The Best Anal Beads

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For those who enjoy a bit of variety when it comes to anal play, anal beads are a must.

But there are a ton of ways to go about it the wrong way and turn what could be a very pleasurable experience into a living nightmare.

First of all, you should absolutely avoid models where the beads aren’t embedded in the material. These models have a tendency of breaking, leaving you with loose beads stuck inside of you. Which is a literal and figurative pain in the ass!

It’s also not uncommon for these models to have the beads connected by an actual string, fibers and all. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is one mighty unsanitary thing to shove up your pucker!

Another thing that seems to puzzle a lot of folks is how to actually use these damned things.

For starters, you’re not a lawnmower. Yanking these out with all your might will only result in pain and a nice mess in your blankets. 
Bums should be treated with love and respect, my friends. And in that respect,  the beads should be slowly pulled out one at a time.

While some will prefer pulling out the beads at the time of climax, to intensify and prolong their orgasms, others enjoy pulling beads in and out, all throughout their session.

For insertion, depending on whether the anal beads are rigid or flexible, your approach will differ. With rigid models, you simply use them like any other toy. But with flexible beads, you will have to push the beads in one at a time.

It’s also worth noting that rigid models are better for depth play but uncomfortable for long term wear. While, on the other hand, flexible models will have a tendency of bunching up in there, providing a unique sensation when the beads shift inside of you.
Something that can be especially pleasurable for proud owners of prostates.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, here’s our top 8 list of the best anal beads, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

Cheap Anal Beads

Fun Factory’s Flexi Felix

Flexi Felix Silicone Anal Beads

Fun Factory’s take on the classic design is a perfect alternative for beginners.
Being more seamless in their transition from bead to “string”, these anal beads are way less intense than the usual models.

It also helps that the first bead is tapered and smaller than the others, making the initial insertion easier without the first bead feeling useless. Something that is common on most other gradual models out there.

So if you are just testing the waters, this is a great place to start.

We also love that it comes with two loops for your fingers as opposed to one, ensuring that every pull is done without a slip.
Something that can be quite a blessing, especially when you’re all lubed up and ready to go. 

Otherwise, these anal beads come with Fun Factory’s usual design sensibility. They’re modern and visually appealing and as usual, their colors are particularly vibrant ( especially when it comes to the pink model ).


If you’re a beginner or simply not looking for too much intensity, the Flexi Felix is a perfect alternative to traditional beads.

But once you get used to these, the next models are definitely gonna give you more of a pop!

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


Titus Anal Beads

Titus small, medium and large Anal Beads

The Titus anal beads are your perfect standard flexible silicone anal beads. 
No fluff, no extra doodads, just good functional anal beads that’ll get the job done.

They’re body-safe, strong, and most importantly, they come in more sizes variations than most other models.

Speaking of size variations, their biggest model is probably the largest anal beads you will ever find.
While their smallest model features manageable beads just over one inch in width, their biggest version comes with beads at 2.5 inches in diameter.
Of course, with 4 different models to pick from, you can work your way there if you absolutely want to. But for those who aren’t scared of anything, this is quite thrilling indeed.

Now, while most of us will probably be satisfied with the first size, it’s good to know that your options are open if you ever feel like its time for a butt graduation.


The Titus anal beads are good & affordable beads that get down to brass tacks. And we love them just like that.

And for size queens, there might not be another option that’ll quench your thirst quite like these. 

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: CloneZone ( ships from the U.K. )


Tantus’ Progressive Anal Beads

Tantus Progressive Anal Beads

Now if you’re the type of feller who enjoys their anal stimulation with a side of vibrations, you should probably consider these affordable vibrating anal beads.

Being progressive, they don’t require much of a warm-up before getting down to business. And the included vibrator is decent enough to start with, but being removable, it leaves space for an upgrade when needed.

Speaking of the vibrations, due to the placement of the bullet vibrator, you’ll usually feel the vibrations only when the anal beads are fully inserted.
But if you upgrade your bullet with something like the Tango, the vibrations will carry through an extra bead or two, and it will make these anal beads much more intense and enjoyable overall.

Thanks to its T-Bar that rests comfortably between the cheeks, these anal beads could easily be worn as you go about your day.
Something that can be quite a bit of fun, having the beads shift inside of you as you move around.
Just remove the vibrator if you want to be able to sit or to avoid accidentally triggering the vibrations with your clothing.


These are some pretty decent vibrating anal beads for anyone on a budget. And a whole new life awaits this toy if you eventually decide to upgrade the bullet.

The only real downside is that you only benefit from the vibrations once the whole toy is inserted. So if you’d rather have vibrations carry across the whole toy, I suggest you keep on reading. 

Cheapest Place to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: Tantus


Mid-Range Anal Beads

Njoy’s Fun Wand

Pure Wand Anal Beads

There’s a reason why Njoy’s toys seem to always sneak their way into our lists. And it’s clearly not some kind of bias on my part since sex toy reviewers can’t seem to get enough of them as well.

This may be in part due to the very sanitary and slick stainless steel they all come in. But I don’t think they would be that popular if it weren’t for their near-perfect designs, engineered for pure unadulterated pleasure. And the Fun Wand sure is no exception.

Part Pure Wand ( which is arguably their most popular toy ) and part anal beads, there’s definitely a lot to like.

Being made of stainless steel, these anal beads are definitely rigid, so perfect for more traditional back and forth penetration.
And with a slight curve, they can easily be used for prostate stimulation as well.

When it comes to using the “Pure Wand” end of the toy, the beads still come in handy, acting as a nice slip-proof handle.
And just like on the Pure Wand, this end is perfect for intense G-Spot and prostate stimulation.


It’s just a fact: You can never go wrong with Njoy’s toys.

So if you’re in for a versatile, durable toy with rigid anal beads attached, this is one of the best.

Cheapest Place to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: Uberkinky


Vixen Creation’s Gemstones

Gemstones Anal Beads By Vixen Creations

Here’s another company we just can’t get enough of!

It seems like when Vixen isn’t busy making amazing dildos, they’re taking time off perfecting classic anal toys designs.
They did it with the buttplug and now they’ve finally worked their magic on Anal Beads.

Each Gemstone model is made of beautifully marbled and glossy silicone.
So unlike your cheaper silicone models, there will be absolutely no drag during play. A big plus, especially when it comes to anal toys.

The Gemstones also come in 4 different sizes, going from very forgiving, with the smallest anal beads being only 3/4 inches in diameter, to challenging, with the largest model being just under 2 inches in width. Each size also comes with its very own unique color.

Vixen Creation’s take on Anal beads also features one of the best and safest bases around.
Being large and flat, you can be sure they will never fold and slip in during vigorous play. And it’s very easy to hold it between your fingers when pulling the beads out. Additionally, thanks to its concave flared sides, it’s pretty comfortable to wear during long periods of time and when out and about as well. 


Vixen creation’s Gemstones are not only some of the best looking anal beads you will ever find, but they also come with one of the most versatile and safest bases we’ve ever seen.

They’re also some of the most expensive standard anal beads you can get.
But if you’re a big fan of anal beads and you can afford them, they’re definitely worth your time.

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


High-End Anal Beads

B-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads

b-Vibe Cinco Remote Controlled Anal Beads

If you felt a little underwhelmed by the Tantus Vibrating Anal Beads mentioned earlier, you’ll probably love the B-Vibe Cinco.

You see, the Cinco doesn’t only feature one lone vibe. |
There are actually 3 powerful and rumbly vibrators situated in the last 3 beads. Ensuring that, no matter how far you insert the Cinco, you’ll feel the rumbles of this powerful anal toy.
And while this feature is usually reserved for rigid anal beads, the Cinco is just as flexible as most motorless designs!

The Cinco is a little large for someone who isn’t experienced with anal sex. But being gradual, with the first bead being tapered as well, makes the whole experience pretty beginner friendly.
Like Mr. Miyagi used to say “It’s not because you have 5 beads that you have to use 5 beads!”.

A lot like Tantus’ effort, B-Vibe’s anal beads come with a comfortable T-Bar base that is perfect when using these beads outside of the home.
And knowing that it comes with a wireless remote, it would be dumb not to take it out for a spin!

Otherwise, B-Vibe’s Cinco Anal Beads come with 6 levels of vibrations and 15 patterns, it’s shower friendly and comes with a 1-year warranty! So I’m sure you will get plenty of mileage out of it.


The Cinco appears to be taking all the strengths of the flexible anal beads mentioned before, all while improving on the formula by adding multiple vibrators and wireless controls.

Of course, this drives the price way up. But for someone who just loves their anal beads, it is well worth it.

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


NobEssence’s Linger, Allure & Tryst

NobEssence Wooden Anal Beads

We’ve talked a lot about NobEssence in the past, so we’re not gonna get too deep in the details behind what they do.

But to get you up to speed, NobEssence specializes in Wood toys that are coated in a body-safe, non-porous varnish that can be fully sanitized.
The result is beautifully handcrafted wood toys that feel slick and light during use.

So you’ll probably be happy to know that NobEssence actually makes quite a few rigid anal beads for you butt enthusiasts! And a lot like the Fun Wand, with opposing usable ends, all of these toys can be used in a variety of ways.
Being as rigid as it gets, they also all work particularly well for vaginal sex. Just expect a bit of bumpy ride!

The Linger is NobEssense’s first shot at anal beads.
It’s slightly curved, which is great for Prostate and G-Spot stimulation and it comes with a handy little loop handle that makes pulling out a breeze.

The Allure, this time around, is completely straight, but you can still use the curved handle for G-Spot and Prostate stimulation. So there’s no sacrifice here.

The Tryst, on the other hand, puts a little less emphasis on the anal beads part of the toy and splits the toy right in the middle.
The dominant part this time around is the G-Spot and Prostate end, with the beads acting as a handle.
And while there are fewer and smaller beads on this one, the curve is quite steep and works perfectly for the prostate and G-Spot as well.


At the end of the day, whether you go with one model or the other really depends on what you’re into. And we truly appreciate all the variations on the theme.

It also helps to justify the price that most of these models act as at least 2 different toys.

NobEssence’s anal beads are versatile, beautiful and should tick many potential boxes for a lot of people looking for some rigid anal beads.

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe


Velvet Thruster’s Walter

Velvet Thruster Walter Anal Beads

There are a lot of familiar faces in this article.
But it only makes sense that some of the best companies make some of the best anal beads, right?

As we covered before, the Velvet Thrusters are mini handheld fuck machines that do all the thrusting for you.
These are truly great toys with only a few caveats: They come in only one color that is definitely an acquired taste, they’re noisy and can get quite warm during use. But other than that, these are some pretty solid toys.

The Walter, the anal beads variant in the collection, is by no means different.
It’s rigid enough not to bend during penetration but flexible enough to bend inside of you. Which all contributes to providing an overall more comfortable experience.

There are still a few things to keep in mind:

First of all, it’s important that you relax and use plenty of lube since you can still stall this mini sex machine.

The Thrusters are also not completely hands-free, and if you let go of the handle, you will be left with the control box coming in and out of you with the insertable part staying motionless inside of you. Pretty hilarious, but not so sexy.

So if you’re looking for a more hands-free experience, it would be smart to invest in one of Liberator’s toy holders. It’s also not impossible to Mcguyver some contraption where you can prop the toy in place and let it go to town.


Lazy butt sex anyone? Yes, please!

That’s all I got.

Cheapest Place to buy:

Worldwide: SheVibe