Best FTM Strokers

A Trans Man’s Review of the Best FTM Stroker Models in 2024

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Dick and dick accessories en masse!

Let me yell this to the world: sex toys aren’t just for cis women!

For trans men, strokers and realistic wearable dicks are holy grail toys. Not only can they provide novel and gender-euphoria-inducing pleasure, but they can help trans masculine people meet specific needs in order to better connect with their partners intimately.

Strokers aren’t all made equal though, and don’t let flashy names or gimmicks get you: some of these are just plain junk. Don’t put junk on your junk, folks! Your genitals (and wallet) deserve more than just a cheap rubber donut that smells like a tire factory. Treat yourself!

No Scrubs

We at Tabooless want to encourage safer sex and safer toys. For that reason, I’m not going to recommend two of the most commonly advertised products for trans men: Buck Angel’s two strokers (the Buck Off, and the Kiss X), or the Good Head Helping Hand.

I had high hopes for the Buck Off, until I saw that it was made with rubber which is a porous unsafe material. The Buck Off somehow is too large for my anatomy, which… rude but in a truly confusing way. It provides no suction, which is kind of half the fun of most toys on this list! Frankly, it would be better suited as a stroker for the head of a penis than a T-dick (you know, the bottom growth that can happen from being on testosterone).

(It also seems as though Buck Angel’s toys have been discontinued as of summer 2021. Oops!)

The Good Head Helping Hand is equally a bit of a nightmare. It reminds me of those clear gummy bears and smells like one too. Any kind of odd smell from a rubber toy is a huge red flag, and this one is almost nauseating. The toy is also somehow both slick and sticky, which comes from the unsafe material it’s made of (UR3). 

If you’re invested in knowing what’s good for your body, take a look at Dangerous Lily’s post about unsafe toy materials. If the melted dildo jar isn’t going to push you towards safer materials, I’m not sure what will. 

Again, don’t worry, I’m not coming to take them away from you. If they work well for your anatomy, awesome! Enjoy with gusto! Show that FTM stroker who’s boss!

I’m just not going to review or advertise either of these toys with any seriousness, sadly.

Let’s start the review with some non-phallic strokers!


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Good ol’ Reliable: Shotpocket from FTM Pitstop

Shotpocket Review


When I first started taking testosterone, I knew I’d have to prepare for the expected and intense burst of sex drive. It can rock your world, making you feel like a chaffed pubescent teen who spends way too much time alone.

I wanted to try a toy that would make me feel gender euphoria, but also wanted a toy that had suction in order to encourage more bottom growth. (Yes, trans men aren’t immune to dick size insecurities.) The Shotpocket was an excellent first-time toy, and I recommend it constantly!


It’s a big blue marshmallow. Ever want to fuck a gusher? This can fulfill that fantasy!

I’m joking, but it’s true. Still… I actually like the design! It isn’t intimidating and is just a fun squishy treat for your junk.

FIT: 4/5

The toy fits so many different sizes! It’s one of the major reasons why I recommend this toy so often. The texture of the silicone is so stretchy and smooth, it seems to fit everyone. However, if you are a bit larger than average (you lucky dog, you!), I would choose something else like GenderCat’s Fascination Sleeve.

USE: 3/5

This is a two-in-one toy, with two very different uses! First, this toy can suction onto your anatomy and be kept on. Please use water-based lube to avoid bruising, because wow that would absolutely suck (pun intended). The suction won’t be as powerful as a dedicated vacuum pump, but for someone looking to just enhance their t-dick or test it out? It’s a wonderful companion for that!

As a stroker, this toy is enjoyable. The texture inside is subtle, potentially to a fault; it’s so smooth that with lube, you can hardly feel the ripples. I would adore this stroker over all others if FTM Pitstop had different textures similar to the Tenga Eggs!

It’s also easy to clean: flip it inside out, wash with soap and water, and leave it air dry!


  • Excellent first-time FTM stroker
  • Affordable, and entirely silicone
  • Dual-use: it’s both a stroker and a suction toy
  • Squishy fuckable marshmallow, what’s not to love?





Choices Galore: Fascination Sleeve from GenderCat

fascination sleeve review


For a fuckable tube, this is seriously luxurious. With 14 different color choices, three sizes, and two distinct internal textures, the Fascination Sleeve is worth trying!


It’s like… fucking a squishy soft wheel for a roller skate…. which is not a bad thing! (Wheels for skates are so fucking cool, don’t lie!)

I received a Fascination Sleeve in a shimmery teal color and a similar blue pearl color. They are gorgeous, and the silicone is premium quality. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself eyeballing the hypnotizing silicone swirls, or anxiously squishing the toy during another Zoom meeting.

FIT: 5/5

So I fucked up.
Initially, I was humble and went with the “medium” size. This was an amateur move, and as a sex toy reviewing professional, I was a bit embarrassed when I realized my mistake. Luckily GenderCat kindly included a Fascination sleeve in their largest size. Huzzah! It fits like a glass slipper given by a fairy godparent!

In my opinion, unless you are very small, go a size up. Don’t make the same mistake I did! When wearing the sleeve, your bottom growth will get a bit bigger from the increased swelling (the good kind of swelling). Sure, the medium size does fit but after a few minutes, it pinches and chafes.

Unless you’re into that kind of mild genital torture, go a size up. Trust me.

USE: 4/5

Hello hello, this bad boy almost has it all!

First off, and I will stand by this brave yet controversial opinion: bumps are the best texture. There, I said it! They work so well for my anatomy, I think I audibly giggled when I was testing it out.

The largest size was in the ridges texture, which was nice but sometimes a bit overstimulating for me. I wish it had a bit less of a sharp edge to it, but otherwise absolutely fantastic.


  • Do you customize everything you own? This FTM stroker is made for you (literally).
  • Excellent quality across the board
  • Wondering about your size? Size up a bit to prevent any painful pinching.





BJ Dreams Come True: BJ Dildo from Number One Laboratory

Number one Laboratory BJ dildo review


Sure, this isn’t your usual FTM stroker, but it’s such a unique concept that it was absolutely a must to include on this list. I mean, this was clearly made by a mad scientist. A dildo that can fuck others, and also allows the wearer to get a blowjob? What sorcery is this!

I’ve been eyeballing the BJ Dildo from Number One Laboratory for a fair amount of time, but any concerns I had over the first iteration of this toy were smoothed over with the next generation.

Basically, you place this toy in a harness and/or over your anatomy, making sure that your bottom bit is in the little funnel. Then, a partner will put their mouth over the head of the toy and suck. The suction will be felt, and it will be interesting. This toy can also be used for penetration, huzzah!


I got the big turquoise dick. There, I said it. It’s out in the open, I have a blue dick.
I don’t normally go for funky colored trans masculine dicks, but that hyperfluorescent teal was screaming my name.

There are four colors total, three skin tones, and this blue one, so if an alien dick isn’t your thing you can stick to simple earthling shades.

Even if you get it in basic beige, let me assure you that this is a gorgeous peen. It has a little bit of variety in texture with simulated veins, the silicone is free of any blemishes, and even has an option for foreskin if you want your BJ-dick to be uncircumcised.

FIT: 5/5

The hollow part where your anatomy fits is large enough to fit most t-dick sizes!

USE: 3/5

The BJ Dildo is a lot of fun, and provides a lot of enjoyable opportunities to explore oral sex in a position most trans mas people only fantasize about! The visuals were wonderful, definitely saved them to the spank bank mental hard drive.

For me, however, I find the fantasy fades when I don’t feel the amount of sensation I’d expect from a blowjob. The toy is a hard silicone with a slight squish, so you won’t be feeling your partner’s lips or different pressure which was something I was hoping to experience.


  • Are you craving a BJ experience with a toy you can also penetrate a partner with? This one is your toy!
  • Smooth, strong, and multipurpose!





Top of the Cocks: Gender Extender by GenderCat 

Gender extender review


What an absolute chad of a product. I knew I’d like this product, but didn’t realize it would become so dear to me which is saying a lot for a silicone suction dick.

The Gender Extender increases my euphoria by leaps and bounds. I don’t have much bottom dysphoria, but when I attach this bad boy to my body, I get a surplus of gender euphoria. Extra euphoria, as a treat!


You beautiful, simple dick. It’s more detailed than a simple packer, but not so detailed that it becomes unsettling. This is the denim jacket of dicks: goes with everything, is customizable, and looks so damn good.

The skin tone is a bit light for me, but that could have been avoided if I was a little more careful with the color I picked. (In my defense, I apparently forgot that sun tanning is a thing that occurs during the summer.)

FIT: 5/5

The fit is similar to GenderCat’s Fascination Sleeve, so again I’m immensely grateful they sent multiple sizes! The largest size fits like a dream, which is also a bit of a dick-ego boost.

USE: 5/5

Warning: the suction can be intense. Be mindful of that, and use way more lube than you think you’ll need. These guys totally eat up lubricant, so you might have to reapply if you’re planning on wearing this a bit longer than a simple 5-minute quickie.

Be careful about using it for long periods of time. Use tons of lube, take breaks, and don’t go overboard! You will not suction cup your t-dick into being a massive chode overnight.

One of my play partners came over just hours after I received the package (heh), and it was… glorious. Do you know how much gender joy I felt when I took off my pants and had the visible boner of my fantasies? The toy can suction on and stay put, so I was able to move around a lot more than I expected.

The toy is thick, and the silicone is very sturdy. Texture-wise, it’s not the most realistic feeling but that doesn’t take away from the merits of the product! 

When my partner put his mouth around the Gender Extender… well, I might have died? I’m not sure, it was too much gender euphoria and sensation combined. (I guess that makes me a ghostwriter? Nyeh heh heh.)

A bit of a downside for this product is that it can be a bit tricky to wash. I cut a piece of sponge to fit inside so I can wash out all the lube, plus another sponge to dry it out as much as possible. It’s not like the Shot Pocket that can be flipped inside out to clean or dry.


  • This toy won my heart, it is my champion.
  • It’s a bit pricier than the others but incredibly worthwhile.
  • Between two sizes? Go for the bigger one!





Mr. Cellophane: Jack 2-in-1 Stroker from NYTC

NYTC jack review


A stroker that was also a wearable packer is an absolute genius idea. Sadly, the Jack 2-in-1 stroker leaves a lot to be desired. I’m giving it high points because the solution is better in theory than in practice, and I absolutely adore NYTC.


This reminds me of a Mr. Limpy only with the added bonus of a textured hole. Personally, the design doesn’t do it for me. I especially don’t like the texture of the toy, it feels almost exactly like a Mr. Limpy, with the unnatural amount of stretch and squishes.

As a packer, the testicles seem much too small and the packer feels like it’s meant for a junior trans person.

I will admit: their packaging for this is impressive. I only wish the product inside thrilled me as much as their amazing graphic design did.

FIT: 1/5

I felt confused by how I was supposed to get my bits inside the hole, which is almost impressive. You kind of have to roll it inside out, put your t-dick inside then roll the toy over.

Was I too big for the toy? Not really. Was I too small? Not sure. It just didn’t seem to work well with my anatomy, frankly.

USE: 1/5

No thank you. I wanted to love this so much more, but holy phallic rocket ships Batman… this toy just didn’t do it for me at all.

I wish I could explain in more detail, but it’s just… nope. I didn’t enjoy trying it out at all, no matter the amount of lube, and lube fixes 99.9% of sex problems.


  • Do you adore your Mr. Limpy and wish you could make it into a stroker? This is it.
  • The design looks cheap, the texture is incredibly stretchy, and the detail is low.





Honorable Mention: Trans-Friendly Suction / Air-Pulse Toys

Sila & Curvy 1+ review

These previous bad babes are all manually operated toys, as in, Fleshlights for transmasculine folks. But strokers aren’t limited to simple manual operation. Cis folks enjoy a variety of automatic and feature-packed strokers and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t apply to us as well!

If you are looking for an awesome suction toy that is large enough and with textured insides akin to any self-respecting FTM stroker, Satisfyer’s Curvy 1+ definitely fits the bill ( and your bits! ). 

Alternatively, if you fancy, Lelo’s Sila is another great choice with plenty of suction, power, and room! These toys are awesome for people who enjoy high-tech vibrators, while also wanting to have a more gender-affirming experience.

I won’t be going into a deep dive in this article as I’ve already covered both of these toys in our previous air-pulse toys for trans men article. So head on over there for more information!


Again, we would like to thank GenderCat, Number One Laboratory, & Shevibe for sending us some of the toys included in this review. This roundup wouldn’t’ve been possible without their help!