Best penis pumps and how to use them

The Best Penis Pumps for E.D. & P.E. and How to Use Them

Dick pumps are probably as iconic as they are misunderstood… which is exactly where we thrive here at Tabooless!

Back in my sex shop days, when I was nothing but a budding dildo dealer, I would often get swamped with questions on the subject. So if you ever have any inquiries or if you’re looking to get rid of some misconceptions, I’m here to help, baby!


Best Penis Pumps: Blush Performance Pumps review


Best entry-level penis pumps

Blush Performance Penis Pumps

Best Penis Pumps: Leluv Pumps review


Best mid-range dick pumps

Leluv Pumps

Best Penis Pumps: bathmate hydromax review


Most controversial yet fun and still useful water pumps

Bathmate Hydromax

Best Penis Pumps: L.A. Pump review


Best penis pump overall that will last you a lifetime

L.A. Pump

What do penis pumps do?

Penis Pumps are mainly used for two different things:

Erectile dysfunction ( E.D. ) treatment as pumps can give you an artificial erection when coupled with a cock ring. It can also improve blood flow to your member as well as be a great tool for penile rehabilitation post radical prostatectomy.  

Don’t believe me? Nearly half of our Pump customers were actually sent by their Doctors ( They call them Vacuum Erection Devices or VEDs back in the medical world ) to either rehab or deal with loss of erection in a mechanical way that wouldn’t require the constant use of pills.

So this is a medically backed device, folks!

Penis enlargement ( P.E. ) since pumping at a certain level can leave lasting results.

In most cases, you should see this method like the Gym. You can get better and better gains as you gradually improve but if you stop for an extended period of time, you will lose most of the gains. So it’s good to have a maintenance routine once you’ve reached your goals ( just like the gym! ).

Still, even the improved blood flow itself can help in getting fuller erections, giving the appearance of a larger piece. So not all work is lost here. 

Do Penis Pumps really work?

In the case of E.D., they absolutely work since, as mentioned above, they are often prescribed by doctors for that exact purpose. And they work whether you’re trying to nurse your dick back to health OR as a Viagra alternative when erections have become impossible and you don’t want to / can’t rely on meds.

In the case of increasing size: yes, penis pumps can make you bigger.  

Most of your gains will be in the girth department with length coming in second ( though if you ask most bottoms and receivers, girth is what makes the most difference! ).

There are other manual methods to gaining size ( jelqing, clamping, etc ), but since they can’t be properly measured, they can easily lead to injuries. Plus, they require more work and time and won’t come with the satisfying early ( but fleeting ) gains of that pumps have to offer.

Pumps are just more fun overall anyway!

Now when it comes to whether you can get permanent gains, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence on dedicated subreddits and message boards that points toward these gains being possible. Though in most cases, it’s from users who have been pumping for about 2 to 3 years at the least before getting some real lasting effects that don’t require maintenance to keep.

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

The methods for using pumps vary wildly from end goal to end goal.

No matter what is your reason for pumping, you do need to use lube to avoid blistering and to create a good seal. In this case, I do suggest using a good water-based lube! This is especially true if you attach a sleeve to your pump.

For penile rehab:

  1. You should slowly pump until your penis is fully engorged.
  2. Keep the pump on for about 10-15 minutes.
  3. Once the time is up, press the release valve and slip out of your pump.
  4. Repeat this process twice a day

This process should help keep your normal penis size & blood flow post-prostatectomy!

For artificial erections:

  1. First, take a cock ring and wrap it around the base of your pump.
  2. Now slip in and pump until you reach a full erection.
  3. Once you are erected, slip the cock ring off the base of the tube and onto the base of your shaft.
  4. Release pressure, and slip out!

You should be able to keep your erection as long as the cock ring is on. Do keep in mind that you should not wear it for more than 30 minutes at a time since fresh oxygenated blood is mandatory for penis health! If you need more time, take the ring off, shake it off, and repeat the above pumping sequence.

For getting bigger:

  1. You will need to start with the right size of cylinder ( optimally, you need a tube that’s about 0.15 to 0.25 larger than your penis’ diameter ) and keep upping the size this way as you get bigger. A tube too small won’t give you space to grow, while a tube too big will apply most of its pressure around your pubic area… or worst, suck your balls right in!!
  2. Use a warm soaked towel or some kind of heating pad ( you don’t want it piping hot, it has to be comfortable to handle for a minute or so against your skin ) to warm up your penis.
  3. As opposed to the E.D. methods, go into the pump already erected.
  4. Pump until you reach the optimal pressure you can handle without any type of pain ( Aim to work your way up to 5 – 7 hg for the best gains ) 
  5. Now stay under pressure for a maximum of 10 – 20 minutes per set and you should aim for a total of 20 to 60 minutes total when accumulating all sets. ( For example: 2 x 10 minutes for a total beginner to 5 x 20 minutes for a pro )
  6. Between sets, release the pressure, get out of the pump, and give your little guy a bit of a massage before going back in!
  7. Take a well-deserved rest day after a pumping day. Your day off is when you do the actual growing!

Try not to go above the time and pressure outlined here as this could lead to injuries or simply stop any kind of growth and just give your member unnecessary stress!

Once you are happy with your final size, you can do your pumping routine only 3 times a month to maintain your gains.

Are Penis Pumps Safe?

If you use a pump with a pressure gauge and stay under 8 hg of pressure, use a release valve before coming out of your pump, and avoid pain, pumping should be pretty safe overall. 

A true dick saver

Most injuries come from misuse of the product, or being overeager to progress, so please go gradually.

Of course, if it’s only used as an E.D. tool, you don’t have much to worry about.

Any kind of injuries, even if minor should be followed with a week to a month off to recover. But if you don’t see any signs of improvement, you should definitely see a doctor.

Remember, pain is your enemy here, so if you feel any kind of pain, this means you’ve either gone too far with the pressure, time under pressure or you haven’t followed the instructions properly! So work your way up slowly, as you would in the gym!


Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here are the best penis pumps, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

Blush Performance Pumps

Best Penis Pumps: Blush Performance Pumps review

Though there are many cheaper options, for a good pump you need a minimum of 3 features: A pressure gauge, a release valve, and a nice range of cylinder sizes.

…And this is the most affordable option to feature all of these things! Which is no surprise as Blush is the king of the cheap but good.

The cool thing about the Performance range of pumps is that it comes with full kits as well as offering separate parts so you can build your own, which is super rare amongst budget offerings.

Plus, these should also fit on most pump cylinders, Blush or not!

They also sell extra accessories, like sleeves for a better seal, with some even mimicking real orifices, if you do need that kind of “motivation”.

For a cheap option, it’s also nice to see that there’s a quick release, which allows you to disconnect the pump part while retaining pressure. An awesome feature that’ll allow you to have less stuff attached to you during your time under pressure. 

Of course, at that price, not everything is perfect.

Acrylic tubes have a much higher tendency to crack and lose integrity in the process. 

This isn’t a big deal if you’re using a pump for penis enlargement and are progressing quickly through tubes before you get a chance to wear them down.

But if you’re using the pump mostly for E.D. or rehab, you will tend to use the same tube for long periods of time. Therefore, you’ll most likely have to replace the cylinder in the long run. A thing that could make your “smaller” investment much larger than it should over time, especially for a budget option.

Lastly, the performance pumps don’t have a huge range of cylinder sizes to pick from. So they might leave you with less optimal cylinder sizes between certain sizes. 

Rest assured though as Leluv, L.A. Pumps, and Blush cylinders are all interchangeable!


These are great affordable beginner pumps for those trying to get them dick gains since they come with everything you might need at a cheap price!

But if you’re into this for E.D. or rehab, the acrylic cylinders do have a tendency to crack under extended pressure so this might end up costing you more in the long run as you replace the cylinders. An issue that P.E. folks won’t run into as much if they’re rapidly progressing through bigger and bigger tubes.





Leluv Pumps

Best Penis Pumps: Leluv Pumps review

Though the features are identical to the Blush pumps ( Gauge, release valve, quick release, etc ), Leluv Pumps are slightly pricier than the above due to their higher-quality components.

So if you need a rundown of the features, just read the previous entry!

But the one thing Leluv has that Blush doesn’t is the large variety of color choices. So if you’re trying to match function with aesthetics, this is the mid-range pump for you.

The biggest selling point here is just the sheer amount of tube sizes to pick from. 

Leluv offers around 26 sizes while Blush only sells 5! So for people looking to use pumps for penis enlargement, they’ve got you fully covered here.

Though being nearly identical to the Blush Performance pumps does mean that they suffer from similar issues.

The most important thing being that the acrylic cylinders can break over time. Making these more expensive in the long run if you’re only using them for rehab or erectile dysfunction. But then again, if you’re progressing through cylinders in your penis enlargement journey, you’ll most likely won’t have to deal with this issue.

Either way, Leluv and L.A. Pump cylinders are entirely interchangeable if you ever want to upgrade!



These are just a step above the Blush performance pumps. They offer better components and wayyyyy more cylinder sizes to pick from, making this option the optimal budget alternative for those pumping for size.

Still, like the performance pumps, they might not be the best option for E.D. and Rehab as the acrylic cylinders aren’t super durable after months or wear and tear. And you will most likely have to replace your cylinder at some point, greatly raising the price of your budget pump. 




Bathmate’s Hydromax

Best Penis Pumps: bathmate hydromax review

There it goes, my most controversial pick! Especially amongst people who are in it for penis enlargement! 

But read on, because even those who are into P.E. might have something to gain from my dildo-dealing insights…

The main issue with this pump ( which I agree with ) is that these do not come with a gauge, so they rely way more on feel than the above options.

It’s a bit baffling that Bathmate hasn’t come out with a model with one after over a decade of being on the market, but what can you do other than complain on your sex toy review blog? But I digress!

So if you’re going to use that pump you will indeed have to rely on sensation and avoid any pain the best you can to keep things safe. Still, because of its main appeal ( more of this in a second ), it’s also easy to overdo the pressure. So undershooting pressure-wise isn’t a crazy idea either.

The main appeal of these pumps is that they aren’t air pumps, they are water pumps!

This means that you can use nice and warm water in the pump and combine your cleaning routine with your pumping routine!

The water allows for a more even pressure being applied to your member, something that can really only be sort of achieved with perfectly sized cylinders when it comes to normal air pumps.

Using warm water also allows for better comfortable expansion of your tissues. This is exactly why in my instructions in the intro I mention warming up with a warm towel pre-training. 

So all things considered, these pumps are still great for rehab and E.D. but what about those who are into Penis enlargement?

Before using a pump for penis enlargement, you need to reach an erection AND warm up yourself up with a hot compress, right?

Well, these water pumps can easily do all that for you, no porn and hot towels required! So if you have the funds, this is probably the best warm-up device you can get!

Sure, you could use these pumps for your entire P.E. routine, but it’s a bit hard to measure your progress and safety without a gauge and going by feeling alone. It’s also very easy to overdo the pressure since the warm water makes everything more comfortable. So I wouldn’t suggest it for folks with no prior experience, who won’t really know what normal healthy pressure feels like.

Of course, these devices are pricey, and since you have to replace the entire unit if you need something bigger, this device isn’t for those looking to save some cash, especially when it comes to P.E.



The Bathmates are probably the most fun and comfortable water devices for those looking for a pump for rehab or E.D.

But the lack of a gauge does make it more tricky if you’re planning on using it strictly for penis enlargement as you will have to rely on sensation alone to stay in a safe zone. Still, it can be a tremendous warm-up device for pre-air pump workouts as it’ll bring you to erection AND warm your penis in one go before a workout!





L.A. Pump

Best Penis Pumps: L.A. Pump review

Ahhh there it is, the Cadillac of dicks pumps.

L.A. Pumps is hands down the best pick whether you’re looking for a device for E.D., rehab, or P.E.! 

They offer the best durable components, tons of accessories, cylinder sizes, and anything you might ever need on your future adventures with your greedy downstairs neighbor!

The best part? The heavy-duty glass cylinders that’ll last you a lifetime… unless you’re big on spiking your glassware like a football, of course. 

Plus, their pumps are compatible with all sorts of vacuum tubes for men, women, trans men, nipples, bums, you name it!

If you’re going to be using a device for E.D. & Rehab only, this is probably the best investment here (along with the above Bathmate) as one cylinder will be enough for you and it won’t break over time like the acrylic cylinders in the budget options.

If you’re into pumps for penis enlargement and you have the funds this is also your best option as you’ll probably never have to replace the cylinders or hand pumps.

Plus, if anything DOES break, L.A. Pump covers your purchases for up to a year! And you won’t get that from those other above brands!


These are simply the best penis pumps on the market. It’s really all thanks to their high-quality components and very durable glass cylinders.

So if you’re looking for a device that’ll last you a  lifetime and don’t want to be replacing parts well into your old age. This is the best starting (and ending) investment you can make!

Otherwise, it’s a great place to buy your upgrades to your cheap pumps as most parts are entirely interchangeable between Blush, Leluv, and L.A. Pumps.