Best FTM packers, Toys and tools

13 Essential FTM Packers, Toys, & Tools For Everyday Life in 2021

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There’s no denying that transition can be full of emotional and physical challenges.

The good news is that there’s never been a better time for Trans Men in terms of solutions, prosthetics, and tools to make your life easier!

A few disclaimers before we get to the good stuff.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway… TRIGGER WARNING folks.

We’re talking about sex, genitalia, hormonal therapy, as well as SRS in the typical Tabooless fashion ( hint: we talk like there are no taboos ). So please make sure you’re in a good place before proceeding!

Don’t worry though, we’re not monsters either, and we only bite when asked to! <3

I also understand that FTM/FTX transition is very unique to the individual, so I’ll be covering as broad of a range as possible.

For example, some entries are going to assume that you haven’t gone through top or bottom SRS yet or ever, depending on where you stand on the subject. But no matter where you’re at, SRS, HRT or not, this guide will most likely have something for you in some way.

So let’s get to it!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our top 13 list of essential FTM packers, STPs, toys, and tools, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.



Best body-safe stroker for T-Dicks


Satisfyer Curvy 1+ for trans men


Best blowjob machine / Air-Pulse toy for trans men

Satisfyer Curvy 1+

ftm binders


Most effective binders

Underworks Extreme & GC2B


Best binders for long-term wear

KT Tape


Best packers

Multiple entries


Best stand-to-pee devices

Multiple entries


Best pack & play and 3-in-1s

Multiple entries


Best packer & STP straps

Multiple entries


Best affordable underwear-style strap-ons

Rodeoh harnesses


Best strap-ons overall

Spareparts Hardwear harnesses


Best affordable pack & play dildos

NYTC’s Pack-N-Play


Best double / “strapless” dildos

Multiple entries


Best realistic prosthetic made specifically for sex

Realcock 2


Shotpocket by FTM Pitstop

FTM toys best stroker for trans men Shotpocket Review

If you’re on testosterone and have noticed some bottom growth, it could be time to get your very first masturbator!

And if this isn’t a cause for celebration, I don’t know what is.

The Shotpocket is a silicone sleeve that is small enough for most average to above average FTM bits and provides plenty of suction and texture to the user.

It might not be the tightest fit for some, but the flexible sleeve can be squished to better accommodate almost anyone. So it shouldn’t be a problem, especially once the suction starts to kick in.

While there are still other options out there for folks on T ( like the Bro sleeve and the Buck Off ), the Shotpocket almost always comes on top for those looking for sex toys for trans men.

But of course, if anything that has to do with your nether regions gets you in a bad way, it might not be the best option for you.

Like with all masturbators, it’s mandatory that you use a good water-based lube.

It’s also really important that you avoid all silicone lubes because they tend to merge with toys that contain any trace of silicone in their materials.

Clean up is very simple with the Shotpocket.

You can use any standard toy cleaner or an unscented soap along with a good rinse. Once this is done, make sure it is completely dry before storing it back into its container.

If you wish to fully sanitize your Shotpocket, you can simply boil it for 10 minutes or wash it with a 10% bleach water solution followed by a good rinse.

If you’d like a detailed guide on how to use it, this handy video review by UppercaseChase is a great place to start:


If you spend a little more, another great option is Gendercat’s GenderExtender.

Not only does it work as a traditional sleeve, but it actually looks like a dick, so it is great for curbing dysphoria during masturbation. Like the Shotpocket, it’s also entirely made of silicone so it’s ultra-durable and easy to sanitize as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a ton of natural colors as well as a variety of hole sizes to pick from.




Satisfyer Curvy 1+

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ review best suction toy for trans men

Air-Pulse toys have become increasingly popular amongst cis women in the past few years and I definitely understand why; They’re essentially blowjob machines for clitorises.

While it feels like Pulse-Air toys would be tailor-made for trans men, most of these really weren’t designed for that purpose.

For one, most of them come in very “gendered” colors along with feminine designs & packaging. That’s without counting the dysphoria-inducing names ( Womanizer being the leading brand ).

Worst yet is that if you’ve been on testosterone for a moment or had a full meta, your dick just might not fit in the openings offered by these innovative toys.

This is exactly why Zack Zoetic wrote this article on pulse-air toys. To finally find out which “suction” toy would work best with trans men. After much testing & many frustrations, the answer to that question was a resounding “Curvy 1+ all day every day, baby!”

The opening on the Curvy 1+ is large enough to accommodate a AA battery ( Zack’s very own unit of measurement ) and then some.

And unlike any other Air-Pulse toys, it also has a textured nozzle, just like any well-reviewed stroker! I see what you did there Satisfyer, and I like it!

The Curvy 1+ is also packed with great features & sensations.

It can be controlled by a partner, synced to music, offers deep customization of its functions, and is surprisingly quiet for a “suction” toy.

The vibrations are on the buzzier side, which is a shame. But when combined with the thuddy air pulses, you probably won’t be able to tell as the orgasms provided are intense, to say the least.

My only concern, which isn’t a dramatic one, is that the packaging clearly shows a feminine figure over a pink background. But you can easily just toss that sucker out as soon as you get your hands on the toy and never think about it again!

We’ve seen worse packaging, but it definitely could be better. Especially since the Curvy 1+ is pretty much the only air-pulse toy to almost tick all the boxes for trans men.

So if someone at the Satisfyer marketing department is reading this right now:  Hi! And can you please make more of these toys? Thanks!





ftm best binders for trans men Underworks & GC2b binders review & comparison

Binding is essential to most trans men who still haven’t gone through top surgery. Yet if done wrong, it can be pretty bad for your overall health. To add insult to injury, it’s even possible to increase the risk of complications when it is finally time to go through with the operation.

So throughout this entry, we’ll make sure to put as much focus on safety as possible. If you follow our directives carefully, you should get through this scot-free!

While there are many options out there, the Underworks Extreme models are some of the most popular FTM binders today.

They bind extremely well compared to the competition, and these binders remain cheap for what they offer.

It also helps that Underworks is as trans-friendly as it gets and this is reflected by how well their customer service handles things.

While underworks binders might provide the most efficient binding you can get, sometimes it’s not worth sacrificing comfort for looks.

In that case, another popular choice is the GC2B binders. Their products, being specifically made for trans men, are more comfortable than the Underworks binders. But they won’t bind as tightly as their competition.

Dildo Dealer Pro Tip #1: When binding, you should always push the nipple towards your chest and not down. Even if it may seem more intuitive to push everything down, it can be detrimental to healthy tissue and future top surgery.

Dildo Dealer Pro Tip #2: No matter how “top of the line” your binders are, it’s important that you don’t bind for more than 8 to 12 hours at a time. Even if dysphoria is a 24/7 ordeal, the restricted breathing, bruising, and other physical injuries that can follow are definitely not worth it. Especially if it puts your future top surgery and overall health at risk.

So binding by day, and wearing oversized hoodies by night is the best protocol! ( Heck, that’s how I spend my evenings, and I’m as cis as it gets. ) 

Dildo Dealer Pro Tip #3: It’s also very important that you wear the right size of binders. No matter what others may say, going smaller can make all the issues mentioned above exponentially worst.


KT Tape

KT tape for trans men review chest binding

Now if you’d rather long-term bind and would like to avoid the restricted breathing that comes with traditional binders, KT tape is definitely the way to go.

As opposed to any other type of bandaging and tapes, it is made for long-term wear and shouldn’t cause too many issues.

Wondering why Transtape isn’t our top choice for tape binding? It’s simply because “Transtape” is just rebranded Kinesiology therapeutic tape with inflated prices to go along with it. And any company trying to unfairly profit off marginalized folks can eat it! But I digress…

Original Cotton KT tape is the least irritating of the bunch and should last you up to about half a week.

Pro KT tape can last up to a full week and you can even shower and swim with it without any problems.

There’s no need to invest in KT Pro Extreme tape since it is essentially made for swimmers and the more intense the adhesive, the harder it is to remove. Something that may cause more useless skin irritations than anything.

Of course, KT tape has its disadvantages, and being able to bind for a long time still comes at a price.

For one, compression isn’t as intense as traditional binders.

KT tape will also most definitely cause some irritation and itchiness, especially in the beginning.

It’s also important that you don’t lay in the sun with your chest exposed with these on since the adhesive can melt into your skin and burn you in a very bad way.

Dildo Dealer Pro Tip #4: Removing KT tape in a pain-free way can be tricky. But It’s much easier when you apply olive/baby/coconut oil over the tape 5 to 10 minutes before removal.

In any case, it’s usually better to wait until the corners of the tape are starting to lift before attempting any removal.

Dildo Dealer Pro Tip #5: Removal can be especially rough on the sensitive skin of the nipple as well as the fuzz that might surround it.

So if you want to avoid any further discomfort, placing a bit of soft fabric on the nipple before applying your tape can definitely go a long way.

If you’re curious about how to properly apply your tape, I also invite you to watch this comprehensive little video.





Best FTM packers for trans men

Packers are an essential tool to have in your trans arsenal.

These prosthetics give you a realistic bulge, which can be essential when you’re put in situations where said bulge should be visible.

Their uses are not only limited to what others may perceive as they can help with feeling complete even when you’re just minding your own business. So if you’re experiencing some phantom dick as you go about your day, packers are definitely a welcome addition.

So get ready folks since there’s a lot to unpack here (wink, wink).


The Cheap

FTM classic packy review

The classic packy ( also known as Mr. Limpy ) is as cheap as it gets.

Mr. Limpy comes in 3 different colors and sizes and it is also surprisingly realistically shaped for the price.

All of these factors make this FTM Packer a classic and favorite amongst trans men, especially for those who are just starting out with packing or if funds are low.

The only real downside here is that it isn’t made of silicone, so it isn’t the most durable packer you can get. It’s especially a problem if you want to use a Packer Strap to secure it since these have a tendency to rip the Packy to shreds over time.

FTM packers nytc archer & pierre review

If you’d rather have a durable, non-porous, and easy to clean packer, NYTC’s silicone Pierre and Archer are the way to go.

They’re offered in 2 sizes and, and like their pack and play dildos, they come in a ton of different colors ( realistic or abstract ).

The only real difference between the two is that the Pierre is Uncut, which is definitely a welcome addition.


The Fancy

FTM Packers Gendercat review

The Gendercat’s Packers are the best entry-level high-end packers you can get.

It comes with a ton of customization options like floating balls and body-safe prosthetic adhesives for securing your packers directly on your skin. They might not be as uncanny as the Reel Magic and Emisil packers, but they’re still very realistic none the less.

Like most of the high-end packers, it does come with an extra pubic flap to use medical adhesive to secure this packer to yourself, removing the need to use a packing strap altogether.

ftm Emisil & Reelmagik packers review

If you’re ready to spend a touch more, Emisil and Reelmagik offer some of the most realistic packers you can get today.

Of course, they’re also the most expensive packers around.

These movie-quality prosthetics come with or without hair, space to use medical adhesive for harness-free wear, as well as floating balls.

Another huge plus is that they come with an overwhelming quantity of skin tones to pick from so you can find a perfect match for your own unique and beautiful complexion.


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Stand to Pee (STP) devices

Best FTM STP ( stand to pee ) review

FTM STP ( stand to pee ) devices are some of the most important prosthetics for trans men.

But before we get started, here’s a little advice for STPs:

Make sure you get some practice at home before going out in the world. These prosthetics take a little time to get used too, and some practice in the shower will save you plenty of embarrassment in future public situations.

Dicks are tricky even for the cis, so be patient and you’ll be pissing all over the world in no time!

The Cheap

FTM STP pstyle review

The Pstyle is not cis-looking at all & is strictly functional.

Still, it is extremely cheap and perfect if you don’t feel like packing and carrying an STP at the same time.

Even though it’s not all that realistic and not the best for dealing with bottom dysphoria, it should get you by in stalls and urinals with separators without any issues.

FTM STP nytc sam review

NYTC’s Sam is probably the best cheap FTM STP prosthetic. 

Made of pure silicone, it comes in multiple colors and is realistic enough to enjoy in open urinals and the outside.

The Sam is also decent for packing, even if it’s a little awkward since it has a tendency to look a little boner-like in its natural position. But if you fold the shaft over the balls and wear tight briefs, it is definitely doable. It’s also much less of an  issue when you use it with NYTC’s packer strap.

It’s also the only decent 3 in 1 model you can get for this price. But more on that later!

Let’s just say that the Sam is pretty hard to pass!


The Fancy

FTM STP emisil compact review

The Emisil compact is the cheapest high-end FTM STP from Emisil.

It’s very realistic and popular even though it’s a little hard to pack comfortably with.

There are more advance options coming from Emisil, but more on these in the Pack & Play and 3-in-1 section bellow!

ftm reelmagik stp review

The ReelMagik STPs are also great for peeing AND packing.

You can expect the same kind of realism that you get from their packers. The kind of realism that can give even Emisil penis envy.

FTM STP transthetics EZP review

EZP by Transthetics is another great realistic STP device made for active folks.

It packs very well in most situations too. So if you’re a sporty dude, definitely consider it.


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Pack & Play and 3-in-1s

Best FTM pack and play

Now if you want a dick that can handle most situations, Pack & Play and 3-in-1 prosthetics are definitely the way to go.

Pack & Play, as the name implies, are dicks that can be used both on the go and in the bedroom.

3-in-1s on the other hand, are all that, but you can also use them as STPs as well! How this works is that once you’re ready for sex, all you have to do insert the erection rod in the cavity usually used for peeing and you’re ready to go! 

It’s worth noting that no combo beats dedicated prosthetics.

It’ a very jack of all trades, master of none kind of situation.  But if you need something that’ll get you through most situations, they’re still pretty hard to beat.

The Cheap

FTM STP NYTC Sam Pack and play insert review

Remember NYTC’s Sam from the STP section earlier?

While it is possible to pack with it with the right strap, if you get the Sam insert, it can also be used for full-on sex as well!

Though the resulting erection might be a bit on the shorter side, this makes the Sam the cheapest, most affordable, and functional 3-in-1 prosthetic in town.

FTM Pack & Play gendercat gendermender review

Gendercat’s GenderMenders are not exactly cheap, but they’re still way more affordable than the rest of the competition.

For about half the price of the Emisil and Reelmagik alternatives, they still look and function great albeit not reaching the same level of uncanny realism.

They also offer one of the best pleasure sleeves ( essentially an integrated shot pocket )  you can find today! Which shouldn’t be much of a surprise since it comes from the makers of the great GenderExtender!

Just keep in mind that if you’re planning on Packing AND Playing, make sure you don’t choose their harder densities… Unless you want to look like you’re hard 24/7 that is!

The Fancy

Emisil & Reelmagik Pack and play Review

Reelmagik’s Pack-N-Play & the Emisil ER01 & ER04 are definitely competing for the same spot.

Both companies offer the option to choose between flexible plastic erection rods or dual-density silicone cores, hair or no hair, pleasure pockets, floating realistic balls, along with a ton of natural color choices to pick from.

And while their quality is pretty on par with each other, Reelmagik does offer more options to pick from while Emisil’s turn around is way faster than Reelmagik’s. 

For a more detailed review of Emisil’s pack and play toys, make sure to read Zack Zoetic’s ( our resident trans agony uncle ) experience with the ER01.

Emisil Pack and play STP second and 3rd gen review

On the other hand, the Emisil STP Second & Third Gen are state-of-the-art 3-in-1 packers.

You can pee and pack with them without any issue and if you’re feeling frisky, throw in an erection rod in there and you’re ready for action!


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Packer /STP Holders & Straps

FTM Packing strap reviews

While you can do without it, if you want to keep your packers in place without a slip, these holders can make a world of difference.

Nytc Packing & STP strap harness review for trans men

The NYTC packing & STP strap is made to fit the affordable Pierre, Archer, and Sam.

The double straps are also pretty handy and let you easily adjust your bulge to your liking.

FTM Packing strap spareparts pete commando review

If you want to elevate your packing strap game, the Spareparts Pete Commando is pretty hard to beat.

It’s made of very comfortable, breathable, and quick-to-dry spandex so it’s really comfortable to pack with.

While the Pete gives you that very sought-after ” going commando” look, if worn with underwear, it will also show a very natural and floppy realistic bulge as well.

Spareparts Pete trunks & Rodeoh truhk boxers review packer holders

If straps aren’t your style, Rodeoh and Spareparts also make comfortable underwear made for securing packers that look just like any other pair of underwear.

The Spareparts Pete Trunks are especially good for STP packing while the Rodeoh Truhk boxers mentioned above also doubles as a stealthy strap-on harness.

NYTC magnetic packing pouch review for trans men

For those who prefer to wear looser boxers, the NYTC magnetic pouch can attach to any pair you might own.

They hang very naturally and the only thing that gives them away is a little flap in the front of your elastic band that looks just like a normal boxer front tag. Of course, they come in multiple colors to better fit your style.

So this is definitely a decent affordable alternative to the pete commando mentioned above.

Jockstraps are another alternative to straps.

Wear them alone or under your underwear and no one will spot the difference. 


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



Rodeoh Harnesses & Underwear

Rodeoh FTM harness underwear briefs strap ons review

It’s no mystery that finding a comfortable, stable, and cheap FTM harness is a difficult task. Especially when most traditional harnesses are made with cis women in mind.

Well, I bet you’ll be happy to learn that Rodeoh makes brief-style strap-ons that are essentially cheap alternatives to the great Spareparts Tomboi Harness.

They also make an amazing packing/strap-on underwear hybrid named the Truhk, for guys who like a bit more versatility.

Each model comes outfitted with a stretchy adjustable O-ring, so you won’t have to carry multiple rings to accommodate all of your prosthetics.

They are also all compatible with “Strapless” toys thanks to an opening aligned with the O-Ring. Rodeoh also offers a model called the duo that is specifically made for this purpose.

It’s still worth noting that the Rodeoh harnesses aren’t as stable as the brief-style harnesses from SpareParts and definitely not as stable as most traditional jockstrap or G-string style harnesses.  But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Spareparts Hardwear Harnesses & Underwear

FTM harness strap on spareparts hardwear review

These futuristic harnesses for futuristic people are also the most comfortable and durable strap-ons you can buy today.

All models are outfitted with durable Elastic O-rings that will accommodate a large variety of dildos and they will all work with double or “strapless” dildos as well.

The material you will find on the SpareParts harnesses is also extremely comfortable, breathable and it dries almost as fast as you wet it. 

One of our favorite features is that you will find pockets on top and under the O-Ring to stash away some bullet vibes.

They are also quite easy to trigger through the material. This way you don’t have to dig in there every time you want to change speed. So if you fancy a bit of vibration during play, you will love these handy little pockets.

The Joque is their most stable and popular model. It’s a jockstrap style harness that is very stable, so it is perfect for especially vigorous play.

The Tomboi, Tomboii, and Theo harnesses are a touch less stable but often considered more convenient since you can simply slip them on like regular underwear. 

It’s also pretty easy to just hit the town wearing them AS your underwear, so you’re always ready for action!

The Tomboi also comes with an extra 3rd pocket on the side for condoms, extra bullet batteries, or the phone numbers you might gather during your nights out. You sly dog you!




New York Toy Collective Pack-N-Play Dildos

New York Yoy Collective Pack-N-Play review for trans men

Now here’s another indy company that has made its way into our cold, cold hearts. But being sex-positive and offering all sorts of great appendages for Trans men, it’s pretty hard not to love them.

Their Pack & Play Dildos were made mostly with Trans Men in mind.

With posable shafts that you can tuck away in your pants, hard-packing has never been easier.

Proud owners of G-Spots and Prostates also have fallen in love with their pack and play toys for their pronounced heads known to reduce most people into puddles of their former selves.

It also helps that the articulated metal spine coupled with the squishy silicone exterior essentially turns these toys into excellent dual-density toys.

Another great selling point is that they offer a multitude of sizes and gorgeous colors. So whether you’re looking for natural skin tones or beautiful & colorful options, there’s definitely something for you.

ftm packers

If you couple them with NYTC’s Love Bump, it adds a big layer of realism and sensation to have them hang naturally during intercourse.

The added vibrations are a nice touch too if you’re into that, but you’re better off upgrading the included vibe with something a little better, like the legendary Tango.




Double Dildos

ftm toys strapless & double dildos review

During PIV or anal sex, it’s only understandable that some trans men might enjoy some stimulation of their own. 

Being able to feel every push and pull on yourself, the feedback they give you during sex is pretty amazing.

So if you’re looking for some sex toys for trans men that can make you feel more involved during sex, these can definitely help! Especially if you can’t afford some of the fancier prosthetics out there.

Whether you prefer external or internal stimulation, there’s definitely an option for you.

Just keep in mind that even though these toys are often labeled as strapless, you should definitely wear a harness with them. You will also need a harness with a hole in the front so the internal/external bits reach you. Thankfully, both Rodeoh and Spareparts harnesses come equipped with this feature.

External Double Dildos

If the wearer isn’t too keen on penetration themselves or just prefers external stimulation in general, “strapless” dildos are probably the last thing they want to strap onto.

Well if you felt left out in this land of abundant strapless dils, you can put those emotions aside since, as always, we’ve got your back.

The Fuze and Mustang Royale dildos are meant to rub against the wearer’s bits as they play.

They are compatible with “strapless” / double dildo ready strap-ons like the Rodeoh & Spareparts harnesses.

ftm toys

The Fuze Dildos come in non-realistic as well as realistic options.

They also feature a socket for a bullet vibe ( perfect for the great Tango ) that aligns perfectly with the wearer’s sensitive regions.

ftm toys

The Mustang Royale mentioned earlier in the Vixskin entry is a more realistic option to the Fuze Dildos.

It comes in only one size and doesn’t come with a bullet hole either. But you will find that it is one of the most comfortable double external dildo you can get. This coupled with their great dual-density material will make the experience as real is it gets for both you and your significant other.

Internal / “Strapless” Double Dildos

Now here’s something for the folks who don’t mind a bit of internal stimulation!

But before we get to it, please note that most of the models offered come with pretty lackluster Vibes.

So we highly suggest investing in something like the powerful Tango by We-Vibe so the vibrations actually do something instead of being dampened by all that silicone.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, here are some of the most popular models:

ftm toys

The Feeldoes & Realdoes (U.K.) should sound familiar to most folks who know a thing or two about strapless dildos.

All models are rather rigid, so if hard toys aren’t your thing, you might have to consider the other toys below.

The Feeldoes are non-realistic and have a shiny finish that offers almost no friction during play.

The Realdoes are the realistic-looking alternative. They have a matte finish that feels soft to the touch. This matte texture will also cause a bit more drag, so be sure to use extra lube.

Both models come in 4 sizes (being the Classic, the Slim, the Stout, & the More that is extra long) and they also offer models with bullet vibes for extra stimulation.  Just remember to ditch the vibes and get something stronger if you want to feel anything!

ftm toys

The fun factory Share & Sharevibe are some of the most visually appealing strapless dildos we’ve ever seen though they’re nowhere near realistic.

They all come with a silky smooth matte finish, so keep some extra lube close if you want to avoid drag.

Fun Factory’s options are also less rigid than the Feeldoes & Realdoes so it’s easier to hit all sorts of different angles while going down to plow town.

One thing worth considering is that the insertable end for the wearer is much larger than most other “Strapless” bulbs.

So if the girth is a problem for the wearer, this might not be the best option.

The ShareVibe is less phallic than the Original, and has a pretty decent Vibe included that is both rechargeable and submersible underwater.

The placement of the bullet vibe hole also aligns with your junk perfectly for some well-deserved external stimulation.

The big caveats are that they are really not cis looking at all and the bullet vibe is much larger than the standard bullet toys. So you won’t be able to fit the great rumbly Tango inside of your toy if you need an upgrade.

FTM toys

The Tango by Fuze has a lot in common with the Sharevibe, It has a similar shape and bullet placement ( no bullet included ). But this time around, the internal Bulb is much smaller, so it is perfect for a wearer who isn’t all about that girth.

But most importantly, as opposed to the Sharevibe, it is compatible with regular bullets as well as the amazing Tango Vibe… which probably explains the name of this great double dildo, now that I think about it.

It’s also not too rigid and not too soft, so if one of you prefers it hard and the other soft, this is the perfect compromise. And compromise is at the center of every healthy relationship, my dude!

best lesbian toys

Vixen Creation’s Nexus toys are the squishiest double dildos on this list.

You can hit all sorts of crazy positions without straining your bits and the middle of the toy acts a bit like a Sili Saddle, preventing mons and tailbones to collide in a catastrophic fashion.

The insertable end meant for the wearer is also slimmer than any other bulbs on this entry.

They come in 3 different sizes the first two being the Unrealistic Junior and Senior.

The last size is the Peacemaker which sports a realistic and large 2-inch wide dildo on the receiving end. This large realistic option also comes in Caramel, Vanilla, and Chocolate.

So if you or your significant other digs the big stuff, well, you’re welcome!


There’s a lot of stuff represented here. Click through the links in the entry itself to find out about the best places to buy!



RealCock 2

Realcock 2 for trans men review

You know what they say, “jack of all trades, master of none”. Well, this can apply to high-end prosthetics as well.

Having a pack & play or 3-in-1 prosthetic sure can be useful, but none of them beat simple packers, STPs, and dildos in their respective fields.

This is what makes the Realcock 2 the ideal prosthetic made strictly for sex.

It’s also the only dual-density silicone dildo to have a hand-painted silicone layer that provides realistic color variations instead of opting for one solid ( and less realistic ) hue. Meaning that you get to have a toy that looks real while still remaining body-safe.

There is something quite interesting and innovative about their take on Dual-Density as well.

You see, the two layers of silicone act like any other dual-density blend, with one big difference: The second layer isn’t attached to the first, so it acts like a realistic layer of skin that’s slides up and down as you thrust. 

Foreskin lovers shouldn’t get too excited though since the RealCock 2 acts more like a circumcised penis than a pristine one.

The balls also float loosely inside of the scrotum and are just a blast to play with, whether you’re into balls or not ( heterosexual man speaking here ).

The RealCock 2 is now offered in 5 different shapes and 3 realistic skin tones.

A nice addition since they originally were limited to two rather large sizes and only one ( very caucasian ) color. 

All 5 models are compatible with harnesses, Vac-U-Lock, & medical adhesives.

Meaning you can attach this realistic dildo to any Vac-U-Lock harness or attachment. They will also work just fine with standard harnesses and each dildo comes with a decent mons flap to make room for medical-grade adhesives!

The only caveat is that these are the most expensive realistic dildos you’ll find on this list. But if you can afford them, they’re completely worth it. Especially when you consider the amount of work that is put into each one of them.