powered, and surprisingly powerful, there’s really a ton to love about this classic toy.

Battery-operated toys usually aren’t really powerful. Well, the Mystic wand disagrees and you better show some respect!

While I usually tend to gravitate towards rechargeable or mains-powered toys, there are some clear advantages to batteries as well. 

For one, if you run out of juice, there’s no need to wait while the toy charges.  And just like rechargeable toys, you won’t be limited by the length of the cords.

The Mystic Wand comes in black and pink and has 6 different modes: 3 gradual constant vibrations and 3 patterns.

We also love that it comes with a silicone head, a feature that was quite rare back when this toy originally came out.

While there’s a rechargeable model, it doesn’t quite live up to the sheer power of this compact wand vibrator. So you’re better off sticking with the original if you like power.




Palmpower by BMS

Palmpower review magic wand alternative

At half the size of a Magic Wand vibrator and a fraction of the weight, the Palm power still comes close to the rumbles of the former Hitachi vibration wands.

The vibrations are also very gradual in their climb no matter which model you go with and while noisy, the Palm Power is still much more silent than the MWs. Plus, being smaller, it is also much easier to use during sex or along with other toys.

With all things considered, the Palm Power is definitely a worthy portable alternative to the Magic Wand.

The Palm Power comes in two different models:

The Classic model features an 8.5 feet long cable, giving you more reach than most corded models including the Hitachi massagers.

The Recharge model comes with a USB charging cable and has a darker grey body.

Though it isn’t compatible with the Magic Wand’s many attachments, the Palm Power has its own range of accessories.

All interchangeable tips are made of medical-grade silicone, including the default cap. So let’s just say that they are extremely easy to sanitize.

Just remove the caps and boil them for 10 minutes and you’re done.

wand attachments

While this sounds great in theory, in practice it’s a bit of a different story.

First of all, since the caps don’t cover the whole head, it’s not uncommon to have the ridge come in contact with you during play. Something that can be a little irritating, complicating the cleanup process as well.

Also, the original model doesn’t come with U.K. plugs, but the recharge will still work perfectly since it is USB powered.

Lastly, the larger attachments have a tendency of coming off the wand massager during play since the fit is a little iffy.

But apart from that, the Palm Power is an amazing portable wand vibrator that is well worth considering.


Lovense Domi 2

Lovense Domi 2 review hitachi magic wand alternative

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Or do you want a powerful rechargeable rumbly wand small enough to include during sex? Maybe you’re a sex cam performer looking for the perfect toy to interact with your audience? If you said yes to any of these questions, this wand sex toy might be for you!

Lovense is known for two things: Powerful rumbles & great App control.

And the Domi 2 definitely lives up to those expectations. Maybe even a bit too much at times since without the App, the Domi 2  wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is.

This is because the preset vibrations are really far apart, going from “Shit, Ok!” to “Holy fuck!!” to “What’s my name again?” at the push of a button. It really is like a small Magic Wand original without the app. Hell, this is truly what the Mini Magic Wand should’ve been, but Lovense’s ferocious competition definitely beat them to the punch! 

Thankfully, the lack of gradual speeds can easily be remedied with the help of their amazing app, which allows you to customize your speed settings to your exact liking. So if you needed a speed between “Shit, Ok!” And “Holy Fuck!!” you can easily configure it there.

Speaking of the App…

Not only can you customize your vibrations to your exact specifications, but you can also let any partner take control over your toy from any distance.

This coupled with their in-app Zoom/Facetime clone means that you and your partner can stare at each other’s eyes as you play. Bringing long-distance relationships as close as humanly possible. Hot!

The Lovense App & Bluetooth is also much more reliable than the We-Connect app found in We-Vibe’s toys, which is a huge plus.

Additionally, the App allows you to sync your toy to the sound of music as well!




Palmpower Extreme

Palmpower extreme review hitachi magic wand alternative

The Palm Power Extreme’s two main selling points are its power ( get it? Palm Power? Power in the palm of your hand? ) and form factor.

Let’s start with said form factor as it is truly revolutionary!

First of all, this thing is probably the smallest full-size wand… if that makes any sense.

It sort of hangs between mid-size wands and the classic large wands and just this alone makes it so much more usable. It also has a great seamless silicone head this time around. And with the seams being the biggest downside of the other Palm Power wands, I’m quite happy this has been sorted out.

But the real show-stealer here is the angled head!

Not only does it make it easier & more comfortable to use your on yourself when playing solo. It’s also much easier to fit between yourself and your partner during sex. A true godsend since smaller toys or toy holders are almost mandatory for partnered wand sex toy play.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Are you a fan of BDSM and forced orgasms?  The angled head means you can just tie a belt around your sub’s waist and the head will naturally angle around their pubic bone. Oh, you’re not a BDSM fan? Well, you can just shove it in your pants if you’re feeling extra lazy! Or maybe you’re one of the many folks who enjoy masturbating on their belly? Just lay on top of this sucker and go crazy!

But what about all this power I keep hearing about?

The Palm Power Extreme is just as powerful ( if not a touch more! ) than the Hitachis. Something that is pretty surprising considering how much smaller it is compared to the Hitachi vibrators.

So if you’re looking for a small vibrating massager and were disappointed with the Mini Magic Wand, this might be the best alternative!

It is also rechargeable / completely cordless, making this toy one of the biggest competitors of the Magic Wand Rechargeable… Especially since it is quite a bit cheaper than the Vibtratex/Hitachi alternative!

Another big plus is the Incremental speed controls where holding a button gradually increases the intensity of the vibrations to your exact preference! You still get 7 generous preset functions as well. But the range of vibrations is much wider when using the incremental function as it starts even lower than the first preset function!

The only real downside here is that the Palm Power Extreme doesn’t work with Magic Wand’s attachments.

But that’s pretty much the extent of the cons here, so if you don’t need them, this toy is pretty damn hard to beat.





Doxy Die Cast

Doxy Die Cast review hitachi magic wand alternative

A few years back, the Doxy was only available in European markets. At that point, it was essentially the official Europe Magic Wand vibrator since the OG wasn’t available with European plugs.  But even then, claims of it being a worthy Magic Wand alternative still managed to make their way to me.

So needless to say that when I was sent the original Doxy and Doxy Die Cast when they entered the American market to compare them with my current collection, I was pretty excited.

While there’s not much of a difference in terms of strength between the Doxy models and the Magic Wands, the Doxy does have its own advantages.

A big plus is the gradual increments of the vibrations and rhythms when the ON button is held down for a few seconds. This makes this mains-powered model act a bit more like the Magic Wand Rechargeable in terms of functions.

Still, I’m a long-time owner of the original Hitachi massager, and by comparing it to the original Doxy, I didn’t really feel like it could replace it since it looked and felt cheaper than the Magic Wands.

On the other hand, the Die Cast model is a beautiful and sturdy massager and definitely a worthy replacement. 

The biggest selling point for me is the Silicone head found on this model. It’s very soft, black ( luxurious! ), and can be fully sanitized if needed.

But just like the rechargeable Magic Wand & the Plus, it can’t be removed, so you’ll have to rely on a 10% bleach water solution wash followed by a rinse as a means of sanitization.

One downside, other than the steeper price, is that if you live in a cool place, the metal body of the Doxy Die Cast does get rather cold in the winter ( Canadian living in a 100-year-old apartment here ).

After a year or so of using it for massages and sex, we’ve also had the silicone layer come off the head and had to reglue it in place. It seems like it’s a common issue with the Doxy Die Cast, but it should’ve been corrected since. In any case, it’s quite easy to fix with a bit of crazy glue.

With the Doxy Die Cast being their premium model, if you do want to keep things as cheap as possible, I still wouldn’t go with the Original plastic Doxy.

This is because, with a few cheap add-ons (Dimmer extension, Pop top Silicone head), the original Hitachi Magic Wand can become almost as great as the Die-Cast model…It just won’t be as pretty.

Still, if you’re looking for the best plug-in vibrator in the business, this is as luxurious and performant as they get!

The extensions for the Magic Wand are also compatible with the Doxy as well!


We-Vibe’s Wand

Wand By We-Vibe review Silicone Rechargeable Waterproof wand hitachi magic wand alternative

It’s no secret that I love wands. And you know what else I dig? We-Vibe. 

So when I heard from fellow writer Zack Zoetic that they just released a personal massager conveniently named the “Wand”, I just had to get my hands on one to check it out. 

Makers of ultra-rumbly and compact toys like the legendary Tango & Rave, I couldn’t wait to see what they’d achieve with a larger form factor. And boy they sure didn’t disappoint! 

We-Vibe’s Wand is rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and an overall rumbly-as-hell vibrator. It might also be the best Magic Wand Rechargeable alternative you can get!

While its max setting might not reach the pure raw power of a corded Magic Wand or Doxy ( still close! ), the sheer rumbles coming out of this wand vibrator sure makes up for it.

Instead of the shocking and almost numbing buzzier vibrations of the Magic Wand, its vibrations go deeper, stimulating the entire internal clitoral structure in the process. While orgasms from the Magic Wand massagers often feel rushed and literally yanked out of you, the rumbles offered by the “Wand” are gentler and richer during the build-up with explosive results nonetheless! 

I’m also a huge fan of its silicone body and angled ergonomic handle. 

And for bath lovers like me, this is the Magic Wand Rechargeable “waterproof edition” we always wanted but never got! If not the best waterproof wand massager, period!

While the Wand itself is amazing, the extra features are a bit of a mixed bag.

We-Vibe’s App (We-Connect) is back and, when it works, it’s great. While we wouldn’t use it to control the toy outright, if you’re in a long-distance relationship and would like to let your partner trigger your toy while you sit on it, it’s definitely a fun time!  Not exactly a necessary feature but it’s there if you need it!

The two included attachments are alright but they definitely aren’t for everyone. The flutter attachment is meant to tickle clitorises while the stroker is aimed at penis owners. For example, personally, my dick doesn’t really quite understand vibrations. I’ve even found the stroker to work better with clits as the protruding nubs reverberate like there’s no tomorrow, offering a more bullet-like alternative to the head of the wand. 

Wand attachments

Lastly, the Smart Silence function is We-Vibe’s attempt at saving you from getting caught mid-spank. You see, if you let go of this wand vibrator, it automatically turns off. So technically, if someone barges in on you, you can just chuck the wand away without worrying about reaching the off button in time.

The problem is that is you enjoy sitting /laying down on your toys or even holding them between your legs, the toy will shut off as well. Thankfully, if you hold the function button you can switch this mode off and get off however the hell you want!

Caveats aside, could this be the best wand massager on the market at the moment? I sure think so! But if not, it’s definitely in the top 3.


Smart Wand (Large) 1 & 2 by Lelo

Lelo Large Smart Wand 1 VS Smart Wand 2 review hitachi magic wand alternatives

Lelo’s Large Smart Wand 2 is a great luxurious option that is compatible with the Magic Wand’s accessories.

With a body almost completely covered with soft medical-grade silicone, it is easy to clean and feels just as great to rub on. It is also rechargeable with a 4-hour battery life on a 2-hour charge. 

While it might not reach the strength of a Hitachi vibrator, it doesn’t necessarily have to.

The Smart Wand’s vibrations are of a lower frequency/more rumbly compared to the Magic Wand’s vibrations.

So this means that you feel them deeper and more efficiently than the buzzier, sometimes even numbing vibrations of the Magic Wands. Though the vibrations are of similar quality to We-Vibe’s wand, they aren’t as strong. So this toy might be better suited for more sensitive folks!

The Smart Wand also features 10 different vibration patterns that can each be adjusted in intensity.

But most importantly, it is one of the rare wand vibrators to be both rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

So if you’re all about getting off in the shower or the bath, this might very well be your new best friend!

Let’s just say that if you’re looking for a High-end rechargeable wand massager that is extension compatible, it honestly doesn’t really get any better than this!

Lelo’s Original Large Smart Wand VS Smart Wand 2 comparison

Large Smart Wand Magic Wand Alternative

If you already own the OG Smart Wand, I don’t think it’s necessary to upgrade as the improvements are mostly minor ( both have the same motor and build ). But it is still worth considering if you’re a new buyer as it is much easier to find.

Here’s the rundown of the improvements if you can get your hands on the original model and you’re wondering if you’d rather get the second version:

  • The handle is now Gold instead of silver ( Probably the most important upgrade if you’ fancy! )
  • The Large SW 2 has a Longer-Lasting charge with the OG holding 2 hours of charge vs the 2’s 4-hour charge.
  • The Large SW 2 has 2 more patterns for a total of 10
  • Sense Touch Technology has been removed, which isn’t a big loss as it was mostly a gimmick
  • The Large SW 2 is about 12 grams lighter