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What What (To put in your Butt): Choosing the Best Anal Toys for the Job

A friend of mine needed some help. Butt help

Of course, as you all know, I am sworn by a sacred oath to help anyone with their butt troubles. It’s just the vow I took when I began writing for Tabooless. A soul promise.

I asked if she wanted a dildo or a plug. My friend stopped typing for a moment, then admitted she didn’t know the difference between the two. I understood. The world of sex toys was as wide and vast as the Sahara. There were so many choices to make, but where to start?

She and her butt dilemma inspired me to create a primer list of the general types of anal toys so that people would understand what the menu for butt play includes.

Before we start, here are two things you need to be careful with in order to avoid a necessary emergency visit to the hospital:

  1. Materials! Never ever use something that the manufacturer or nature did not intend to be in a butt. Make sure the toy you use is made from a safe material like silicone (not rubber or jelly), stainless steel, or a safe glass.
  2. Bases or handles! The base of the toy needs to be bigger than the toy in a significant way to prevent it from being pulled into the body. Butts are like hungry hungry hippos. They’ll just suck up anything you put in there.

With that out of the way, here we go!

Butt Plugs

Best anal toys

The ol’ favorite. Butt plugs are for everyone and anyone with a butt.

Seriously, there are a ton of sex acts that can be enhanced with a butt plug. You can have one inserted while being penetrated vaginally! Or you can have it inserted while you’re fucking your partner, the pressure will stimulate those with prostates and make for an extremely intense orgasm.

There are a few styles of bases, each with their own pros and cons.

A circular or square base is good for short-term wear, but will begin chafing after a bit of time so it’s less comfortable in the long-term. A t-bar base is the best for long-term wear, because it fits snugly between cheeks. If you want to walk around wearing a plug, look for one with a t-bar base

The jeweled base butt plugs that are so incredibly popular right now in amateur porn are gorgeous, but can also dangerous. The jewel is often not large enough to prevent it from being sucked up, so be careful when choosing your Swarovski plugs!

The stem of the plug is also something to consider when purchasing a plug.

If you’re looking to wear one for a longer period of time, a plug with a slimmer stem would be more appropriate than a thicker one. They cause less strain on the muscle, while the thicker ones are more for dilating and getting ready for something larger.

Best anal toysMetal butt plugs may seem like a fetish object but are actually quite suitable for beginners to anal play. Toys like the award-winning Njoy Pure Plugs are so smooth, you barely need lube to insert them (although you still should use it).

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Best anal toys

These are a favorite for a lot of people, especially for people who are enthusiastic about pegging their partners! Dildos come in a huge variety of designs and shapes, from realistic to fantasy-based. 

Most body-safe anal dildos are made out of silicone, for its sturdiness and slight squishiness. It’s a great material to use because they can bend with the body.

The two most popular designs for anal dildos are phallic and non-realistic dildos.

If you’re interested in the former, I’m particularly fond of Vixskin’s Spur, as it’s shorter and slimmer than most dildos. The dual layers of silicone will also keep it plush enough to feel satisfying, while the inner core offers the stability necessary for anal.

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Prostate Massagers

Best anal toys

Prostate massagers are similar to plugs as they’re usually meant to stay in place for consistent prostate. They’re designed to push on the pressure points that massage the prostate from both the exterior and interior of the posterior. (Hee hee.)

The most popular prostate massagers on the market right now are from the company Aneros ( Though there is a growing number of great brands coming out ). They have a massager that matches whatever your specific butt needs. The Helix Syn Trident is especially popular for beginners!

Oh, and here’s a little secret: a lot of G-spot toys work beautifully for the prostate as well!

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Anal Beads

Best anal toys

Anal beads are a wonderful hybrid between a traditional butt plug and a dildo. They are also incredibly multifunctional!

You can put them in and keep them in (so long as it has a safe base). You can put them in and pull them out, maybe even over and over. You can put them in, and while climaxing, the beads can be pulled out for an incredibly powerful experience.

Luckily, anal beads are a standard at most adult toy stores. The best ones are made out of silicone and have a safe base for play. 

Just avoid anything that isn’t made out of a single piece or with any kind of rope and you should be fine!

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Best anal toys

Good ol’ faithful. This is the oldest style of sex toys, besides the dildo (I’m pretty sure dinosaurs had dildos, go read a book, it’s there).

Vibrators often get forgotten when talking about anal toys, which is a shame because they can really add a little spark to your play! There’s a vibrator toy to suit every desire and budget. Luxury brands often include remote controls or smartphone apps like for We-Vibe’s Ditto or the Vector for the prostate. Why would you care? Well, they’re a lot of fun! (Especially during Quarantine Times.)

Check out vibrators listed above from We-Vibe, or Lelo’s Loki. There are even silicone attachments for Magic Wand-style vibrators, and these are super for stimulating the prostate!

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Tail plugs

Anal Sex toys

Have you been on the internet lately? I mean… on the adult internet? If so, you have certainly seen the ever-popular tail plug butt plug style lately.

These things were incredibly niche almost a decade ago, but due to amateur porn and cam models, they’ve exploded in popularity! (Oh the internet.)

Tail plugs are exactly that: anal plugs that have a long tail attached to the end of them. They’re modeled to look like animal tails, or long silky horsetails (for those into pony play). They’re made from real or fake fur/hair, and sometimes even silicone.

If you’re going to horse around with one of these, take note that cleaning them is a little tricky. The fur is usually porous to some degree and gets kind of gross when covered in lube. Thankfully some models come with removable and machine washable tails. Still, these might not be a great item to share between you and your partners, considering hygiene.

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Butt stuff is not new, no matter what Millenials or anti-butt enthusiasts will tell you. For as long as people have had butts, they’ve been playing with them.

Anal isn’t supposed to hurt, and if it feels uncomfortable at any point, slow down and stop.

The trick to enjoying this without causing yourself any unnecessary pain is to go slow and use lots of lube. I mean it. Think Niagra Falls lube. Think of a hurricane of lube. Think “Wet Ass Pussy” but “Wet Ass Ass”. Don’t skimp on it, and your butt will thank you!