best waterproof vibrators, shower masturbator, & bathtub toys for adults
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Since the advent of the rubber ducky, it’s fair to say that we’ve been conditioned to play in the tub. But what about bathtub toys for adults?

Does the fun really have to stop the second we turn into sexual creatures? I say NAY!

For the sake of unrestricted wet fun, in this article, we’ll forgo splashproof toys and go straight to the submersible, IPX7, 100% waterproof stuff!

While there are many more toys that’ll survive a shower or a respectable squirtin’, we’re focusing on the rarer “submarines of fucking”. This way you’ll be able to enjoy these toys from the shower to the jacuzzi! Because I know you’re fancy like that.

So whether you’re the glass of wine and candles type of self-lover or you just enjoy washing off as you get dirty in the shower, these waterproof vibrators, shower masturbators, and massagers will definitely do the trick!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here are the best waterproof vibrators & toys for the shower or bathtub, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

We’re covering all types of toys here so check out the table of contents below to jump to exactly what you need:

Waterproof Bullet Vibrators

Screaming-O Charged Vooom

best waterproof vibrators: Screaming-O Charged Vooom review

The charged Vooom is basically what would happen if you took those shitty standard watch battery-powered bullet vibes and made them not suck.

They’re still cheap yet rechargeable, more powerful, packed with 3 incremental vibration modes as well as 7 rhythmic pulsations, and they are, of course, fully waterproof! 




Ultra Bullet by FemmeFun

best waterproof vibrators: Ultra Bullet by FemmeFun review

If you need more power and rumbles and aren’t a fan of hard plastic on your bits, these flexible bullet waterproof vibrators are for you!

It also helps that they’re pretty darn affordable still for the power they generate!

The only issue I have with these bad boys is that there are TOO many modes ( 20 to be exact ) and only one button to cycle through all of them. So if you skip your favorite function you’ll have to cycle all the way back to get back to it.




We-Vibes Tango X / Touch X

best waterproof vibrators: We-vibe Tango X & Touch X

Now if you want the best waterproof vibrator you can get your hands on in a compact bullet format, We-Vibe has your back!

These are super rumbly and offer 8 speeds + 6 patterns that can benefit from said speeds as well. There are also plenty of buttons to help you get exactly what you need when you need it. No endless cycling required

Here you can get the more traditional Tango X bullet shape or the Touch X which is larger surfaced and fully covered in silicone for those who prefer to rub on their toys vs the pinpoint stimulation traditional bullets offer!


Waterproof Clit Suckers & Air-Pulse Vibrators

Womanizer Starlet 3

Rose Vibration in water: Womanizer Starlet 3 review

If you don’t have much money to spend but still want that underwater-friendly clit suction/air-pulsing, the Starlet might be for you.

It’s worth noting it’s the weakest of the bunch, but if you’ve got sensitive bits, you might not need anything else! Plus, it’s also small enough to include during sex with a partner!

Womanizer Liberty

It is the rose waterproof edition: Womanizer Liberty review

For just a few bucks more you can get more power and a more compact build! 

This little guy is still a bargain compared to the other models. So if you’re broke but like a little more intensity to your play, I’d skip the Starlet 3 and go straight to the Liberty!

Being the smallest Womanizer makes it the best one to use during partnered play! 


Womanizer Classic 2

best waterproof vibrators: Womanizer Classic 2 review

Now if you want a much longer charge, way more gradual increments between power settings, and more power without going fully broke, the classic is definitely the best middle ground!

The extra “Afterglow” function is also a nice touch as it can help bring down the intensity when needed with just the press of a button. Pretty useful post-orgasm when everything is sensitive but still want to keep going and reset for the next big O!


Womanizer Premium 2

Waterproof sex toys :Womanizer Premium 2 Review

If you’re Fancy, the Premium starts lower and ends higher than the classic so you can really build up slowly to a really powerful orgasm with this one.

It also holds a 4-hour charge, so it’s awesome to bring on the road without bringing a charger along. It’s also fully covered in super soft silicone, compared to the plastic bodies of the previous models.

This model also comes with “Autopilot” (basically an automatic mode that surprises you with the mode switches ) and “Smart Silence” which turns off the toy when it’s not in contact with your body ( awesome if people tend to barge in uninvited! ).

The Premium is also the largest one of the bunch, so it’s definitely better suited for solo play.


We-Vibe’s Melt

Best waterproof clit sucker: We-Vibe Melt Review

If you don’t know which womanizer to pick, the Melt might be for you. It’s just a smidge weaker than the Womanizer Classic 2, but suctions a little harder in return.

Though it has similar power to one of the largest Womanizers, it’s still super compact to allow for easy partnered play. Plus, being fully covered in silicone, it’ll feel real nice and soft between your bodies!

What’s more, it can be fully app controlled, allowing you to customize your settings to your exact liking or to let a partner control the toy over any distance!

The only real downside here is that if you have a larger clitoris, there are no interchangeable heads on the Melt.


Waterproof Vibrators for G-spots

Pillow Talk Sassy

best waterproof vibrators for g-spots: Pillow talk sassy review

Do you want a really affordable, yet super rumbly & powerful G-spot waterproof vibrator that doubles perfectly as a mini waterproof wand massager? Is that a stupid question?

Being this cheap has a minor downside which is the higher you go in the settings the buzzier/less rumbles you’ll get, but it is still pretty decent in that department all things considered.

Plus, there’s a classy AF Swarovski Crystal for a button! I mean come on!




Wellness G-Curve

best waterproof vibrators for g-spots: Wellness G-curve Review

This is a great alternative to the Pillow Talk Sassy if you’d prefer a bit less of an intense shape or something that would double nicely as a simple vibrating dildo if need be!

It’s a touch less powerful than the Sassy, but still offers satisfying rumbles that’ll work just as well on your clitoris or your g-spot!




Swan Wand

best waterproof vibrators for g-spots: swan wand review

This might be the rumbliest and most powerful of all the G-spot waterproof vibrators on this list! 

It also comes with two differently sized ends ( 1.5 inches vs 2.5 ), for those who like to warm up to something super filling and intense that’ll hug your g-spot like there’s no tomorrow!

It’s worth noting that the vibrations are better on the larger end, so if you’re not planning on using the larger end, but were looking for power, you might be better with the previous toys.

The fully seamless silicone body also makes clean-up a total breeze!




Waterproof Dildo Vibrators

Impressions by Blush

best waterproof vibrators: Blush's Impressions Review

Suction cup dildos have always been mainstays when it comes to toys for the shower. This is all thanks to the suction cup-friendly surfaces found in most showers.

BUT do you know what’s super rare? A good body-safe silicone suction cup dildo! Do you know what’s even rarer? One that vibrates powerfully!! Now how about 5 options to pick from that are also super affordable? You can thank me once you’ve collected yourself.

As if that wasn’t enough, these badass suction cup waterproof vibrators also come with 10 different vibration strengths and patterns!




Neo Elite Encore by Blush 

best waterproof vibrators: Neo Elite Encore review

Remember how I mentioned how rare body-safe suction cup dildos that vibrate well are?

Well, let’s up the rarity, because this one is thick ( 1.8 inches in diameter ) super squishy, with a gorgeous silicone blend, and with plenty of power on offer!

Now even if it is about as thick as the next dildo on this list, since it’s so squishy, it is also much more manageable during play. So this one should work beautifully for the size queens/kings or for the slightly courageous!




Big Boss by Fun Factory

best waterproof vibrators: Fun Factory Big boss review

This is a nice and thick waterproof vibrator that feels even more filling than the previous one since the silicone here is a bit more rigid. It also is super rumbly!

The loop handle is also really handy, especially when the environment you’re in is all slippery and wet.

The big boss is also super luxurious in looks and with its minimalist design and super soft silicone.




Ballistic Dual Stimulation by Evolved Novelties

best waterproof vibrators: Evolved novelties Ballistic dual stimulation review

This is probably the most powerful vibrating dildo ever built! It’s literally like fucking a dick with the power of a Hitachi Magic Wand.

So if you were wondering what the huge balls were all about, it’s to hold all the power! Like what actual real-life big balls do ( according to most bros, at least )!

Oh, and you’ll also probably appreciate the silicone suction cup (did I ever mention how rare these are?)!




Fun Factory’s Stronic Line

best waterproof vibrators: Fun factory stronic review

Saying that these are waterproof vibrators would be a bit of a grey lie.

You see, instead of vibrating, the Stronics have shifting weights inside of them essentially making these toys thrust on their own!

On the highest speeds, they do kind of feel like organic vibrations and on the lower ones, it almost feels like they’re really trying to fuck you!

Now the thrusts here aren’t as blatant as what normal sex machines/dildo machines can dish out. It’s a bit more of a rocking sensation than full-on in-and-out motions, but they’re definitely interesting and pleasurable nonetheless! Plus thrusting dildos are never waterproof like this!


Waterproof Rabbit Vibrators

We-Vibe’s Nova 2

best waterproof vibrators: We-vibe Nova 2

While I have a lot of issues with rabbit vibrators, the Nova 2 really fixes most if not all problems I have with them!

Plus, it’s totally waterproof, rumbly & powerful, and since it bends with your body, it’ll fit most anatomies, no matter how varied they can get!

Now if only all rabbits could be like this…


Womanizer Duo

best waterproof vibrators: Womanizer Duo Review

Now, what happens when you combine a rabbit vibrator that doesn’t suck with a clitoral end that actually sucks in a good way? Well, you get the Womanizer Duo, of course! 

So if you ever thought that clitoral suction/air-pulsions were missing some internal vibrating fun to go along with it and you didn’t feel like holding two toys to do it all, it doesn’t get much better than this!


Lovehoney’s Thrusting Happy Rabbit / Greedy Girl

best waterproof vibrators: Happy Rabbit / greedy girl Thrusting rabbit vibrators reviews

Remember when I was talking about my Rabbit vibrator gripes?

Well, one of the major ones is that when you thrust with most rabbits, the clitoral ends always end up periodically leaving your body. Which isn’t super conducive to building an orgasm if you ask me or anyone else really.

Well, Lovehoney’s answer is pretty simple: Self-thrusting shafts.

Thank you, Lovehoney!


Waterproof wand massagers

Dame Com

Best waterproof massager: Dame Com Review

Waterproof Magic Wand alternatives are basically non-existent. Until recently that is!

Now the Dame Com is not as powerful as the Magic Wands, but it’s much rumblier, giving you deeper and more high-quality vibrations in the process. It’s also much more compact and has an easier-to-clean, seamless & soft as hell silicone body.

What’s more, the compact size also makes it super easy to integrate during sex with a partner!




Viben Sultry

Best waterproof magic wand alternative: Viben Sultry Review

Now if you want a waterproof massager that can easily compete with the classic Hitachis, the Sulty ticks off all the boxes.

It’s almost as powerful as the most powerful Magic Wand version ( the Rechargeable ), but much rumblier and much slimmer!

So if you want the best waterproof wand massager money can buy, this is the one folks!




Waterproof Butt Plug Vibrators

Lovense’s Hush 2

best waterproof vibrators: Lovense's Hush 2 buttplugs

The Lovense Hush 2 are probably the most powerful and feature-packed butt plugs in the business. 

These butt plugs come in multiple sizes, rumble like there’s no tomorrow, feature a comfortable T-Bar base for comfortable all-day wear, and can be controlled via an App for endless customization options or allowing a partner to control the plug from any distance.

So if you ever wondered what cramming a bunch of advanced technology in your butt would feel like, this is it folks!




Plex with Flex by Hot Octopuss

best waterproof vibrators: Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex Review

The Plex with Flex is a remote-controlled butt plug/dildo hybrid with a slight curve.

The “Flex part” of the Plex means that it’ll bend with you instead of awkwardly poking you on your insides, so it’s super comfortable as well!

Most importantly, this waterproof vibrator for your butt also features Hot Octopuss’ “Treble & Bass” vibrations. “Treble” refers to high-frequency vibrations at the tip of the toy and “Bass” refers to low-frequency rumbly vibrations along the shaft! This essentially offers richer sensations than a toy that would be strictly rumbly or just disappointingly buzzy.




Waterproof Prostate Vibrators

Edge 2 by Lovense

best waterproof vibrators for the prostate: lovense Edge 2 review

This is a powerful, rumbly, adjustable prostate and perineum vibrator that can be controlled via an app that offers endless customizations, and allows a partner to control your toy.

The extra vibrations on the perineum aren’t just for show here either as this is how you access the prostate externally. So it’ll attack that prostate from both sides at once!

Just be sure to have a bit of prior anal practice before getting this one and it isn’t the smallest toy of the bunch!




We-Vibe Vector

best waterproof vibrators for the prostate: We-Vibe Vector Review

The Vector is a lot like the previous toy except it is much smaller so it is perfect for beginners and tight bums alike!

Everything else is there though: Great vibrations, app control, adjustable body, and so on.

I also tend to prefer the design sensibility of We-Vibe who usually tends to go for function and looks as opposed to strictly functional as with Lovense’s toys! 


Loki Wave by Lelo

best waterproof vibrators for the prostate: Lelo Loki Wave review

This is the toy for lazy hands-free prostate & perineum stimulation! You can simply pop that bad boy in and let its come hither motions do their magic, no hands required!

This is especially useful if you enjoy motions more than just vibrations and/or if you like to masturbate while you stimulate your prostate.

The Loki Wave also works pretty well for women as well. Just make sure to sanitize it properly with a 10% bleach water solution followed by a good rinse before switching between users as butts and vaginas don’t really agree well with each other!


Bath and Shower Masturbators

Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Solo Lux

Best shower masturbator: Pulse Solo Lux review

The Pulse Solo is not only one of the best shower masturbators but also one of the best dick vibrators in the business, period!

All this power comes from their groundbreaking PulsePlate tech which was first introduced in the medical field to allow men with spinal cord injuries to actually reach orgasm. It turns out that a specific frequency and amplitude can actually make ANY dick sing! This can even allow you to start from fully flaccid to orgasm in record time!

The Pulse Solo Lux also comes with a wireless remote for all your solo and couple-play needs. The optional wrist strap is also a nice touch though it’ll only be usable with a partner as it obviously requires 2 hands to operate!


Fleshlight Shower Mount

Best shower masturbator: Fleshlight shower mount

Now I know this Fleshlight attachment is a bit of a cheat as it isn’t exactly a waterproof vibrator. But this shower masturbator mount will probably still come in handy to a lot of readers, so there it is!

To use it, all you have to do is to unscrew the bottom part of your favorite hardshell Fleshlight and replace it with this suction cup adapter instead.

The angle of your masturbator can also be adjusted and locked into place and the suction cup is pretty stable on smooth surfaces such as tiles and glass!