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Material Girl: Putting Quartz, Steel, & Porcelain Sex Toys to the Test

When I first started investigating dildos, the options seemed limited. I only saw silicone or plastic, neither of which particularly appealed to me.

I found glass, and that VERY much appealed to me! (Check out my previous article on glass dildos here.) But why stop there? Why not explore the wide world of alternative materials?

My first non-silicone love <3

Here at Tabooless, we dipped our toes in and I tested some truly excellent pieces anyone would be lucky to have in their collection! I’ve got the detailed descriptions and pros and cons you’ve been looking for right here.


What materials did you test out?

Glad you asked!


I couldn’t get my hands on any wooden phalluses as they were all sold out when we were preparing for this article, but they really piqued my curiosity.

They’re lightweight, gorgeous, and full of puns— I mean, fun.

Meanwhile, if the idea of wooden cocks rubs you the right way, might I suggest NobEssence.

They’re an award-winning company making exquisite products that last a lifetime! ( As you can see, they were included in the featured image as a form of wishful thinking, and as soon as they’re available, an update will be in order! )

I also would have liked to try out different types of stone wands to see how they compare to one another. Moonstone seems like it would be different from granite, right? And what about jade? Perhaps in a future article or update!

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Désirables Dalia Porcelain G-spot dildo

Desirables dalia Review


Made in Montreal, Canada, the Dalia is an absolutely gorgeous work of art. I would put it on my shelf next to some black stones and scented candles.

It comes with a little booklet that I had mixed feelings about. They had great descriptions of the design elements, safety & cleaning, and even lots of great tips and suggestions for healthy relationships and more satisfying sex. There were instructions for Kegel exercises and even a diagram of the clitoris! But there were a lot of translation errors that I found hard to overlook. It helped to imagine a sexy francophone speaking and making cute little, unintentional errors.

They also give you a sexy, red cloth pouch to keep it in when you’re not using it. I love all these little toy pouches. They remind me of tarot cards because I keep all my decks in cloth to protect their energies from the outside world. Perhaps these pouches are protecting the sexy vibes.

The Experience

The toy itself scared me. It weighed almost nothing! It seemed so delicate and I was terrified of breaking it. (Fortunately, they have an “Oops” policy for the first 5 years and will replace it in exchange for a picture of the broken Dalia.) But, just as with the glass toys I tested, ceramic toys are made to be durable. I mean, don’t drop them, but for your average play session, there’s no need to worry.

Once I relaxed a bit more, I found it to be a unique experience. The texture is smooth, yet with a bit of soft resistance, very much like skin but significantly harder. Add some lube, and you can really get into its soft, feathery touch.

Because of its light weight, the Dalia is wonderful for gentle, sensual outer play. I could lie there for hours just gently massaging my clit, but there’s so much more to this toy.

The girthy end took me by surprise and I definitely had to work up to it. It’s a sensation that I’m still a bit undecided about. One thing that is a definite plus is that because of how large the difference is between the largest point and the narrowest, it stays put. Other toys would fall out if I wanted to change positions, but not the Dalia. She held her position with grace and poise.

The smaller end was actually a fair bit more fun for my body. The angles just WORKED, and so did my hand. Because this toy is so light and airy, I couldn’t just leave half the work to gravity. I actually had to put a bit of force to my movements. So, if you’re playing with a heavy-handed partner, this toy might be a good option while your partner works on their dexterity.

Care & Cleaning

Use a sex toy cleaner or mild detergent to wash the Dalia by hand, and dry with a soft cloth. Don’t put it in the dishwasher like you would with some other materials.

If you want to give it a good, thorough cleaning, you can put it in a pot of water and bring it to a boil, let it boil for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat. Let it cool in the water for 30 minutes before taking it out. This toy is sensitive to thermal shock, so try not to expose it to excessive heat or cold. Especially not one right after the other.

Porcelain is also compatible with all types of lube!




Njoy’s Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand Review



This heavy-duty toy needs a heavy-duty case, and it’s got one. The case is hard, black, and textured with hot pink satin caressing this impressive and simply elegant wand. The accompanying booklet shows off their whole line of impressive, medical-grade stainless steel products.

I can see this fitting in perfectly with a luxurious BDSM dungeon. The kind that looks like a high-end jewelry store with plenty of black velvet and other luscious materials designed to maximize pleasure alongside the pain.

The Experience

If the light and delicate Dalia didn’t appeal to you, Njoy’s Pure Wand might just be your thing. Steel is HEAVY— heavier than glass, and much smoother than porcelain. The Pure Wand is 10x the weight of the Dalia! When you want heavy pressure and smooth gliding, this is the toy for you.

The shaft is quite narrow and very long, which allowed me lots of room to play, and had the ability to really find juuuuuuust the right spot and target it precisely. The heaviness also helped me imagine someone else was in control. Just me and my lover, Gravity, over here having a good time.

I also found that the shape really worked with my body to give me both inner and outer stimulation simultaneously, which is always nice and less common than you’d think. I often find it hard to orgasm without a vibrator, but this wand did pretty well without one!

Care & Cleaning

This toy is for life. It’s never going to rust or corrode but for the love of god, don’t use an abrasive cleaner or scrub pad. Day to day gentle soap and water cleaning is best, and dry it with a nice, soft cloth. If you are looking to sterilize it before partner play, you can boil it in water or submerge it in a mild 10% bleach solution. Don’t forget to rinse really well (no one wants bleach inside them!). Use any lube you like and have fun!




The Heart Rose Quartz Wand by Chakrubs

Chakrubs Heart Classic Review


Chakrubs sent me their original product, The Heart, sculpted out of pure rose quartz. They also sent me a small selenite wand for some extra good energy. Admittedly, I really wasn’t sure if I was supposed to use the selenite internally but I pieced it together — no.

Selenite is a translucent white crystal that helps clear energies. It connects with your third eye chakra and promotes clarity of thoughts. It can be great for healing. The selenite wand I received from Chakrubs was raw and unpolished. In fact, little bits chipped off so it was pretty clear that I was not putting that inside me. However, I could feel its power and that very much excited me.

With my crystals, I received a letter of pure love from the creator. The letter is on special paper that feels nice between your fingers and it’s full of affirmations of self-worth and self-love. I also received a small foldout. It contained suggested to thank the wand for helping you on your journey and detailed how to clean and maintain your Chakrub wand. It also encourages you to meditate on your intentions for your play sessions. Chakrubs call you to slow down and savor every sensual part of the experience.

This is what I was hoping for.

A note on crystals, energy work & trauma

Now, energy work is something I am interested in and I’ve amassed a fair few stones in my life. Is it all in my head? Maybe. The placebo effect is a very powerful effect. Some people use the placebo effect to discredit everything we can’t see or prove. Others hold it up as proof of unseen and perhaps psychic forces.

I happen to think that the placebo effect is proof in and of itself of the effectiveness of energy work. If I can bring my mind to a space of complete belief, my thoughts, intentions, and energy can certainly have a measurable effect on reality.

The danger lies in believing that doing the energy work alone is enough. Healing takes time, practice, and effort beyond wishing, hoping, thinking, and praying (though all of that helps!). There are many types of therapies available for those looking to heal from trauma and I encourage you to check out and try a variety of therapies if you can.

As an added element to my own healing journey, using rose quartz for my own sexual pleasure has been powerfully supportive of that journey.

The Experience

I don’t know if it was the super flower full moon lunar eclipse or the power of the crystals, but I felt some things!

I had the entire night ahead of me and though I wasn’t able to look at the super moon or witness the eclipse due to the covid curfew where I live, I knew it was happening and that made the whole first experience magical.

I got to know my selenite wand first. I felt it in my hands. I ran my fingers along the linear and smooth ridges. I touched it to different parts of my body and noticed how it made me feel. Then, I picked up the quartz and held them together, cleansing the energies and charging the quartz.

I noticed that the selenite felt hot in certain spots. Hotter than I would have expected it to be simply from my body heat. Maybe I was imagining it, but it seemed like the crystals were interacting.

After I washed the quartz and thanked it for joining me in this journey, I lit some candles, put on some Massive Attack, and did a tarot reading to help me pinpoint and articulate my intentions. After meditating on my desires and intentions, I waved the selenite over every part of my body. Then, I did the same with the quartz.

Rose quartz is a compassionate crystal. It is the crystal of unconditional love. Both of these crystals were the largest crystals I had ever had in my possession and it made a difference!

According to the website, rose quartz comes with a variety of benefits.

If this crystal does any one of these things, I will be impressed! My first time with it certainly supported these things and it was an absolute delight. Since then, I’ve used it when I just want to revel in spiritual luxury.

I treat this wand as a sacred tool and I love the cold, smooth touch that heats up faster and hotter than I expected. There is a precise, narrow end ideal for intense and localized stimulation and a thicker, heavier end for a fuller feeling and diffused pressure. Because of its lack of curves, this wand is ideal for thrusting.

Care & Cleaning

Do not boil a Chakrub massager! The best way to clean it is with mild soap and water, though you can watch more spiritually-attuned cleansing-related guidance in this video.

Porosity varies from crystal to crystal, but quartz, rose quartz and amethyst are typically non-porous as long as there aren’t any cracks. So, be careful not to crack your Chakrub and wash it before and after each use. You can use any lube you want with it, and if you don’t feel safe using it directly on your body you can always use a condom!




The Medium is the Massage

Each of these toys had an experience unique to its composition.

This review really showcased the range of differences across materials and how much the material affects the overall experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring these different worlds of sensations and I hope this inspires you to try a range of materials in the bedroom!


We would like to thank Désirables, Chakrubs, & Shevibe for sending us some of the toys included in this review. This roundup wouldn’t’ve been possible without their help!