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The good old Rabbit vibrator is tailor-made for the woman torn between vaginal and clitoral stimulators.
These toys are made to do all the work for you so you can concentrate on simply getting off.

The name tends to be misleading because not all of them include the iconic rabbit head on the clitoral arm. They've been referred to as dual vibrators, charmers and many other names.
But to lighten the text, we'll still refer to them as rabbit toys since it is what they are known for today.

These vibrators still are not for everyone and you should know that a combination of a dildo ( realistic or notor G-spot stimulator along with a clitoral toy is often a better option for girls who like more control over their experience.

It's also worth noting that every woman is different and rabbit vibrators won't always work with every anatomy. So If one of these doesn't work for you, another might.
Be patient and you'll be bound to find one that is just right for you.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here's our top 9 list, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone's needs and budgets are different:

Hop Jessica Rabbit & Hop Trix by Blush Novelties

Best rabbit vibrator

Blush Novelties is slowly becoming one of our favorite low budget companies. They usually have the best bargains you can find for body-safe, quality toys

That being said, the Hop line of rabbit vibrators is no exception and provide tremendous value for the price.

The Hop Trix and Jessica Rabbit offer some of the strongest vibrations you can find for the price.
They are also both rechargeable through a magnetic charger via USB, a feature usually left to higher-end toys.

And while the shaft of these toys might offer plenty of power and rumbles, the clitoral arms are much weaker and buzzier. So if you absolutely need rumbles to get off clitorally, the Hop line by blush might leave you disappointed.

The Hop Trix is the slimmer and longer version, but if you're into toys with a bit more girth and a g-spot curve, you will probably prefer the Hop Jessica Rabbit.

Both have 7 different functions to play with and they are also a 100% waterproof, so bring them in the bath and make some bubbles!


At such a low price, these are great options for women who quite a "bang" for their buck.
The only corners that seem to have been cut during making these toys are the packaging and the underwhelming clit vibrator.
But at 50 dollars less than most quality rabbit toys out there, we won't nitpick too much.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Hop Jessica Rabbit
Worldwide: SheVibe

Hop Trix
Worldwide: SheVibe

Amorino by Fun Factory

best rabbit vibrator

The Amorino is an entry-level, high-end toy.
It features a premium soft silicone, 6 vibration intensities as well as 6 different rhythmical patterns.
These vibrations are pretty decent and strong for such small rabbit toys, but beware power queens, the next entries will satisfy your needs much better.

Fun factory's Amorino is also completely submersible under water, so it is perfect for a bath and jacuzzi kind of gal.

Also, being on the small side, it is perfect for beginners, smaller women or women who need just enough to get to their g-spot.

The Added elastic band reverberates with the vibrations of the Amorino to stimulate the labia as well.
While this might sound good on paper, not a lot of people have found much use for the band and just usually discard it altogether.

The Amorino also comes with a very good 1-year warranty, so mistreat it all you want!


If you're in for a small high-end toy, this is it.
Just recycle the band into a proof of ownership bracelet and wear it proudly!

Cheapest Place to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: LoveHoney

Vanity VR6 by Jopen

Jopen vr6 Best Rabbit Vibrator

The VR6 is a great alternative to the more expensive Ina 2 by Lelo. 
With a strong G-Spot curve mirroring the great shape of Lelo's toy, it is also rechargeable via USB, waterproof, and the body of the toy is completely covered in silicone.

The vibrations on the shaft give the Ina 2 a run for its money, but the clitoral arm isn't quite on par in terms of vibrations.
Speaking of the clitoral arm, It is also not as flexible as the Ina 2 making this toy a bit less comfortable to use than its counterpart.

And again, to compete with Lelo, Jopen toys also come with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year replacement guarantee.
But you might not even need it because the VR6 has been known to last for years without much of an issue.


If you can't justify paying for the Ina 2 or if you like strong internal vibrations but your clitoris is a bit more sensitive, the VR6 should do the trick very nicely.
Just keep in mind that if you have a hard time with girthy toys, this might be a bit much.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


Miss & Lady Bi by Fun Factory

Miss and lady bi best rabbit vibrator

The Bis are the Amorinos for the more courageous gal.
Same premium Silicone, rechargeable, and submersible under water design but this time with lower frequency, rumbly vibrations.
Its girthier shaft, shaped to hug the natural curves of a woman, ensures an intense g-spot experience.

A lot of women who've had a bad experience with traditionally shaped rabbit vibrators often prefer the design of this one.

The hoop handle is also a great addition since it makes it easier to apply extra pressure on the g-spot.
Again, all this is coupled with Fun Factory's great 1-year warranty.

It comes in two models with the Miss bi ( on the picture above ) being shorter,  at 3.25 inches of insertable length. On the other hand, The Lady Bi is longer for deeper penetrations at 5 inches long.

While the lengths are manageable, the girths are at around 5 inches in circumference at their thickest points. This could end up being too overwhelming for the petite woman.

But if this can reassure you, it is worth noting that the smaller tips of the Bis really work well at easing you into the thickness of the toy.
With a bit of extra lube, everything should be just fine, making these a great entry point to girthier insertable toys.


These intense toys are filling and are made to fit the female anatomy better than a lot of other models out there.
It may be hard to stomach if you're a petite woman, but if it is the case, you'll love the next entry.

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: LoveHoney ( Miss | Lady )

Nova by We-vibe

Nova best rabbit vibrator

The Nova is a new innovative toy from one of our favorite brands.

Its interesting design is solving a problem that was the bane of the rabbits ever since their invention.
You see, what usually happens when you try to do penetrative motions with any other rabbit vibrator, the clitoral arm always ends up leaving the clitoris or jabbing it uncomfortably.
But in the Nova's case,  the flexible clitoral arm simply bends with your motions. With the added benefit of being able to fit almost any type of woman as well.

We-vibe's Famous deep low-frequency vibration found in their ever popular Tango/Touch is also back in this toy as well.

Every function can be adjusted to the power you need, it is rechargeable and has a 1-year warranty. It also has a seamless ultra soft silicone body that covers even the handle, for easy cleanup.

It is also fully submersible underwater and comes with their great phone app, so you or a partner can control the toy at any distance, making it a great option for long distance relationships as well.


So, if you're in for a high-quality toy at a low price with an innovative adjustable shape, this toy is for you.

We'd even go as far as saying that it is one of the best rabbit vibrators we've ever tried.

Cheapest Place to buy:

U.S.:  PinkCherry U.S.
Canada: PinkCherry Canada
U.K.: LoveHoney


Ina 2  by Lelo

Ina 2 best rabbit vibrator

The second iteration of the Ina by Lelo fixed also every negative aspects of the toy, making the experience as luxurious as possible.

Its now seamless design with silicone from the shaft to the handle doesn't leave a chance for bacteria to survive a good clean up. And the brushed silicone feels as good in your hands as it feels on the inside.
Its shape and rigidity are perfect for g-spot stimulation and the internal vibrations are deep and rumbly, so you feel them through your g-spot and beyond.

The clitoral arm clamps down on your clitoris so it can be left in place and still stimulate you without you having to hold your toy.
We just suggest lifting the clitoral arm manually at insertion to avoid jabbing it in your poor clitoris as you slide it in.

It also is worth noting that the vibrations on the clitoris aren't as powerful as the shaft's vibrations.
This still should work for most people because the clitoris usually tends to be more sensitive than g-spots.
But if you're the type of girl who needs the power of a tango/touch on max or a Magic wand, it may not be enough for you.

Every vibration and pattern can be targeted to only the shaft, the clitoris or both at the same time. The Ina 2 is also bath-friendly, rechargeable and features Lelo's legendary 10-year warranty!
The first year covers all mechanical failures and the next 9 years allow you to exchange your toy for any other toy at 50% rebate!


If you can afford it, it is definitively a must-have toy.
Otherwise, if G-spot curves are not your thing you will love the next entry!

Best Place to buy:

Worldwide: Lelo

While this might not seem to be the cheapest place to buy from, it is definitively the safest place since inferior counterfeits plague the Market.
If you want a genuine product, we recommend you to shop directly from Lelo.

Soraya by Lelo

Soraya best rabbit vibrator

Now, what happens if you love Lelo's Luxurious quality but not the strong g-spot curve and the constant pressure on the clitoris of the Ina 2?  Well, you turn to their excellent Soraya of course.

It has all the qualities of the Ina 2 ( Rechargeable, bath friendly, strong deep customizable functions, 10-year warranty and ultra soft silicone body ) but with a different shape.

Women who prefer deeper penetration will especially like the Soraya.
While they have the same insertable length, the curve of the Ina 2 goes a long way in reducing the depth of the penetration.

The other big difference between the Ina 2  and the Soraya is the clitoral arm. Instead of clamping down on you, this one sticks right out and is very flexible.
This allows you to either let the clitoral arm to reverberate at the surface or your clitoris or control the pressure yourself by bending it down onto yourself.

It does make the experience a bit more involved than with the Ina 2 but the circular handle helps in manipulating the toy without a slip.
All these features make the Soraya a perfect rabbit vibrator for the woman who likes a bit more control over her stimulation.

The only real issue, especially when compared to the Ina 2, is the non-seamless body.
A seam where the metallic part meets the silicone requires you to give a bit of extra attention during clean up. Compared to the old rinse, spray, set and forget attitude you can have with the Ina 2, this is a bit of a downer.


The Soraya is a great option for women who are more into deep penetration.

Having to use a little brush to keep your Soraya spick and span is still a minor flaw considering everything it has to offer. But it is the only thing really worth improving upon in future iterations.

Best Place to buy:

Worldwide: Lelo

While this might not seem to be the cheapest place to buy from, it is definitively the safest place since inferior counterfeits plague the Market.
If you want a genuine product, we recommend you to shop directly from Lelo.

Ina Wave by Lelo

Ina Wave best rabbit vibrator


Remember everything I said about the Ina 2? Well, it's all that plus this:

For those who can't watch this at the moment ( or your mind is just too blown to comprehend ), the shaft just did a come hither motion, effectively applying rhythmical pressure to any g-spot that gets in its way.
It gets even more exciting when you know it is what most G-spots strive for.

This coupled with the toys clamping down on you makes the toy pretty much hands-free, so just sit back and enjoy.
Also, you can always switch the motion off turning this into a Ina 2.
It has the added benefit of being able to adjust the "clampiness" of the original model to fit to your body better. This is done by stopping the toy's motion in your preferred position.


It's everything the already great Ina 2 is and more and also solves the "not for everybody" fit of the original model in the process.
The only real downside is that this is the priciest toy on this list. But, in our opinion, the Ina Wave is one of the best rabbit vibrator you can get today and is well worth saving for.

Best Place to buy:

Worldwide: Lelo

While this might not seem to be the cheapest place to buy from, it is definitively the safest place since inferior counterfeits plague the Market.
If you want a genuine product, we recommend you to shop directly from Lelo.


 The Rabbit by Bodywand

Bodywand Rabbit hitachi magic wand attachmentBut what if what you really need is the power of a whole battalion at your command.
Well, for the ever demanding gal, there's always Magic Wand attachments.

With a design reminiscent of Lelo's ever-popular Ina 2 coupled with a soft silicone body, this extension is built to please.
Great for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation it offers about 4 inches of insertable length and 4.5 inches in circumference at the largest point.

Sadly, while this should be fine for most, it still may be too large to some.


If you already own a Magic Wand or any other compatible wand, it's a great cheap way to get a powerful rabbit vibrator made of a body-safe material.

For everything you need to know about the magic wand's versatility and how you can add functionality to it click here.

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S.: Pink Cherry US
Canada: Pink Cherry Canada
U.K.: LoveHoney