best small beginner dildos that are body-safe reviewed

Small but Mighty: The Best Small Dildos for Beginners, Small Bits, & Anal

Ahh, dick size. 

We often ignore just how powerful and awesome smaller dicks can be, even when it comes to our silicone toy friends!

Today, we’ll be reviewing a variety of smaller-sized toys from teeny to moderate. We’ve got silicone! We’ve got glass! We’ve got simple, realistic, and textured. There’s a whole world to explore with smaller dildos, and let’s not waste any time getting to it.

Why would someone typically choose a small dildo?

First, let’s explore WHY someone would want to buy a small dildo versus a massive minotaur monstrosity. There’s nothing wrong with enormous toys, but there’s a time and place. For a lot of people, it actually comes down to comfort and especially for folks with certain health issues or anatomical needs!

This is also something important for people who have various body concerns when it comes to accommodating a larger toy: they might have vulvodynia, vaginismus, or are looking to try anal but want to start small. Maybe you’re simply looking for the best beginner dildo!

Also, trans and/or nonbinary people! Folks who’ve either started taking testosterone and are noticing some very uncomfortable atrophy and/or dryness or people who’ve recently had “bottom surgery” where they need to use dilators to maintain internal width.

Minus dilators, these are the toys from smallest to largest

  1. Blush Temptasia Twist Small
  2. Tantus Silk Small
  3. Tantus Compact
  4. Avant Pride P3
  5. Fuze Star
  6. Avant D9

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here’s our list of the best small dildos, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.


Best small dildos Tantus silk Small Review


Best beginner dildo 

Tantus Silk


Best affordable & textured small dildo

Temptasia Twist Small


Best slick & small dildo that does it all

Tantus Compact


Great squishy small suction cup dildo

Pride P3


Great small beginner dildo with a classic shape

Fuze Star


 Dual-density small dildo better suited for vaginal play

Avant D9


Great affordable body-safe dilators

She-Ology Dilators


Most luxurious and frictionless glass dilators

Pacik Dilators


Tantus Silk Small

Best small dildos Tantus silk Small Review

The ultra-premium simple small dildo

As I’ve undoubtedly said before, I love Tantus toys. While the toys come in delicious colors, Tantus truly focuses on making the quality of the toy the absolute best it can be.

Materials 5/5

This is a straight forward simple non-phallic dildo, usually ideal for folks looking to try anal for the first time. Even if you’re not interested in anal, it makes a perfect toy for vaginal use especially if you’re struggling with tightness or atrophy (hello!).  It also helps that it comes in 3 sizes so you can work your way up with a familiar shape!

best beginners pegging toys tantus silk

The silicone is slick, and it can feel sticky without lube. Fear not, because just it becomes slippery when wet (with lube)! The color I received was their popular “Purple Haze” shade, which looks simple from far. Upon closer inspection, it has swirls of shimmery purple glitter and reminds me of opalescent nail polish from the 90s, so very on-trend right now. (Gotta match my outfit to my dildo!)

Features 4.5/5

This would get nearly a perfect score if it had a suction cup, and it pains me to have to remove half a point for that little (likely conscious) decision to omit one. It has everything going for it: it’s firm while being very flexible, and even has a slight notch where the shaft touches the base. I’m assuming this is meant so the toy fits snuggly in a strap-on harness, and I nearly weep at the level of thought Tantus has given a simple silicone beginner dildo.

Sensations 5/5

This is the ideal toy for people who want to start with penetration. The silicone feels perfect, and there are no seams around it making it truly a pain-free experience. If you’re looking for a slim toy as a beginner, I can’t recommend this toy enough!




Blush Temptasia Twist Small

Best small dildos Blush Temptasia Twist Small ReviewThe small toy with a twist

If you’re seeking a thick and long toy, move along!

At only 4 inches in length and 0.75 inches in width, Blush’s Temptasia Twist Small is the smallest of the bunch. Don’t let that stop you from trying this small dildo out though, especially if you’re looking for a toy that’s perfect for first-time anal experiences.

It also helps that this is the smallest toy out of 3 dildos you can buy, so you can work your way up in size with a familiar shape!

Materials 5/5

The Twist is entirely made of silicone but has a superbly smooth and silky feel. It has just the slightest amount of grip and texture to it without overwhelming someone with friction.

Features 5/5

I’m not a size snob! While I tend to prefer my insertable toys on the thiccc side, sometimes I seek out smaller toys for myself or partners.

Having said that, I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed by the Twist. If you’ve seen one small non-phallic dildo, you’ve often seen them all. Blush changes this up with exciting new… er, twists!

First, there’s the obvious: the body of the toy has a twist built-in, which is subtle and smooth as butter. There’s also the adorable heart-shaped suction cup (heads up dildo makers, make these a standard please). It’s non-threatening without being too juvenile. Plus, the suction cup is shockingly powerful!

This toy has one last M. Night Shyamalan twist to it! When the heart shape is upright, the shaft of the toy points down. You don’t have to worry, your dildo isn’t wilting. It’s actually a fantastic shape to press against the internal clitoral tissue (g-spot) or the prostate!

Sensations 5/5

I was pleasantly surprised by this toy! I haven’t gravitated toward simple dildos in a while, but the Twist was an enjoyable toy. I would actually recommend most folks to have this in their toy box, because we’re not always in the mood for a Big Bold Dick, you know?




Tantus Compact

Best small dildos Tantus Compact Review

The small toy with almost all the bells and whistles

The Tantus Compact is like getting a burger with fries and a drink. It’s the whole package! The toy is a healthy 5-1/4″ in length, and 1” in width, but has a bulbous semi-realistic head, deep ripples on the back of the shaft, and comes in a fantastically slick silicone. Tantus knows toys!

Materials 5/5

The Compact is a glossy delightfully springy silicone toy, and I love it. At first touch, you might find yourself recoiling from the stickiness of the silicone, but fear not! Put a little (or a lot) of lube, and watch the gummy texture quickly transform in front of your eyes. It becomes slick, and that’s fantastic for anyone with atrophy or is looking to use this toy anally.

Features 4/5

As I’ve said above, some non or semi-phallic toys can be boring to see over and over again. The Compact changes it for the better!

There’s the larger head which helps the toy feel larger than it is, while still being manageable. What follows is a trio of ripples to keep thrusting as exciting as possible!

“Now, Zack” you say, “If this toy is so fantastic, why give it a less than perfect rating?”

The Compact lacks a suction cup. I’m not entirely sure why, but it would be a perfect score if it had one! 

Sensations 5/5

I was able to try this toy with a partner that enjoyed anal, but found themselves needing a very small toy for their… ahem… delicate butt. This was the ideal toy for them, to the point where they were so confident in their butt’s abilities that we swapped the Compact out to another (larger) toy… and then went back to the Compact.




Avant Pride P3

Best small dildos Avant Pride P3 Review

The small squishy toy with pride

Almost every queer person I know has sent pictures of toys from the Avant Pride line. “Look, a trans pride dildo! And look, an ace pride butt plug!” The joy doesn’t stop there, because Avant Pride toys are actually of fantastic quality, especially the P3. It’s 5.5” inches in length and 1.25 inches in width, and makes the most out of its modest size!

Materials 5/5

This toy feels perfect. It ticks all the boxes for being one of the best small dildos for beginners. It’s squishy and pliable but not frustratingly so; it keeps still long enough to insert but doesn’t feel rigid, like being fucked by an action figure. Whether it’s the satin texture or the springiness of the silicone, the P3 reminds me a bit of a marshmallow in how comfortable it is.

Features 5/5

The P3 is just… chef’s kiss. For starters, are you a lesbian or sapphic? The color scheme will probably be the first thing you notice since it’s a lesbian pride flag! The shape of the toy isn’t overtly phallic as well (though reminders, some lesbians have dicks). It comes fully equipped with a suction cup, so you can use it solo or put it in a harness for partnered play!

Sensations 5/5

Again, what a win this toy is! I want to be honest: I was a little hesitant to love this toy so much, especially since I’m not a lesbian, but I couldn’t help it. It sold me over, and for good reasons. It’s just a fantastic all-around dildo, practical in every way. I loved it so much, even though it’s only been a short while… We’ve already moved in together and adopted cats. (Just a little queer wlw joke for my sapphics!)




Fuze Star

Best small dildos Fuze Star Review

The small toy that’s a long skinny legend

Ah, what a classic. This is the shape of the typical toy people are recommended especially for anal, and for good reason! At a length of 6”, and a width of 7/8′, the Star is a slim and enjoyable toy that might be the perfect fit for yourself or your partner(s).

Materials 5/5

The Star is made from a fantastic silicone that’s firm enough to keep its shape while being inserted, but not firm to the point where it’s like fucking an icicle. Not only that, but the color is a starry, inky blue with shimmers. This is the little black dress of your dildo collection, and goes with everything!

Features 4/5

What makes a good grilled cheese? Soft bread toasted to perfection in a pan, and delicious cheese. It’s simple but perfect. The Star is similar to that! Sure, it doesn’t have a lot of extras that other dildos might have but it gets the job done well.

It’s springy with beautiful body-safe silicone and has a suction cup. Why mess with what works?

Sensations 4/5

This toy innovates the typical design of a slim anal dildo by making it loooonger. This can actually add to the sensations felt while using the toy, as it cools a bit between thrusts! Overall, the Star is a very solid and enjoyable toy!




Avant D9 Ergo Mini

Best small dildos Avant D9 Ergo Mini Review

The small toy that’s… not all that small.

I understand why Avant calls this “mini”: in the world of toys, the average size of a dildo tends to err on the side of “fabulously gifted pornstar” versus “statistically average penis”. The D9 is a modest 5.25” insertable inches and has a width of 1.25” inches.

Considering that the average penis size is between 5.1”-5.5” when erect, calling the D9 “mini” feels slightly insulting. If you don’t count the name, this is a pretty good introduction to average dick sizes as it remains a bit on the thinner side. 

Materials 5/5

I have literally pulled this toy out of the box to have friends squish it. It feels that good! The D9 is shockingly squishy, even for a dual-density dildo it’s unbelievably soft.

Features 5/5

The D9 is phallic, but not too phallic. It has veins, but not too many veins. It’s squishy without being too… well, okay that’s a problem but more on that later.

The D9 also has a suction cup, and like the rest of our list, can be used in a harness as well.

Sensations 3/5

I was really expecting this toy to knock my socks off, but for all the fantastic qualities listed above, it struggled to meet some of my basic needs in a dildo.

Right off the bat, I had trouble inserting this toy due to how squishy it is. This might not be an issue for you, especially if you’re planning on using the toy vaginally, but it can be nearly a deal-breaker if you try this anally! When I was testing some toys out with a partner, we had to stop trying to use the D9 after multiple failed attempts to insert it because it wouldn’t stop wiggling out of the way.

The next bummer was the fact that the suction cup wasn’t strong, especially when compared to the Avant’s other toy in our list (the P3). The D9 is quite top-heavy, and leans overwhelmingly to one side. If you try to stand it upright, the toy will fall over ten times out of ten. The unbalanced shaft in combination with the small unimpressive suction cup meant the suction cup is basically useless, and that’s a real bummer for me.

But again, I’d add a point if it was for vaginal use only as that squishy head is definitely cervix friendly!




She-ology 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set

Best small dildos She-ology 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set Review

The small silicone dilator set

This is a dilator set unlike any I’ve seen before. Usually, dilators are straight tube shapes, but not these! These are curved to fit the body better, for a pain-free time!

Materials 5/5

The silicone is similar to the velvety soft one of the Temptasia Twist and feels fantastic in your hand. They’re slightly springy but rigid enough to insert easily.

Features 4/5

Dilating can be a very annoying and long process. For a lot of people with pelvic pain, the sheer thought of inserting anything into the vagina can cause stress and pain, so it’s not a super sexy time straight out of the gate. The She-ology dilators are meant to be wearable, so you can put one in and chill out, letting the dilator do its job.

I’m taking a point off for the name of the toy. While these dilators are pretty comfortable, I have extreme reservations about recommending my trans masc friends to try the “She-ology dilators”, it’s just very dysphoria-inducing! For transfeminine folks, this might not cause the same discomfort but it’s still very cisnormative as a whole.

The set has a great number of smaller dilators, but in my opinion, it’s missing a larger-sized dilator comparable to an average-sized dildo or dick. The largest is 1.18” wide and 3.33” long, and that just feels a bit small to me.

However, fear not! They have an extra advanced set that goes up to 2” wide! Sadly, not included in this one.

Sensations 5/5

This toy slipped in without issues, and felt really comfortable to wear! I normally have issues with using toys vaginally (due to atrophy), but these dilators are fantastic!




Pacik Dilator 3 Set by Crystal Delights

Best small dildos Pacik Dilator 3 Set by Crystal Delights Review

The glass dilator set

Unwrapping these from their protective satin case felt luxurious. Was I unboxing a set of dilators, or grandma’s finest crystal wine glasses? Luckily, the dilators were every bit as opulent as desired.

Materials 5/5

My favorite materials for insertable sex toys is almost always silicone, but Crystal Delights has sold me on glass with these dilators. They’re sturdy, but also hollow. It isn’t a hollowness found in an Oxballs “tunnel” plug, for example, but almost like you could insert the dilators then fill them up like a little cup once it’s in your body. (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intended, but could be fun!)

Features 4/5

While I criticized the previous dilators on the list for not having a larger size to graduate to, the Crystal Delight dilators did not have this problem! This can be a blessing and a curse, depending on what you’re specifically looking for. If you’re struggling to basically insert a pinkie finger, these aren’t for you (at least right now) as the smallest dilator has a width of 1”, and the largest 1.5”.

Sensations 4.5/5

I am… shook. Seriously, I tried the Pacik dilators and found myself really liking them! The glass glides effortlessly, and they’re incredibly light (which is rare for a glass toy). While they can seem a bit clinical, they feel divine and almost sinful when you feel the mixed sensation of fullness from the toy, and an empty kind of openness. It actually felt quite kinky, which was a huge plus in my book!

The only downside I could see to them is that they’re not as comfortable to wear for long periods of time, as the glass is very rigid (as it should be).


We would like to thank SheVibe, Tantus, & Crystal Delights for sending us the small dildos included in this review. This roundup wouldn’t have been possible without their help!