6 Great Erotic Comics for your Eyeballs

In the beginning, there were erotic pictures.

Human beings have always been a pretty pervy species, just as mommy nature intended. With the power of sex and all the erotic energy it brings along with it, there’s been a need to share that sexual information with others!

Whether it’s been through cave paintings, terracotta vases, or even in the Vatican (seriously, Google this), human beings have always wanted to inspire sexual energy or share sexual information through art.

Pornography is found in abundance in our day and age (unlike living wages or affordable homes). Look online and you’ll find any flavor of porn to suit people’s needs with real human people, but I’d argue that there’s still something specifically seductive about erotic comics.

First off, comics are incredible. I will fight whoever disagrees with me on this. Yes, the big typical “comic” companies have been awful in a variety of ways but comics themselves? Pure. Amazing. Untouchable in my eyes.

Erotic comics? Even better, and honestly better than 90% of the porn available today.

I find myself specifically getting distracted by terrible acting, and porn has some of the worst. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes that’s a part of the appeal! (Remember “in front of my salad!”? It should be placed in a time capsule for all eternity.) Still, I want to be able to easily slide into the character’s situations and emotions easier than a Njoy toy slides into a welcoming hole, you know?

So here are some of the best eroti-comics that I’ve come across. My only hope is that you can find something on here that either titillates you or at best entertains you. Heck, maybe you’ll even find a new fantasy to play out with your partner(s)!


Yes Roya by Spike Trotman and Emilee Denich

Who is it for? People who want romance, BDSM, and honest conversations about marginalized communities.

We’re starting the list off strong with one of my favorites, Yes Roya.

In a world desperately lacking polyamorous queer representation, and especially multi-dimensional people of color, this comic delivers. Yes Roya satisfies a need that I didn’t realize I had, for a story full of nuance and emotion but also hotties and even hotter threesomes.

The story is about a young starting illustrator in the mid 20th century, who struggles with his sexuality and getting his foot in the door. He meets his industry idol, a famous illustrator, and his powerful wife Roya. They invite him over for drinks, and the story unravels as Roya admits an earth-shaking secret to him. 

What happens next is riveting, sexy, and relatable. 

The illustrations are incredible, they’re kinky and vivid but also plump and expressive. You feel a sense of real emotion from the characters, and each one of them felt real in a way that sometimes can be lacking in erotic comics.

Even if you’re questioning your interest in erotic comics, please pick this one up! 

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Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Who is it for? People who enjoy heist movies, humor, and love collecting different variant covers!

This comic is wild, and it knows it. From the start, it refuses to pussyfoot around: this is a comic about sex and criminals, but it’s also a comic about breakups and feeling alone and isolated. It’s about dildos, and butt plugs, and climaxes, and also edging.

It’s just your typical story of girl meets boy, only both these lonely singles have a secret power: when they climax, they can stop time. 

I know, so very typical right? (Please tell me you can sense my sarcasm!)

The art is sharp and clear and sometimes makes me feel like I’m watching a movie rather than reading a comic. The writing is witty, clean (but dirty) and the story gets better and better.

If you’re in it for the long haul and looking for an erotic comic that promises hilarity and adventure, pick up Sex Criminals!

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Oglaf by Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne

Who is it for? People who play Dungeons and Dragons and want to fuck every villain.

I don’t remember how or when or why. One day, it wasn’t in my life, and then the next, my life was never without it. What exactly am I talking about? Why, the internet’s favorite pervy webcomic, Oglaf

Oglaf appeared to me like a miraculous religious vision, bringing with it immense joy (and some sexual confusion). Imagine a Dungeons and Dragons-like world where the bards are hot (and horny), the wizards are powerful (and horny), and orgies happen more frequently than plagues.

Hey, wait, actually this is reminding me of my last campaign…

The illustrations are both charming and hot (and sometimes horrific). While Oglaf starts by following the life of a lonely wizarding apprentice being psychologically tortured by his “mistress” (in a somewhat sexy way), the storyline has since moved away from his life and the life of his cum sprite. 

What exactly is a cum sprite, you ask? Well, you’re just going to have to read it to find out!

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Sunstone by Stjepan Šejić and Linda Lukšić Šejić

Who is it for? People who love romance, latex, and gorgeous queer women.

Husband and wife team Stjepan Šejić and Linda Lukšić Šejić are arguably two of the most incredible comic book writers and artists the industry has seen. Both are renowned in their own rights for their equally impressive bodies of work, but together they offer some of the best representations of BDSM I’ve ever read.

Sunstone is a queer love story written and illustrated to perfection. Every page practically glimmers with expressiveness on the ludicrously attractive cast of characters. You have absolutely seen some of the centerfolds from this comic before, and for good reason: the illustrations are glossy and lust-worthy in a way I’ve rarely ever seen.

The writing is not something to be forgotten either! The story is of two queer women who begin dating online, and when they finally meet in person, their relationship explodes into otherwordly levels of hotness. The dialogue is snappy and relevant, the characters are realistic to the point where I feel like I’ve met these people in my own life!

If you’re a fan of romance, and queer love with a healthy dose of vibrant and realistic BDSM, check out this jewel of a comic!

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Smut Peddler

Who is it for? People who love sexy anthologies and The Shape of Water.

Okay, yes. You caught me. Smut Peddler isn’t just a comic but has become a kind of publisher of many different erotic anthologies. 

The original Smut Peddler is one of my favorite comic anthologies to date, and I can trust that when I pick up one of their anthologies… it’s absolute quality smut. It has body diversity, interesting stories, and good representation. Please check out Rosalarian’s work, the art is wonderful and the storylines are queer!

My favorite anthology so far has been Smut Peddler Presents: My Monster Boyfriend edited by C. Spike Trotman. If you like fantasy (or just fantasy sex toys), this might be the comic to read-along to put you in the mood.

Or uh… so I’m told.

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Chester 5000 XYV by Jess Fink

Who is it for? People who love their vibrators, the song “Coin Operated Boy” by Dresden Dolls, and the movie Moulin Rouge

Jess Fink is one of my absolute favorite comic creators of all time. Seriously. As a teen, I would read Chester 5000 while bored in philosophy class all the while dreaming of a day where I would create my own comics.

Chester 5000 XYV is a lush and beautiful love story between a man and his insatiable wife. To satisfy her needs, he builds her a robotic lover of her dreams. At first, she’s timid and nervous, only to find herself a love who cares for her every intimate desire, even emotionally.

This creates (sexy) tension between the characters. There are no words in the comic, only sound effects (vert vert vert), but you absolutely do not miss the dialogue. The story is clear with body language alone, and the art delivers a level of hedonistic and opulent perversity.

This is a treat for your eyes (and other parts).

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