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While Wand vibrators were previously intended to help folks with their poor abused muscles, it didn’t take long before a very smart woman decided to go pants spelunking with one in hand… and the world of masturbation has never been the same since!

With Magic Wand being now the gold standard, they have accumulated a nice roaster of third-party wand massager attachments and accessories.

So much so that many other brands of wand vibrators made sure to make their wands compatible with other Magic Wand accessories!

Therefore, this article features the best Magic Wand attachments that are compatible with both the “Hitachi” Wands and other third-party compatible wands!

Wands compatible with Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments

Not all wands will work with Magic Wand head Attachments. Heck, most small and medium-sized wands won’t work at all. But there are still some pretty amazing ( and may I say… sometimes even better ) wands that will work perfectly with them! 

These are some of the best compatible wands: 

Other wands that will work as well:

  • Kink Power Wand
  • Original Doxy
  • Le Wand
  • Wand Essentials Rechargeable
  • Sinclair Institute Select

Read our guide on the best Magic Wand vibrators & their alternatives for more information! 


Best Magic Wand Replacement Heads


Best Original Magic Wand head cover replacements and grinders

Le Wand Silicone Covers


Best Hitachi Magic Wand accessories for G-Spots & Prostates

Gee Whiz & Whizzard 


Magic Wand attachment head for self-propelled clitoral stimulation

Wand Essentials’ Flutter

Sinnovator Euphoric Sensations Review Best universal / hitachi magic wand attachment


High-end & customizable Flutter alternative

Sinnovator’s Euphoric Sensations


Best wand stroker attachment for men

Vibra Cup Head Stimulator

Sinnovator Deep Sensations Review Best universal / hitachi magic wand attachment


Best dual stimulation Hitachi Wand attachment

Sinnovator’s Deep Sensations

Best realistic silicone dildo magic wand attachment vixen creations wanderer review


Best realistic dildo attachment 

Vixen Creation’s Wanderer

Pris Toys Scylla Review Best universal / hitachi magic wand attachment


Awesome rabbit attachment for fantasy toy lovers 

Pris Toys’ Scylla

hitachi magic wand Dimmer


Original Magic Wand accessory for more speeds

Dimmer Extension


Affordable pillow harness for hands-free play

Passion Pillow Universal Wand Harness


Greatest Wand Vibrator holders

Wanda & Axis

Best forced orgasm wand harness Aslan review


Best forced orgasm belt for wand vibrators

Aslan Forced Orgasm Harness


The Best Magic Wand Attachments

Le Wand Silicone Covers

Best Magic Wand Replacement Heads

These are an essential add-on if you decide to go with the Magic Wand Original OR if you wish to play with multiple partners.

They are medical-grade silicone Magic Wand head covers that go on top of your original wand’s head. This is a godsend for Magic Wand Original owners considering that it is pretty much impossible to sanitize the OG’s PVC head. Something that could be crucial, especially if you intend on sharing your wand with a partner. 

Additionally, the rough texture found on the original head can become quite irritating if you enjoy rubbing on your toys.

So let’s just say it’s a little hard to live without these Magic wand attachment head covers once they make their way into your life.

These come as a set with both nubby and ribbed textures… for her pleasure.

It would’ve been nice to have a smooth version as well, but these Magic Wand silicone cover options are still a welcome addition for texture lovers.




Gee Whiz / Gee Whizzard by Vixen Creations

Behold, the perfect G-spot/Prostate attachment!

Made by one of our favorite independent companies & makers of the beloved Vixskin line, these are definitely not to be skipped. 

The “Gee” comes in two models: the Gee Whiz and the Gee Whizzard.

The Whiz comes in blue with 4-inches of insertable length compared to the Whizzard which offers 5 inches in length and a nice green bumpy body. Additionally, the Whizzard has a nice texture on its opposite end for clitoral stimulation & allowing it to function as a dual partner toy as well! 

Both have similar girths and are made out of beautifully marbled medical-grade silicone.

Plus, having a prostate-friendly toy that works with the Hitachis is a godsend since Magic Wand accessories for menare essentially non-existent!

UPDATE: There’s now a glittery purple version of the Whizzard called the Galaxy and it’s gorgeous!




Flutter by Wand Essentials

The Flutter is perfect if you’re looking for a different type of external stimulation than the one originally offered by your wand vibrator.

This Hitachi attachment head has an innovative web made of silicone that is going to “flutter” with the vibrations, providing you with a whole new way of enjoying your wand.

You can simply glide the webbed part over any of your sensitive bits. Or if you’d prefer a deeper sensation, you can also insert the top nub vaginally and rest the other nub over your clit and just let it go to town.

While I wouldn’t back their claims of it mimicking oral sex in any way, it is still well worth the buy. Especially if you’re not that into large surfaces for clitoral stimulation and/or you prefer motion over vibrations.


Sinnovator’s Euphoric Sensations

Sinnovator Euphoric Sensations Review Best universal / hitachi magic wand attachment

I know this might look quite familiar, but I felt it deserved a mention as it is essentially a premium version of one of our favorite Hitachi Magic Wand attachments by Wand Essentials.

It’s the same concept as the Flutter, but with better silicone and TONS of customization options.

They not only have a ton of color choices, but you can also choose to mix your favorite colors into a marbled mix and more! 

Just keep in mind that these ship from the U.K. so expect extra shipping costs if you’re outside of Europe.




Vibra Cup Head Stimulator

VIbra Cup magic wand attachment

While it is not impossible to achieve orgasm by pressing the head of the Magic Wand against the underside of your penis, it is not what male bits would normally crave. We just want to be inside things, dammit!

I know that Magic Wand male accessories are quite rare, but this lone add-on definitely makes up for it! 

This simple attachment allows penis owners to fully indulge in the Magic Wand’s power.

There are other add-ons around with open-ended designs, but these won’t stimulate the head ( FYI: the most sensitive part of the dick) as this model will. Of course, closed designs make clean-up a bit more involved, but it’s well worth it.

Just be sure to use a good lube since masturbators don’t really work without it.

Sadly, this is the only Hitachi attachment on this list that isn’t made of silicone.

While we know that masturbators made out of silicone are a very rare breed ( and rarely any good ), I still don’t think it would be impossible to make something decent. But I can dream, can I?

So being porous and impossible to fully sanitize, you might have to replace this sleeve after a while.

Otherwise, I’m happy to say that, while there’s not much on the market for men in the wand department, men can still use their wands for something else than their sore backs.

If you do want to make cleaning up a touch easier and you don’t mind sacrificing some head stimulation, you might prefer their ” Hummingbird ” version instead.


Sinnovator’s Deep Sensations

Sinnovator Deep Sensations Review Best universal / hitachi magic wand attachment

I’ve seen this type of attachment before, but there’s always something wrong with it. Either the silicone sucks, the fit doesn’t work, or the vibrations don’t carry through the density of the silicone.

It’s A real shame because this shape is quite ingenious when you think about it.

For G-spot owners, just insert the bulbous end vaginally while the head of the wand rests on your clitoris for some intense dual stimulation.

For prostate owners, it’s pretty much the same but replaces the clit with the perineum and you’re cooking with fire!

Sinnovator finally makes this shape worth the try as the silicone is great, the vibrations travel quite well and they offer TONS of color customization options here ( including my favorite: Marbled colors! ).

The only downsides here is that these can be a bit too girthy for some ( 2 inches diameter at its widest ) so plenty of foreplay and lube is mandatory! Lastly, this toy is also a UK native, so plan on spending more cash on shipping if you’re outside of Europe.




Wanderer by Vixen Creations

Best realistic silicone dildo magic wand attachment vixen creations wanderer review

There are 2 things that are certain in life: 

  1. Good realistic body-safe dildo Hitachi attachments for wands aren’t really a thing.
  2. Vixen Creations makes some of the best dildos in the world.

So when Vixen makes a great realistic dildo attachment for your wand… well you gotta talk about it!

Heck, this is probably the best realistic silicone dildo attachment for your wand, PERIOD.

Now, this is made out of their standard silicone and not their legendary dual-density “Vixskin”. But here’s a little secret that most people seem unaware of: Their standard silicone is awesome and you shouldn’t ignore it!! 

Still, I would love to see a Vixskin alternative in the future … and maybe more sizes to pick from too!




Pris Toys’ Scylla

Pris Toys Scylla Review Best universal / hitachi magic wand attachment

Here’s a good one coming from the new kids on the block, Pris Toys.

This is essentially a rabbit vibrator attachment for fans of Fantasy toys and I’m here for it.

The silicone here is nice and squishy so the vibrations travel really well into each tentacle.

It looks great, feels great, so as long as your anatomy is compatible with this shape, you should be good to go ( More info on why rabbit toys aren’t for everyone )! 

The Scylla is built in a way that the vibrations will be the most intense at the base. Having the toy stick out vertically also means it’s more comfortable to use with a partner or with a pillow holder or harness ( more on those later ).




Best Magic Wand Accessories

Dimmer Extension

hitachi magic wand Dimmer

This is the most important add-on you can get along with your Magic Wand Original.

On top of getting rid of the two-speed limitation, this adds an extra 6 feet of reach to your toy, for a total of 12 feet overall.

Plus, thanks to this little fella, you won’t have to briefly shut down your toy every single time you change the speeds. A drop that can be quite frustrating mid-coitus!

Disclaimer: This Original Magic Wand attachment MAY hurt your wand’s longevity, though a lot of folks still swear by this method.




Passion Pillow Universal Wand Harness

If you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy your wands hands-free, Wand Essential’s Passion Pillow Universal Wand Harness ( what a mouthful! ) is here to save the day.

It’s a pretty versatile option since it’ll fit most full-size wands AND pillows thanks to its adjustable design.

You’re not only limited to pillows either. For example, if you’re into forced orgasms, you could tie the Wand harness to a stockade or a pole where your sub would be tied too. It’s really up to your creativity here! 

But of course, its original function is more than enough and would make any of those anime body-pillow fans jealous beyond recognition, because YOUR pillow can fuck back!




Wanda & Axis by Liberator

Axis & Wanda for hitachi magic wand

The main issue people have with their Magic Wand is its weight and having to maneuver around it during intercourse.

It becomes a real problem, especially for extended sessions or simply if you’d rather use your arms for something else.

Well, Liberator, a company known for its pillows built for sexual intercourse, has the perfect remedy for your ailments! Especially if you’ve been looking for the perfect Magic Wand pillow holder!

The Wanda & Axis are made specifically for the Magic Wand Original or Rechargeable but will also work with other similarly sized wands as well.

All models are very easy to clean since their covers are completely removable and machine washable.

So you can get as messy as you want!

But if you’re low on funds and have some bondage rope lying aboutArtemisia FemmeCock has a great tutorial on how to tie a Magic Wand in place for hands-free play.

Liberator or DIY Magic Wand chair, both are great ways to play with Magic Wand extensions. Effectively turning your Magic Wand into an affordable and portable Sybian ( minus the rotations, of course )! 


Aslan Forced Orgasm Wand Harness

Best forced orgasm wand harness Aslan review

If there are any fans of BDSM and bondage reading this ( and lord knows you guys love your wands ) you will probably love this entry the most.

You see, forced orgasms, are kind of a staple of bondage and BDSM, and the Magic Wand and its alternatives are probably the tools of choice for this fan-favorite method of “torture”… Other than Sybian-style machines, of course. Though these are quite a bit more expensive!

The only downside of wand-induced forced orgasms is that it takes away at least one hand from the Dom that could be used for more dominance!

Enter the Aslan Forced Orgasm Wand harness! 

Why this one specifically? Well, I’ve tried other cheap Magic Wand accessories of this type but nothing beats the stability, quality, and look of this Aslan work of art. Plus, anyone who knows strap-ons knows that Aslan is one of the most reputable brands on the market!

It’s not even my Canadian bias speaking either as I loved Aslan even before I knew they were from my chilly-ass homeland. Makes sense though as we really need all the options available to us when it comes to warming up in the long winters ahead!