Emisil ER01 Review

A Dick Worth the Pick: A Review of Emisil’s ER01

I was looking at the package. No, not the prosthetic… but just the box. My nerves were taking me for a bit of a ride. Since I’d begun my transition, I’d only ever heard of Emisil’s life-like prosthetic penises in passing or online. They were a long-term dream of mine! I thought it was one of those gifts I’d give myself years into the future.

And here it was. My package… the ER01 in the color 08… in the package on my lap. I thanked the dick-giving gods for this good fortune, and carefully ripped the box open. I took the prosthetic out.

“Oh!” said my friend. He had heard about Emisil sending me a prosthetic to review and wanted to see it for himself, “Oh wow!”

I knew what he meant. It looked like a damn sculpture, it was so realistic I would hardly believe it. I was just a bit giddy (okay, a lot giddy).

This was the freakin’ real deal.

So let’s backtrack a bit before I romanticize this dick with flowery words and honest opinions like Casanova.

What is the Emisil ER01?

The Emisil ER01 is an erect prosthetic penis meant for packing (day-to-day wear) and playing (with partners or solo). It’s a product advertised at trans men but could benefit anyone who wants a realistic feeling penis in their sexual pantry. 

Emisil Pack and play ER01 review

Emisil’s realistic prosthetics are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone, meant to be worn either attached to the body with medical adhesive or in a harness.

They’re meant to be as realistic as possible to help ease “bottom dysphoria”, which is a sense of unease or discomfort from a lack of having a penis from birth. That type of dysphoria feels kind of like having a phantom limb… but for ya dick (or lack of one).

Bottom dysphoria can range from being mild anxiety to a painful yearning that causes people to fall into periods of deep depression. A lot of folks get especially upset when they confront their inability to have sex with a penis, especially when it comes to the impact it has on family planning. I’ve even heard of guys waking up panicked in the morning, fumbling and wondering where their own penis went, only to remember that they didn’t have one to begin with. Bottom dysphoria is tough.

Sure, most trans people who go on testosterone will have their genital anatomy change a bit. Certain parts will get larger, and resemble a small phallus. It sounds a bit like science fiction, but it does wonders for a lot of trans men and their bottom dysphoria. 

Still… there’s the issue of sex. Dicks are such a huge part of sex in most cultures, for better or worse. There’s museums and theme parks devoted entirely to dicks, so excuse me if I feel a little sensitive about my lack of one on my body.

Some trans people are genetically gifted enough to be able to use their bits to penetrate a partner, but a lot of us aren’t so lucky (curse you genetics!). 

So when Emisil asked me to review the dick of my choice, I was delighted and went to work.

Emisil has STPs (stand to pee devices), and basic packers for your everyday wear but I knew I wanted to try one of their “pack and play” devices. Sex was a bit of a sore subject for me, and I wondered if it was due to dysphoria around sex. I got a group of my closest friends together to help me decide which specific phallus and color to pick. I called them “dick picks”, get it? (Groan.) 

I had difficulty trying to pick between the ER01 and ER04. The ER01 is their classic prosthetic, and is absolutely impressive looking from the pictures but the ER04 seemed smaller and more compact for everyday wear. When I told my friends I initially decided on the ER04, a couple of friends questioned my choice.

“Most guys don’t ever get the chance to pick their own size,” said one friend, “And you’re going to get the smaller one?”

He was right. Was this really the time to be humble? ER01, here we go!


It’s My Dick in a Box

Shipment was prompt and faster than I could have imagined, even quicker than products I’ve ordered from within my own country. It was delivered within a week, which was an incredible feat considering it was being shipped from Europe.

The packaging was discreet and private. No one would know that within the cardboard box was a prosthetic penis waiting to be reunited with its new owner.

At first, I noticed how realistic it looked. The veins were quite prominent in color (almost too prominent) but they might fade with use. There was an incredible squishiness to the skin, where you could pinch the skin and move it realistically side to side but not up/down. I ordered the prosthetic with a firmer silicone core, and the dual-density combination made it pass the feel test for me. 

For the first hour or so, both of us watched television while passing the dick back and forth between us. We’d pinch the skin, scrutinize every detail, and found ourselves absolutely hypnotized by the floating balls.

Emisil ER01 review 3d floating balls

The skin, however, was a touch rough. It felt a little like touching the chapped elbow skin. For a dick, it felt a little off but I had an idea that it might feel more realistic once it had lube on it.

In order to test this gorgeous product, I decided to put it through three trials. The first would be testing how comfortable it was for everyday packing, then hooking up with a partner, and finally the “Grindr test”.


TRIAL 1: Everyday Packing Comfort

I won’t lie. This bad boy is huge. I had a hard time getting it to fit in my Spareparts Pete Commando packing strap, which is my go-to harness for everyday packing.

Every time I thought the ER01 was fully inside the pouch, it seemed to pop out and caused a slight wardrobe malfunction as I was getting dressed. It wasn’t too big of an issue since I could easily wear a pair of briefs over my strap and prevent any scandals.

Still, it was an impressive bulge. Normally I get the shaft of my everyday basic soft packers to rest to one side, and it keeps everything looking natural but not like I had an erection. The ER01? The bulge it gave me was worthy of being featured on r/greysweatpants (nsfw). It went midway down my thigh, and that’s saying something since I’m tall! I tried various ways of tucking it down, but it was determined to be somewhat visible down the side of my leg. However, once I tried it with a pair of jeans, the bulge was less apparent and worked really well.

In my opinion, this is a date night prosthetic. I found it extremely comfortable when standing or walking around, but sometimes it pressed up against my body in an uncomfortable way. It was tolerable and the pressure isn’t so bad if you rest it a little higher up on your body, but I wouldn’t want to be sitting down at my work desk for 8 hours, unable to adjust comfortably without freaking my coworkers out.

TRIAL 2: Hooking Up

Real talk: after spending the majority of my adult life in longterm relationships, I’ve been single for the last couple of years and my sex life has been… well, abysmal. Still, I wanted to test out the ER01 with a partner because it’s a “pack and play” prosthetic, damnit! It felt like I was given the fastest sports car, but only being allowed to drive through school zones. Argh!

I voiced my frustrations with a dear queer friend, and he bashfully proposed a solution. He could help me test the ER01 out as a friend. As a friend.

“No homo,” he joked. Of course, bruh, only two good friends helping each other out for the benefit of a review. No homo

The night progressed like a gay “frat” porn. We ordered burgers, played some video games, and then decided to take the dick for a test ride. I opted out of using the prosthetic with medical adhesive since my skin reacts badly to adhesives of all kinds (even the medical tape at the hospital). So instead, I strapped it into my trusty Spareparts Tomboii harness, which is a favorite of mine despite the dysphoria inducing name.

SpareParts Tomboii Harness Boxer Briefs - Black & Red

Fooling around with the toy felt really good.

Emisil has an option that can be added to their erect prosthetics called a “Pleasure Pocket”, which is a hole where you can place your bottom growth in. It’s like a textured dome and allows you to feel more sensations with movement and manipulation of the shaft. I appreciated the option! It was vital for me, especially in a prosthesis meant for play. When my friend handled the dick, I could feel the texture inside rub against me and it helped make me feel more involved when some other toys have made me feel disconnected from the action.

Having said that, I wished it was tighter or a more snug fit around my anatomy, like a suction toy. I hoped it would be closer to the Shot Pocket’s style of toy, but it’s more of a dome-shaped space for your clit to rest inside. It felt good, but wasn’t it wasn’t as satisfying as I wanted. I’d still need some more direct stimulation for it to get me off.

Still, as we were fooling around, I can firmly say that I’d never felt so comfortable with a sexual experience, even I didn’t feel 100% of the sensations. I felt both luxurious and powerful at the same time. It felt like I was experiencing a porn but in real life. At no point did I ever have dysphoria pop into my brain, making me feel bad or less of a man. I kind of felt like I was having a typical cis gay experience (even though cis experiences shouldn’t be the standard). My dysphoria was evicted!

The ER01 gave me some treasured sexual experiences. As I was laying down, my friend decided to try and insert the ER01. It was a real delight watching my willing friend try to balance himself over my dick. My friend looked muscular and beautiful, like a marble sculpture, and with such a generously sized prosthetic, I couldn’t help but feel like I was dreaming.

The generous size is right, and my poor pal seemed to be struggling to get it inserted. I eyed the size of it again, not too surprised he was finding it tricky. Heck, I’d find it tricky. We definitely jumped straight into trying it out, and I think a prosthetic like this needs a little more warm-up if you’re planning on using it anally.

“See?,” he said between breaths, “This is why I said get the smaller one, but no…”


As hard as we tried, we weren’t able to get the full toy inserted, but it was enough to make me feel like I had stepped into a gay erotic fiction. I was able to feel some sensation, which was just enough to keep me engaged and out of dysphoria-land. Frankly, I hadn’t felt that level of excitement during sex in a long time.


Trial 3: The Grindr Test

It had been months since I deleted the gay “dating” app from my phone. It was less a dating app, and more online shopping for hookups. Just having the app on your phone meant receiving nonstop dick pics and “hey wats up ;)” messages, and it was exhausting, especially as a trans man. I wanted to participate in a lot of the fun, but guys there would either make me feel crappy for being trans or just fetishize me.

In my experience, cis gay men can be some of the most critical people when it comes to hooking up. It’s fair to have anatomy preferences, but telling someone, “ew, you enjoy fucking someone with a piece of plastic?” (an actual thing I’ve been told by someone looking to hookup) is just plain hurtful, especially to a trans man.

So… Who better to judge whether or not the prosthetic looked real enough than the random men on Grindr who send me unsolicited dick pics then? 

Even during a pandemic, it didn’t take long to receive a dick pic. The guy didn’t even say hello, just… his dick, from various angles. Here was my chance! I took my very first dick pic, sent it, and… no comments. Instead, he sent his location and asked when I was coming over. Wow!

I’m not sure why I was expecting someone to praise how gorgeous my dick looked, but not one person commented on it. Instead, they just asked if I had more pics or when we were going to hook up (usually wanting to meet within the next 30 minutes).

The ER01 definitely passed the Grindr test, albeit in a way I never expected! It was the ultimate stealth dick, the James Bond of dicks if you will.


Final Thoughts

The ER01 impressed me in many ways and surprised me in others.

In summary, the good parts of the ER01:

  • I’ve said it 800 times but… This is an attractive dick.
  • Shipping was fast, and discreet.
  • Tons of skin tones, and there’s definitely something for everyone.
  • The ER01 feels incredibly real with it’s dual density core.
  • The testicles look incredible and the 3D balls are awesome.
  • It looks as real as possible, no one will see it and think it’s a prosthetic.
  • If you’re looking for a dick on the larger side of average, this one’s for you!
  • It’s comfortable to wear while walking, and despite being larger, doesn’t make you walk funny.
  • It obliterated my dysphoria during sex. Pow!

Here are the challenges I had with it:

  • The size is a little too generous, especially if you’re planning on using it anally ( Though this was in part due to my friend’s preferences ).
  • The skin texture was a bit rough. With an unlubed condom, this isn’t a concern but something to still consider.
  • The veins are a little too bright in color for me, and I worried they would draw attention. 
  • The Pleasure Pocket is a vital option for me, but I wish it had been made to fit the anatomy of a trans man better and was more suction-based.

All in all, Emisil has created a product worth talking about. I absolutely would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a realistic prosthetic and is considering one of their products.

For more information, visit Emisil’s Website. If you want to learn more about the prosthetics, toys, and tools available for trans men, head on over to our dedicated article!