14 of the Best Dildos that Look Just Like the Real Deal

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The dildo is celebrating its 28,000th birthday and it has never looked any better.

Probably being the earliest sex toy in the history of human civilization, we certainly understand the appeal.
It gives you most of the fun of a good banging without having to deal with any of the stuff that might come attached to it.

And if you'd like someone attached to it, you'll probably be glad to know that most of our selection is Harness Compatible.
So fans of pegging, strap-on lesbos, and trans men rejoice!

They're also almost all safe for anal play.
As long as there is a base, suction cup or testicles attached, you should be good to go.

If you took a wrong turn and you'd rather be looking at non-realistic and abstract options, please refer to our non-realistic dildo list.

And if you're looking for truly large toys, you're probably better off reading our large sex toys list.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here’s our top 14 list of the best dildos, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

Cheap Dildos


Colours by Ns Novelties

Best realistic dildo

If you're in for a cheap, body-safe and realistic dildo with a decent suction cup, you've come to the right place.

The Colours come in many colors ( shocking, right? ) and come in a wide range of models and sizes.

But most importantly, these are probably the cheapest realistic dildos you will ever find.
And considering that, at this price, the closest you'll get to silicone is a misleading name slapped on a toxic porous toy, this is quite amazing.

The only real catch is that they're pretty rigid and the detailed veins and head can be painful or uncomfortable to some.

Otherwise, if you're low on funds but still want a body-safe realistic dildo, it doesn't get much better than this.

If you don't mind rigid toys, it's also worth checking out the Ruse dildos by blush novelties if you want more choices.
They're about the same price and they also come with pretty decent suction cups.


This is as cheap as it gets if you're looking for a body-safe, realistic suction cup dildo.

Just keep in mind that while this might work for a lot of people, these are still rather rigid. So if you prefer squishier yet still affordable dildos, the next entry should suit your needs better.

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: LoveHoney
The U.K. version of the collection is branded as Lifelike Lovers Luxe. Make sure to buy the silicone luxe models because the other models aren't made of body safe silicone. There's also a bit less of a choice, so if you don't mind the shipping, order from SheVibe for more options.


Coloursoft by Ns Novelties

best realistic dildo

You guessed it! The Coloursofts are the softer relatives to the Colours.

They're as detailed, but the squish you'll get out of them will smooth out most of the bumps and veins you may encounter during play.
So if you felt a little cheated because there wasn't a cheap realistic dildo with all the squish you need, consider yourself reassured.

But unlike the Colours, you'll have a little fewer choices to pick from.
All you'll get is 2 different sizes and no realistic colors this time around. 

UPDATE: They've now released the Dual-Density Colours which combines both of their silicone densities in one single toy with a firm core and squishy outer layer.

These come in the same size and color choices as the Coloursoft and are some of the cheapest quality Dual-Density Toys as of yet!


Being cheap, bendy and squishy, they're the perfect alternative if you can't stomach rigid or very textured toys.

A squishy silicone toy like that is an extremely rare find at this price, so get on it if you just love that squish!

Cheapest Places to buy:

5 Inch
Worldwide: Peepshow Toys

8 Inch
Worldwide: Peepshow Toys


Cloud 9 Novelties' Pro Sensual Dildos

best realistic dildos

You may know Cloud 9 Novelties for their popular Fuck Machines.
And while these machines usually come with cheap porous dildos by default, it would seem that Cloud 9 is actually capable of making some pretty decent body-safe realistic toys as well.

Why they didn't include these instead with their luxury machines is a mystery to us... but we digress.

The Pro Sensual Dildos are firm silicone toys with some pretty damn good suction cups.
And in contrast with the NS Novelties' Colours, they are way less textured this time around. So if you prefer firmer toys that aren't too bumpy, these will probably fit your tastes better.

The silicone is also slicker than what the Colours offer, so there will be less drag during penetration. 

While there is only one model to pick from, there are plenty of sizes and colors to pick from.
So you'll get 4 sizes to pick from with each one coming in 3 different natural colors.

It's also worth noting that the sizes advertised represent the whole toy, from suction cup to the tip. So you'll have to remove about 1 to 1.5 inches from that to figure out about how long the insertable part actually is.

And as a bonus, each dildo comes with 3 different sizes of O-Rings for your strap-ons.


If you prefer rigid toys that aren't too textured and your funds are limited, there's a lot to like here.
Couple this with some powerful suction cups and you've got yourself a cheap toy that'll go a long way.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


Mid-Range Dildos


Fleshjack boys Dildos by Fleshlight

best realistic dildo

If you're willing to spend a little more without having to skip a meal this week, these ultra-realistic dildos should definitely be considered.

Like the Fleshjack line of masturbators, these beauties are molded directly off popular gay male porn stars.
So if the idea of owning a replica of someone else's junk is a little unnerving to you, you should probably skip this entry.

Otherwise, the detailed molds of these toys make them as realistic as they can get with every vein and fold being duplicated to a tee.

It also helps that the silicone has a nice rigidity to it while still being bendable and somewhat squishy.
And while not as good as dual-density dildos, the realism and detail of the replicas sure make up for it.

Every toy also tries to replicate the exact skin tone of its actor, with no unnatural preset tones.  Which is a nice touch in a world filled with very beige and very brown dildos.

There are also a few options with removable suction cups that are almost identical to the great Tantus suction cups. 
It's not clearly stated if it is indeed a rebranded Tantus suction cup that is included. 
But if it isn't the case, it's a near perfect copy.
And these bad boys will fit in almost any toy with a bullet hole as well, so we won't complain too much.

UPDATE: They now have released a new collection of dildos based on heterosexual porn stars called the Fleshlight Guys.
It's a brand new collection, so there isn't much choice as of now. But they are still well worth considering, if not just for the sake of variety.


If you're in for ultra-realistic, cheap and body-safe silicone dildos, those detailed replicas could be just what you're looking for.

Otherwise, if the thought of having some stranger's likeness inside of you makes you a little uneasy, I suggest you keep on reading!

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: Fleshjack


Truskyn Dildos by Doc Johnson

truskyn best dual density dildo

We've had a long and sometimes troubled relationship with Doc Johnson. Though, this time around, it does feel like those issues are coming to an end.

Being one of the biggest and oldest sex toy companies, they always managed to offer good competitive prices.
Sadly, especially when it comes to making realistic dildos, the old doctor has left us with toys that were usually toxic and porous.

But now, alas, they have finally caught up.

Following closely behind companies like Tantus and Vixen Creations,  they have released their own version of dual density silicone.

Dual density silicone toys are made of two layers of silicone of different consistencies:
The inner layer is the most rigid, keeping the toy erect while still being bendable, while the outside layer is much more squishy. Having the best of both worlds, this results in a toy that feels oddly natural to play with. 

While not as close in quality and visual appeal as Vixen Creations Vixskin or Tantus's O2, Truskyn dildos were found to be usually a tad squishier than Tantus' dual density.

We'd also like to give a special mention to their Tru Curve dildo.
While it isn't the most visually appealing toy, it's probably one of the best G-spotting dildos around. So please don't judge this book by its cover!

And That's the kind of forward thinking we like seeing from the old Doctor.

Just please, no more shitty materials from now on!


The Truskyn's are affordable dual-density silicone toys with plenty of choices to pick from.

Unfortunately, none of these dildos come with suction cups. But the same could be said about most other high-end alternatives!

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


Realnude by Blush

best realistic dildo

Following closely behind indie companies, big manufacturers all seem to have jumped on the dual-density bandwagon.

Realnude is Blush's attempt at making their own version of this popular silicone combo.
And being one of our favorite affordable brands, our expectations were quite high. 

Well, we're happy to say that, as usual, they've delivered! 

More on the Semi-Realistic side, they'll appeal more to people who aren't looking for veins and folds galore.
They still offer realistic skin tones as well as pink and blue options for most of their toys. 

So how does their dual-density silicone compare to the competition?
Well, like most blends, they're squishier than Tantus's O2, and the firm core is one of the bendiest around.

Most importantly, some pretty good suction cups come included with every model.
A feature that rarely makes an appearance in dual-density toys.
We'd even go as far as saying that they're the best suction cups you can find on Dual Density silicone toys. An impressive feat coming from such a budget option.


Affordable semi-realistic dual-density silicone toys with powerful suction cups? What more can you ask for?

Even if you were planning on spending buckets of cash on a nice realistic dildo, it's hard to let the Realnudes pass.
And at that price, you might just as well just get both!

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: Peepshow Toys


O2 Dildos by Tantus

Best realistic dildo

I think the reason behind why they call it the O2 is because, after trying out these dual-density silicone dongs, you'll end up needing them like Oxygen.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.
And Tantus' signature minimalistic design is still present even with these realistic toys.
So if you like your fake dicks not too gritty, this is as classy as a faux cock gets.

It's worth noting that Tantus' take on dual-density is more rigid than the other alternatives out there. 
And for some, that's actually some pretty good news.

Clearly hell-bent on being dual-everything, Tantus even offers some models with two different silicone finishes.
And the matte shafts along with the smoother tips of these dildos feel natural while making insertion easier as well.

We only wished they made more suction cup compatible models.
As of now, SamAlan, and John Doe are the only realistic options available.

You are also required to buy the add-on suction cup for the toys, making the combination as expensive as the Vixskin models with integrated suction cups.
The Tantus Suction cup does perform better in most cases though.
And being able to use it with almost any other toy with a bullet hole is also a huge plus.


If you usually prefer firmer dildos, the O2s should probably be your first choice when looking for a dual-density dildo.

And even if it's not the case and all you're looking for is a nice looking dong, these are still squishy enough to be enjoyed by most!

Best Place to buy:

Worldwide: Tantus


Uberrime's Splendid

best dual density realistic dildo

Uberrime usually specializes in single-density fantasy toys. So it was a bit of a surprise when the beloved indie company came out with the Splendid, a beautiful realistic dual-density dildo.

Thankfully, Uberrime didn't stray too far from its signature style and this can be felt through the beautiful color gradients the Splendid come it.

There are no realistic colors in sight this time around though.
So if it's something you might need in your realistic dildos, you might feel a little left out. 

The Splendid is veiny and sports a subtle curve and pronounced coronal ridge that'll stimulate g-spots and prostates alike during penetration. 
And thanks to the squishy outer layer of silicone, none of these features become too intense or irritating.

Speaking of Uberrime's take on dual-density, we've found it to be about as squishy as Doc Johnson's Truskyn.
Which is a beautiful middle ground between the more rigid O2 and squishier Vixskin.


The Splendid is a gorgeous realistic toy with not so realistic colors.
But most importantly, it's a great dual-density g-spotting/prostate dildo from an amazing Indie toy maker. 

There are no suction cups included this time around though. So if that's necessary for you, you might have to look elsewhere.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: Peepshow Toys


Luxe by Calexotics

best realistic dildo

While every other type of toy seems to have gone through the high-end treatment, suction cup dildos appear to have been completely left behind.

Well, this Semi-Realistic dildo aims to fix that and does it beautifully with a pretty unique feature to boot.

The Luxe Touch-Sensitive dildos are probably the only high-end vibrating suction cup dildos available today.
They're rechargeable, waterproof and come with 10 different vibrating modes and some interesting touch-sensitive sensors.

You see, the deeper you stroke, the stronger the vibrations get.
And instead of being just a simple gimmick, it actually makes this realistic dildo more hands-free than ever, whether it's stuck on a wall or in a strap-on.

Sadly, the Luxe comes in only one, rather universal, size. But to soften the blow, you do get a nice range of colors to choose from.


Body-safe vibrating suction cup dildos are like the unicorns of the sex toy world.

Throw in a unique feature and some pretty decent vibrations and you've got yourself a toy that's in a league of its own.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


High-End Dildos


New York Toy Collective Dildos

Best realistic dildo

Now here's another indy company that has made its way into our cold, cold hearts.

Sex positive and offering all sorts of great appendages for trans men, it's quite easy to feel good about this company. But the solid toys they offer can easily shine on their own. 

Proud owners of g-spots and prostates have all fallen in love with their pack & play toys.
That's all thanks to their pronounced (yet soft) heads, known to reduce even the most demanding into puddles of their former selves.

And while their Pack & Play Dildos were originally meant to be worn by Trans Men, cisgender folks & trans women should definitely not let that deter them.
The posable shafts meant to be tucked away in pants can also be used to get the perfect angle for penetration!

Otherwise, Ellis and the very large Leroy are two uncircumcised realistic dildos made of their great dual-density silicone.
And many will argue that this world truly needs more natural uncut dildos. 
So here's another victory for humanity provided by the fine folks at NYTC! 

These uncut wonders come without pronounced heads this time around though.
So if you prefer your dongs straight and to the point, these will probably work better for you.

It's also worth noting that Ellis comes with a suction cup and no posable core while the Leroy is posable and without a suction cup.

Another great selling point is that they offer a multitude of gorgeous colors for their toys.
But those who prefer their dildos as realistic as possible should rest easy since most of their toys come in many shades of natural skin tones as well.


New York toy collective offers some amazing g-spotting & pegging dildos as well as some much needed uncut dual-density toys.

And if you buy from them, you get to support an awesome independent, sex-positive, and queer-friendly company.
Something that is well worth considering when you're voting with your money!

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


Vixskin Dildos by Vixen Creations

Best realistic dildo

You know a toy is good when it manages to sneak its way into all the other entries.

You see, Vixskin is the Cadillac of dual-density silicone. 
We'd even argue that it is one of the best and most natural dual-density that you can buy without burning a serious hole in your pocket. 

They probably have the squishiest outside layer in the business, balanced out by a rigid yet still bendable core.

There are also tons of options to choose from here. Every realistic dildo comes in at least 3 colors, with some models having gorgeous and colorful marbled options on top of the basic colors. 

Vixen Creations also offer a few models with suction cups as well.
These models being the Maverick, Mustang, Tex, and Vixskin Randy,  more precisely.

Although your success might vary from a toy to another, most of them should work pretty well on horizontal surfaces.
Vertical planes are a bit harder on these suction cups. So make sure to pick a very smooth surface and press hard when securing your toy!


These are some of the best realistic dual-density dildos you can get today.

So if you can afford them, forget about every other toy mentioned earlier and never look back!

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: Amazon
While we usually don't encourage buying sex toys from Amazon due to the many knockoffs circulating around, The Shag Supply vendor is one of the rare trustworthy sellers on the site. They also happen to have the cheapest prices for Vixen creations toys.
They don't always have all the models available though.
So if you can't find what you like, the next cheapest stop is over at SheVibe.

U.K.: Uberkinky


Fun Factory's Stronic Real

Best realistic thrusting dildo

Innovation is a word that has been used and abused by sex toy companies and all that hype is usually synonymous with utter disappointment.

Well, the Stronics from Fun Factory is one of the rare exceptions and have become almost universally loved by reviewers and common folks alike.

It's no mystery why since the Stronics are dildos that thrust on their own, thanks to weights shifting back and forth inside of the toy itself.
These functions range from natural back and forth motions to more rapid, almost vibration-like thrusts.

Following the Stronic line's success, they recently started adding to the collection. And boy how we were excited when they rolled out the Stronic Real, a much-awaited realistic option.

With a beautiful minimalistic design, the Stronic Real's visual appeal might not satisfy fans of uncanny realism, but it does serve a purpose.
You see, the more textured and detailed the Stronics are, the less freedom they have to glide in and out of you. So the lack of details is actually a good thing this time around.

The Stronic Real comes in 3 colors: beige, purple and pink. 
Why there's no option for dark skin lovers is a mystery to us. But considering how this is the only questionable thing about this toy we'll let it slip ... for now.

And if you'd like more information on the Stronics as well as how to use them, our original Stronic Review might have the answers to your questions.


The Stronic dildos are some of the best Hands-Free toys you can find.
So if you're not put off by the semi-realistic design of the Stronic Real, you should definitely take it into consideration.

We only wish there were more natural color choices.

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: LoveHoney


Velvet Thruster's Jackie

The Velvet Thruster Jackie realistic Thrusting Dildo

That's right, another hands-free thrusting toy!
And would you believe it, this retro-looking thing is actually a brand spanking new toy.

Being a modern take on an old school concept that was mostly reserved for toxic and porous toys, the Velvet Thrusters are essentially mini-fuck machines covered in body-safe silicone. 

The way the Thrusters thrust is a tad different than what the Stronic does.
With the Stronic, the whole toy rocks back & forth, but with the Velvet Thruster, the shaft springs in and out of the handle like a piston.

What this means in practice is that the Thrusters are much better at mechanical penetration while the Stronics offer more of an organic experience.

So if you're looking for a toy that'll just relentlessly penetrate you, go with the Thruster.
Otherwise, if you're looking for something a little more subtle, go with the Stronic.

Another thing worth considering is that, while the Stronics can be used hands-free, you will need to hold onto the handle of your Velvet Thruster during play.
Letting go of the handle will result in the toy being immobilized inside of you with the handle moving back and forth on the outside.

An easy fix would be to go with a Liberator toy holder, or simply propping the toy against something stable during play.

Otherwise, the Jackie is their only realistic Velvet Thruster and, this time around, it is way more detailed than the Stronic Real.
So if you're all about that texture, this might be the deciding factor for you.

Sadly, like all the other Velvet Thrusters, the Jackie only comes in one color.
And let's just say that it's definitely an acquired taste.


The Velvet Thrusters may not be the most beautiful toys around, but they're still some of the best thrusting toys available today.

So if you can get past its dated looks, the Jackie is probably one of the best realistic toys that'll do most of the work for you.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


RealCock 2

Best Realistic Dildo

From the makers of the uncanny and luxurious Real Dolls comes the most realistic dildo ever made.

It is also the only "triple-density" toy that we're aware of.
And if this sounds like some useless one-upping to you, you might be pretty close to the truth.

You see, the third layer is actually only there for aesthetic reasons.
It's the hand-painted silicone layer that provides the realistic color variations found across the dildo.

But there is still something that is quite interesting and innovative about their take on Dual-Density.
You see, the first two layers of silicone act like any other dual-density blend, with one big difference: 
The second layer is not attached to the first, acting like a realistic layer of skin that's slides up and down as you thrust. 

Foreskin lovers shouldn't get too excited though since the RealCock 2 acts more like a circumcised penis than a pristine one.

The balls also float loosely inside of the scrotum and are just a blast to play with, whether you're into balls or not ( heterosexual man speaking here ).

And while most silicone toys are made of one solid color, every single RealCock 2 is meticulously hand painted with a third thin layer of colored silicone. 
This means you get to have a toy that looks real while still remaining body-safe.

Blue-ish hues will be found on every vein and the gland has a natural warm pink to it along with some other subtle color variations. 

The smaller DTF model also has a Vac-U-Lock compatible hole.
This means you can attach this realistic dildo to any Vac-U-Lock harness, suction cup as well as most fuck machines.

While these luxury dildos are truly amazing, there are a few caveats.

First of all, the RealCock 2 is only offered in two different sizes.
You'll get 8 inches of insertable length along with 6.25 to 6.5 inches in circumference with the original model.
And the DTF model offers 6.5 inches of insertable length and 5.5 inches in circumference.

It's a strange move on their part, but if we can reassure you, all that squish goes a long way into making these toys more manageable than their more rigid counterparts.

Then there's the fact that it only comes in white... Unless you're ready to dish in an extra 250 bucks to get a custom color that is.
Let's just say that privilege can be found in the darndest places!

Lastly, this is the most expensive realistic dildo you'll find on this list.
But if you can afford it, it's still well worth it.
Especially when you consider the amount of work that is put into each one of them.


This is simply the most realistic dildo you will ever find.
So if you can stomach the price, limited sizes and you'll accept nothing but uncanny realism, this might very well be your guy.

We only wished there were more sizes and colors available.

Cheapest Places to buy:

RealCock 2 Original
Worldwide: Realdoll

RealCock 2 DTF
Worldwide: Realdoll

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