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Homosexual men are probably rolling their eyes every time the next big new heterocentric couples toys shows up on the market.

You know how it goes, straight folks get all the new fancy innovations, lesbos have their strap-ons, double dils, and what-have-you, but what about you lewd dudes?

Of course, traditional butt plugs, dildos ( large, realistic or not ), prostate massagers, and masturbators are all decent choices for couples, but these work just as well as solo toys, so they’re not exactly what I call couples toys.

But don’t fret, here at Tabooless, we sure know our stuff and, in this article, we’ve compiled some of the best couples toys for gay men today.

So sit back, relax, crack a brew, and read on for all the juicy details!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our top 10 list of the best couples toys for gay men, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

Tantus’ C-Rings

Gay couple sex toys

For those who don’t already know, cock rings are worn at the base of the penis, behind the testicles or both depending on the model or if you decide to wear two of them at the same time.

This is intended to restrict the blood flow of a man’s erection, giving him a fuller hard-on and helping him to maintain it even after ejaculation.
Consequently, they double as great alternatives to medication for men dealing with erectile dysfunctions, especially when used in conjunction with a penis pump.

If worn behind the testicles and if tight enough, the ring will apply pressure on the perineum as well, which can be quite pleasurable to some, especially during orgasm.

This is all great, but why go with Tantus over all the other brands and styles?

Well, first and foremost, these are made of premium platinum cured silicone. Which means that they are extremely durable and they can be fully sanitized.
Hence it is possible to share them between partners after a simple 10-minute boil.

The advantages of silicone don’t end there either. 
Silicone is often soft to the touch and comes in numbers rigidities.
So whether you want a beginner ring or a more advanced one, you’ll never have to invest in less body-safe options if you stick to silicone only.

Another big plus is that silicone has less of a tendency of getting caught in pubic hair than other Cock Rings.
And if you ever ripped a handful of pubes off of your junk, you’ll know how valuable that is.

The only real caveat with silicone toys is that these shouldn’t be used in tandem with silicone lubes, which is a shame since they’re pretty great for anal sex.

Tantus offers a few different models.

The super soft C-Rings are stretchy and forgiving, so they’re comfortable and perfect for beginners. But if you want some serious pressure for maximum effect, these won’t be the best choice.

The Advanced and Beginner C-Rings are much firmer and are mostly meant to be worn behind the testicles. But if you’re extra girthy, they could be worn at the base of the penis as well.
The only real difference between the two is that the beginner model is a looser fit.

Last but not least, The C-Sling is essentially a middle ground between the beginner and advanced C-Rings with an added flap that targets the perineum more intently than any other basic cock ring.

Otherwise, if you like deep rumbly vibrations, you should definitely check out Hot Octopuss’ Atom and Atom plus.
And if that’s too rich for your blood, the Charged by screaming-O is a pretty decent budget option as well.


Cock rings are some of the most basic and cheap couples toys that you can get today. But they are just as valuable as some of the priciest items on this list.

And Tantus makes some of the best, most comfortable and body-safe cock rings money can buy.

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
Worldwide: Tantus


Quickshot Boost & Vantage by Fleshlight

Quickshot male masturbators best couples sex toys


Even though the Quickshots are the cheapest Fleshlights available, they’re by no means disappointing.
They’re inconspicuous, cheap and feels almost as great as any other Fleshlight.

They double as great couples sex toys as well since the open-ended design allows your significant other to fellate you while in use.
At the price of being a bit less stealthy, the transparent Quickshot Vantage gives a great view to your partner as well.

We suggest using less lube than you would normally use while using it with a partner. Since it’ll mix up with saliva, you might lose the great sensation of the Quickshot’s texture.
A good flavored lube will also go a long way in making the experience more pleasant for your other half.
Otherwise, if your partner is well hydrated, nothing stops you from going all spit!

Of course, the open-ended design means you won’t have as much head stimulation and suction as with the traditional Fleshlights when used alone. It is a small trade-off for portability and the ease of use it offers instead.
Another downside is that the toy can be quite noisy in use so, if the walls are thin, this might not work for you.

The Quickshot is also easier to clean and maintain than any other Fleshlight thanks to its open-ended design. Just rinse the toy, dry, powder it up with cornstarch and you’re done.


The Quickshot are great by themselves and even better with someone else to enjoy it with.
So if you guys are fans of blow jobs or just enjoy watching the action ( or being watched! ) this is a great couples toys.

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: FleshLight
U.K.: LoveHoney ( Quickshot | Vantage )


Tom of Finland Head to Head Masturbator

Gay couple sex toys

The Tom of Finland Head to head male masturbator brings mutual masturbation to the next level.

It is essentially a double ended stroker that can accommodate 2 guys at a time resulting in a very intimate experience.
This leaves you in a position perfect for making out or anything else you might desire at the moment.

The sleeve itself is rigid enough so it won’t just wobble around during play and it feels surprisingly good compared to other similar masturbators.

The head to head also come adorned with 2 single functions, AAA powered bullets of decent ( but buzzy ) strength.
Sadly, the vibrations are dampened by the thickness of the material, so we highly suggest you invest in the powerful Tango or one of its alternatives.

The Head to Head is also completely transparent, so you can both enjoy the view while going to pound town.

Like most traditional strokers, the Head to Head isn’t fully sanitizable since it is made of a porous material, so use it only with steady, STD tested partners.

But otherwise, this masturbator is relatively painless to clean.
Simply remove the bullets and clean it normally with some toy cleaner or unscented anti-bacterial soap. It’s also important that you make sure that it dries completely before storing.


The Tom of Finland Head to Head stroker is quite a surprise, especially if you believed that all couples toys for gay men were all about that butt stuff.

Just upgrade the vibes and you’ve got yourself a pretty flawless and interesting couples toys to spice up your mutual masturbation sessions

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: Amazon
U.K.: UberKinky


We-Vibe’s Ditto & Lovense’s Hush

Hush and Ditto butt plugs best couples sex toys

These two excellent little plugs are bound to be a hit with Couples who enjoy a bit of anal play.
And if you’re wondering why there are two different toys in the same entry, it’s because these two great wireless couples toys complement each other instead of competing for the same spot.

You see, We-Vibes Ditto is the smallest one of the bunch, so the most accessible.
And the Hush come in two sizes acting perfectly as a medium and large cousin to the Ditto.

To give you an idea, here’s a picture from LSOP‘s blog of the Ditto compared to the smallest version of the Hush.
Ditto and hush Best butt plugWe-Vibe’s Ditto is 3 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. It can be controlled with either a wireless controller or with an app on your smartphone. On the app, you can customize your vibrations and let a partner control your toy from any distance.

The vibrations are strong and rumbly and carry through the perineum thanks to its smart shape.
Of course, it won’t be as intense as some other wireless prostate massagers, but the asymmetry of the plug will be great for the prostate as well.
We-Vibes effort also comes in Purple and Navy.

Lovense’s Hush comes in two sizes, one is 1.5 inches wide and the other is 1.75. Both are just short of 4 inches of insertable length.
This time there’s no wireless controller included but the app works very well by itself.
It can also be controlled by a second party from anywhere in the world.
Just like the Ditto, the vibrations go from smooth rumbles to intense vibrations.

Just keep in mind that both of these wireless couples sex toys aren’t perfect. Sometimes the wireless signals have a hard time getting through people or limbs and they’re known to straight up not work for bigger men.
But sadly, this is an issue with most wireless couples toys so we can’t really blame it on Lovense or We-Vibe.


These toys are perfect for private or public play and long distance relationships.
So if you’re looking for strong vibrations in a wireless anal plug, both are great options.

The lack of a controller for the hush makes it a bit awkward to use while having sex though, having to bring your smartphone along.

Cheapest Places to buy:


U.S. & Canada: SheVibe
U.K.: LoveHoney


Worldwide: Lovense


Edge by Lovense

Edge by Lovense Prostate Stimulators

Lovense is mostly known for making toys for sex cam performers, being pretty much the only company making devices that react to the spectator’s tips. Most of their toys are also pretty good for long distance relationships or public play since the toys can be wirelessly controlled via smartphones.

The Edge is no different and while it seems visually and functionally identical to the Hugo mentioned further down, it does have a few interesting unique features.

Like Lelo’s effort, it offers pretty strong vibrations, with motors on the perineum and prostate as well as being rechargeable. Just keep in mind that if you’re a beginner, you would be better off with the more accessible Hugo since this prostate massager is a bit more on the thicker side.

So why would we add a prostate massager that is essentially a slightly larger clone of another product in this list? Well, it’s because we’ve kept the best for last.
The Edge features a completely adjustable prostate arm. So If you’ve had issues in the past with the fit of your prostate toys, this is as good as it gets.

The only real issue we have with this prostate massager, and this applies to most Bluetooth toys, is that connection can be a bit hit and miss at times. If the signal has to go through a person, or even just a leg, it might not reach its destination.
So we hightly suggest using the toy over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G as opposed to bluetooth.


So whether you need a customized fit, a cheaper option to the remote-controlled Hugo or you’re simply a sex cam performer, this prostate toy will fit the bill very nicely.

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S. & Canada: Lovense
U.K.: LoveHoney


Robo Rimmer

Robo Rimmer Model M prostate stimulators

The Robo Rimmers have the most features you’ll find in a single butt plug.

First of all, they are no means for beginners. But if you have some decent anal experience under your belt, get ready to fall in love.

If you only look at the shape, and not the crazy features it comes with, these silicone toys are very similar to your standard butt plug (or a hybrid of a butt plug and a prostate massager in the case of the Model M).
The neck is also pretty wide compared to the more traditional butt plugs and prostate massagers.
This means it’s perfect for training for anal sex or if you simply like the feeling of dilation. 

If what was just said doesn’t deter you, know that it gets much, MUCH better.
First of all, the head of the plugs rotates, this helps to give that rhythmical pressure the prostate is known to love.

While this feature is amazing by itself, it’s nothing too groundbreaking since it can also be found in other toys as well.
What really makes this toy unique is that there are rotating beads in the neck of the plug.
This gives you a sensation of getting rimmed by a robot with a tongue that never tires.
Hence it’s given name, The Robo Rimmer!

The Rimmer sports 5 different speeds of rotation and 5 incremental vibrations controlled by a handy little wireless controller.  It is rechargeable through USB thanks to a neat little magnetic charger and it comes with a hard carry case to protect it on the road.

You can get the Robo Rimmer with a traditional butt plug shape as well as the Prostate specialist, the Model M. So pick your poison!


If you’re looking for an anal toy that does it all, this is it, folks.

Just keep in mind that these little butt fuckers are popular as hell and often sold out, but persist and you’ll get your hands on one!

Cheapest Places to buy:

U.S.: PinkCherry US
Canada: PinkCherry CA 

Model M
U.S.: PinkCherry US
Canada: PinkCherry CA

Beware, the site is a bit on the graphic side and definitely NSFW.


Hugo by Lelo

Lelo's Bruno & Hugo prostate stimulators best couples sex toys

For couples that can’t get enough Prostate stimulation, Lelo’s Hugo is a great option.

The Hugo features very strong rumbly vibrations, two heads including one that vibrates on the prostate and the other on the perineum.
Directly on the toy, there’s a simple 1 button interface.
You simply press to start the toy and press again to cycle through the 6 powerful modes.

The silicone covered body is not too big either. So while this might not be the perfect first-time toy, it is still pretty accessible to most.
And the Hugo can be used in the shower or bath without any problems. And to top it all off, it is both USB rechargeable and covered by Lelo’s great warranty.

But the real attraction here is Lelo’s SenseMotion Vibrating wireless controller. And what a difference it makes!

First of all, the remote adds much more control over the vibrations themselves. You can customize the 6 function’s strength to small incremental amounts. So if your prostate likes a more gradual climb, you will definitely enjoy the controller’s added functionality.

And if you want, you can turn on the SenseMotion.
This neat little feature allows you to either gradually raise the vibrations by tilting the couples toy up to 90 degrees.
The second mode makes the vibrations more intense the harder you shake the controller. And this would be just a bad gimmick if the controller didn’t vibrate.

You see, the vibrations in the controller imitate the vibrations found in the toy.
This means the possibilities are really endless, and if hearing this doesn’t spark your imagination, let me help you get the ball rolling.

If by yourself, you could put the controller on the shake mode and masturbate with the vibrating remote in your hand. As you get more into it, the toy will vibrate more and more intensely, making it a very organic experience.
If with someone else,  he could masturbate himself with the vibrating controller and you would both be riding the same wave! Or he could put it in on tilt mode and act like he’s the Caesar of your prostate.


While Hugo works well by itself, the vibrating remote makes it a much more versatile couple’s toy for gay men. 
And if you want more options I suggest you read our best prostate toys list as well.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: Lelo 

While this might not seem to be the cheapest place to buy from, it is definitively the safest place since inferior counterfeit plague the Market.
If you want a genuine product, we recommend you to shop directly from Lelo.


Pearl 2 & Fuse by Kiiroo + The Fleshlight Launch

Sex cam toys & tools

Kiiroo is the leading brand in Teledildonics.
If you’re not informed on the matter, this means that they make Dildos that can sync their motions with another toy, at any distance.
A unique feature that makes long distance relationships and penetrative sex a possibility.

The Pearl 2 & Fuse

Basically, The Pearl 2 is their basic model and the Fuse comes with a clitoral stimulator attached. While this seems only useful to women, it could work well for stimulating the perineum during anal sex as well.

There are many ways to use your Kiiroo dildos.

The first mode is the Bluetooth mode, this will enable you to either control or be controlled by some other toy over any distance.
They’ll be able to control the Onyx 1 and 2, the Launch as well as other Pearl and Fuse toys.
The second mode is the touch mode. While in this mode, the deeper you will penetrate the stronger and more widespread the vibrations will become.
Lastly, it also comes with traditional toy control with different strengths and patterns you can cycle through.

The Launch

The Pearl 2 and the Fuse were originally meant to be paired with the Onyx 2.
And while the Onyx 2 is alright and sports some impressive technology, it’s usually not enough to bring men to climax all by itself. And it’s honestly nothing remotely close to real sex.

Thankfully, the Launch changed all that.
Kiiroo, having already collaborated in the past with Fleshlight to make the great skin found inside the Onyx, worked in tandem with them once more to make the best compact automatic masturbator you can find.

Basically, it’s meant to hold a Fleshlight and does all the motions for you.
It is compatible with any of the classic Fleshlights,
so that gives you plenty of choices to pick from. They offer gender-neutral models as well as replicas of any orifices you can normally have sex with.
And whether you want to use it by yourself, with VR, videos or with a partner, this toy will literally fuck the shit out of you!

I mean, just look at this thing go:

The launch can be used alone or be controlled by someone else via a Kiiroo toy, and it can be synced with VR porn.


The Pearl 2 or the Fuse coupled with the Fleshlight Launch is simply the best teledildonic combo you can get today.

So whether you’re trying spice up a long distance relationship or simply want to switch it around in the bedroom, this combo got you covered.

Cheapest Places to buy:

Pearl 2 or Fuse Combo

Worldwide: Kiiroo

Launch Only

Worldwide: Fleshlight


 Shockspot Sex Machines + V-Stroker Fleshlight Attachment 

Best sex machine

If the top would rather be in control of the machine fucking the bottom in the relationship, the Shockspot and V-Stroker combo will probably win over the previous entry.
During use, the strokes on the Fleshlight with the V-Stroker attachment are replicated on the Shockspot no matter how far your partner is. 

The Shockspots offer speeds up to 24 inches per second and about a 105 pounds in torque. 
Stroke length will depend on the model you choose.
The classic and Dual Thruster models offer 8 inches max in stroke length and there’s a 12-inch capable device as well.

So not only can the Shockspots accommodate larger toys, they can thrust deeper than any other sex machine out there.

Best sex machine

These great sex machines can be controlled by a PC, a remote control and, of course, with your partners Fleshlight with the V-Stroker Attachment. 

With the Touch and Feel PC Software, you can either pick from the included presets or make your own programs. Once this is all set, all you have to do you is press the palm button to set the machine in motion once you’re in position.
The Shockspot can either be controlled by you or from anywhere else in the world. This makes the Shockspot perfect for solo use as well as being perfect for long-distance relationships and cam performers. 

The remote control is optional and gives you control over the depth, speed, and smoothness of the strokes. This way, you don’t need any PC to operate your sex machine. Just know that you can’t preprogram the action with it, you can only adjust as you go.

Just like most fucking machines, they come outfitted with Vac-U-Lock adapters by default. If you need more options, they offer a pretty good universal dildo adapter as well as a Fleshlight holder.
Just be careful when adding and removing dildos or attachments.
Moving the rod side to side can damage the internal parts of the sex machine so make sure you apply force only in the direction of the stroke.

Lastly, the Shockspot comes with a 1-Year warranty.

The only improvements we would like to see in the future is an iOS equivalent to the touch and feel app as well as support for smartphones.
A dildo doubler could also be a nice addition, especially for the people who can’t afford the Dual Thruster. 


If you can afford it and you’re looking for the best long distance sex machine experience you can have, I have no idea what you are still doing on this blog.
Otherwise, if forking out a few thousand dollars on a fuck machine is a bit rich for your blood, reading our handy fuck machine guide should be the next logical step for you!

Cheapest Places to buy:

Worldwide: Shockspot