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Goldicocks: The Best FTM Prosthetic Options Reviewed

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Friends, enemies, lovers… settle in.

I’m delighted to be able to share with you all my thoughts on The One Dick To Rule Them All. Go get yourself a beverage, grab a cozy spot in a warm sunbeam, and hunker down because I’ve got the review roundup you’ve been waiting for patiently.

In Herman Melvill’s classic novel Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is obsessed over finally catching his white whale, the creature that has haunted his waking life for eons. He will stop at nothing to finally catch and kill it.

For the trans male community, the search for the ideal prosthetic penis is our own white whale. Lots of us enter the market trying to find the best “3-in-1” dick, a penis for all occasions. Even if we’re told by fellow trans people and FTM prosthetic makers that we have to pick what’s important for us in a dick, many people still yearn for a dick that can do it all: allow them to pee standing up, to pack comfortably, and fuck.

From my professional experience, you need to know what you want before you go filling your closets with dicks galore. Hopefully, this article can help you, so let’s jump in!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your prosthetics to avoid any complications.


Best FTM Prosthetic: Banana Prosthetics HP hard packer review


Best affordable & fully-featured FTM prosthetic

Banana Prosthetics Hard Packers

Best FTM Prosthetic: Tantus Real Strapless review


Decent cheap prosthetic for those who prefer internal stimulation

Tantus Strapless

Best FTM Prosthetic: Transthetics Hot Rod review


Amazing & innovative mid-range prosthetic penis that really feels like your own

Transthetics Hot Rod

Best FTM Prosthetic: Transthetics Joystick review


The best FTM prosthetic for vibration lovers

Transthetics Joystick

Best FTM Prosthetic: Emisil ER01 Johnson review


Premium Jack of all trades, master of none

Emisil 3-in-1 ER01

Best FTM Prosthetic: ReelMagik Pack n Play review


The best premium prosthetic with insane realism

Reelmagik’s Pack n Play Prosthetic

Best ftm prosthetic harness


The best FTM Prosthetic Harnesses for stability & even more dick choices!

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Banana Prosthetics Hard Packer HP 8

Best FTM Prosthetic: Banana Prosthetics HP hard packer review

Material: 4/5

I love Banana Prosthetics. I just need you all to know this. They’re a great, indie company with some exquisite ideas. Check out their FTM prosthetic options for metoidioplasty and you’ll see just how innovative their work truly is.

Their silicone is springy but not squishy. This prosthetic knows what it is and what it’s for; It’s clearly phallic and a realistic-looking dick, meant for purpose rather than just a beautiful-looking dick that isn’t ever put into use. For some, the lack of hyper realistic details seen on other prosthetics can make it seem less attractive to those looking to find their “forever dick” but to overlook their products would be a grave mistake.

Features: 5/5

Their hard prosthetics are toys made for fucking. They’re a slick silicone that will stay hard, and smooth. This is a dick you use when you know that you want to be rolling in bed sheets till the wee hours of the morning.

The HP 08 also has a pleasure pocket, where your bottom growth can fuck the “fleshlight” of your choosing: a vulva, a mouth, or an anus. This, for me, is where the toy truly shines. Even if I wasn’t using this toy with a partner, I would find myself reaching for the stroker-insert just for solo sessions. It’s that good.

Testing: 4/5

Despite all my excitement, I underestimated how girthy this particular dick was, and my testing partner found it a bit too thick for her taste. We definitely needed to take it slowly, and she mentioned that there was a slight pinching sensation at points. We readjusted multiple times but to no avail.

Dicks, like mattresses or shoes, come in all shapes and sizes; there’s no real “one size fits all”. There’s someone out there who is thrilled at the full size of the HP 8. Luckily, Banana Prosthetics also offers plenty of sizes from 3.5 inches to a hardy 7 inches. 

Use coupon code TABOOLESS10 to save a few bucks!


Tantus Real Strapless

Best FTM Prosthetic: Tantus Real Strapless review

Materials: 3/5

I’ve been on the internet in the sex toy space long enough to remember this classic of a toy, the Tantus Strapless. Tantus is one of my favorite toy makers, they have interesting innovative designs and aren’t afraid to make the toys people are lusting after. I received the slightly modified newest version to compare.

The overall shape and design of the dick is fine. It’s a fairly rigid silicone, there’s really no squish or bounce to it. It feels like a slim and standard-issue dildo with the promise of being strapless too.

Features: 3/5

Personally, while I love the long history and how important these earlier versions of a strapon are especially for the queer community, I’m not a fan of the Tantus Strapless. 

The Tantus Strapless requires inserting the bulb as a kind of anchor to keep the whole thing in place so I unfortunately can’t avoid using my “front hole” (vag). That’s a bummer for me, someone who has sensitivity and soreness, especially after being on testosterone for years. If you are someone who regularly uses that part of your body, the fact that you get some vaginal stimulation is probably going to be a feature not a bug! 

Testing: 2/5

Despite advertising, the Tantus Strapless is… not strapless. You might be able to avoid a harness if you’re lying down and your partner is riding you. If you’re standing up or on top, gravity is a cruel mistress and will yank that toy right out of your body. Nothing breaks the mood quite like having to say, “Oh shit, just a moment my dick fell out onto the floor and now I have to go rinse it in the sink.”

“But Zack, you weenie, I have super strong kegels! It will be no problem!”
By all means, try it out! Sadly, I’ve heard too many tales from people with a strong pelvic floor who also had the toy fall out while in use. Keep a harness nearby! Even with a harness, I found it hard to keep it from popping out. This might not be a concern for you, but keep it in mind.

Lastly, a bit of a disappointment for someone with anatomy like me: the ridges near the base of the toy don’t really do anything for me. I love the concept but it just doesn’t hit my body well, and I’m willing to bet that’s the case for a vast majority of people on testosterone or with bottom growth.




Transthetics Hot Rod

Best FTM Prosthetic: Transthetics Hot Rod review

Material: 5/5

I’ve been a distant admirer of Transthetics ever since my early days in transitioning. As a baby trans guy, they produced some of the most cutting-edge products and I was salivating to try them out. 

The color of the shaft is a soft sunkissed beige, which suits my skin tone much better than most of the paler white tones on the market.

Features: 5/5

First, the Hot Rod is a fantastic product. It is one of the most realistic prosthetics out there for a very specific reason: the feel and weight of it. I’m going to try and explain it as best as I can.

Due to the way the base of the Hot Rod is, it has a natural movement and “boing” to it. It suctions on your bottom growth very well, and due to the curve at the top of the design, the dick moves in a way that feels incredibly affirming.

I don’t have a lot of bottom dysphoria, and yet, this product gave me incredible amounts of euphoria. I had to keep myself from just wearing it around the house, just because it looked and behaved so realistically.

It essentially made it look immediately like I had a half-erect penis. That was a miracle in itself!

Another really nice bonus is that it can be used as an ejaculating prosthetic as well! May it be for lube during sex, for fun, or for conception!

Testing: 4/5

Holy moly. Why aren’t all FTM prosthetic models this easy to wear?

I was worried that the suction would be strong enough to stay on during sex, but so strong that I would only feel throbbing from the suction. I was gloriously wrong. I felt so much more than I have ever with a prosthetic, especially when used in sex.

There were certain moments when I felt like I had phalloplasty. The dick didn’t fall out once during testing, either. Huzzah!

From what my testing partner was telling me, she enjoyed it a lot as well. It was her second favorite out of the list.




Transthetics Joystick

Best FTM Prosthetic: Transthetics Joystick review

Materials: 5/5

Again, another beautiful toy from Transthetics and entirely made from body-safe silicone that is just as good as the Hot Rod and ABV plastic for the vibrating end. The Joystick looks realistic, but with the vibration works like a robotic dream dick.

Features: 5/5

I think the Joystick solves a specific and widespread problem: what do you do if you’re a trans and/or nonbinary person who wants to use a prosthetic but you absolutely need vibration to get off? This is a firework of a dick.

The new sliding skin model is also super realistic and it also comes with ejaculating function, just like the Hot Rod!

Testing: 4/5

The position of the vibrator is incredibly well-considered; the head of the magic wand presses up against your bottom growth and also near the more sensitive parts of your partner’s. It feels mentally affirming, while also still giving my body the intense stimulation needed to get off.

The feeling of the prosthetic penis was very similar to how the Hot Rod felt, except this required wearing a dedicated harness ( their Budgie ) in order to keep the dick strapped up.

It was altogether great, absolutely a dick I would reach to pack for a hot date.




Emisil ER01

Best FTM Prosthetic: Emisil ER01 Johnson review

Material: 4/5

I love the aesthetics of Emisil’s products!

They have an attention to detail that is incredibly impressive. They make some beautiful dicks. So naturally, this is an extremely realistic prosthetic. However, the urethral hole is a bit larger than natural (in order to allow urine to flow easier) so if you’re worried about being clocked at a urinal that’s something to consider.

Features: 5/5

This is one of the fabled 3-in-1 prosthetics: it’s a stand-to-pee device so you can use it at a urinal to piss standing up, it’s a packer and also comes with a silicone insert to make it into an FTM pack-and-play prosthetic you can fuck with.

Testing: 2/5

Unfortunately, my big caveat with their prosthetics is that the texture of the skin is slightly too rough. I was surprised when partners would tell me that especially with the Emisil ER01, but I was thinking there was possibly something wrong with my technique or lube.

During testing, we tried more (water-based) lube, going slower, nearly everything. I’ve even tried the prosthetic on myself, to see if the complaints were warranted. What I found is that it constantly feels “dry”, so the best thing is to use a condom on the dick. This can be affirming for some people, but a bit of a downer if you were looking to benefit from not needing them in the first place.




Reelmagik’s Pack n Play Prosthetic

Best FTM Prosthetic: ReelMagik Pack n Play review

Materials: 5/5

If you’ve been in any trans community long enough, you’ll hear discussions of the fabled “Reelmagik” prosthetic: a prosthetic so real, so comfortable, so lifelike that partners wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a natal dick and this prosthetic.

From design and feeling alone, it is fantastic. It has the most realistic skin texture, smooth but not slick. The freckles are a fantastic touch (especially as someone with more beauty marks than stars in the sky). The testicles are realistic; they have a weight to them without feeling tough and bulky. There’s a kind of “slow rising” sensation when pressed or poked, so I have to keep myself from using this as a fidget toy.

Features: 5/5

This is the Rolls Royce of hyperrealistic prosthetics, and it shows from the features alone.

Reelmagik offers nearly endless options to customize your cock from hand-punched pubic hair to mixing and matching your exact skin tone. There’s also the option to choose how rigid your cock actually is. I went with the flexible rod which allows the cock to also be worn in loose pants for a night out.

However, that means that I could not get the option for a pleasure pocket, the built-in stroker to make things feel that much more realistic.  At the back of the prosthetic, there is a ditch or hole that can snuggle fit bottom growth so it doesn’t get pressed up painfully. 

Testing: 4/5

I had a concern. Despite my enthusiasm for how realistic it was, my testing partner was worried that she’d feel a bit freaked out by how real it looked. She found it a bit “Uncanny Valley” at first, even being a bit reluctant to poke the skin or see how squishy the testicles were. (Yes, I pretended all the pinching was causing me testicle pain, just for the gender euphoria.)

We didn’t have that concern when we got going.

“Okay, wow,” she said breathlessly while we changed positions. “I think you can tell I really like this one.”

So clearly she was enjoying the FTM prosthetic, but how did it feel for someone wearing it?

It didn’t heighten the sensations quite like the Hot Rod did, but it was still great. I was the most worried about the Reelmagik prosthetic, especially since it didn’t have the pleasure pocket or stroker the other prosthetics had. It surprised me! I felt a comfortable amount of sensation, enough that if I stopped to focus more on my body than keeping my stroking rhythm up, I could have climaxed from that alone. 

That’s a huge shock for someone like me, who practically needs an industrial-strength vibrator and three shots of espresso to come. In all seriousness, it really took me by surprise, and apparently my testing partner as well.





Best ftm prosthetic harness

Everyone needs a little support, even (and especially) your prosthetic.

What’s more, these harnesses will allow you to enjoy a huge range of super realistic dildos, giving you way more options to pick from. Hell, we have a pretty extensive review list of the most realistic dildos to get you started where we have super affordable options as well as premium ones on a similar level of realism to ReelMagik’s like the Realcock 2!

And if you’re looking for some stimulation of your own during play, I suggest you check out my article on grinding toys, as well as Anna Franco’s piece on underwear vibes!

Rodeoh Underwear Harness

Best FTM Prosthetic: Rodeoh harness review

They’re a queer classic for a reason. The harness was buttery soft, thick, and still cool to the touch.

It wasn’t just a comfortable harness, but definitely felt like luxurious underwear. I tried their boxer brief style, but after testing it, it immediately made me want to try out their other styles.

Coconuts Harness from Banana Prosthetics

Best FTM prosthetics: Coconuts Harness review

The wide elastic waistband made me feel more confident, it fit snugly against my body without emphasizing my love handles.

I could switch out my prosthetics easily and without difficulty. The fabric felt sturdy and soft, more of a warm flannel feeling, but it was comfortable even during those hot prosthetic testing days.

The Budgie Boxer-Briefs from Transthetics

Best FTM prosthetics: transthetics budgie harness review

Transthetics has put a lot of work into its products, and it clearly shows with their Budgie Boxer-Briefs.

The Budgies have a little elastic loop to help keep their Joystick packer in place while playing, and the boxers can also be used with their famous STP products. Solid!

Just keep in mind that this is the only harness on this list that isn’t compatible with strap-on-ready dildos.

Jaguar Leather Harness from Aslan

Best FTM Prosthetic: Aslan jaguar harness review

I’ve reviewed the Jaguar leather harness years ago, and I still love it to death. It’s one of the sexiest wearables I own (besides my Crocs, clearly), and deserves all the love they get online.

Having said that, I’ve found it can sometimes bruise me or my play partner when it really gets going. There are products to help that (like my beloved Banana Pants products ) but it means I have to consider bringing another toy to a hook-up, you know?

Tomboii from SpareParts 

Best FTM Prosthetic: Spareparts Hardwear tomboii review

The Tomboii is like a combination of practical cargo shorts and a harness; it has features and pockets everywhere. There are two O-rings for dildos, three pockets (for lube, for bullet vibes, for gold stars for your sub), and the material is water resistant.

For those who are slightly more minimalist, there’s also the Tomboi ( with one I ) which features just one O-ring and a brief style cut.

Joque from SpareParts

Best FTM Prosthetic: Spareparts Hardwear joque review

An absolutely beloved harness from the makers of the Tomboii.

If you’re not into the underwear/brief style of the Tomboii, check out the sporty hot jockstrap style of the Joque. It’s a cult classic for a reason!

Not only is it easy to wear with velcro straps instead of buckles, but it offers all the control & stability of a jockstrap harness with the comfort of an underwear style.


We would like to thank Emisil, Banana Prosthetics, ReelMagik, Transthetics, Tantus, and Rodeoh for sending us the prosthetics and harnesses included in this review. This roundup wouldn’t’ve been possible without their help!