Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys for Oral Simulation Review

The 7 Best Vibrating Tongue Sex Toy Models For Oral Simulation

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Don’t you love the feeling of oral sex? Well, it’s time to simulate some tongue sex!

Wouldn’t you want to mimic that feeling on your own? Or maybe you just can’t get past the idea of having someone else’s mouth on your dirty bits but want to explore that experience with a toy? Whatever your reasoning, I tested a range of the flutter tongues on the market and can now present to you my findings.

Are these all of the flutter tongue toys available? Definitely not. There are plenty of terrible tongue simulators that aren’t worthy of your time and money. But these toys are different!

I can tell you it was a wild experience to go from having never tried out a tongue vibrator (apart from that one time I saw a vibrator that was made to be worn on your tongue in a sex shop, but that’s different) to gain an understanding of the range of experiences one can have with each of these different toys.

I squealed, I moaned, I feared for the safety of my clit and after much confusion, I’ve resurfaced to tell you what happened.


Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Pillow talk lusty review


Best budget & portable vibrating tongue sex toy 

Pillow Talk Lusty

best fluttering tongue sex toy: Fun factory Volita Review


Great small affordable teasing toy

Fun Factory Volita

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Inya the kiss review


Cheap & ergonomic vibrating tongue sex toy for teasing

Inya The Kiss

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Lovense Hyphy review


Amazingly powerful 2-in-1 vibrating dildo and oral simulator

Lovense Hyphy

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Zumio I review


Good Hyphy alternative for sensitive bits

Zumio I

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Inya triple delight review


Great realistic oral toy that sucks,  licks, & has a vibrator for a handle!

Inya Triple Delight

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Fun Factory VOLTA review


Most life-like & versatile vibrating tongue sex toy

Fun Factory VOLTA


Pillow Talk Lusty

      Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Pillow talk lusty review  

Gather round, glamour queens: this toy is for YOU!

The Lusty is a gorgeous, discreet tongue vibrator disguised as a girly lipstick with an amazingly satisfying fluttering tip.

The single button on the base is a Swarovski crystal of all things that lights up when you turn it on and flashes at increasingly higher frequency as you press it to gradually increase the intensity to exactly the speed you want rather than having to suddenly jump to the right intensity level. A quick press shuts it off.

I can’t wait for this style of control to become the norm! I find that gradual increases (and maybe someday, gradual decreases) to be so much more intuitive and when I tried it for the first time, my mind was completely blown by how amazing that gradual increase felt! It was an eye-rolling good time.

The flutter tip and shaft around it are made of a silky soft silicone that bends and stretches as you swirl it around your clit, or any other body part.

It even has some textured ridges at the base of the tip for extra grinding fun.

The tongue-shaped stimulator feels great with a light touch that enhances the fluttery feels, and the long strokes feel like playful licks. And if at any point you’d rather use a typical bullet-style vibrator, just pop on that lid and keep playing!

Powered by PowerBullet vibrations, this toy has luxuriously deep and rumbly vibrations.

It’s rechargeable and has a travel lock feature for when you’re on the go. Its small size fits into the smallest of purses and its disguise ensures that no one will be the wiser.

The one downside is that it takes 2 hours to charge and only has about an hour of playtime.

Fortunately, it’s so powerful and enjoyable that I doubt you’ll need a whole hour.


If you’re looking for glamorous, yet affordable, discreet fun for quick pleasure anywhere, this tongue sex toy will be your favorite addition to your purse or backpack!





Fun Factory Volita

  best fluttering tongue sex toy: Fun factory Volita Review     

This is such a flirty toy!

The Volita is the cuter baby cousin to the Volta ( more on this BAMF below ), known for its tongue-like flaps that tickle and tease both with and without vibrations.

If you’ve been thinking about getting the Volta but aren’t sure if you’ll like the style of sensations, try the Volita first. It’s a fraction of the cost with a very similar (though more narrow) tip.

Flirt with the Volita first, and if that leaves you begging for something stronger, you’ll know where to go to get it.

Paying less is great, but it means you sacrifice on function.

The Volita has only one speed (no patterns) and it’s a buzzier version of the lowest setting on the Volta. That means you don’t get to play with a range of options and you’ll have to upgrade to the Volta if you prefer those thick, rumbly vibrations.

The controls are also a bit finicky. If you’re just playing around and not putting any pressure on the handle, it will work smoothly. However, if you’re getting so turned on that you want to test out grinding onto it, beware. Applying pressure to the handle will often stop the vibrations in their tracks.

But the Volita’s vibrations are PERFECT for teasing nipples, clits or whatever body part you want with little, fluttery taps.

It’s basically a no-fuss tickle-wand. No wires or buttons to mess around with, just pop in a battery, twist the handle and you’re good to go!

For this reason, it’s best to keep this as a teaser toy rather than one to see you into the big O.


Overall, while not as mind-blowing as its big sister, the Volita is a darling little toy made for playful teasing fun. It’s a great way to test the waters and explore light vibrations with minimal investment and no fuss.

So if you’re in for a fun, buzzy tickler with straightforward controls at an affordable price point, this is a great starting point.





Inya The Kiss

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Inya the kiss review

The rose-shaped toys have made quite a splash in recent years and I do love how well they fit in the palm of your hand. They’re gorgeous and depending on the model, super fun!

This cute teaser feels feminine and sexy but might be best used as a part of your experience rather than leading the whole thing ( unless you’re pretty sensitive ).

There are 3 intensities and 7 patterns. I actually really like some of the patterns, but with only one button and 7 patterns, it does get a bit tedious switching between the settings.

The Kiss is splashproof, but not waterproof, so it’s not the greatest option for bath time, but it is still OK to use in the shower.

This vibrating tongue is really fun but only really works when you barely touch the skin.

So, if you like to mash your toys into your body, you might get frustrated with The Kiss. You can still press the tongue tip on your body to get a licking sensation, but the vibrations will totally stop.

The upside is that when you get the pressure just right, the fluttering is really satisfying and you can use the pressure to change the frequency of the tapping.


Despite its limitations, The Kiss is cute, fun, and very affordable.

If you don’t want to spend too much but just want a fluttery kiss toy with a decently sized tip to add to the mix, The Kiss is a great addition to your collection.





Lovense Hyphy

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Lovense Hyphy review

This was one of the first toys of the bunch I tried out, and it frightened me when I first got it. The tip is SO PRECISE!

If you want INTENSE stimulation on a VERY specific spot, this toy is the best I’ve seen.

Fortunately for me, it also comes with 3 different silicone heads to attach to the precise tip that helps to direct that concentrated energy in different ways.

My favorite is the long, tongue-like tip that flutters beautifully with a light touch and buzzes magically while pressing harder for more electric licks. There’s also a C-shaped head that snuggly holds small bits like nipples and clits to envelop them in intense vibrations. The round head is also divine for spreading out the vibes to a slightly larger, but still precise, area.

This is not a toy for the ultra-sensitive folks out there!

Hyphy is actually a slang word from California that honestly is really fitting for this toy. According to Wikipedia, an individual is said to “get hyphy” when they dance in an overstated, fast-paced, and in ridiculous manner, or if they get overloud with other people.

The Hyphy is a bit ridiculously fast-paced and does get a little overly loud on the high settings, but nothing a little music can’t overcome!

The lowest vibration settings are still quite intense, so be careful!

If you need to lead up to the tip a bit more gently, the lower motor in the handle has 3 speeds and 4 patterns that can be used both externally and internally (though not for the inside of butts) and covers a wider area so it diffuses the intensity nicely.

It only takes 75 minutes to charge and can be used for over 5 hours! The two motors offer a range from low to high frequency, though more on the buzzy end of the spectrum.

The buttons are designed in such a way that you can switch between the two motors and go forwards and backward through the speeds and patterns easily and with only two buttons! A red light flashes just above them both when the toy is in use, which I didn’t really find that useful or annoying, just like ‘huh, it’s flashing now. Cool?’.

This toy is waterproof, body safe, and can hook up to the Lovense app for remote-controlled pleasure from anywhere in the world.

So needless to say that it’s a perfect toy for long-distance partner play. 

Honestly, I just love this toy.


This mid-range affordable & versatile flappy tongue toy absolutely DELIVERS on intense and precise stimulation, with a bonus grinder/dildo vibrator AND long-distance features to add to the mix!

Do you want versatility? You got it!





Zumio I

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Zumio I review

There it is, the brand new updated Zumio, and…

This is not my toy. I don’t like how it feels, I don’t like how it’s designed and it doesn’t feel good to me. The buttons are tricky to find and when I press too hard, it shuts off.

However, I can see it being a fun time for a very different type of person.

The Zumio is made for pinpoint precision. 

Zumio is designed to be held like a pen, so it’s great for the studious and precise personalities among us. Like the Hyphy, it kind of looks like a dental tool, which may or may not play into your bedroom scenes. 

While the vibrations are intense and somewhat rumbly, this toy manages to be very efficient with its use of power. 

It also has a protective sheath for the top and a charging dock for the bottom.

Zumio boasts its SpiroTIP technology with its whirling motion rather than basic vibrations.

I can’t say I noticed much of a difference myself, but perhaps others might! Swirling motions do tend to be more enjoyable than straight back and forth or up and down motions.

Once sheathed, one could use the Zumio for vaginal penetration maybe a bit, though I’m not sure it’s what it was intended for, unlike the hyphy. I did try to turn the vibrator on with the cap over top and that was NOT a good idea — most definitely not whisper quiet with the cap on. To be honest, it wasn’t all that quiet compared to other toys without the cap on either.


If you like the idea of the Hyphy but want to take a step down in intensity, with design elements that prevent overstimulation, this toy might be perfect for you!

So if you want something softer than the Hyphy and like the pen-like build perfect for all those teachers eager to grade their partner’s body, this might be the toy for you!





Inya Triple Delight

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Inya triple delight review

This toy is WILD!

It has a flutter-tip tongue stimulator, an insertable vibrating handle, AND suction cups!

There’s a power button and one button for each of the triple features (and yes you can have all three going at once if you want).

The lower motor has 3 speeds and 5 patterns, while the upper motor has one constant flutter option and 7 patterns. There are a few suction settings and playing with the combinations of flutters and suctions can be A LOT of fun.

It’s totally waterproof, too, so it’s great for bath time. It’s rechargeable and takes 2 hours to charge for 90 minutes of play time.

I have wanted a toy that uses suction around my whole vulva for so long and this Triple Delight toy certainly delivers suction!

The suction was so intense that I actually got a little scared for a minute when I first tried it out. The suction is powerful and the clear cup allows you to see your bits being pulled up and released, which is a bit weird but might be hot in a strange way. It’s very alien-examination-y.

The handle end is a great option if you’re into penetration and has some fun ridges on there with a pretty firm feel.

I was more into the licking and sucking and I found that I could get a good groove of movement that actually mimicked oral sex pretty decently. You can even get a satisfying sound by breaking the seal every now and again for extra sloppy fun.

Overall, this was fantastic, though the tongue size was a bit out of reach with some suction cup angles. It’s been praised for its ample tongue size for less protruding genitals, but I guess it can still be a bit far depending on the angle you’re using and which cup shape works best for your body.


This is a bizarre yet incredibly realistic oral simulator that sucks, licks, AND has an insertable vibrating handle! 





Fun Factory VOLTA

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Fun Factory VOLTA review

I absolutely LOVE Fun Factory’s VOLTA!

(somehow it seems as though all caps are imperative, preferably spoken in a deep, rumbly yet silky voice)!

The VOLTA  is the most tongue-like toy of the bunch.

If you want to feel both the light fluttering of a wildly fast tongue tip as well as the expansive and deep touch of a wide, flat tongue, this is your toy.

This waterproof, body-safe, black silicone dream come true ( though it comes in other colors ) has not one but two tongue-like flaps, and they are perfectly spaced to gently caress and delicately flutter around your clit(or nips, or other protrusions).

With the right technique and some lube, this design allows you to mimic the feel of a mouth lightly closing around your vulva and firmly licking everywhere. The soft, flexible end is shaped like a life-sized tongue and feels just like a lover lapping you up greedily with the flat of their tongue.

It is divine!

The 6 speeds go from a gentle buzz to a powerful rumble and there are 6 patterns that actually succeeded at teasing me.

However, as someone who likes to grind hard into my toys, I found that I would have preferred the ridge to be a bit larger with a bit more distance from the buttons so as not to accidentally switch settings while grinding.

However, the buttons themselves are great! Easy to find, not too many and there’s an increase AND a decrease (always a fan of that feature).

The VOLTA is rechargeable, has a travel lock for stress-free flights, and has a tiny carbon footprint.

One reason that this toy is so incredible is its versatility.

The design works with all sorts of bodies and many sorts of parts and an intersex person even created a beautiful and thorough review complete with graphics of how one might use it with intersex genitalia. Check out the always-great Queer Mushroom Forest for that review!


The Volta provides the most realistic tongue sex toy experience on the market so far! And I wouldn’t expect less from good old German engineering!

All in all, this is a versatile teaser for all your floppy tongue needs.





The one that didn’t make the cut: Maia Novelties’ Destiny

Best Fluttering Tongue Sex Toys: Maia Destiny review

This is the most confusing toy of the bunch. Which surprised me as it is rather popular. My bet is people who like this one had really nothing to compare it to.

You see, I had trouble figuring out the best way to use it.

Because of the placement of the blow hole, I couldn’t really grind on it in a prone position without interfering with the suction. When I was on my back, the most pleasurable position put the buttons in a spot that made changing gears really awkward. When I tried to use the handle for grinding and penetration, it really wasn’t working for me.

The tongue shape and suction hole placement suggested holding it with the handle down, but using it that way felt nearly impossible. The handle looks like it was made for penetration and yet the shape really didn’t work for me at all.

The suction was really intense….at first.

The first few times I tried it, the suction was so intense, with no preprogrammed release, that it got a bit scary with the buttons being so unreachable. It kind of hurt.

Then I tried it again a few days later and the suction was so weak I couldn’t tell if it was on or not. I thought maybe it was just low on power, so I recharged it but that didn’t fix it. It now just doesn’t suck anymore, which perhaps is a blessing in disguise because there are a lot of reviews online warning people that this isn’t safe because the suction is too intense. Fortunately, they offer a 1 year warranty so if I really wanted to get a new one, I could.


Though affordable and offering powerful suction with a small, buzzy tongue tip, I just couldn’t make this one work.

For me, this toy isn’t worth it and I’m not really sure who this toy is made for or how you’re supposed to use it. Maybe if you’re really into torture during partner play where your partner is in control of the buttons?





Lick Me With Your Robot Tongue

This group was a lot of fun to explore and I’m loving how unique each toy really was.

I can see these all having their place in your pleasure chest (except for maybe one or two). Some felt realistic and most felt robotically super-charged!

Hopefully, this gave you a good idea of what to expect from these toys to help guide you to the right toy for yourself.

It really is a wonder how far we’ve come in the industry. Every year, we get better and more diverse toys to extend our range of sensations.

Whatever feeling you’re after, chances are you can find it.

We would like to thank Lovense, Fun Factory, Peepshow Toys, & Shevibe for sending us some of the toys included in this review. This roundup wouldn’t’ve been possible without their help!