Best FTM packers, Toys and tools

14 Essential FTM Packers, STPs, Toys & Tools For Everyday Life

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Transitioning: whether it’s social, medical, or both… it’s a wild ride.

Sure, there are definitely downsides to going through puberty again. Whether it be acne, increased body odor, or hot flashes (ahh!) it’s a tough time! The good news is that there’s never been a better time for trans men and trans masculine people in terms of toys, tools, or FTM prosthetics to make your life easier!

A few disclaimers before we get to the good stuff:

We’ll be talking about sex, genitals, hormone therapy, as well as gender confirmation surgery (previously known as SRS) in our typical, frank Tabooless fashion. We want to give you all the knowledge we have so you can make choices that best suit your body and journey. There are no taboos here, so please make sure you’re in a good place before continuing.

Don’t worry though! We’re not going to bite (at least, not without consent). <3

Another disclaimer: transitioning looks different to all trans and/or nonbinary folks. Each transition is very unique to each person, so we’ll be covering as broad of a topic here as possible. 

For example, some entries are going to assume that you haven’t gone through hormones or surgery at all, while others will. 

Let’s be clear: there’s no pressure to do anything in order to “really be trans”. No matter where you’re at, this guide & FTM prosthetic list will most likely have something to help you in some way.

So let’s get to it!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here is our top 14 list of essential FTM toys, packers, STPs, and tools, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.



Best body-safe stroker for T-Dicks


Satisfyer Curvy 1+ for trans men


Best blowjob machine / Air-Pulse toy for trans men

Satisfyer Curvy 1+

ftm binders


Most effective binders

Underworks Extreme & GC2B


Best binders for long-term wear

KT Tape


Best FTM packers

Multiple entries


Best stand-to-pee devices

Multiple entries


Best pack & play and 3-in-1s

Multiple entries


Best FTM packer & STP straps

Multiple entries

best Pumps for trans men review


Best Trans Pumps for extra bottom growth

Shotpocket, Fascination Sleeves, & L.A. Pump


Best affordable underwear-style strap-ons

Rodeoh harnesses


Best strap-ons overall

Spareparts Hardwear harnesses


Best affordable pack & play dildos

NYTC’s Pack-N-Play


Best double / “strapless” dildos

Multiple entries


Best realistic prosthetic made specifically for sex

Realcock 2


Shotpocket by FTM Pitstop

FTM toys best stroker for trans men Shotpocket Review

If you’re on testosterone and have noticed some bottom growth, it could be time to get your very first masturbator!

(If this isn’t a cause for celebration, I don’t know what is.)

Of course, if you’re squeamish about interacting at all with that part of your anatomy, please feel free to skip this toy! It might not be the best option for you. Listen to your body, bro, it knows what’s best for you.

Otherwise, the Shotpocket is a silicone sleeve that is small enough for most average to above average trans masc bits and provides plenty of suction and texture for the user.

It might not be the tightest fit for some, but the flexible sleeve can be squished to accommodate almost anyone. Plus, the size shouldn’t be a problem, especially once the suction starts to kick in.

While there are still other FTM toys out there for folks on T (like the Bro sleeve and the Buck Off), the Shotpocket almost always comes on top for those looking for sex toys for trans men. Plus, the Bro Sleeve and the Buck Off aren’t made from body-safe materials, so we can’t in good conscience recommend them. (Booo!)

A word of caution: as is the case with all masturbators, a good water-based lube is mandatory!

You remember when kids used to twist the skin on each other’s arms in a way where it would burn? Not using lube with a toy like this is like that… for you junk. You want to chafe your bits? No, I didn’t think so. Lube is vital to prevent that!

It’s also really important that you avoid all silicone lubes because, over time, they tend to merge with silicone toys into one giant gooey mess. 

Treat your toys well and they’ll treat you well in return!

One of the best things about the Shotpocket? Cleaning it is a breeze!

Give it a wash with any standard toy cleaner or unscented soap. Once this is done, you can air dry it, and make sure it is completely dry before storing it back into its container. (Don’t forget it in the drying rack, especially if you’re having company over!)

If you want to fully sanitize your Shotpocket, you can boil it for 10 minutes or wash it with a 10% bleach water solution followed by a good rinse!

If you’re looking to spend a little more money, another fantastic option is Gendercat’s GenderExtender.

This can be the sweet spot for people with bottom dysphoria who still want to use their natal bits. Not only does it work like your typical masturbation sleeve, but it actually looks like a dick!

Seriously, and since it remains on with suction, you can wander around wearing it for a few minutes before getting down to business (cue “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan). It’s great for curbing dysphoria during masturbation, or even with a partner! Like the Shotpocket, it’s also entirely made of silicone so it’s ultra-durable and easy to sanitize as well.

That’s not all! Gender Cat has one of the most impressive range of skin tones to select, so you’ll find your perfect match. The Gender Extender also has two texture options: ribbed which tends to be more intense, or dots which slightly less so.

Worried you won’t be able to fit the hole size? No problem! They have a variety of hole sizes to pick from, so even if you’re not on hormones you can be sure it’ll still work for you.

For more info on my favorite strokers and how to use them, head to my dedicated FTM/FTX Stroker article!




Satisfyer Curvy 1+

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ review best suction toy for trans men

Air-pulse toys have become the latest trend in the sex toy world, and I definitely understand why! They’ve been essentially described as blowjob machines for clitorises… so you get it, right? 

The future is now!

Sadly, the sex toy world is a bit… late to the party when it comes to offering toys for trans people, especially for trans men. 

I mean, it’s almost ideal for trans men or masculine people! We’re the ideal candidates for a blow job machine for our bits! Hello, companies we’re here and we have money to spend on joyful toys.

But alas, most toys come in very “feminine” colors along with packaging designs that emphasize free and liberated cis women running on the beach or laughing at the camera. This is also ignoring one major dysphoria-inducing aspect of air-pulse toys: their names (Womanizer being one of the major leaders in the industry).

The downside to trans people not being considered is that your favorite air-pulse toy might not fit your bits if you’ve been on testosterone for a while, or if you’ve had meta. Pour one out for your favorite Satisfyer, folks!

This is exactly why I wrote this article on Air Pulse FTM toys, to finally find out which “suction” toy would work best with trans men. After much testing & many frustrations, the answer to that question was a resounding “Curvy 1+ all day every day, baby!”

Using an AA battery ( my very accessible, non-graphic unit of measurement) the opening on the Curvy 1+ is large enough to accommodate that, and then some.

Even more special is the hole; unlike most other air-pulse toys, the Curvy 1+ has a textured nozzle, just like any well-reviewed stroker! We see what you did there Satisfyer, and we like it!

The Curvy 1+ is also packed to the gills with great features and sensations.

Through their smartphone app, this toy can be controlled by a partner anywhere in the world! It can be synced to music, or someone’s voice, and offers unbeatable customization of its vibrations and/or air pulsations. Bonus? It’s surprisingly quiet for a “suction” toy!

While the vibrations are on the buzzier side (a slight negative for most people), when the Curvy 1+ is combined with the deliciously thuddy air pulses, you probably won’t be too disappointed as the orgasms provided are intense, to say the least.

Our main concerns?

The packaging has the same problem we mentioned above: the packaging isn’t quite gender-neutral. It features a more feminine figure over a pink background. Still, once you unpack your toy, you can easily just toss that sucker out! Or if you want to keep the box, paint some sick flames on it. (Everyone knows that flames are obviously for men, right? Joking!)

It’s a slight downside, but for some the dysphoria buying this might be too intense to buy this great toy. It’s too bad, especially since the Curvy 1+ is pretty much the only air-pulse toy to almost tick all the boxes for trans men!

So if someone at the Satisfyer marketing department is reading this right now:  Hi, can you please make more of these toys? And with more sick flames on the box? Cool, thanks!



ftm best binders for trans men Underworks & GC2b binders review & comparison

If there’s a universal symbol for trans men and masc nonbinary folks it would be the binder. For many trans guys, binding feels absolutely essential to improving your quality of life and mental health. (Plus, it opens up the freedom to wear cooler outfits!)

Yet if done wrong, it can be incredibly detrimental to your physical health in a pretty massive way! Using improper binding tools like ace bandages or too-tight-binder can warp or break rips, restrict breathing, or even injure the tissue to the point where top surgery can no longer be performed. We’re not messing around when we say: bind safely!

Safety is our top priority while binding. Yes, you want to be as flat as possible (even though cis men aren’t concave), we get it. Still, be careful! If you follow our directives carefully, you should get through this without any horror stories.

There are two brands that stand out for binders: gc2b and Underworks.

Which one you prefer will come down to preference, there’s no binder that will make your chest disappear entirely. So pick the one that works best for you!

Personally, my favorite binders have been gc2b for one simple reason: they’re insanely comfortable, which is saying a lot for a binder.

They can be purchased through their website, which can be a bit of a drag if you’d rather buy it somewhere else. However, I encourage purchasing stuff from trans-owned small businesses, and gc2b is the place to be (yes I know, cheesy joke). Also, the packaging is discrete and decently fast even while shopping internationally!

What makes it the most popular binder in the trans community is the fabric! The fabric is stretchy but still binds, soft but somehow smooth, and it comes in many colors (including a variety of skin tones). They also have limited edition binders in LGBT, nonbinary, and trans pride colors!

There are also Underworks binders. 

They’re usually the most accessible brand, often being sold in sex shops or medical supply stores. They’re made for cis men with gynecomastia (enlarged breasts). You can purchase their more affordable econo binder, or their Underworks Extreme model.

They offer more stiff binding, and are sometimes slightly more affordable than gc2b. Sadly, they’re not known for being extremely comfortable which can be a real downside for folks hoping to wear them every day.

Pro Tip #1: When binding, you should always push the nipple towards your chest and not down. Even if it may seem more intuitive to push everything down, it can be detrimental to healthy tissue and future top surgery.

Pro Tip #2: No matter how “top of the line” your binders are, it’s important that you don’t bind for more than 8 to 12 hours at a time. Even if dysphoria is a 24/7 ordeal for you, it’s not worth the risk.

Don’t wear fitted binders for sports or working out, as it can take a toll on your body. As we mentioned above, there’s a large risk of restricted breathing, bruising, and other serious physical injuries that can happen if you’re not being responsible with your binders! Don’t risk it!

So bind by day, and wear oversized hoodies by night! (Besides, everyone knows oversized hoodies are the trans masc uniform right?)

Pro Tip #3: It’s also very important that you wear the right size of binders. Not only do you increase your risk of injury, but no one wants to get stuck in a binder! (Seriously, I know people who’ve been unable to take their binders off and have had to cut themselves out of it. Yikes!)


KT Tape

KT tape for trans men review chest binding

KT Tape is a relatively newer method of binding for folks and works excellently for specific bodies.

As opposed to any other type of bandaging and tapes, this one is made for long-term wear and shouldn’t cause too many issues. You can wear it for a few days without worrying!

Original Cotton KT Tape is the least irritating of the bunch and should last you up to about half a week.

Pro KT Tape can last up to a full week and you can even shower and swim with it on, without any problems.

There’s no need to invest in KT Pro Extreme tape since it is essentially made for swimmers and the more intense the adhesive, the harder it is to remove! It might be something that may cause more painful skin irritations, which would limit your ability to wear it often. Ouch!

There are some disadvantages to KT Tape, sadly!

First, the compression isn’t as intense as traditional binders. Thus, it works best for people with smaller chest sizes. While there are some people who have videos on how to make it work for larger chests, the best results have been with folks with less tissue to tape down.

Second, KT Tape will also most definitely cause some irritation and itchiness, especially in the beginning. Test a little piece on your chest for a while, and see if you develop some discomfort. If you do, don’t use it!

Third, if you’ve gained copious amounts of chest hair on testosterone… you have my congratulations and my warning. Remove that hair before you apply KT Tape otherwise it becomes a 2-in-1 waxing and binding combo. Double ouch!

Finally, it’s also important to avoid laying in the sun with your chest exposed. It’s not just the funky tan lines, but the adhesive can melt into your skin and burn you in a very uncool way.

Wondering why Transtape isn’t our top choice for tape binding?

Sadly, “Transtape” is just rebranded kinesiology therapeutic tape with inflated prices. So if you want to run to the pharmacy and pick up a pack of therapeutic tape, just try KT-Tape!

Pro Tip #4: Removing KT tape in a pain-free way can be tricky. It’s like giant band-aids that also cover your nips! So be careful. It’s much easier when you apply some kind of oil over the tape and let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes before removing it. We recommend olive oil, baby oil or coconut oil!

In any case, it’s usually better to wait until the corners of the tape are starting to lift before attempting any removal.

Pro Tip #5: Are you worried that removing the tape might also remove your nipples with it? Fear not! While removal can be especially rough on the sensitive skin of the nipple, you can cover your nips with small folded pieces of toilet paper before sticking the KT Tape down.

If you’re curious about how to properly apply your tape, I also invite you to watch this comprehensive little video.


FTM Packers

Best FTM packers for trans men

If you suffer from bottom dysphoria (the discomfort around your genitals), FTM packers are an essential tool to have in your trans arsenal!

Trans packers come in many different options! From small to large, or squishy to firm, there’s an FTM packing prosthetic that’s perfect for you. These FTM prosthetics give you a realistic bulge, which can be essential when you’re put in situations where said bulge should be visible (ex: grey sweatpant season).

Are you experiencing phantom dick pains, yearning for what should be there but sadly isn’t? Packers are here to help relieve this pain. They’re not just a visual cue for some people, but many trans folks find the sensation of one in their pants a soothing remedy for their usual wild dysphoria.

Get ready folks, there’s a lot to unpack here (wink, wink).


The Cheap

FTM classic packy review

The classic packy ( also known as Mr. Limpy ) is as cheap FTM packers get.

The famous Mr. Limpy comes in 3 different colors and sizes, and it’s surprisingly realistically shaped for the price. For most trans men, this is their original first FTM packer. It’s cheap, so if you’re undecided about packing in general this is usually the first to be recommended by elder trans dudes.

Here’s the bummer: These cheap FTM packing accouterments aren’t made of silicone. Sure, you’re not putting it in your body but it’s in an intimate (and sweaty) area! Be sure to clean it frequently, let it dry fully, and use a packing strap or briefs to secure it to your body without putting it flush against your bare skin.

The fact that it isn’t made of silicone also affects the density of the packer. For some folks, that’s a real deal breaker. It feels less realistic than other more expensive transgender packers on this list, but if you’re new to packing, it’s worth a try!

FTM packers nytc archer & pierre review

They’re offered in two sizes: smaller (for children or teens), or larger (for adults). 

For many trans folks, the option to have an uncircumcised transgender packer is as important as the packer itself! Luckily, NYTC has your back with Pierre! It’s one of the first uncircumcised packers on the market and a hit with many folks. Just like their transgender packer dildo hybrids, these come in a ton of different colors (realistic or abstract).

best affordable packers for trans men ( FTM )

Another popular addition is the soft packers from ReelMagik. 

While ReelMagik is known for their premium transgender prosthetics, these babies are just as impressive. The soft trans packers are wildly comfortable, lightweight, and realistic to boot. 

There are four different sizes from 1 inch to 5 inches, which has been recommended for those seeking phalloplasty to get used to having an er… shower, not a grower. (Since your size won’t change after getting phalloplasty and getting hard, so you’ll have to get used to having a large dick 24/7.)


The Fancy

FTM Packers Gendercat review


The Gendercat’s FTM Packers are the best entry-level high-end realistic packers you can get.

They offer unreal levels of detail and a ton of customization options like floating balls, and body-safe adhesives to secure your FTM packing prosthetics directly on your skin. While they might not offer the hair or uncanny detail that seen from Reel Magic and Emisil packers, they’re still very realistic and deserve your business.

Like most of the high-end transgender packers, it does come with an extra-large pubic flap to secure the packer to your body, which removes the need to use a packing strap altogether! Just a reminder: only use medical adhesive for these. If you don’t want to stick it to your body, you can trim the excess silicone to your liking.

ftm Emisil & Reelmagik packers review

If you’re ready to spend a touch more, Emisil and Reelmagik offer some of the most realistic packers you can get today.

Of course, they’re also the most expensive FTM packers around but you get what you pay for with these products!

They truly do offer movie-quality FTM prosthetics and can be customized in unlimited options. Do you want your FTM packer to have pubic hair? What about medical adhesive for harness-free wear? Ever thought about floating balls? (I mean, who hasn’t!)

Do you have a skin tone that’s hard to match with other brands’ limited range? These two companies have got you. You can have both quality and quantity with Emisil and/or ReelMagik.They offer an overwhelming quantity of skin tones to pick from, so you can truly find the perfect match for your own unique skin! 


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Stand to Pee (STP) devices

Best FTM STP ( stand to pee ) review

Ah, the ever-present issue of trans people in bathrooms. Do you get gender euphoria at the idea of being able to stand to pee only to feel banished to the stalls forever? No fear, FTX/FTM STP (stand to pee) devices are here and can help you fight dysphoria!

Before we get started, here’s a little advice for FTM STPs:

Sure, it’s “practice makes perfect” but here it’s more “practice makes for pee free pants”. Make sure you get some time at home to try your STP before whipping it out at the urinal. These transgender prosthetics can take a little time to get used to, and some practice in the shower will save you plenty of embarrassment in future public situations!

Dicks are tricky even for folks born with them, so be patient and you’ll be peeing your name in the snow faster than you expect!

The Cheap

FTM STP pstyle review

The Pstyle is not phallic and is strictly functional.

Still… It is an extremely cheap solution if you don’t feel like packing and carrying an STP at the same time.

Even though it’s not all that realistic and definitely not the best for dealing with bottom dysphoria, it should get you by in stalls and urinals with separators without any issues.

FTM STP nytc sam review

NYTC’s Sam is probably the best cheap FTM STP prosthetic. 

Made of pure silicone, this STP comes in multiple colors and is realistic enough to enjoy in open urinals and the great outdoors.

The Sam is also decent for packing, even if it is a little awkward since it has a tendency to look a little boner-like in its natural resting position. But if you fold the shaft over the balls and wear tight briefs, it is definitely doable. It’s also much less of an issue when you use it with NYTC’s packer strap.

It’s also the only decent FTM 3-in-1 packer model you can get for this price. (But more on that later!)

Let’s just say that the Sam is pretty hard to pass!


The Fancy

FTM STP emisil compact review

The Emisil compact is the cheapest high-end realistic FTM STP from Emisil.

It’s very realistic and popular, even though it’s a little hard to pack comfortably with. The detail is incredibly realistic, so you can piss at the urinal with confidence even if someone glances at your dick. 

There are more advanced options coming from Emisil, we’ll cover these in the pack and play packer, 3-in-1 section below!

ftm reelmagik stp review

The ReelMagik’s Realistic FTM STPs are also great for peeing AND packing.

You can expect the same kind of realism that you get from their trans packers. (It’s the kind of realism that can give even cis men penis envy. Behold the power!)

FTM STP transthetics EZP review

EZP packer by Transthetics is another great realistic STP device made for active folks.

Are you a guy on the go? Here’s a great stand-to-pee prosthetic for you! This packs very well in most situations. So if you’re a sporty dude, definitely consider it.


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Pack & Play and 3-in-1s

Best FTM pack and play

Here are the blue ribbon winners, folks. If you want the best FTM prosthetic that can handle most situations, these are your dick picks. These FTM packer dildo combos are known as either: pack-and-play prosthetics or 2 or 3-in-1s.

So what’s the difference?

Pack-n-play packers, as the name implies, are dicks that can be used both on the go and in the bedroom (or the couch, or the kitchen, or the dungeon or…).

FTM 3-in-1 packers on the other hand are your Swiss Army dicks: they’re FTM STPs, soft packers, and meant for fucking. Insert the “erection rod” into the hollow center of the dick, and bang! You’re hard and ready for sex.  

Here’s the kicker: ultimately, no combo beats dedicated transgender prosthetics for each task. 

Having a hard dick for play, a soft dick for packing, and a hollow one for peeing is the best despite being a pain to carry around.

It’s a very jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none kind of situation. Still, if you need something that’ll get you through most situations, the utility of these is pretty hard to beat.

The Cheap

FTM STP NYTC Sam Pack and play insert review

Hey! I remember you! You know NYTC’s Sam from the STP section earlier? They’re back! 

Not only can you use the Sam as a dedicated STP or pack with it using the right strap, if you get the Sam insert, it can also be used for funky fun sex time as well!

Sure, the resulting erection of these pack-n-play packers might be a bit on the shorter side for your size monarchs of all genders, but it can still make a fun addition to any playtime. This makes the Sam the cheapest, most affordable, and most functional FTM 3-in-1 packer prosthetic in town.

FTM Pack & Play gendercat gendermender review

Gendercat’s GenderMenders are not exactly cheap, but they’re still much more affordable than the rest of the competition.

Plus, they still provide a level of detail and functionality rarely seen at this price point.

For about half the price of the Emisil and Reelmagik alternatives, GenderMenders look and function great (albeit not reaching the same level of uncanny detail and realism).

Gendercat also offers one of the best pleasure sleeves to place your bits inside, which is essentially an integrated stroker and suction toy! This should be of little surprise, considering it comes from the makers of the great GenderExtender.

Just keep in mind that if you’re planning on packing and playing, consider which density you buy for your prosthetic. Their harder densities make for a wild play prosthetic, but can make it look like you’re walking around with a serious case of priapism! I mean, that can totally be a vibe too so… more power to you.

The Fancy

Emisil & Reelmagik Pack and play Review

Reelmagik’s Pack-N-Play & the Emisil ER01 & ER04 are definitely competing for the same spot.

By this point, you know what to expect from Reelmagik and Emisil: both companies offer some of the best FTM prosthetics in the business. You have the option to choose between flexible plastic erection rods or dual-density silicone cores, hair or no hair, pleasure pockets, and floating realistic balls, along with a ton of natural color choices to pick from.

One main difference between each company? While their quality is pretty on par with each other, Reelmagik offers more options to pick from while Emisil’s production turnaround is much faster than Reelmagik’s (weeks vs several months to a year).

For a more detailed review of Emisil’s pack-n-play packers, make sure to read my experience with the ER01.

Emisil Pack and play STP second and 3rd gen review

You also have Emisil’s STP Second & Third-Gen, which are state-of-the-art FTM 3-in-1 packers.

You can pee and pack with them without any issue and if you’re feeling frisky, throw in an erection rod in there and you’re ready for action!


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Packer /STP Holders & Straps

FTM Packing strap reviews

While technically you can place a transgender packer safely in your underwear, you run the risk of it slipping out of place or even falling out of your pant leg (gasp!).

A dedicated packing jockstrap can make a world of difference in your comfort (and anxiety levels)!

Nytc Packing & STP strap harness review for trans men

The NYTC packing & STP strap is made to fit the affordable Pierre, Archer, and Sam.

The double straps are also pretty handy as they let you easily adjust your bulge to your liking.

FTM Packing strap spareparts pete commando review

If you want to elevate your packing strap game, the Spareparts Pete Commando is pretty hard to beat.

The spandex that it’s made out of is very comfortable, breathable, and quick-to-dry! It’s the ultimate packing strap.

While the Pete gives you that very sought-after “going commando” look, if worn with underwear, it will also show a very natural and floppy realistic bulge as well. 

It doesn’t feel bulky either, plus the jockstrap design makes your butt look excellent!

Spareparts Pete trunks & Rodeoh truhk boxers review packer holders

If jockstraps aren’t your style, Rodeoh and Spareparts also make comfortable underwear made specifically for securing packers! 

They look like any luxury brand of underwear too, so you’ll look fancy and feel fine.

The Spareparts Pete Trunks are especially good for STP packing while the Rodeoh Truhk boxers mentioned can also double as a stealthy strap-on harness.

NYTC magnetic packing pouch review for trans men

For those who prefer to wear looser boxers, the NYTC magnetic pouch can attach to any pair you might own.

These allow your soft packers to hang very naturally, with the only hint of a packing pouch being the little flap in the front of your elastic band! (It looks just like a normal boxer front tag.) 

Of course, they come in multiple colors to better fit your style and your boxers!

Basic non-packer Jockstraps are another alternative to dedicated packing jockstraps.

Especially popular in the sporting and/or queer community, they come in all colors and fabrics! Wear them alone, or under your underwear. No one will spot the difference, believe us.


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Pumps for Bottom Growthbest Pumps for trans men review

Whether you’re looking for a way to up your dick size, get it ready for action, or simply add sensitivity to your bits, pumping is a great tool to add to your trans bag of tricks!

Now, there are definitely more options available and if you want to learn more about these, definitely check out my main pump review listicle!

The Cheap

While the Shotpocket & Fascination Sleeves aren’t technically pumps in the traditional sense, they still do a superb job at providing suction.

Plus, it’s much smaller and dual-purpose.

The Fascinator Sleeves & the Shotpockets are very likely some of my favorite toys for trans masc people and trans men.

You can use these as hands-free suction toys to help increase your hardness and sensitivity before sex! You can lube it up and use them as a masturbation sleeve! You can even have your partner use it to jerk you off during sex! 

This is why I’d recommend these as an affordable pump option over something with more pieces like the popular but far-from-perfect NYTC pumps.

The Fancy

Best ftm pumps: LA Pumps with the 3 Inch Cylinder review

The L.A. Pump with the 3-inch cylinder is the trans masc pumping GOAT.

It comes with a pressure gauge, slick and strong cylinders, and a mechanism to remove the pump from the cylinders so you can let the pump do its thing while you do yours!

The LA Pump is just superbly created and I doubt you’ll be able to find a pump on the market as good as this one.

If you’re serious about pumping and have the funds, stop looking, this is the pump folks!



Rodeoh Harnesses & Underwear

Rodeoh FTM harness underwear briefs strap ons review

The bane of most trans men and masculine folks is finding a comfortable, stable, and affordable harness for play.

 For some people, the typical strap-on harnesses give them too much dysphoria, by reminding them of queer women. This is understandable, especially when most traditional harnesses are made with cis women in mind! (Are you listening sex toy companies? We need alternatives and we have money!)

If you don’t know already, you’ll be happy to learn that Rodeoh makes brief-style strap-ons harnesses that are essentially cheaper alternatives to an industry standard (the great Spareparts Tomboi Harness). 

Rodeoh also makes an amazing packing/strap-on underwear hybrid named the Truhk, for guys who like a bit more versatility. It’s for the person who’s heading out for a party unsure if they’re going to get lucky tonight, but wants to be prepared for anything!

Each model comes outfitted with a stretchy adjustable O-ring, so you won’t have to carry multiple rings to accommodate all of your FTM prosthetics.

They are also all compatible with “strapless” toys, thanks to an opening that’s aligned with the o-ring. (Rodeoh also offers a model called the duo that is specifically made for strapless toys too.)

However, there’s a bit of a downside to the comfort and ease of these boxer brief-style harnesses. 

What makes them comfortable is also what makes them sometimes too stretchy for fucking, since it isn’t as stable as your traditional jockstrap or g-string style harnesses. (The Spareparts harness is slightly firmer as well since the material is stiffer.) 

But, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, it doesn’t get much better than this!


Spareparts Hardwear Harnesses & Underwear

FTM harness strap on spareparts hardwear review

These harnesses are red-hot and roaring to go!

These futuristic harnesses are not just for hot goth boyfriends or futuristic joyfriends ready to take you to a kinky sex dungeon. They’re harnesses for everyone looking to put a little oomph in their thrusts. They’re also the most comfortable and durable strap-ons you can put your money towards.

All models are outfitted with durable elastic o-rings that will accommodate a large variety of toys, and will all work with double or “strapless” dildos as well.

The material you will find on the SpareParts harnesses is also extremely comfortable, and breathable and it dries almost as fast as you can wet it. 

One of our favorite features is that you will find pockets on top and under the O-Ring to stash away some bullet vibes.

The vibes are also quite easy to turn on or fiddle with through the material. That way you don’t have to awkwardly shove your whole hand in there every time you want to change speed.

So if you fancy a bit of vibration during play, you will love these handy little pockets. You can also keep condoms in there for safekeeping, or maybe a packet of lube. (Just no hot sauce, please.)

The Joque is their wildly most stable and popular model. It’s a jockstrap-style harness that is very firm, providing an excellent base for any toy. It is perfect for especially vigorous play, and looks incredible on everybody of any gender!

The Tomboi, Tomboii, and Theo harnesses are similar to the Rodeoh harnesses, only made out of SpareParts’ incredible fabric. They’re a touch less stable than the Joque but often considered more convenient since you can simply slip them on like regular underwear. Cozy!

It’s also pretty easy to just hit the town wearing them as your underwear. They look extremely luxurious, like a tuxedo for your loins, so you’re always ready for action!

The Tomboi also comes with an extra third pocket on the side for condoms, extra bullet batteries, or all the phone numbers you might gather during your nights out. Enjoy your wild fun, you scoundrel, you!




New York Toy Collective Pack-N-Play Dildos

New York Yoy Collective Pack-N-Play review for trans men

This little indie company has fucked its way into our cold, cold hearts. 

It’s hard not to love them, considering how sex-positive they are! The company is New York Toy Company and they offer all sorts of great appendages for trans folks, so yeah, it’s safe to say that our love for them is real, true, and everlasting.

Their FTM packer dildo hybrids / pack-and-play prosthetics were made mostly with trans men and trans masculine folks in mind!

One of their most popular toys, the Shilohs, are probably the most recommended pack-n-play packers with an innovative posable shaft so that you can tuck it away in your pants when not in use. Hard-packing has never been easier!

Not only that but proud owners of g-spots and prostates have also fallen in love with the Shiloh (or the big daddy size, the Carter) for their pronounced heads known to reduce most people into gooey puddles of their former selves.

The articulated metal spine paired with the squishy silicone exterior essentially turns these toys into excellent dual-density toys.

Another great selling point is that they offer a multitude of sizes and gorgeous colors. So whether you’re looking for natural skin tones or beautiful and bright marbled options, there is definitely something for you!

ftm packers

You can also couple them with NYTC’s Love Bump, which is a pair of silicone testicles that can hold a bullet vibe! 

It adds a layer of realism with a bionic vibration while feeling more gender euphoric.

A hot tip? While the included bullet is nice, you’d be much better off upgrading that generic vibe to something with a little more rumbly power, like the legendary We-Vibe Tango.




Double Dildos

ftm toys strapless & double dildos review

With penetrative sex, it’s entirely understandable that a lot of trans men/masc people would want to be able to enjoy some stimulation from wearing a strap-on. 

Strap-ons can be so boring for the wearer. Don’t get me wrong, there’s an immense erotic pleasure to be had from seeing your partner’s face or body react, but the lack of physical reaction on your end can be both dysphoria-inducing and disappointing. 

The dream is to be able to feel every push and pull yourself, and all the sensory feedback that comes with it!

So if you’re looking for some sex toys for trans men that can make you feel more involved during sex, these can definitely help! Especially if you can’t afford some of the fancier transgender prosthetics with pleasure sleeves listed above.

So, whether you prefer external or internal stimulation, there’s an option here for you!

Just keep in mind that even though these toys are often labeled as strapless, you should definitely wear a harness with them. I know, I know. You do your kegels, right? Still, you’d have to have pelvic muscles of steel in order to keep these from slipping out. Believe us

You will also need a harness with a hole in the front so the internal/external bits reach you. (Thankfully, the two most popular brands, Rodeoh, and SpareParts, come equipped and ready to deal with these types of toys.)

External Double Dildos

Say you don’t really enjoy penetration on yourself. Maybe it causes you dysphoria, or maybe it’s just more trouble than it’s worth. 

Heck, maybe you just generally prefer external stimulation in general! In that case, the usual suggestion of a “strapless” strap-on is probably the last thing you’ll want to stick into your body regularly.

If this relates to you, and you’ve felt left out in this land of abundant strapless dils, have no fear! As always, we’ve got your back.

The Fuze and Mustang Royale dildos are meant to rub against the wearer’s bits as they play… that means sensation without penetration!

They’re compatible with harnesses meant for “strapless” strap-ons, or double-ended toys. You want to be able to have the harness be open so that the ridges on the toy are able to rub against your anatomy. 

Sure, you might be able to feel something if there’s a piece of fabric against you but it could possibly feel more like rug burn than anything else!

ftm toys

The Fuze Dildos come in non-realistic designs as well as more realistic options!

They also feature a socket for a bullet vibe (perfect for the excellent Tango vibrator, oh have we mentioned that a million times already?). The texture and the vibrations align perfectly with the wearer’s sensitive regions

Internal / “Strapless” Double Dildos

Now here’s something for the folks who don’t mind internal stimulation!

But before we get to it, please note that most of the models offered come with your standard, buzzy, pretty lackluster bullet vibrators.

So we highly suggest investing in something like the powerful Tango by We-Vibe so the vibrations actually do something instead of being dampened by all that silicone. (Trust us, we’re professionals. We’re professional dildo dealers. We know our stuff.)

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are some of the most popular models:

ftm toys

The Tantus Strapless might not ring a bell, but if you’ve heard about “Strapless” dildos, chances are you know about the Feeldoes & Realdoes. Well, the Strapless by Tantus is their rebranding and update of their old Feeldoes.

While all the original models were rather rigid, the updated Strapless have more squish to them while still remaining stiff enough for being functional.

The Strapless Classic is non-realistic and has a matte finish which is a nice switch compared to the original’s slick, dust-collecting finish. Though you’ll want to use a little bit more lube to offset the extra drag if it’s uncomfortable for you.

The Real Strapless, on the other hand, is the realistic alternative, for those who prefer something a little more closer to reality.

Now, the updated Tantus Strapless, when compared to the Feeldoe/Realdoe, is a bit of a bittersweet upgrade.

That’s because the original models came in 4 sizes and multiple colors and skin tones. But with the Strapless update, you get two sizes, 1 skin tone, and two unrealistic colors, and the color depends on the size you pick.

They could’ve thrown in a better vibe for that price as well, but just like with the original, I say just ditch the vibes and get something stronger if you want to feel anything!

Still, the silicone is better than the original model so it’s not all bad. It’s just a weird one-step forward and two-step behind kind of situation.

ftm toys

The Fun Factory Share and Sharevibe are some of the most visually appealing strapless dildos on the market, despite not being the most realistic like many trans masc people would potentially like.

Both toys come with a silky smooth matte finish, so keep some extra lube close if you want to avoid a tugging sensation from the extra friction.

The Share and Sharevibe are also less rigid than the Feeldoes and Realdoes so it’s easier to hit all sorts of exciting angles while going down to plow town. (Ayooo!)

One thing worth considering: The insertable end for the wearer is much larger than most other “strapless” strap-ons. This might put more pressure in both good and bad ways. If you’re someone who enjoys being penetrated, woo! But if you don’t? Boooo!

The ShareVibe is less phallic than the original, and has a pretty decent vibe included that is both rechargeable and submersible underwater!

The placement of the bullet vibe hole also aligns with your junk perfectly for some well-deserved external stimulation.

The big caveats being that they are really not natural looking at all, and the bullet vibe is much larger than the standard bullet toys. If you have a preference for a specific bullet vibe (cough Tango cough) you won’t be able to fit it easily inside the toy without it falling out constantly!

FTM toys


The Tango by Fuze has a lot in common with the Sharevibe. 

It has a similar shape and bullet placement (no bullet included), but the internal bulb is much smaller than the Share or Sharevibe. 

This might be the Goldilocks situation for you, especially if you’re someone who isn’t all into size.

A key difference for this toy is that you can use any standard bullet toy with it! It’s compatible with regular bullets as well as the rumbly Tango vibe… which probably explains the name of this great double dildo, now that I think about it.

It’s also not too rigid and not too soft, so if one of you prefers it hard and the other soft, this is the perfect compromise. And compromise is at the center of every healthy relationship, my dude!

best lesbian toys


Vixen Creation’s Nexus and the Peacemaker toys are the squishiest double dildos on this list.

You can hit all sorts of crazy positions without straining your bits! The middle of the toy also acts a bit like a bumper like the Sili Saddle, which can prevent bruising your pelvis in a catastrophic fashion.

The insertable end meant for the wearer is also slimmer than any other bulbs on this entry.

The Nexus comes in two different sizes (the junior and senior), while the Peacemaker sports a generously realistic dido on the receiving end. 

The Peacemaker is dual-density and comes in three colors; caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. (Damn, now I want ice cream.)

So if you or your significant other really digs the big stuff… well, you’re welcome!


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



RealCock 2

Realcock 2 for trans men review

Remember what I said about dedicated FTM prosthetics being better at their job than Jacks-of-all-trades? 

Sometimes you just need a really good dedicated tool to get the job done!

This is what makes the Realcock 2 the best FTM prosthetic made strictly for sex.

If you’re looking for an extremely realistic dildo, this is it, baby! Most luxury dildos nowadays promote their dual-density silicone toys. Now… have you ever dreamed of triple silicone toys?

It has a hand-painted silicone layer that provides realistic color variations instead of opting for one solid (and less realistic) shade. Which means… you get to have a toy that looks real while still remaining body-safe!

There is something quite interesting and innovative about their take on silicone layering as well.

You see, there are two layers of silicone that act like any other dual-density blend, with one big difference: the second layer isn’t attached to the first. What this means is that it acts like a realistic layer of skin that slides up and down as you thrust, or move the toy. 

Foreskin lovers shouldn’t get too excited though since the RealCock 2 acts more like a circumcised penis than an uncircumcised one. (Who knows what the future will bring, though!)

The balls float loosely inside of the scrotum and are just a blast to play with, whether you’re into balls or not! They’re the perfect stress toy during or outside of the bedroom.

The RealCock 2 is now offered in five different shapes and 3 realistic skin tones.

This is a nice addition since they originally were limited to two significantly large sizes, and only one very white color. 

All five models are compatible with harnesses, Vac-U-Lock, & medical adhesives.

This means you can attach this realistic dildo to any Vac-U-Lock harness or attachment. They will also work just fine with standard harnesses and each dildo comes with a decent mons flap to make room for medical-grade adhesives!

The only caveat is that these are the most expensive realistic dildos you’ll find on this list. If you can afford them, they’re completely worth it especially when you consider the amount of work that is put into each one of them!