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Despite the wild name, if you’re familiar with sex toys and possibly pornography, you’ve absolutely seen these tools before. Maybe you’ve noticed the helpless protagonist riding one in your wildest porn, or maybe one caught your eye at your local sex shop, glistening in the neon lights. You might have been extremely lucky, and got to try one out at a super fun kinky party, and now you need one of your own.

It’s the saddle with a zing, a rideable motor built for your pleasure, a motorcycle that goes nowhere but your own fantasies: I am, of course, talking about Sybian and saddle vibrators. These are one of the ultimate sex toys to own with seemingly endless possible ways of using them.

So what is a Sybian Vibrator, or a saddle vibrator?

Are you driving your poor vibrators to ruin by being power-hungry? Are your poor toys drained, and exhausted, unable to keep up with your demands for stronger and more vibrations? You might be needing a saddle vibrator! These machines are a level up from your ordinary sex toys, less of a toy and more of a beast of vibration. It’s like you’re sitting on a rumbling motorcycle, a speed demon with very little between you and it.

While the Sybian is a trademark, it’s also become a bit of slang for the type of toy as well. You know how Kleenex is now the universal word for tissue? Same situation here!

The first Sybian vibrator was invented by Dave Lampert sometime in the 1970s but gained massive amounts of popularity in the late 90s and early 00s. The rumors around the Symbian are almost as legendary as the number of erotic films it’s been featured in. Lampert even won an AVN Lifetime Achievement award for the toy’s invention! 

best sybian alternative Original Sybian review

Heck, even the ever-charming and hilarious sex educator and Spectrum Sex Boutique owner, Zoë Ligon, has tested one out on camera on her YouTube show “Sex Stuff”! (Please check out that video, it’s amazing.)

Since the original inception, there’s been a veritable cornucopia of Sybian alternatives being offered! Besides the original Sybian vibrator, the three main competitors are the Tremor, the Motorbunny, and the Cowgirl. For this review, we’re looking to see which newcomer has the best variety and innovation on the darling of the 90s/00s.

Buckle up, this review will be a wild one! We’ll be discussing two different saddle vibrators (the Tremor, and the Motorbunny), as well as some honorable mentions for those uncertain about riding the power-hungry bull of a toy.

Before the Results, Let’s Talk About Bodies

My goal in reviewing toys is to be able to review them from the distinct perspective of a trans man who hasn’t had bottom surgery, and who has been on testosterone for a few years now. Toys will just feel and fit differently on my body, versus someone else with a vulva who might not have been on hormones as long as I have.

Having said that, I feel like most of the attachments for the saddle vibrators didn’t really touch my clit at all. Even though it was incredibly enjoyable, at times I had to rock around to find a way of creating a point of contact between my T-dick and the vibrations. Sometimes I found myself getting the job done myself, which reminded me of hooking up with cis men (badum tsss, I’ll be here all week!).

Motorbunny came equipped with plastic wedges to angle the attachments, and that helped a bit. The Tremor has a silicone tongue attachment available online, and that possibly looks promising. Seriously though, I’m sure there could be a fantastic attachment to fix this problem for folks with anatomies like mine!


best sybian alternative the tremor review


Most affordable & shareable Sybian vibrator alternative

The Tremor

best sybian alternative motorbunny review


Best feature-packed & app-controlled Saddle Vibrator


best sybian alternative wand + liberator review


Best budget Sybian alternative for Wand owners

Multiple entries

best sybian alternative vibepad review


Affordable saddle vibrator for sensitive bits & grinding


best sybian alternative cowgirl review


Luxurious Motorbunny alternative

The Cowgirl

The Tremor

best sybian alternative the tremor review

When you think about owning a saddle vibrator, are you heavily considering the possibility of sharing it with other partners, or bringing it to a sex party? If you are, the Tremor might be the toy you’re looking for. Most Sybian Alternatives have vegan leather covers, and while they look incredibly sexy they can’t be completely sterilized. This might be a big concern for you and your play partners (and your play partners’ play partners)!

Enter the Tremor and its interchangeable silicone mats.


The Tremor is made out of machine parts, ABS plastic, and silicone. Out of all the saddle vibrators on the market, the Tremor is the only one to feature entirely silicone attachments. I love this! We at Tabooless have a responsibility to our readers, not only to provide the best tools for pleasure but the safest. Silicone, friends, and fiends, is one of the most body-safe options out there.

best sybian alternative tremor attachments

The body of the toy is made out of hard plastic, which can feel a bit cold or clinical at first (hey, that might be your kink!). Other companies offer covers to put over the body of the toy, and I think the Tremor would benefit from one of those as well. If I could put a black, washable fabric cover over it, it would be much easier to blend into decor rather than hide away in my closet.

The kit comes complete with a silicone mat, which you put on first before putting on the rideable toy attachments. This can make the toy extremely safe and shareable, either remove and wash off the silicone pad before another rider mounts the Tremor, or buy extras on their website!


The Tremor didn’t come here to fool around, it came to fuck. It has a body-safe body, exclusively silicone attachments, and a silicone mat… all for roughly a fraction of the price of any other vibrator saddle.

An important feature of the Tremor is in the shape of it! The body of the Tremor is also angled differently than other saddle vibes. It’s more of an angular shape versus the rounded body of the other toys on this list. This promises to be easier to straddle for longer periods of time and makes it easier to balance on an uneven surface.

Personally, I’m quite tall so it didn’t make much of a difference for me but I can absolutely understand how it would benefit someone with shorter thighs.


What can I say about the vibrations? They’re awesome! It’s a saddle vibrator, you’re not going to get weak, anemic vibrations from these toys. There’s one knob for the vibration level (“Rock”), and another one for the rotation level (“Roll”). There aren’t any pre-programmed patterns for the Tremor, just two beautiful glossy dials to go from 1-10.

I will say that, compared to our other contender, the vibrations sound a bit louder. If you live in an apartment building or have roommates, this might be a major bummer! Although, a word of caution: if you are looking for a whisper-quiet saddle vibrator… you could be waiting for a long time. You can put the toy up on a bed in order to dampen the vibrations, but they’ll still be louder than any We-Vibe or Satisfyer toy ten times over.


The Tremor has possibly my favorite attachments of the two saddle vibrators we reviewed for this article. Still, personally, for my anatomy, I found some of them just a bit physically irritating. One of the attachments called the “Whammy Bar” had a fantastic dildo but also had a rectangular patch of silicone nubs right in front of it. For some folks, that might be a total game-changer and stimulating, but for me, it was more irritating (especially to my urethra) than anything else. Those rough nubs cut my time short when I first tested it!

I also enjoyed the rotation sensations, though after a certain point I stopped feeling it (especially when combined with the vibrations). I feel like that feature of the toy is best enjoyed with a steady up and down motion from the person on it, instead of just sitting down and letting the toy do all the work.

Personally, if you’re looking for an affordable toy that can be shared between more people without all the bells and whistles of an app or snazzy vegan leather, go with the Tremor!

They have got all the power necessary to make your bit buzz and rumble into a perpetual state of bliss. Aesthetically, I like the toy but the white plastic makes it look a bit like exercise equipment (sorry Tremor!).

Entirely body-safe materials
Very strong rumbly vibrations and rotations
Cheaper in price
Silicone mat to cover the body of the toy means you can clean every point of contact
Great for sharing with others!
Slightly louder than the Motorbunny
The body of the toy might not look as aesthetically luxurious as you’d want
No Bluetooth app connectivity



best sybian alternative motorbunny review Do you ever get a sex toy, or a beautiful piece of lingerie, and immediately your brain is flooded with fantasies of all the ways you could use it? That’s what happened with the Motorbunny, for me.

I absolutely loved the fact that the Motorbunny has possibly one of the best online presences of any toy brand I’m aware of right now. Seriously, go check out their posts on YouTube! They often feature adult film stars riding their toys while trying out a glory hole game at a sex museum, or counting down to the new year. They’re awesome!

There are two distinct types of Motorbunny toys: the original, and the Motorbunny Buck ( who is here to fuck ).

best sybian alternative Motorbunny Buck Review

The main difference is that, in addition to vibrating and rotating, the Motorbunny Buck moves the dildo attachment in and out. Yes, you can have it all: a vibrator saddle and a fucking machine. Truly we live in the future!


The main body of the Motorbunny is made out of vegan leather, padding, and machine parts.

Vegan leather looks and feels great, but it won’t be shareable like the Tremor is as you can’t fully sanitize Vegan Leather. Thankfully, with a bit of elbow grease, you can actually make the Tremor’s Silicone mat fit on this device as well! It’ll take a bit of effort to apply it without leaving any bumps or folds, but once it’s nice and secured, it’s pretty hard to dislodge. This is amazing news, especially if you take into account that these mats can be bought separately.

The tremor silicone mat on a motorbunny
From almost perfect to perfection!

Some attachments are made out of silicone, while the ones that come with the base model are made out of TPE. I won’t lie, for a luxury toy company like Motorbunny to still include TPE toys is a bummer. I don’t really see the appeal, either from a customer’s perspective or from the perspective of a sex writer. TPE toys cannot be entirely sterilized, they feel gooey and squishy in odd ways, and just remind me of cheap old sex toys from the 80s.

Thankfully, Motorbunny offers a wide variety of optional silicone attachments you can purchase separately, or are included with different bundles online so that’s something to consider.


Motorbunny has multiple apps for both of their popular saddle vibrators.

Yes, that’s right… multiple apps. Do you remember that viral video game, Flappy Bird? Well, Motorbunny has its own version called Fappy Bunny and you can play it while having the app control the toy. (Swoon!) They have a holiday-themed game called “Snow Bunny’s Gift Grab”. The only thing missing is a summertime game, I don’t know, maybe a game where you shoot fireworks into the sky to increase your vibrations! And games aren’t the only apps you can use with the Motorbunny!

The main app is called “Motorbunny Link”, where you can control the vibrations entirely from your smartphone.

It can even create patterns for the Motorbunny to follow, which is pretty groundbreaking for a toy like this one. Are you in a long-distance relationship? You can give that special someone control over your toy through this app (where was this toy in my life at the beginning of the pandemic?).

best sybian alternative motorbunny app control

Need more features I love about the Motorbunny?

It has four O-rings, two on the front and two on the back so you can clip harnesses or wrists or ankle cuffs right to the toy. Holy moly, is it getting hot in here?

The Motorbunny also includes little plastic wedges that you can use to angle the attachments differently when riding, so the toy can hit you just right. I really liked these, especially as someone whose anatomy is slightly more different than average. 


The vibrations are solid! I won’t lie… I think, after a certain point, it’s hard to tell the difference between the vibrations of one saddle vibe vs the other. I mean, it purrs like a jaguar in heat (hey Google, do jaguars purr?) but after five minutes of nonstop vibrations? I can hardly tell what my own genitals feel like. It’s just that powerful!

I personally enjoy that there’s a bit of a dampening effect from the padding, at least on my thighs. As I’m getting older, I find that my knees are a bit stiff and the padded body of the Motorbunny makes it much easier to straddle the toy for longer. 


Overall, I loved the sensations on the Motorbunny! For me, it was a bit of a holistic sexy vibe that made me feel very present on what is a delightful luxury toy. The feeling of the plush vegan leather, on top of the iconic look of a saddle vibe, and the app control? It was wonderful!

The toy felt sturdier and I found myself more willing to lay more of my body weight down on the toy, which made me feel more present in my body’s sensations versus how I felt on the Tremor.

If it’s vital for your luxury toy to look luxurious, or for you to have an app to control your toy (either for camming or long-distance relationships), go with the Motorbunny.

The Motorbunny looks perfectly sinful, and would easily disguise itself in a bedroom or even a personal dungeon. Just remember to spend a bit more to get the silicone attachments (I quite liked the “Mount Gushmore” one, A+ on the name)!

Use coupon code Taboo for 50$ off!

Vegan leather looks aesthetically delicious
Multiple Bluetooth apps for connecting with other partners and playing by yourself
Very strong rumbly vibrations and rotations
Vegan leather means it can’t be sanitized as it’s a more porous material
More expensive
Have to purchase extra attachments if you want silicone ones


Honorable Mentions

Wand with Shibari Chair, or Liberator Wand Holder

best sybian alternative wand + liberator review So you’ve got to have it now now now, but you’re not sure if a saddle vibrator is exactly what you’re lusting after? Or are you looking for something similar on a budget, but don’t mind sacrificing the intense power?  Not to worry, we’ve got some alternatives for you!

First off, go grab your best and trustiest wand vibrator and some shibari rope. Oh, don’t look at me like that! If you’re here reading about Sybian alternatives, there’s a high chance you have both of those things in your toy chest at this very moment.

If you don’t, I highly suggest looking at our listicle review on the best wand vibrators!

Got them? Good!

best sybian alternative Wand tied to a chair with shibari rope

With that being said, your cheapest alternative would be AFemmeCock’s Shibari chair wand holder!

Seriously, I can barely tie my own shoes and wouldn’t trust myself to give you any advice on the amazing art and discipline that is rope tying.

So head on over to her tutorial for more information!best sybian alternative liberator review

However, if you’re like me and not very handy with rope, you can try out a foolproof alternative!

It’s a bit more of an investment but the Liberator Axis & Wanda, which are easily washable pillows from sex furniture maker Liberator, should do the trick!

You just nestle the wand inside the pillow, zip it up, and ride till you or your wand needs a break. Wee!



best sybian alternative vibepad review

Are you in love with the idea of a beautiful silicone vibrator that’s mostly external? Try the newest toys to appear, grinding pads.

Okay, sure the name needs a bit of work, it sounds more like a menstrual hygiene product for #bossbabes, but stick with me for a second!

These are silicone vibrators that offer multiple points of stimulation across a larger surface area. The aptly named company VibePad offers the most popular one. They’re entirely gender-neutral toys, and could be the next best thing in your toy chest.

One downside: grinding pads might not be as powerful as a wand (and certainly not as powerful as Sybian vibrators).

If you don’t need extreme power but still want to sit on a vibe, this might be a great alternative for you!




The Cowgirl

best sybian alternative cowgirl review

Ah, the one that got away. We weren’t able to snag one for review ( as it’s not exactly cheap! ), but we still wanted to give this Sybian vibrator alternative a mention.

The Cowgirl has a lot of fame online, and for excellent reasons! It has a plush, luxurious outer layer of vegan leather, an incredibly strong motor (which goes without saying for these toys), as well as smartphone apps to control the toy’s power and patterns.

Ultimately, feature-wise, it’s virtually identical to the Motorbunny so it really comes down to preference here! But if you have an extra 500$ to spend and a taste for luxury & gorgeous designs, this might be your pick!


Straddle-Style Vibrators Compared

Let’s be real, we’re total nerds here at Tabooless. While it would be easy to just label a machine as the best, it’s really not that simple in reality. But nothing breaks down complexity like good old stats & charts!

So here’s a comparison of all the big guys in this sex toy niche to better help you make your own decision!  

Just keep in mind that these are the prices at the moment of writing this article and they tend to vary depending on sales and the state of the industry, 

The Tremor, Motorbunny, The Cowgirl & Sybian Vibrator Comparison

  Tremor Motorbunny Cowgirl Sybian
Rotation RPM Max 160 160 150 150
Vibration RPM Max 7000 7000 6500 6000
Controller Wired Wired/App Wired/App Wired
Extra Features Sanitizable Silicone Mat App Games + Restraint O-rings Luxurious Build Vintage Appeal
Price Range 850 USD 900-1000 USD 1,450 USD 1,245 USD


We would like to thank The Tremor & Motorbunny for sending us some of the Sybian alternatives included in this review. This roundup wouldn’t have been possible without their help!