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Clit toys are usually the first sex toys women flock to.
This partly due to the fact that 75% of women have a hard time reaching orgasm without any kind of clitoral stimulation.

But most importantly, they are non-intimidating, easy to travel with, and versatile.

And you're not limited to clitoral stimulation since most of these would work on almost any other sensitive bits you'll come across. Some might even use them internally if they're not necessarily looking for size.
Just keep in mind that they should never be inserted anally since most come without a proper stopper. So unless your idea of a good time includes an embarrassing trip to the ER, steer away from the butt stuff!

Where clitoral toys really shine is when used by themselves or along with any other type of penetration.
So use them during sex or with a dildo (realistic or not) or G-spot toy and you're bound to have a blast.

It's also worth noting that if they end up being too overpowering for direct contact with your clitoris you can usually use them higher along the hood of the clit or to the side. And If that isn't enough, you could even use them over your clothing to dampen the vibrations a bit.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here’s our top 11 list, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

Budget Clit Toys


Screaming-O Charged Vooom

best budget clit vibrator Screaming-O Charged Vooom

If you're looking for a perfect entry level bullet vibrator, it doesn't get much better than this.

The Vooom is essentially your traditional cheap portable bullet vibrator on steroids.

It is rechargeable, virtually silent, and has 3 incremental vibration modes as well as 7 rhythmic pulsations.
So compared to the only 1 to 3 Incremental vibrations you will find on most cheap bullets, this is already a big plus.

On top of that, the Vooom packs some pretty decent vibrations.
And while it might not rumble like the high-end toys, it still has plenty of power and rumbles to please most folks.

But most importantly, it doesn't run on small shitty expensive watch batteries you have to replace every 30 minutes! And if that doesn't brighten up your day, I don't know what will. Just recharge it through the included USB cable and you're all set.

So while you might save 15 dollars on a cheap standard bullet vibrator, the money you will save on batteries alone makes the Vooom pretty much pay for itself.

Being a bit thicker than your standard bullet vibrator, it will also work very nicely with Vac-U-Lock compatible toys, turning them into vibrating dildos in the process.

The only real issue we can find is that the button to control the toy is rather small.
So in the heat of the action, things can get a little clumsy when trying to crank up or stop your toy.


This cheap rechargeable bullet vibrator should become the new standard when it comes to basic bullet vibes.
Thanks to this powerful little clit vibrator, we can finally put those shitty watch battery powered vibes to rest.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


Turbo Bullet by Colt

Turbo bullet vibrator

Now if you're in for a cheap bullet vibrator that rumbles powerfully like the high-end toys you're in luck!

This mean-looking thing has a soft brushed body and nice incremental, low-frequency, powerful vibrations that are in no way for the faint of heart.
Of course, being so cheap, it requires batteries to run ( 3 AAs ) and is not waterproof. So if you're the type of woman that likes to get frisky in the privacy of her own shower or bath, I'd suggest you keep on reading.

It also has no patterns or preset modes. The controller is simply operated with a smooth incremental slider. This way you can find the exact strength you need without relying on set vibration modes.

The only real major downside is that it isn't made of silicone, but it shouldn't be a big deal if you don't use it for penetration. Which is a bit of a shame since it works pretty well for g-spot stimulation.
So if you're looking for even better, body safe g-spot toys, be sure to read this article.

It is also a bit tricky to hold without tiring your poor fingers with the intense rumbles. But that's a small price to pay to get all that power for so little money.


The turbo bullet has the rumbles of a high-end toy trapped in a cheap little battery-powered package.
So if you're a power queen and strapped for cash, which is usually a very unfortunate situation, you will be very happy to find that this little hidden gem sure can deliver.

Cheapest Place to buy:

U.S. & Canada: Adam & Eve
U.K.: LoveHoney


Sensuelle Point by Nu

Nu Bullet Vibrator


This is a great cheap alternative to the amazing Tango by We-Vibe.
It is almost as powerful and features a ridiculous amount of functions ( 20 to be exact ). The Sensuelle point is also rechargeable by electromagnetic induction and covered for 1 year by the company, just like its higher-end counterpart.

A nice win over We-vibe's bullet is that the charger also acts as a stand. This way it is not just laying on its side like with We-vibe's magnetic charger. But it does reduce its portability on the go if you're carrying the charger with you.

Where it really looses against the Tango is that even though this bullet vibrator fares pretty well in the shower, it will likely just die if used in the bath. The vibrations are still not completely on par either compared to the way the Tango shakes and gyrates when turned on.

It is also a bit thicker than the Tango and doesn't look as refined. But seeing the price difference, this shouldn't be much of a surprise.
Also, being thicker, it might not be as compatible with other bullet holes like the Tango is, but it will fit beautifully in Vac-U-Lock holes.

Also, a lot of people report that the charger stops working after a while.
But back at the old sin bin, we've noticed that cleaning the metallic contacts on the bullet vibrator and the charger with rubbing alcohol usually does the trick at bringing it back from the dead.


So if you're looking for a powerful, rechargeable bullet vibrator without having to spend much, this might be your guy.
The 20 functions are far from necessary and this toy could benefit from having much less, but for the price you'll pay, it's a small annoyance that can easily be overlooked.

Just keep in mind that the silver is the only model who isn't soft to the touch and it can get quite cold in some environments.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: Amazon - Purple, Pink, Black & Silver 


Mid-Range Clit Toys


Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Bullet by Blush

best bullet vibrator

Now if you're the type of person who needs raw/borderline intolerable power, you will love the Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick.
This bullet vibrator is essentially the smallest wand you will ever find.

The Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick ( what a mouthful ) comes with 5 incremental vibrations as well as 5 patterns for a total of 10 modes.

It has a nice little metallic finish for a touch of glam. It's a design reminiscent of high-end lipsticks, hence the name.
So it should camouflage nicely with your makeup gear when stashed in your purse.

And shaped in a similar way to the Tango, this little guy is even stronger than its cult classic counterpart. And at almost half the price of the Tango, it's quite a feat.

But all that strength comes at a price.
You see, instead of providing deep rumbles to rattle your bones, the vibrations are quite buzzy and surface level.
It also makes this bullet vibrator surprisingly noisy as well for such a small toy. 

But all that power makes this clit vibrator a perfect toy for powering your toys with bullet holes. And being thicker than the Tango, it'll also work nicely with Vac-U-Lock toys.


If you don't mind sacrificing rumbles for pure power, this toy will literally knock your socks off.
Otherwise, if you live for the rumbles, you're better off going with the Tango and its alternatives.

Best Place to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


Ultra Bullet by FemmeFun

best bullet vibrator

When direct pressure on the clitoris is something that is uncomfortable to you, the hard plastic you will find on your standard bullet vibrator could be a bit much.
So if this is a concern to you, you will probably love the flexible and soft Ultra Bullet by FemmeFun.

It's made of body-safe Silicone, so it is perfect if you plan on sharing your toy.
And the bulb where the button sits makes holding your toy much more comfortable and secure than with most other bullet vibrators. Especially when things get hot and slippery.

You will also find that the toy rumbles with vibrations almost on par with the Tango, but the vibrations are much less pinpoint this time around.

And since the motor isn't surrounded by hard plastic, if held at the base, this bullet has a tendency of bouncing around like a jackrabbit on cocaine.
These motions can be particularly pleasing to some but if it's a bit much, they can easily be dampened if the toy is secured against you. 

On a more negative note, just like the Sensuelle Point, the FemmeFun offers a ridiculous 20 modes, with 3 constant vibrations and a whopping 17 patterns.

Knowing that most folks aren't too keen on patterns, this might be a bit much. And having to cycle through all the modes is kind of a pain in the clit.


This is a great cheap alternative to the Tango when pressure and hardness don't agree well with your clitoris.

So if you can deal with the ridiculous amount of vibrations provided, this is a solid option.

Best Place to buy:

Worldwide: Peepshow Toys


Mia 2 by Lelo 

Mia 2 bullet vibrator

The Mia 2 is the perfect travel companion.

With its USB charger tucked directly inside its shell, there's no need to carry any cables with you. All you have to do is open it up and plug it into the computer like a normal USB key.

It could also be easily mistaken for a lipstick or, once plugged into a computer, a fancy storage unit.  This bullet vibrator really is the stealth bomber of clitoral stimulation.

USB bullet vibrator

The Mia 2 also comes with a handy little storage pouch and has a travel lock to make sure you don't trigger it accidentally on the go.

But how does it perform?
Well, the Mia 2 is rechargeable ( one hour charge for one hour of play ). It is completely waterproof when the cap is on and has 1 constant vibration and 3 different pulsations.
All functions come with a huge range of strengths, so you're not only limited to 4 options.

The motor can go from subtle rumbles to strong buzzier vibrations.
And while this bullet vibrator doesn't quite reach the power of the Tango, it is perfect for the woman who is more on the sensitive side.

So if you're an untameable power queen, I still suggest going for the Tango or one of the wands mentioned further down.

And as always Lelo delivers on the warranty with its 10 years total coverage: The first year covers any mechanical failures and the remaining years you will get 50% on your next Lelo purchase if anything happens to your toy.

The only two downsides are that this neat little bullet vibrator is made of plain shiny plastic and it isn't soft to the touch like many options out there. Buildup can also accumulate in the creases that surround the control buttons so cleanup might be more involved.
So if you tend to get particularly wet during play, we suggest using a soft bristle tooth-brush for clean up or choosing a different toy entirely.


This is probably the best discreet bullet vibrator there is. And while it might not beat some of the other toys on this list in terms of power, this is as good as it gets when it comes to stealth.

Best Place to buy:

Worldwide: Lelo

While this might not seem to be the cheapest place to buy from, it is definitively the safest place since inferior counterfeits plague the Market.
If you want a genuine product, we recommend you to shop directly from Lelo.


High-End Clit Toys


Form 2 by JimmyJane

form 2 double bullet vibrator

There are now many great high-end, external vibrators on the market. But what if direct contact with the clitoris is uncomfortable to you?

Sadly, traditional bullet vibrators might not have the best shape for everyone.
But don't you fret since, if you feel like this applies to you, the Form 2 is made with folks like you in mind.

The form 2 comes with 4 functions, each coming with 5 great incremental strengths. And these strong vibrations are concentrated around the clitoris instead of directly on it.
While we wouldn't say that the vibrations are especially rumbly, they are definitely strong and should get most people to their goal.

Along with its sleek soft medical grade silicone, it has a vibrator in each nub, is rechargeable and completely submersible under water. We also love the included charging pedestal. It looks as modern and beautiful and keeps the toy from getting dirty while charging.

And just to show you how JimmyJane trusts their engineering, the Form 2 comes with a nice 3-year warranty. 


The Form 2 is made for anyone who can't be won over by traditionally shaped bullet vibrator models. So if pinpoint vibrations aren't your thing, this is it folks!

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe ( Slate | Pink )
U.K.: LoveHoney

Black Luxury Edition With 24K gold

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe


We-Vibe's Tango / Touch

best bullet vibrator

You know you've got something good going on when a toy has received multiple mentions before even reaching its actual entry.

What can I say, this bullet vibrator has been a crowd pleaser and a classic ever since the day it hit the floors of sex shops around the world.
And if you look around the web you're bound to find tons of people raving about the power & rumbles of these amazing bullet vibrators.

They both are rechargeable by electromagnetic induction, so they are fully submersible under water and they also both hold about a 90-minute charge.
These two also have 8 deep low-frequency vibration modes including 4 gradual constant vibrations and 4 patterns.

They come in two models: The Tango & the Touch.

The Tango is shaped like a lipstick and is made for pinpoint accuracy,
It's slim body really reverberates strongly with its vibrations, achieving a rapid light tapping motion which can feel amazing to the not too sensitive woman, satisfying even most power queens.
And, even though it is about the size of a finger, lot's of people enjoy the intensity of it internally as well.

The Touch is for the more sensitive woman since the thick silicone cover dampens the reverberations. It has a soft brushed silicone exterior made to fit in the palm of your hand. The touch is also perfect for someone who likes to rub against their toys thanks to a groove in the tip that covers the clitoris comfortably.


If you want the best and only the best, both are loved and great choices depending on your preferences.

They are also covered for up to one year so don't go gentle into that good night.

Cheapest Places to buy:


U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: LoveHoney


U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: LoveHoney


Womanizer Classic

Womanizer Classic clit toy

The womanizer is the newest innovation in the world of clit toys and it recently took the world by storm.
It is known to bring women from nothing to orgasm with minimal work and time.

You see, the womanizer doesn't go in direct contact with the clitoris like any other traditional bullet vibrator.
Instead, it makes a seal around it with its soft silicone head and once you turn it on, it applies a gentle suction, bringing blood in and making the clitoris sensitive and engorged. This leaves the clitoris much more vulnerable to the soft rumbles this toy provides.

With plenty of expensive models to its roaster, the Pro40 was womanizer's attempt at making a low-budget and accessible version to their ever so popular classic models.
Strangely enough, at a cheaper price, it comes with an additional feature: being waterproof.
It's was also much more comfortable to hold thanks to its new improved shape.

But it has since become discontinued and replaced by the more aesthetically pleasing Womanizer Classic.
It is everything our favorite PRO40 was, without being an eyesore!

The Womanizer is also quite easy to clean since its removable silicone head can be put in the dishwasher or boiled to fully sanitize.

So it's cheaper, it has an extra feature and it's on par with the more expensive models in terms of strength ... So what's the catch?
While we'd love to nitpick and have something to complain about, in our humble opinion, this is the best Womanizer you can buy today.
And in case you were wondering, it beats the Satisfyers and the Lelo clones as well.

The womanizers are also all covered by a great 2-year warranty.


If you're still in doubt as many of the girls were here at the shop, just go read all the positive reviews online and see how many ends up loving this toy!

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: Peepshow Toys


Eroscillator 2

Eroscillator clit toy

The Eroscillator is both a classic and a hidden gem amongst clit toys.
Which is a bit strange since, in my humble opinion, it should stand way up there along with the Tango and the Magic Wand.

What makes the Eroscillator so special is that instead of vibrating like a traditional bullet vibrator, well... it oscillates!
Which means that it rocks back and forth, sort of like what a normal finger would do, except much faster. ( 3600 oscillations a minute, more precisely )
So these motions feel much more natural than your usual vibrations. Which makes this toy a perfect choice for those of us who aren't really into vibrations.

In a way, the Eroscillator is the thrusting toy of the clitoral world.

Being an old classic like the original magic wand, it hasn't been updated in a while.
So while it might look a bit dated today, it sure still stands the test of time and it is still providing countless orgasms up to this day.

Another sign of the Eroscillator's age is that it is a strictly a mains powered toy.
And while it might sound like a downgrade from the common rechargeable toys of today, it's actually quite the opposite.
Being a plug-in toy might mean being tethered to a wall, but it also means that it is extremely powerful & it will never lose that said power over time. It also helps that the power cord is 12 feet long, giving you all the reach you might need.

The Eroscillator comes with multiple attachments.
Some tips are more pinpoint than others ( like the seven pearls and ball & cup heads ) while others cover larger areas ( golden spoon, grape & cockscomb & ultra soft finger tip ).
Of course, all tips are removable for easy & convenient clean up.
If you're a bit confused as to which tip to start with, the ultra soft finger tip has been a fan favorite ever since its release.

Except for the head of the ultra soft finger tip, none of these attachments are made of silicone. It shouldn't really be much of an issue since they're not made for internal use. But if I can reassure you a bit, know that they're still made of high-quality, body-safe, and non-porous TPE

There are currently 2 versions of the Eroscillator: The Eroscillator 2 and the Eroscillator Top Deluxe.
The only real difference between the two is that the Top Deluxe comes with 35% more power. Something that most users could easily do without. But it is still good to have for the real power queens out there.
It's also worth noting that the top deluxe is louder than the original, so it's maybe not the best toy for homes with paper thin walls.


The Eroscillator is a classic and it's here to stay!

But most importantly, it's a perfect toy for those who aren't into vibrations. And with the Womanizer being your only other alternative, we'll take all the alternatives we can get!

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


The Magic Wand by Vibratex ( formerly by Hitachi )

Best Bullet Vibrator

The "Hitachi" eats any bullet vibrator for breakfast.
The conqueror of the mightiest power queens is still one of the strongest vibrators today after being more than 30 years in the market. It is known to turn women unable to climax into multiple orgasm pros.

First of all, keep in mind that this big fella, unlike a lot of these toys, won't work well for traveling. 

But with that said, this thing will literally rattle your bones.
What this means is that you don't even have to put it directly on your clitoris to get the stimulation required.
You'll even get to feel the vibrations through the internal clitoral structure that lies beneath.

Hell, I have one at the office only to undo knots in my back.

Due to the wand's intensity, some even report squirting without any internal stimulation. So keep some towels near.

Also, what makes the Magic Wand so great is that it also has a wide variety of attachments that can turn the wand into almost any type of toy you want.


The Magic Wand Original vs Rechargeable Comparison

While the Magic Wand Original features only 2 very strong levels of vibration and a short 6 ft long cable, both issues can be easily fixed.
All you need is a cheap dimmer extension cord giving you more reach and gradual adjustment to the vibrations.
Having all those cables might bother some but it is still the most affordable way to go.

For twice the price, the rechargeable model is cordless, features 4 incremental vibrations along with 4 different patterns.
It is the perfect option for someone who can afford it and can't stand the sight of cables.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable can also be used while plugged in like the Original if you ever run out of battery.
Another nice addition is the Silicone head which is much softer to the touch and easier to clean compared to the rough head of the Original.

Otherwise, both models are just as powerful and compatible with multiple extensions that can turn your wand in almost any type of toy available on the market.

Just remember, both models should never be used in the bath or shower.
And if you're looking for a strong clitoral toy for that purpose or just a more portable powerful toy, you're better off with the Tango by We-Vibe.

Now here's a rundown of the features:

Magic Wand Original

  • Plug-in
  • 2 incremental strengths
  • 6-foot long cord  (110v – 120v/60A)
  • 1.2 pounds
  • 1-year warranty

Magic Wand Rechargeable 

  • Rechargeable
  • 4 incremental strengths
  • 4 vibration patterns
  • 6-foot long cord  (110v – 120v/60A)
  • Safety 20-minute shut-off which can be turned back on right away
  • 1.5 Pounds
  • 1-year warranty

The magic wand is still considered #1 by many even 30 years after its release. The Original wand is a perfect choice if you always need more power or if you want to own a great piece of sex toy history.

The Rechargeable model is a perfect modernization of the classic design. So if you can stomach the higher price, definitely buy it!

For everything you else need to know about the magic wand's versatility and how you can add features to it: click here for the full article.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Magic Wand Original

U.S.: SheVibe
Canada: PinkCherry
U.K.: Sadly, the Magic Wand isn't made with a U.K. plug. The best alternative is the Doxy!

Magic Wand Rechargeable

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: Again, no chance for the Brits. I still have your back though and a good alternative would be Lelo's Smart Wand!

Since there are more fakes than originals around the web, I encourage you to buy from a trusted retailer like one of these.
On top of being some of the cheapest places you can find them, you will always be sure to get an original model.