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Rise & Grind: The Best Grinder Sex Toy for that Freaky Friction

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Folks, friends, and those of you who identify as unabashed perverts: you called, and we answered. Grinding toys of all types, right here for your pleasure!

Much like the wave of air-pulse toys of the 2010s, grinding toys have appeared in our favorite local sex shops. But are they worth it? 

What the heck is a grinder sex toy?

There is an unshakeable belief that sex toys come in only three varieties: dildos, vibrators, and Fleshlights. (If you’re particularly knowledgeable, you might include anal beads and butt plugs!) 

The idea is that solo sex is meant to simulate “real sex”, and “real sex” is only really sex if it’s penetrative. Surprise! This is a lie, folks! Sex can include a variety of activities, many of which don’t even begin to include penetrating someone with a toy or body part.

Oral sex is sex. Rubbing, frotting, grinding, or heavy petting can be sex also!

This leads us to grinding toys. Many people, upon discovering masturbation for the first time, learn how to pleasure themselves from grinding themselves against a pillow, toy, or their own hand. For too long the sex industry disregarded the pleasure (and money) of people who sought out toys for their grinding pleasure.

Well, this ends now. The days of grinding toys have arrived!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here are the best grinding toys, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


Best Grinding Toys: Uberrime Grinder toys Review


Super aesthetic grinding toy models

Uberrime Grinders

Best Grinding Toys: Banana Pants Grinder toys Review


Grinder toy for the versatile lover & strap-on compatibility

Banana Pants

Best Grinding Toys: Uncover Creations Grinder toys Review


Best grinder sex toy models for the fantasy toy fans

Uncover Creations

Best Grinding Toys: Cute Little Fuckers Grinder toys Review


Grinding toys for the kawaii addict who craves vibrations

Cute Little Fuckers’ Starsi & Zeep

Best Grinding Toys: Motorbunny & the Tremor Grinder toys Review


Most powerful vibrating grinding toy

Motorbunny & The Tremor

Best Grinding Toys: Vibepad & Dual Rider Grinder toys Review


Affordable Strong grinder toy pads with large surface areas

Vibepad & Dual Riders

Best Grinding Toys: massager wands Review


Most customizable & versatile grinding vibrator

Multiple entries


Uberrime Grinders

Best Grinding Toys: Uberrime Grinder toys Review

Have you lusted after beautiful silicone dildos, but struggled to find something because you prefer non-penetrative sex? Ūberrime is here to help!

These toys are so gorgeous, you’d want to display them proudly on the table.

I received the Rosae in a stunning teal to pearl swirl, and it could easily hide in plain sight if you were looking for a discreet toy.

The Rosae offers a tickling and flicking sensation with the individual petals, it reminds me of a tongue and feels more spontaneous than what I could achieve with fingers alone.

The LaBae, though gorgeous in its own right, is a bit more obviously yonic in shape.

Grinding toys like this are ideal for anyone who enjoys the sensation of tribadism/scissoring, especially queer women who want more than just a strap-on! 

I definitely preferred the sensations of the Rosae more than the LaBae, which is moderately firm. If you’re looking for a deeper, more massaging sensation, I’d go with the LaBae! Personally, I found it a bit too firm for my own anatomy, especially on my bottom growth.

While I’ve personally only reviewed the Rosae and Labae, Ūberrime has other styles of grinding toys available.

While Grinders like the more fantastical alien Alia, or a honeycomb textured toy called the Favo are more standard, they also sell grinders like the Fingo which can be slightly penetrated like a traditional male masturbator, except with your clit!

Prefer to be slightly penetrated instead of doing the penetration yourself? the Sella Saddle comes with an inviting nub attached to it.

The options are limitless!




Banana Pants Grinders

Best Grinding Toys: Banana Pants Grinder toys Review

Everyone, and I mean everyone, should have Banana Pants in their pocket. These are some of the most versatile toys on the market, they’re basically a multi-tool for your toys & bits!

Are you looking for a soft, squishy base to help stimulate you while using a strap on your lover? Are you looking for a toy to grind against that still offers intense vibration? Are you just a lover of vulvas and want a squishy one on your bedside? These are it, folks. 

Are you tired of having a bruised and battered pelvic bone while boning your babe with a strap-on?

The B.Cush is a squishy silicone cushion to turn any dildo into a soft landing, all while adding additional stimulation.

Similarly, The Bumpher and Shagger are meant to stretch over the back of a dildo, offering cushioning and stimulation.

This isn’t just an advantage for partnered sex! Anyone can stretch one of these over a realistic dildo and “jerk off” while rubbing the nubs and flicks along your body. You get all the visual enjoyment of “jacking off” while still experiencing stimulation!

These toys can also be used without a dildo, and you can use your fingers to increase stimulation and pressure.

The Shagger has an especially fantastic texture that is extremely unique and comes highly recommended by me. 

The Honeybunch and the Lippi can be pressed firmly against the base of a dildo, but also have a slot for a bullet vibrator.

I’m someone who really enjoys the added benefits of a vibrator, especially with partnered sex, so these will be a mainstay in my bedside drawer.

The designs are clean and playful, and the silicone is velvety soft while still remaining extremely squishy. I particularly loved the Lippi, and the Honeybunch. The Lippi is so enjoyable to play with that it ended up becoming a fidget toy in more ways than one for me.

The Lippy is also special for people with clits that are looking to penetrate a toy much like a Fleshlight.

The penetration is shallow, but still pillowy and plush.

Fun tip: the Honeybunch and the Lippi can be pressed against each other, and placed between your partner and you. Hot!




Uncover Creations Grinders

Best Grinding Toys: Uncover Creations Grinder toys Review

The first word out of people’s mouths when I show them Uncover Creations? 


These are statement pieces. They’re gorgeous relief sculptures, designed to be used alone or with another hot cryptid-lusting cutie.

Ideally, I would love to see these being used in a kinky Cthulhu-themed queer orgy, especially since they come with straps to buckle to a pillow/thigh/chair. (A guy can dream!)

The Tentacle Original offers a more uniform profile, with less pronounced mounds to rub on but the little suction cups on each tentacle is like micro-ribbed (for their pleasure). I personally adored the aesthetic of this one the most, especially with marbled bisexual colors! It was a bit too textured at times for me, however, what might be overwhelming for me might be heavenly for you!

The Tentacle 2 is a much different design than the other tentacle pieces offered by Uncover Creations; it’s a single large tentacle emerging from ocean floor, surrounded by delicately sculpted shells and starfish. It has the most variability in profile, so if you really need a lot of pressure in one area but not in others, this might the one for you! 

The Dragon, which I was surprised by. I’m not much of a dragon fan (werewolves all the way), but I couldn’t help being smitten by the sculpted figure 8 in shimmering metallic gold and sage green. (There are even little sculpted coins!) I also loved how smooth the toy felt, it glided with less friction than the Tentacles, so it could be a perfect choice for someone who needs a smoother toy.

Of course, there are even more grinders on their site, but these are some of their best sellers so we focused on reviewing those.

So if you’re a fan of fantasy toys and are aching for the perfect grinder toy for your needs, definitely take a look at their gorgeous options! 

What’s more, Uncover Creations also offers two premium upgrades:

A vibrator pocket to slide a bullet vibe, and a “silky smooth” upgrade to their silicone made from Durian. For that reason, it isn’t safe for people with tree nut, durian, or milk thistle allergies.

This wasn’t an issue for me, but as a person with migraines, the strong nutty smell was too overpowering. I had to store it in an airtight freezer bag to keep the scent from bothering me!

Thankfully Uncover is fully aware of this and the smooth coating comes with a warning for those sensitive to such smells or allergies!


Cute Little Fuckers’ Starsi and Zeep

Best Grinding Toys: Cute Little Fuckers Grinder toys Review

“Hey Zack, I’m someone looking for a good beginner toy that will keep me entertained, what would you rec—“


Without a moment’s hesitation, I would recommend Starsi to any beginner.

Not only is Starsi designed to make you feel like a horny mermaid, but Starsi is seriously versatile, working for almost any body configuration or position.

You can grind against it, or cup Starsi around curves, or corners, or chests, or use the points for more precise stimulation. (Heck, trans femmes have reported it being fantastic for muffing!)

Did I mention Starsi is adorable?

If Starsi is a bit too big or hard to hold, check out Zeep.

No shocker here: Zeep is equally adorable. It’s designed to look like a naughty little bug hiding under a folded leaf, and the little critter has grown on me.

It’s probably because the bug body has multiple textures, while the pointed leaf is thin and flickers against sensitive body parts (clit, nips, earlobes, etc). All this while still being small and compact enough to fit snuggly… like a bug in a rug.

Both Starsi and Zeep have the same strong removable bullet vibrator, making it a breeze to clean.

They’re both entirely waterproof and quiet, plus are quick to charge, so the choice between the two comes all down to preference! 

Are you a cutie who’s gotta catch ’em all? You’ve found your match!


Motorbunny & The Tremor

Best Grinding Toys: Motorbunny & the Tremor Grinder toys Review

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a Sybian-style vibrator, and you know we often sing their praises here at Tabooless. 

Sybian-style vibrators are for those who need SERIOUS vibrations to get off.

The Motorbunny and Tremor are in a category all on their own; they’re both huge luxury toys that look like the combination between a saddle and a stool. Both are equally powerful and come with attachments strictly for grinding as well as some that’ll offer some penetrative fun as well, but they do come down to some differences. 

First, the Tremor is the more affordable option of the two.

The Tremor might be a better option for someone who doesn’t care about smartphone connection and wants to bring it to a sex party or share it with multiple partners as the plastic & silicone cover makes it easier to clean. 

The Motorbunny on the other hand is more feature-packed and luxurious.

It’s covered in a plush black leatherette and also able to be connected to a smartphone application making it ideal for someone interested in either camming or having partners control it at a distance. 

Want to see our more detailed review on Sybian alternatives? Head on over our dedicated article!


VibePad & Dual Riders

Best Grinding Toys: Vibepad & Dual Rider Grinder toys Review

If those fancy Sybian alternatives are out of your budget or just straight-up overkill for your needs, you still have some options with the Vibepad or the Dual Riders. 

The VibePad and VibePad 2 are two non-penetration-based rideable vibrators with two strong motors.

Both have two mounts that contour your body’s most sensitive zones, and have a remote control to help switch between the various patterns.

The VibePad 2 also includes a flickering tongue and a warming effect! The tongue doesn’t really do anything for me because it doesn’t line up with my anatomy unless I position myself in a very specific way ( keep in mind, I’m a trans guy with considerable bottom growth, so more modest clits will still probably appreciate this ).

But I do love a good warming toy, as it helps me feel a bit less like I’m fucking RoboCop, you know?

If you’re needing a bit more power and don’t mind the added noise, the Dual Riders from CalExotics is another great option, with two extremely strong motors.

The Dual Rider Thrust and Grind doesn’t just have powerful motors, but also has a small trusting dildo, making it the perfect toy for anyone who wants to try out a more expensive fucking machine.

The Dual Rider Bump and Grind, on the other hand, is perfect for anyone who wants a Sybian-style toy without any penetration. I personally loved the added texture of the bumps, and found they accentuated the vibrations perfectly.

The Original Lust Dual Rider is also still on sale if you’re looking for a bargain. Feature-wise, it’s like a smaller Vibepad OG + extra texture. It’s not as powerful as the new Dual Riders, but still a great option for those looking for an affordable, textured smaller option to the Vibepad 1.


Wand Massagers

Best Grinding Toys: massager wands Review

You always remember your first: first kiss, first orgasm, first toy.

As a society, the Magic Wand was our “first” popular sex toy due to Betty Dodson’s glowing recommendation in the late 1960s. And not for nothing, either! The Magic Wand is absolutely a multi-tool-toy for so many more situations than clitoral sex (although it is pretty friggin fantastic for it). 

If you have a wand-style vibrator you know and love, cherish it! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Though, if you’re interested in a more hands-free way of using wands, look no further than the affordable Passion Pillow’s Universal Wand Harness, or a Liberator pillow.

One of the downsides to wand-style vibrators is how heavy they are, especially for people with wrist or nerve issues. Now you can focus on other throbbing things besides your sore wrists, and grind your heart out. 

If you’re lucky enough to own a Liberator sex pillow, you already know how good they are at taking the guesswork out of sex. You don’t need any convincing! Plus with their Wanda and Axis pillow being specifically made to work with wands, they couldn’t be easier to use!

For a more affordable option, the Passion Pillow harness straps onto your standard pillow, turning it from boring to soaring. 

One of the best things about owning a magic wand-style vibrator? The attachments!

Seriously, this is one of the most versatile toys on the market. You can get any style of silicone attachment for any aesthetic or kink. Regarding grinding toys, there are tons of textured attachments for the magic wand and it’s compatible alternatives.

Plus, if your tastes go beyond grinding, Wands can be equipped by an almost infinite range of attachments that can turn your vibrator into basically any toy you want!

So if you’re curious about the best wand massagers or the top attachments for all your grinding needs and beyond click these links and never look back!


We would like to thank Shevibe, Cute Little Fuckers, Uncover Creations, Peepshow Toys, Banana Pants, The Tremor & Motorbunny for sending us the Grinder sex toy models included in this review. This roundup wouldn’t have been possible without their help!