NEWS: We’re finally on Social Media, New Writers & More!

Hear ye, hear ye!

News isn’t a common thing to see here at Tabooless since I usually try to focus on pure unadulterated content.
Whenever there’s a new thing happening in the sex toy world, I tend to just update the old content instead of wasting a weekly post on new releases.

But things have been evolving and changing so much in the past few weeks that it would be just wrong to keep our beloved viewers in the dark!


At Last, We’re On Social Media!

While this might seem like a basic requirement for any successful modern website, I stayed away from social media the longest I could. And we actually did quite good for a while with the old school e-mail subscriptions. But it is now time to move on and get with the program!

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t because I don’t believe in social media, quite the opposite.
I simply just didn’t have the time to deal with having much of an online presence while providing long detailed and well-researched articles every week. And that’s without mentioning all the work that has to be done outside of Tabooless. 

But thanks to the success of the site, Tabooless is now my main source of income.
Which means that I have more time and resources to interact with you guys and provide even better content! 

So if you’d like to receive our updates and new articles straight from your favorite social media platform, make sure to subscribe below!



It’s not all about sex toys.

You probably got to know Tabooless through my list reviews on body-safe sex toys. But I always wanted Tabooless to be more than just a sex toy review site.

Hence why we’re expanding, in the goal of providing more content on all things sex & kink.
Now don’t you worry, I’m not changing for one bit and sex toy reviews and guides are not going away as long as I’m still alive and kicking.

But to help us with this new endeavor, well…


There are some new faces around here.

Ash Z. W. Davis

That’s right, if you didn’t notice already, we have a new writer on the team!

Ash Z. Davis is a bad-ass writer who studied in journalism and illustration. What’s with Tabooless and illustrators, I don’t know. But Ash couldn’t be more of a perfect fit since he stands for everything Tabooless preaches.

So if you were afraid that we were moving away from our usual sex positivity, comedic undertones, and our shameless & open discussions about everything kink, you can rest assured.

Being a polyamorous trans man, you can also expect some exciting new articles on trans issues, as well as guides on how to navigate the polyamorous world & more!

You can catch his first article on Tabooless right here:

A Crash Course on Transmasculine Sexual Wellness

And we’re excited to announce that he’s not the only addition to our growing team. But more on that in the following weeks!
So stay tuned if you want to hear more about our brand new rag-tag team of lewd dudes and dames.

Which leads us to the fact that…


We’re Hiring!

You see, I don’t think that a website that aims to be the one stop shop for everything sex should have just one boring old cisgender, heterosexual, white-ish man at the helm. 

Sure, I’m well versed in most things sex & kink, but my real expertise lies in sex toys.
Alas, Jim the dildo dealer is nothing but an ex-sex shop worker with a passion for body-safe and quality toys. But enough talking about oneself in the third person.

What I am getting at is that we need some damned variety around here if we want to be more representative of the wide spectrum sexuality covers.

Basically, we’re looking for anyone who can write and has any kind of expertise in the domain.
Sexperts, sexologists, Sex workers, performers, BDSM & bondage experts are all welcome. All we need is an introduction, a sample of your writings ( related or not ) as well as what would be some articles you’d like to tackle for us. 

It’s a monthly gig, and you would, of course, be paid for your work!

If you’re interested, send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.


That’s it for today folks!

So make sure to follow us on social media and spread the word.
And if you haven’t done it already, you should totally check out our new article: The 3 Sex Toys Veteran Reviewers Would Bring On A Desert Island

It’s an awesome collaboration we did with a bunch of established sex toy reviewers.
We’re extremely thankful for everyone’s involvement and hopefully, we get to feature more of these fine folks in the future!