Bluechew review and comparison

A BlueChew Review From a Guy Who’s Tested ED Meds for a Living

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Most of my readers know by now that I’ve had my start in the sex-ed business working in sex shops.

During those formative years, I’ve sampled countless products to better inform my clients. It’s something that was heavily encouraged in our work culture! You have to know what you’re talking about after all, especially when the health of your clients might depend on it.

There isn’t a suction cup, motor, or material that I haven’t put to the test. I probably drank gallons worth of flavored lubes in order to find the best-tasting ones.

If you showed up on a dead day, you’d be bound to stumble upon some kind of kinky science experiment. Let’s just say that this job was way more entertaining than my previous office jobs!

But we didn’t only sell dildos and lube at the old sin bin, you see… ED (erectile dysfunction) tablets were a huge seller, and it would’ve been straight-up irresponsible to suggest these guys without giving them a shot!  

I essentially tested sketchy OTC boner meds for a living

The owner of the shop would always give us samples of our most popular sellers. This was in part to teach us how to better suggest them but also to convince us that these sketchy OTC ( over-the-counter ) alternatives to Viagra & Cialis actually worked… as they weren’t exactly prescription sex pills. 

As you might’ve expected, it wasn’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows.

Most of the time, the popular effective ones would get pulled off the shelves after a few months because the authorities, through testing, would find that they actually used the active ingredients in Cialis (tadalafil) and Viagra (sildenafil) instead of just using the “natural ingredients” shown on the back of the box. 

These sketchy ED pills not only routinely lied about what was in the box, but they also came with a host of strange side effects.

Unwanted Side effects of non-prescription ED meds

I’ve had some of my worst headaches on these ED pills and I’m not even prone to them.

My girlfriend even reported that they made me smell weird, and she usually loved my natural body odor!

Erections & horniness were definitely present at the party but usually came with an overall uneasiness. Feeling dizzy, disoriented, sweaty, and/or nauseous wasn’t all that uncommon. And I usually didn’t take as large of a dose as some of my regular clients!  

Any of the desired effects most likely came from the Sildenafil or Tadalafil not mentioned in the ingredient list… and god knows what else they put in there.

Then there was this famous case where, NBA player and former husband of Khloé Kardashian, Lamar Odom collapsed at a brothel after ingesting a bunch of “Herbal Viagra”.

If these guys can put an NBA player on life support, there’s no telling what kind of harm they could do to us mere mortals!

Why do men with ED turn to dangerous OTC pills?

Worst yet was that most of the guys that came for our ED pills actually had a genuine form of Erectile Dysfunction. My clients weren’t just looking for a boost for a fun night out.

But the embarrassment of talking to a doctor or even just having these prescriptions at home would end up making them feel like less of a man. No matter how normal and common ED is in men.

You see, there’s a lot of shame surrounding sexual male issues.

This coupled with the fact that most men would rather try to solve their medical conditions on their own rather than seeking professional help can definitely make for a dangerous combination.  

The rise of generic ED medications

Thankfully, in the past few years, patents around Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra started loosening up, leading to a loss of exclusivity on their active ingredients. A transition that gave room for all sorts of generic alternatives and services to flourish.

One of these services, BlueChew was clearly on the rise as I couldn’t watch any of my favorite podcasts without getting an ad read for them.

bluechew review

Removing the need to meet a physician in person sounded like a genius idea as this could genuinely help the countless men who would typically buy sketchy “herbal” Viagra out of shame or straight-up convenience.

But this wasn’t the only service of its kind. What made them so special to me is the chewable form factor BlueChew’s tablets came in.

So you can probably guess by now that when BlueChew personally reached out to me for a review, I jumped on it right away!

So is BlueChew any good?

As a guy who’s tried tons of sketchy over-the-counter boner pills and as someone who is familiar with the target audience, I feel like I’m in the perfect spot to do a BlueChew review.

This is the real stuff, straight Sildenafil ( ingredient found in Viagra ), Tadalafil ( generic Cialis ), and Vardenafil ( ingredient found in Levitra ). No strange secret recipe, pure, medical-grade ED tablets, people! And as a proponent of silicone & stainless steel toys, you know how I feel about that medical-grade sex stuff.

So while I thought my sexual guinea pig days were over, I’m back in the saddle again, baby!

Here’s how my experience with BlueChew‘s tablets turned out:


Right off the bat, I’m into it. 

There’s nothing about BlueChew‘s packaging that screams “Erection Chewables inside!”. Hell, the main pouch doesn’t even mention the active ingredients.

So if holding onto a very recognizable Cialis or Viagra prescription makes you feel uncomfortable, know that you could very well leave this one out in the open and not raise any eyebrows.

Bluechew Review: Packaging front main pouch Bluechew Review: Packaging back main pouch

Inconspicuous and nicely designed ( graphic designer speaking here ), you’ll find a big BlueChew logo on the front and two little warnings on the back. ” Do not exceed one dose every 24 hours” and “Do not take with nitrates”. 

Once you open the main pouch, you’ll be met with individually wrapped tablets, which is awesome in my opinion. Thanks to this, it’s quite easy to just throw a chewable or two in your pocket or in your wallet’s condom compartment and just hit town.

No loose boner pills in a Ziploc or tablet bag, and no sketchiness!

Bluechew Review: Packaging front Bluechew Review: Packaging back

The individual wrappers do mention the Sildenafil ( or whatever option you went for ) & the dosage in the back, but there’s still no mention of erectile dysfunction or anything like that.

So unless you exclusively date doctors, no one should notice a thing.

Ingestion & Taste

First of all, I was a little surprised when I first saw the tablet itself. Because of the name, I was sort of expecting some kind of gum or jelly that I would have to chew on for a while as it takes effect. But nope, it’s actually a standard chewable hard tablet that simply dissolves in a second once chewed on! 

While I’m a huge gum fan, I did end up preferring this method of administration.  2 – 3 chomps are more than enough to fully obliterate and dissolve the pill in your mouth, so it’s super quick to ingest on the go. Plus, how awkward would it be if your potential partner for the night wanted a “gum/mint” as well?

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the taste.

First off, let’s just say that chewable tablets aren’t always … fun to eat. Medicine just isn’t tasty. But here it’s really not all that bad! There’s a fruitiness and sweetness that camouflages the bitter medicine quite well.

Taste is really no big deal here and next time I give it a shot I definitely won’t brace for impact. On the grimace meter, I’d give it a solid 2 grimaces out of 10!  

While I didn’t get to taste their new Vardenafil variant, apparently this one is mint flavored. And we all know boners and fresh breath go hand-in-hand ( especially for our partner’s sake ).

BlueChew Side Effects Experience ( Sildenafil )

This was the part I was most afraid of. As mentioned above, OTC ED pills gave me a host of nasty side effects.

What I was most worried about was the headaches as they are pretty common even with straight Sildenafil …and I was already known to be prone to some particularly mean headaches on the OTC crap.

Well, I’m glad to say that I didn’t get a headache at all! I don’t know if it’s because herbal ED medications tend to mix natural ingredients that don’t agree with the unmarked Sildenafil, but with BlueChew’s Sildenafil, I didn’t feel a thing!

Now it’s important to mention that I only take 1 chewable ( you can take up to 2 ) so there’s no telling how I’d react to that. But if you end up being prone to headaches as well, taking your BlueChew tablet in tandem with ibuprofen or aspirin should considerably reduce those negative effects. Alternatively, Bluechew Tadalafil has less of a chance of inducing headaches as well.

Otherwise, there’s really nothing huge to report.

At the peak, I did notice a bit of warmth in my arms and feet. A kind of sensation that is very similar to the feeling you get after drinking a shot of booze. It was actually quite pleasant and nothing like the profuse blushing and sweating I would experience on over-the-counter erection meds.

My girlfriend also confirmed that it didn’t change my body odor at all like it did with those crappy OTC tablets! And anything that won’t make her feel like she’s banging a smelly stranger is a big plus in our book!

But does BlueChew work?

This is what you came all here for and I’m sorry I kept you all waiting.

I gotta admit something… the first time I tried, nothing really happened. But then, after a quick google search, I realized that it was entirely my fault as I took the sex pill with the biggest meal you’ve probably ever seen!

Turns out, Sildenafil is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. Taking the pill 2-3 hours after a meal is usually the best way to go as a full stomach will essentially cut the dosage in half.

But once I did it right, boy did these chewable blue pills work!

Once I chewed on these blue chews, the smallest things would get me going. My junk would wake right up just from sitting a little funny. I felt like a teenager again and my fear of bus ride vibrations came back to me like a bad dream.

Plus, once it was on, it was on. My eager pants dweller didn’t want to go back to its old laid-back self and if he did, it didn’t take much to get him going again. 

Just don’t be a dummy like me and remember to take it on an empty stomach. Wait 30 to 60 minutes and you should be ready to get it on!

Bluechew VS Roman VS Hims

Right now, there are a few services offering Sildenafil, Vardenafil & Tadalafil legally through the web. All of these sites kind of work in the same way. You answer a quick questionnaire that is reviewed by licensed medical providers and poof, you get your prescription ( if you’re eligible, of course ).

Roman & Hims work just as well since Sildenafil and Tadalafil function the same way no matter which brand name you slap on it.

I’m pretty confident you can’t go wrong with them either, especially if you prefer going with a more traditional pill.

But BlueChew is the only one offering tablets in a chewable form, which was surprisingly convenient.

A big advantage of being chewable is that you don’t have to hunt for a glass of water whenever it’s time to spring into action. The chewable form also makes it much more inconspicuous on the go.

Plus, folks who need pills to be crushed to be able to ingest them can now just leave their grinders at home. And if you’re anything like me, the less crap I have to carry, the better!

BlueChew offers pure generic Cialis, generic Viagra, and generic Levitra with the only difference being that the ingestion method is way more convenient! So I’d say it’s even better than the OG branded stuff.

On the other hand, while BlueChew for men specializes in ED, Roman & Hims offers all sorts of medications unrelated to erectile dysfunction as well. So if you’re struggling with multiple male health issues, you might find it more convenient to buy everything in one place with one of these alternatives. So when it comes to Hims or Roman VS Bluechew, that’s the only argument I can find for the competition.

Still, while all of these services are great, if I personally had to choose, I’d probably still go with BlueChew just for the convenience of the chewable pill. Plus, since their entire focus in on ED, you’ll probably get a better customer service experience as well!


Frequently Asked Questions

Ever since I originally posted my BlueChew review, I’ve received quite a few recurring questions through our e-mail form. 

For every e-mail I receive, I know there are countless folks too shy to hit me up for the same exact questions, so I thought I’d answer them here instead for everyone else to see! 

Now, remember: I am but a mere sex-positive advocate, educator, and sex toy connoisseur and by no means a doctor. This is for informational purposes only and not for self-diagnosis! Talk to your doctor and/or BlueChew‘s licensed medical providers if you have any questions or worries!

How long does BlueChew take to work?

No matter which Chewable you go for ( Sildenafil, Tadalafil, or Vardenafil ) it’ll take about an hour to take effect.

Now, if you take a large/fatty meal, it can definitely slow down Sildenafil from taking effect… which is what happened to me on my first try! Fatty meals can also cancel out the effects of Vardenafil.  On the other hand, Bluechew Tadalafil can be taken with food without any issues.  

Keep in mind that you need to be sexually excited for the pills to actually work their magic! 

How long does BlueChew last?

This is entirely dependent on the Chewable you pick:

BlueChew’s Sildenafil & Vardenafil last for about 4 to 6 hours, so it’s good to consider your “sex window” carefully! Thankfully, the chewable form allows you to take the Tablet whenever you might need it.

I like to take it as I’m leaving dinner/parties/bars or paying for my bill! This way by the time we get anywhere near a bed and get the formalities out of the way, the effects should be kicking right in!

BlueChew’s Tadalafil on the other hand stays in your bloodstream for about 24 to 36 hours so it is perfect for those situations where you’re unsure when you’ll be getting down to business! Take this before heading out and you should be able to perform even the next morning if timed well enough!

Does BlueChew make you bigger?

If by “bigger” you mean “not flaccid”, absolutely! Silliness aside, no this isn’t a “make your dick bigger overnight” pill you’ve heard all about in your spam folder. Spoiler alert: Such pills just don’t exist.

However, ED pills can give you fuller erections, which in turn can make your dick bigger than usual when hard. This is especially true if your erection quality isn’t optimal in the first place. Have you ever had one of those erections that surprised even you? Well ED meds definitely increase the chance of getting more of those.

Now if you want to find more ways to get healthy erections, head on over to our no-bullshit ED guide!

If you’re looking for a way to actually bulk up your junk, you could also go check out our in-depth article on Pumping.

Does BlueChew make you last longer?

Again, like with the previous question, it’s not exactly that kind of pill. Plus, pills that would make you last longer would most likely affect your sexual performance, along with a host of side effects. 

Still, on these pills, the ability to keep going post-ejaculation is definitely there, so you could easily go multiple rounds if you have to! Which is just as good in my opinion.

While I’m not a huge fan of desensitizing spray ( not feeling the sex kinds of beats the purpose and there’s always a chance it’ll rub off on your partner, which will in turn make sex suck for them as well ) I do cover some pretty awesome natural methods for lasting longer over here!

Can I take 2 BlueChew Tablets?

This is a question for BlueChew‘s licensed medical providers and your personal doctor as needs & risks can vary wildly from person to person. Still, their dosages are made in a way that if you take 2 of their tablets you should land right under the maximum dosage that is usually prescribed.

For example, Sildenafil prescriptions can range from 25mg to 100mg with the usual dose being around 50mg. I got the 30mg version of their tablets, so technically, yes, it would be safe to use 2 tablets. Their highest dosage is 45mg which still should land you in the safe zone if you do need to take 2. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll need it so I would still test the waters with 1 chewable before making the jump.

You should still talk to a professional before making these decisions on your own as self-medicating is never a great idea!

Is BlueChew Safe?

The way BlueChew‘s tablets are dosed and plans are structured, safety is pretty much embedded in the service. Licensed medical providers also provide an extra layer of safety before making the jump. The meds provided by BlueChew are also very commonly prescribed drugs with plenty of studies backing them up.

Now, if you’re at risk of heart attacks, strokes, congestive heart failure, unstable angina, low blood pressure, or uncontrolled high blood pressure, these should be strictly avoided. If you are currently taking meds, these could also interact badly with ED tablets.

Lastly, while Sildenafil, Tadalafil, & Vardenafil are generally safe to use on their own, they should never be mixed. Thankfully, BlueChew‘s plans don’t allow for more than one chewable type at a time. Like I said before, safety is embedded in the service!

As with anything, allergic reactions are also possible, so if you feel any allergy symptoms you should get emergency medical help ASAP!

Now if you still have any worries, know that these risks will be assessed before you get your plan.

BlueChew Side Effects

Side effects are pretty similar between all 3 chewables offered by BlueChew: Headaches, flushing, back & muscle pain, and upset stomachs are all common side effects.  

Vardenafil & Sildenafil can also give you a runny or stuffed nose while Tadalafil can cause nose or throat irritations.

This is usually nothing to worry about unless these evolve into something more extreme or if you end up with a painful erection that lasts longer than 4 hours. If this happens or if you feel any health conditions mentioned in the “Is BlueChew Safe?” section flare up, you should immediately get emergency medical help.

What BlueChew should I choose?

This is a hard one to answer as everyone reacts differently to medications. The best way to know is really to try them! Thankfully, BlueChew is pretty helpful and lenient when it comes to experimentation.

Sildenafil is the oldest kid on the block with tons of studies backing it up. It’s best taken on an empty stomach and perfect if you need a smaller window ( 4 to 6 hours ) for action.

It’s especially useful if you need to show up to work the next day and don’t want the slightest hint of booty getting you started in the workplace!

Vardenafil is extremely similar to the above. Though there’s some evidence that it is less affected by alcohol. Still, you should keep in mind that alcohol itself can cause ED and also aggravate some of the common side effects.

Some studies also point out to Vardenafil being more effective for diabetics than other ED tablets.

Tadalafil offers a much bigger window of action ( up to 36 hours ). So it’s perfect if you’re more of a weekend sack warrior. It’s also a great option if you’re planning on sleeping over and needing to be ready for some potential morning sex!

Food also won’t affect the effectiveness of the medicine, though alcohol can reduce its effects.

The main disadvantage here is that, if you suffer from side effects, these will last as long as the window of action. 

Closing notes

As a guy who’s had countless clients looking for ED solutions that would bypass having to go through awkward doctor visits, I’m ecstatic that online prescription services like BlueChew now exist. Over-the-counter ED meds are just not worth the risks and side effects anymore.

Plus, BlueChew is more effective and cheaper than most of these alternatives anyway. So if you’re looking for cheap Viagra or cheap Cialis and want to avoid sketchy back alley sellers or mystery “herbal pills”, you’ll definitely get a good deal here… And that’s without counting the fact that if you go through us you’ll get a free sample / first order, so it doesn’t get much cheaper than that!

What’s more, you won’t even have to go through embarrassing encounters with sex shop and/or gas station clerks for some sketchy boner pills… or get scammed over some counterfeit Viagra!

All in all, BlueChew offers straight medicine in a convenient & inconspicuous, and chewable form factor, no secret recipe, and no weirdness with your family doctor!

So there’s absolutely no anxiety attached to chewing on a blue chew from BlueChew! 

BlueChew is offering our audience 20$ off your first order, which means it’ll be entirely free! So click here to get your free sample / first month.