Lelo's best luxury sex toys

The Best of the brand: Reviewing Lelo’s Top Luxury Sex Toys

Lelo, which started as a small Swedish operation in the early 2000s, has always been at the forefront of the luxury sex toy industry.

Since its inception, they’ve become one of the most popular companies there is, conquering our demanding bits one quality toy at a time!

Following closely behind the likes of Tantus, they’ve always been part of the silicone / body-safe revolution.  A revolution that most large manufacturers are still trying to catch up to to this day. So needless to say that almost all of the toys on this list ( except for the Mia 2 ) are made of medical-grade silicone.

Deep clean or not, washing the Lelo toys on this list is always a breeze as they all are completely waterproof. Plus, if you enjoy getting off in baths & jacuzzis as much as we do… well, you’re welcome!

With most of their toys being rechargeable you don’t have to worry about ruining the planet every time the situation calls for an orgasm.

To show you how much they trust their designs, they also offer up to a 10-year guarantee:

For the first year, you can get a free replacement if anything goes wrong with your toy. And for the next 9 years, they’ll give you a 50% rebate off your next toy!

Without further ado, here are the best toys from Lelo, from their most affordable toys to their most luxurious!


Mia 2

LELO Mia 2 bullet vibrator

This is probably my favorite travel / purse bullet vibrator.

Don’t be mistaken, the included pouch & travel lock are just the tip of the iceberg.

The USB connector is conveniently tucked inside the toy’s body like a traditional USB key. This way you don’t have to worry about carrying charging cables with you at all times.

USB bullet vibrator

Another great advantage of this clever design is that this toy can easily pass as a normal USB storage unit. Making the Mia 2 as inconspicuous as ever.

But how does it perform?

Well, I’m glad you asked! The Mia 2 goes from subtle rumbles to buzzier stronger vibrations, offering a great middle-ground for most clits and nips. Of course, if you’re a power queen you’ll still probably prefer the Smart Wand mentioned below. 

From the intuitive controls, you can choose between a constant vibration or 3 different rhythmic pulsations, each being fully adjustable in strength.

The Mia 2 is also waterproof with the cap on and a one hour charge should give you about an hour of play!

So globetrotters, if you like jilling off on the go, it doesn’t really get much better than this.




Gigi 2

LELO gigi 2 g-spot sex toy

The Gigi 2 is probably one of the best beginner’s toys around.

This is mainly due to the fact that this toy isn’t too big or small and has a ton of versatility to it. This classic toy is also not too weak or powerful, so it is absolutely perfect if you’re just starting out.

While we already sang the praises of this glorious classic Lelo shape in the Ella entry, let me indulge a bit more since the vibrations do change the way you use this toy.

You can, of course, use it as a traditional G-spot vibrator. The flat head makes it comfortable to apply as much pressure as you might need. If you prefer thrusting motions, the underside of the Gigi 2 will rub against your G-spot as you go, making it a pleasurable experience no matter what your style of play is.

The Gigi 2 also performs very well as a clitoral toy, since the flat head feels just great to rub on. If you prefer more pinpoint stimulation, the underside of the head also hooks beautifully around the pubic bone / clitoral area as well. 




Sona 2 & Sona 2 Cruise

LELO sona 2 & cruise suction sex toy

Following the success of the Womanizer, manufacturers dished out countless underwhelming copies *cough* Satysfyer *cough* trying to cash in on the opportunity. 

But instead of simply jumping on the bandwagon, Lelo actually innovated on the formula.

You see, most suction toys use a combination of suction and puffs of air that sort of feels like contactless vibrations. But the Sona uses sonic waves instead, going deeper than the surface of the skin and stimulating the entire clitoris in the process.

This feels like if the air pulses were infused with vibrations… like surround sound for the clitoris!

You know that feeling when you’re at the movie theatre and the sound is so intense that it tickles your taint? It’s like that, but entirely focused on the clit!

So what’s the difference between the standard model and the cruise?

The standard Sona 2 is, for one, gentler than the Cruise… But it is by no means underwhelming.

That’s simply because the Sona 2 Cruise is powerhouse of a toy. On top of being more powerful than the standard model, it also comes with the “Cruise” feature which intensifies the pulsations the harder you press the Sona against you!

This feature can feel less predictable than your standard stable speeds, so if you prefer being 100% in control, you might prefer the base model. But if you’re an insatiable power queen, you might want to invest the extra 30 dollars!

Both toys are waterproof and offer patterns as well, which is something you won’t find in most other alternatives.


Sona 2



Sona 2 Cruise



Mona 2

LELO Mona 2 G-spot Toy

Let’s face it, Lelo sure knows how to make a G-spot toy, and the Mona 2 is no exception!

Shaped to fit the female anatomy to a tee, the Mona 2 is definitely built to please.

With a tapered tip for easier insertion followed by a g-spot hugging bulge and a slimmer shaft for the vaginal entrance, this toy almost makes me question evolution for the way it shaped our dicks.

Just like the Gigi 2, it performs beautifully as an external toy as well, hugging every curve of your anatomy with its vibrations.

Plus, with vibrations that range from subtle to powerful rumbles, no one should feel left out. The Mona 2 also has a ton of settings and intensities to pick from as well, so you’re bound to find one that tickles your fancy!

Heck, the legendary toy reviewer  Epiphora owns three of them and even included it in our desert island toys list as well! And if we know one thing about Piph, it’s that she has a very discerning vagina.




Wave Collection

Lelo Loki Wave prostate stimulators

If you’re in for some outstanding hands-free sex toys and unique features, the Wave collection has a lot to offer.

While tons of companies sell rotating toys, Lelo is the only one to offer toys that offer more natural come hither motions instead. Something that is often required to satisfy most prostates & G-spots.

Rotations really were just the next best thing we could make to simulate this sought-after sensation.

LELO INA and MONA Waves™: A New Age of Orgasm

Even though all these toys come with handles, this come-hither motion essentially renders them entirely hands-free. So you can control the experience or let go of the reins to your leisure.

You can also switch off the Wave mode, turning these toys into perfectly functional Ina or Mona 2s. Using this method, you can also adjust the immobile position of your toy to your liking for a customized fit.

And knowing the tricky nature of our collective bits, I say the more customization the better!

Covered in soft silicone from the tip to the handle, these toys feel as good in hand as they do on the inside.

Not having to deal with the crease between the toy and the handle, this feature also makes clean up easier than ever.

Speaking of how they feel on the inside, you’ll also be glad to know they all feature a variation on the innovative shape of the Mona. A shape that makes insertion easier while perfectly fitting your anatomy once inside.

The Mona Wave is just like the excellent Mona 2 mentioned above with the added Wave technology and seamless silicone handle!

The Ina Wave is, of course, a modernized Ina 2 ( which is a Mona 2 + a clit vibe ) and definitely the superior version of a Ina. This is because the fit of dual vibrators is usually a hit or miss kind of thing since everyone’s anatomy is different. But with the adjustable nature of the Ina Wave, this gets it pretty close to one size fits all!

The Loki Wave is made with dudes in mind! And thank god, since it’s so hard to find some decent high-end toys when you’re a man. The Loki Wave is meant to stimulate both the prostate and the perineum at the same time. You will also need some prior anal experience before being able to take on the Loki, but it’s definitely worth the investment! 


Mona Wave



Ina Wave



Loki Wave



Large Smart Wand

LELO Large Smart Wand Massager

You know I’ve long debated on what the best Magic Wand Alternative is. That’s because I, like many others, LOVE the Magic wand.

I truly believe that, If you can afford it, Lelo’s Large Smart Wand is definitely my favorite upgrade to the all-time classic.

And coming from me, that means a lot!

For one this Wand is almost entirely covered in soft silicone which feels just great to rub on. An advantage over even the Magic Wand Rechargeable & Plus, which both features silicone heads only.

This coupled with the fact that it is 100% waterproof ( unlike all Magic Wands ) makes clean up an absolute breeze. 

Another huge plus is that the Lelo Smart Wand is entirely compatible with the wide range of Magic Wand Accessories available today. 

In terms of vibrations, I’ve found them to be a touch less powerful than the Magic Wand’s buzzier ( high frequency ) vibrations. Which is offset by the fact that the Smart Wand’s vibrations are much rumblier ( low frequency ) so they are felt deeper & are less numbing than what the competition has to offer.

Lelo’s effort comes with many patterns that can all be adjusted in strength and a 2-hour charge should give you about 2 hours of play! 

Plus, for those of us who use Wands for their actual intent, the additional “Touch mode” makes the vibrations stronger the more pressure you apply, which is an awesome feature for massages! Though it might not translate that well to the old no-pants dance… Unless you enjoy a ton of pressure on your bits that is, you lucky bastard!




Soraya 2

LELO Soraya 2 dual vibrator / rabbit vibrator

If you know me, you know I rarely suggest dual / rabbit toys. This is because it is just impossible to make one that just fits everyone.

You see, women’s anatomies vary widely from a person to another. So most of the time you’re better off just investing in two separate toys if you’d like both internal and external stimulation at the same time.

Well, the Soraya 2 is one of the very few rabbit / dual toys I actually stand behind!

This is mainly due to its unrestrictive clitoral vibe.

You see most clit arms usually assume where your clitoris should be, usually opting for a rather short reach. Something that leaves out most women with clitorides further from their vaginal entrance.

To remedy that, the Soraya 2 gives you a straight and angled flexible 2-inch long clitoris arm that you can bend and adjust to your heart’s content. Just let the clitoral arm reverberate at the surface or your clit or control the pressure yourself by bending it down onto yourself. This ingenious design really lets you have it your way! 

I’m also a huge fan of the loop handle, which allows you to keep a firm grip even when things get real messy! It’s also a godsend if you enjoy applying firm pressure on your G-spot.

The Soraya 2 is also powerful without being too overwhelming, so most should get what they need from the vibrations offered.

Speaking of vibrations, you get a ton of functions and strengths to pick from ranging from constant vibrations to patterns that alternate between the external and internal vibes.

The vibrations are also very quiet even on the strongest modes. So if you’ve got nosy roomies, the only noise you have to worry about is your own!





Lelo Hugo prostate stimulator

The Hugo is a great solo & couple’s toy that vibrates on both the prostate and perineum. Being smaller, it’s also more accessible than the Loki Wave mentioned above.

But the real star of the show here is the motion-controlled vibrating controller.

You see, Lelo’s SenseMotion wireless controller mimics the vibrations found on the toy to a tee. Something that can lead to all sorts of interesting interactions whether you’re on your own or in a relationship. It’s also just interesting to feel what your partner might be going through at any moment.

While you can normally change the functions of the toy with traditional buttons, you can also use the SenseMotion technology and make the whole experience much more interactive.

My favorite SenseMotion option is the Shake mode as it allows for some pretty interesting possibilities.

The harder you shake the controller, the harder the vibrations get. So your partner or yourself could masturbate with the controller in hand, making the vibrations rise in intensity in unison as you go. It’s a very organic and pleasurable way to play whether you’re on your own or with someone else.

There’s also the Tilt mode, which raises the intensity of the vibrations the more you tilt the controller. Which kind of feels like you’re steering your SO’s ( or your own ) prostate. This is better for playing psychological games than actual play, but it’s a welcome addition none the less.



Featured art by Marie-Maxime Giguère