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While classic sex toys are fun to use with a partner in ( or out of ) the bedroom, there’s nothing that says “You’re a keeper” more than getting your own couples’ toys.

Sadly, anyone who’s dabbled with dedicated “couples’ sex toys” knows that they’re mostly just another dumb way of getting rid of money.

But we’re now in the 2020s, baby! Couples sex toys are at last becoming worth the investment. We are truly living in exciting times.

Now I’m not saying that classic dildos ( realistic or not ), g-spot toys, masturbators, butt plugs, prostate stimulators, and fuck machines have no place in your couple’s arsenal. Heck, I’d even encourage adding those to your bag of tricks!

But today we’re focusing mostly on dedicated couples’ sex toys over the versatile basics.

We’re also not going to cover pegging toys & strap-ons as we already have a dedicated article on the subject!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our top 10 list of best couples’ sex toys, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

Cheap Couples’ Toys

Charged Cock Rings by Screaming-O

Charged screaming-o Best Couples sex toys

Thanks to their generally inexpensive nature, vibrating cock rings are usually the first couples’ sex toy heterosexual folks try.

But before we go any further, let’s break down the two main components of a vibrating cock ring:

The cock ring itself is worn like any other cock ring, may it be at the base of the shaft of past the testicles. Wearing it past the testicles also applies some pressure to the perineum, which is always a plus!

The vibrator is there to constantly vibrate on the man’s penis, which can be stimulating depending on the guy. During penetration, the woman will feel the vibrations through his member, and once completely inserted the bullet will vibrate against her clitoris as well.

For uninterrupted vibrations, the best position is to straddle your man and rock and rub instead of raising and falling as you penetrate.

Otherwise, if she’s just not that into clitoral vibrations, the ring can easily be flipped upside down for some perineum and testicular stimulation as well.

So why choose the Charged Cock Rings over all the other dirt-cheap models out there?

Well, compared to the unsafe, hard to clean and borderline single-use nature of the classic vibrating cock rings, they’re made of durable body-safe silicone. This means they are non-porous so they can be completely sanitized as needed. Simply remove the vibrator, and boil your ring for a few minutes and you’re done!

While spending a bit more for a body-safe material is already worth the investment, this is not where the improvements end!

Instead of getting a cheap weak bullet with 1 to 3 functions that runs on crappy watch batteries that needs replacing every 45 minutes or so, you get a strong, USB rechargeable, waterproof vibrator with 10 functions to choose from.

So if you guys end up getting bored of the ring, you can still get a pretty good little vibrator out of it!

To top it all off, the Charged cock rings also come with a 2-year warranty.

We understand that Vibrating cock rings are not for everyone and the only way to figure out if its a fit is to try one out. But if you’re willing to give them a shot, the Screaming-O rings are perfect since they’re cheap, strong and body-safe.

Plus, if you end up disliking it, you can simply salvage the great little rechargeable vibrator that comes included. So either way, this couples’ sex toy definitely won’t be a waste of cash!

Comes with a great bullet vibrator
Easy to clean
Can't be used along with silicone lube
Cheapest Places to Buy


Quickshot Boost & Vantage by Fleshlight

Quickshot Best Couples Toys


Even though the Quickshots are the cheapest Fleshlights available, they’re by no means disappointing.

They’re inconspicuous, cheap and feels almost as great as any other Fleshlight.

They also double as great couples’ sex toys since the open-ended design allows for your partner to fellate you while in use.

At the price of being a bit less stealthy, the transparent Quickshot Vantage also gives a pretty good view to your significant other as well!

We suggest using less lube than you would normally use while using it during a blowjob. Since lube will mix up with saliva and, through all that lubrification, you might lose the Quickshot’s great texture.

A good flavored lube will also go a long way in making the experience more pleasant for your SO. Otherwise, if your partner is well hydrated, nothing stops you from going all spit!

The only caveat is that the Quickshot can be quite noisy in use so, if the walls are thin where you reside, this might not be the optimal choice for a nice stealth BJ.

Unlike most other Fleshlights, the quickshot is almost tailor made to be a couples’ sex toy.

So if you need something to spice up your blowjobs, or simply need to limit the depth of penetration for the sake of your airways, what are you waiting for?!

Open-ended design makes clean up a breeze
Short enough so it can be used during blowjobs
Almost as good as a the Full-Size models ( Minus the suction )
Transparent model gives a great view to your partner
No suction when used by itself


Mid-Range Couples Toys

Atom & Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss

hot octopuss atom Vibrating Cock Rings Best Couples Toys

It seems like every other high-end sex toy company has had a go at luxury vibrating cock rings.

But most of these couples’ sex toys end up being quite underwhelming when you compare them to the big hole they just made in your pocket.

Here’s why the Atom & Atom Plus beat most other vibrating cock rings:

First of all, If you enjoy deep and powerful rumbly vibrations, this toy is a clear winner. It features 5 incremental vibrations that go from subtle rumbles to bone-rattling reverberations.

A nice plus is that the vibrations are strong enough for the reverberations to be felt throughout his manhood, effectively turning any man into a full-on vibrator.

The Atoms are also rechargeable via USB and both hold a charge quite well.

The only difference between the two models is that the Atom Plus comes with an extra vibrator that is meant to be worn past the testicles for some intense perineum action!

While you can’t boil these silicone cock rings due to their integrated electrical components, since they are fully waterproof, they’re still quite easy to clean.

If you want to fully sanitize them still, a simple 10% bleach water solution along with a good rinse should do the trick

The Atoms both come with a 1-year warranty, so use them to death folks!

While most high-end vibrating cock rings don’t live up to the expectations, Hot Octopuss took that concept and delivered in almost every way. 

So if you’re looking for a powerful couples sex toy, look no further!

Amazing vibration
100% Waterproof
Easy to clean
Can't use silicone lube


Lush by Lovense

Lovense Lush best couples sex toy

If you’re looking for an app-controlled, powerful, and versatile vaginal toy to use in public, in the bedroom, or while pegging, you will love the Lovense Lush.

This great little long-distance toy can be used solo with your own cellphone through Bluetooth.

Of course, it can be controlled from long distances when connected to the internet and you can also grant access to a partner to control the toy over Bluetooth as well.

While it’s perfectly fine to use in the bedroom, you might come across some issues when using it in public.

You see, Bluetooth can be a bit tricky since it can’t go through flesh. So if your significant other is at a weird angle or if someone is in the way, you will lose contact with the toy.

A good fix to remedy this issue is to simply use the toy over 4G/5G or Wi-Fi when in public. It’s also good to allow your phones to stay connected to the Internet and Bluetooth when the screen is off. This can easily be tweaked in your phone’s settings.

It’s also worth noting that the tail end of the toy is the antenna. So if the antenna is between your legs, or in your butt crack, it will be difficult for the signal to reach its target. So it’s better to let the antenna rest over your pubic bone.

Otherwise, the app is pretty versatile. 

You can customize your vibrations and patterns, you can sync the toy to music, video chat with your partner while letting them control your toy, and so on.

The big caveat to almost any wireless couples’ sex toys is that they’re known to straight up not work for bigger women. So if it’s the case, you’re better off skipping the Lush and the next entry altogether!

Strong and filled with features, the Lush wins over most other wireless egg-shaped vibes out there.

It also helps that this great couples’ sex toy can be used in public, in the bedroom, and over long distances!

Can be controlled via an App
Control can also be given to a partner
Can be worn on the go or under a strap-on
Easy to clean
Bluetooth can be finicky at times
Cheapest Places to Buy


We-Vibe’s Ditto & Lovense’s Hush

Hush and Ditto butt plugs best couples sex toys

These two excellent little plugs that are bound to be a hit with couples who enjoy a bit of anal play.

And if you’re wondering why there are two different toys in the same entry, it’s because these two great hands-free sex toys complement each other nicely instead of competing for the same spot.

You see, We-Vibes Ditto is the smallest one of the two and the Hush comes in two larger sizes, acting as the medium and large cousins to the Ditto.

To give you an idea, here’s a picture from LSOP‘s blog of the Ditto being compared to the smallest version of the Hush.
Ditto and hush Best butt plug Couples' sex ToysWe-Vibe’s Ditto is 3 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.

It can be controlled with either a wireless controller or with an app on your smartphone. On the app, you can customize your vibrations and let a partner control your toy from any distance.

The vibrations are strong and rumbly and carry through the perineum thanks to its smart shape. We-Vibes effort also comes in Purple and Navy.

Lovense’s Hush comes in two sizes, one is 1.5 inches wide and the other is 1.75 and both are just short of 4 inches of insertable length.

This time around there’s no wireless controller included but the app works very well by itself. It can also be controlled by a second party from anywhere in the world and just like the Ditto, the vibrations go from smooth rumbles to intense vibrations.

Just keep in mind that both of these hands-free sex toys aren’t perfect. Just like the Lush, the wireless signal has a hard time getting through people or limbs and they have a history of straight up not working with bigger folks.

Sadly, this is an issue with most wireless toys so we really can’t really blame it on Lovense or We-Vibe.

These toys are perfect for private or public play as well as long-distance relationships. So if you’re looking for strong vibrations in a wireless anal couples’ sex toy, both are great options.

The lack of a controller for the hush makes it a bit awkward to use during sex though, as you will need to bring your smartphone along for the ride.

Can be controlled via an App
Control can also be given to a partner
Can be worn on the go or under a strap-on
Easy to clean
Bluetooth can be finicky



Best coubles sex toys liberator

Liberator makes pillows, throws, ramps, and furniture built specifically for sexual intercourse.

All models are very easily cleaned. Their covers are removable and machine washable, so no need to change the entire set of sheets every time things get a bit intense.

Another great advantage is that they also make a lot of positions easier and less strenuous to achieve. So now you can simply enjoy the ride and stop building pillow forts between positions!

They make ramps and wedges made to align any man’s/pegger’s appendage directly onto their significant other’s G-Spot/Prostate.

The angle provided will even work whether you’re on your back or on your belly! 

Plus a ramp allows the person on the bottom to get comfortable and just enjoy the ride instead of getting progressively cramped up, being stuck in an awkward position.

Liberator Fascinator Throw Couples sex Toys

If you want to keep things simple, their super soft, absorbent and waterproof throws are also a lifesaver.

They’ll also work against whatever fluids you throw at them, may it be lube or your own. So if you’ve got a squirter on your team, you’re welcome.

I also love that they come in multiple colors and sizes.

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount Couples sex Toys

Want to include dildosg-spot toys during play?

If they don’t have suction cups, the Bonbon & the Wing are perfect for that.

Whether you just want to watch the action or live up some kind of threesome fantasy without including other people into the mix, these pillows will hold your toys in place without a hitch.

Couples sex Toys magic wand holder liberator

A fan of the unbelievable strength of the Magic Wand? 

You probably already know how unwieldy it is to use during intercourse.

Well, Liberator’s Axis and Wanda aim to fix that, giving you a hands-free and comfortable experience during sex or solo play.

Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog Toy Mount Couples sex Toys

For men, there’s also their Fleshlight mounts.

The On a Mission and Top Dog mounts are both great options if you feel like enacting your threesome fantasies without the risk of adding an extra party to your already solid team. It’s also a pretty decent option if she just likes to watch!

Both models are also very easy to clean, even if they’re the only liberator models without removable covers. Simply wiping with a bit of soap and water should be enough for most situations.

Whether you want to use sex toys or not, Sex just feels so much better when things are properly aligned and Liberator will make sure that it’s the case every time!
Makes a lot of positions more comfortable
Keeps your bed clean
Toy holders allow for hands-free toy play
Removable covers for easy clean up
Can't think of any


High-End Couples Toys

We-Vibe Moxie

We-vibe moxie best Couples sex Toys

If you guys like the idea of wireless sex toys for public play or long-distance relationships but she’s not that into insertable vibrators, you don’t have a lot of options left.

But let’s face it, most panty clit vibes are utter trash. They’re usually a mix of weak vibrations, bad placement, and horrible connectivity.  

If that’s been your experience as well, get ready to get your mind blow by We-Vibe’s Moxie!

The Moxie is a remote-controlled panty vibe that’s held in place by a powerful magnet.

It can either be remote or App controlled.

Since We-Vibe is a long time leader in couple’s toys, you’ll also benefit from their signature app, packed with helpful features for folks in long-distance relationships as well as for people just looking to get off on go!

Being the makers of the extremely popular & powerful Tango, I had a lot of expectations when it came to the vibrations.

While the Moxie doesn’t reach the heights of Tango, I’m happy to say that the vibrations are still pretty impressive none-the-less!

At its maximum strength, it’s actually pretty similar to the Tango’s 3rd setting, which is definitely no slouch.

The only real downside is that since this toy’s motor isn’t inside the wearer & pretty powerful, it’s noisier than most wireless vibes.

So if you’re all about that public play, make sure to only use it in noisy environments. It’s definitely good for the streets & movies, but absolutely bad for your inlaws and the library!

The Moxie is the best wireless panty clit vibe around, PERIOD. So don’t bother with all the other crap and get on it!
Can be controlled via an App or controller
Can be worn on the go or under a strap-on
Easy to clean
Bluetooth can be finicky
Noisier than other wireless toys


We-Vibe Chorus

Couples sex Toys we-vibe chorus

I’ve seen every iteration of We-Vibe’s flagship couples’ sex toy. This iconic hands-free sex toy that started it all is now at its 7th installment and I’m happy to say they’ve finally perfected the formula.

And while the last version ( the Sync ) got very close to making this toy indispensable, the Chorus definitely blows it out of the water! 

The Chorus is made to clamp onto a woman’s pubic bone and provides simultaneous vibrations to both to the clitoris and the G-Spot.

This handy shape is great for hands-free play but it is also made to be used during penetration. So if the man in the duo can enjoy some vibrations as well during sex.

It also helps that the Chorus takes very little vaginal real estate. Still, everything will feel more snug making her feel like she’s filled up to the rim!

Plus if you like throwing strap-ons into the mix, the wearer can still benefit from this toy when worn. 

More importantly, little hands-free sex toy rumbles like it’s at least twice its size.

The We-Vibe 1, 2, 3, 4, and 4 plus were all pretty underwhelming in terms of vibrations. Very strange since We-Vibe makes the amazingly rumbly & compact Tango. While the Sync really improved on the vibrations, the Chorus is pretty much on par with what the Tango has to offer!

That’s right, the Chorus is essentially a hands-free Tango with bonus G-spot stimulation!

Of course, the vibrations on the clitoris are more powerful than the ones found on the G-spot. But that’s a small price to pay to keep the insertable part small enough to accommodate penetration as well.

Another issue that was common with all the previous iterations was the hit and miss fit of the toy. But again, this was fixed with the Sync with its fully adjustable body. A feature that was thankfully kept in this new iteration of the toy.

we vibe chorus adjustable

The Chorus can either be controlled with buttons directly on the toy or with its handy little remote control. And if you wanna push its reach even further, it is also App-enabled!

The Sync can be controlled from any distance with the aid of a smartphone or controller.

While the Chorus has plenty of functions by itself, you can get even more through the app. You can even make your own patterns and sync your Chorus to the sound of music, amongst other things!

Speaking of the new controller…

It still comes with all its standard functions, but you do get some pretty exciting bonus features as well!

You can now squeeze the remote to intensify the vibrations. Wich is a really natural way of operating the toy as a lot of folks already naturally squeeze anything in their reach when nearing climax.

Additionally, the controller essentially acts as a relay for the Bluetooth signal. The Ankorlink technology ( as they call it ) allows your controller to receive the signals sent from the App and transfer it to the toy itself, allowing for more seamless play and fewer connection issues!

Still, like any other Bluetooth hands-free sex toys, if you wish to have your partner control it in public, you’re better off doing it over 4G/5G or wi-fi as opposed to straight from their Bluetooth.

Also, closing your legs while sitting or being extra curvy might get in the way of the signal, so keep that in mind before making the jump.

If you want a wireless and hands-free couples’ sex toy that vibrates powerfully on both the Clitoris and G-Spot, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Plus, this little toy is so versatile it’s not even funny. Wear it inside, outside, under a strap-on, or while using other toys, the choice is yours!

Can be controlled via an App or controller
Control can also be given to a partner
Can be worn on the go or under a strap-on
Comfortable enough to be worn all day
Can be worn during penetration
Easy to clean
Bluetooth can be finicky
Can fall off during especially vigorous sex


Hugo by Lelo

Hugo wireless prostate stimulator Couples sex Toys

The Hugo is a prostate and perineum vibrator that comes with a wireless controller with some pretty unique features. 

Its silicone-covered body is not too big either. So while this might not be the perfect first-time prostate massager, it is still pretty accessible to most.

It can be used in the shower or bath without any problems. And to top it all off, it’s USB rechargeable and covered by Lelo’s great warranty.

The real kicker is Lelo’s SenseMotion wireless controller. And what a difference it makes!

First of all, the remote adds much more control over the vibrations themselves. You can customize the 6 function’s strength to small incremental amounts. So if the prostate in the couple likes a more gradual climb, it can be well worth the investment.

Then you can turn on the SenseMotion!

This neat little feature allows you to either gradually raise the vibrations by tilting the toy up to 90 degrees or make the vibrations more intense the harder you shake the controller.

…And this would be just a bad gimmick if the controller didn’t vibrate!

That’s right! The vibrations in the controller imitate any vibrations found on the prostate massager itself.

If hearing this doesn’t spark your imagination, let me help you get the ball rolling.

If alone, he could put the controller on the shake mode and masturbate with it, holding the vibrating controller under his penis. As he gets more into it, the prostate massager will vibrate more and more intensely as well, making it a very organic experience.

If with a partner, she could masturbate herself with the vibrating controller and you would both be riding the same wave! Or she could put in on tilt mode and act like she’s the Caesar of his prostate!

The vibrating remote of the Hugo makes it such a versatile couples’sex toy.

So if you can afford it and he appreciates the wonders of the prostate, definitely consider the Hugo!

Completely hands-free
Can be controlled wirelessly
Vibrating remote mirrors the vibrations in the toy
Great couples toy
A little pricey


Pearl 2 & Fuse + The Fleshlight Launch

Couples sex Toys launch and kiiroo

Kiiroo is the leading brand in Teledildonics.

If you’re not informed on the matter, this means that they make Dildos that can sync their motions with another toy, at any distance.

A unique feature that makes long-distance relationships and penetrative sex a possibility!

But all of these devices work perfectly well on their own as well, so they won’t only be good for connected sex.

pearl 2 & fuse kiiroo

The Pearl 2 is Kiiroo’s basic model and the Fuse comes with a clitoral stimulator attached.

The Pearl 2 and the Fuse were originally meant to be paired with Kiiroo’s Onyx 2. And while the Onyx 2 is alright and sports some impressive technology, it’s usually not enough to bring men to climax all by itself. And it’s honestly nothing remotely close to real sex.

Thankfully, the Launch changed all that.Image result for fleshlight launch

Basically, it’s meant to hold a Fleshlight and does all the motions for you.

It is compatible with any of the classic Fleshlights, so that gives you plenty of choices to pick from. They offer gender-neutral models as well as replicas of any orifices you can normally have sex with.

Words aren’t enough to describe this device. I mean, just look at this thing go:

The launch can be used alone or be controlled by someone else via the Kiiroo dildo of your choice amongst many other exciting features!

If you’re not inspired yet, I can think of many ways to use these couples’ sex toys.

The obvious being long distance with her playing with her Kiiroo toy and him feeling the motions being recreated live on the Launch.

P.S.: The Kiiroo toys don’t even have to be inserted vaginally or anally, virtual blow jobs and hand-jobs are totally acceptable as well!

But if you enjoy looking at each other masturbate, you could simply use your respective couples’ toys in the same room and share the sensations in unison.

Like a bit of BDSM? Strap the launch on Mr. and stroke the Kiiroo toy with your hands and just look at him squirm.

The possibilities are really endless!

The Pearl 2 or the Fuse coupled with the Fleshlight Launch is simply the best teledildonic combo you can get today.

So I hope you’re ready for that future sex because the future is now, baby!

Best suited for regulars
Perfect for private and Skype shows
Stroker is completely hands-free
Compatible with Most Fleshlights
Can be synced with interactive/VR content
Can be paired with a partner's toy across any distance
Can't be used in public chatrooms
requires a toy for the performer and the viewer