The best budget fuck machine: Lustti Pro FM18 by Dao Huan review

Lustti FM18 Review: A Week Living with the Best Budget Fuck Machine

My experience with the Lustti FM18 is an overall very positive one.

The end.

Ahh, please don’t throw tomatoes! I promise I’m joking! I know you’re here because you’ve possibly been fantasizing about owning the sex machine of your dreams, especially with all the disappointing Tinder and/or Grindr dates. 

Fear not! I’ll dive into the assembly, design, features, and overall experience to help you decide whether you should buy the Lustti FM18 by or keep lustin’ after something else.


To say I felt intimidated by the Lustti upon arrival would be an understatement. It isn’t just a sex toy, it’s a fuck machine!

It was disassembled and I worried that it would be beyond my capabilities to put it all together. I’m no macho man! I’m just a simple effeminate twink. I’m so infamously afraid of building Ikea furniture that I once built a step-ladder upside down and just gave up on fixing it.

Is the FM18 easy to put together? Uhh… yes and no. I won’t lie, it comes with a single-sided page of instructions, but I still got lost. After a few frustrated attempts, I found an instructional video of a similar fuck machine on YouTube and prayed to all deities responsible for successful fuck toy building. (Would that be Priape? It’s probably Priape.)

No joke, five minutes later, I had the Lustti FM18 up and ready to go. Oh my gosh, am I butch now?

Lustti Pro FM18 by Dao Huan review

Speaking of easy assembly…

Pack & Play

(Yes that’s a trans masc joke)

“They’re going to be here soon,” my partner says while tossing a half-empty bottle of lube to me, “We need to make sure this place is clear of everything before my parents arrive”

Ahh yes, the unexpected visit panic. You know what I’m talking about: the moment you or your partner’s parents decide to arrive unannounced. Don’t get me wrong, they’re welcome guests but there’s always the mad dash to hide all the unmentionables and parent-proof your apartment. 

As someone who receives a generous amount of sex toys to review, cleaning up means more than simply mopping or inspecting every nook for dust bunnies.

With his parents arriving on such short notice, suddenly I had a big problem on my hands. 

Luckily, the surprisingly least difficult toy to put away? It wasn’t the bulging box of dildos or the whisper-quiet vibrators (usually hidden under the pillow). It was the Lustti FM18, a dual-ended professional fucking machine. I know!

Seriously, this thing is easier to put away than my cordless vacuum cleaner. (It’s also quieter, but more on that later.)

Vroom vroom!


This is Lustti’s entry-level model, and it’s as barebones as a luxury fuck toy can be. That isn’t a bad thing!

The Lustti FM18 has all the good stuff you’d expect from a fucking machine (and some surprises!). Plus, you can purchase all the attachments you’ve ever dreamt of to extend the functionality of your machine ( from all sorts of dildo holders for maximum compatibility to ground anchors for extra stability with big toys and intense action)!

However, there is one drawback to this beast that I’ll get to in a moment.

Before you even order a Lustti FM18, check out the range of attachments available for purchase.

They have a Vac-U-Lock attachment for your compatible toys, but there are also dual-density dildos in every size, fantasy cocks for your wildest pleasures, and even an attachment to hold a Fleshlight!

Bring all your fantasies to life!

A main feature, to me, is how extremely easy it is to position the toy.

Almost any position or scene is possible with the Lustti FM18! Are you feeling lazy and just want to lay back and have it do all the work for you? Done. Are you playing out a kink scene and need a toy to fuck your submissive silly vertically while they’re helplessly hovering over it? Change the position of the support bars and it’s ready to go (probably before you’ve finished getting your crotchless latex catsuits on).

You can also adjust the depth of penetration easily by loosening and changing the position of the knob on the rotary motor. I didn’t feel the need to, as the middle depth was perfect for me, but if you want to experiment it’s more than easy to do.

One of the huge surprises was that the Lustti FM18 is a dual-ended fucking machine.

This means you and your sexy friend/partner/enemy can both be fucked at the same time on either end of the toy. Two orgasms, one toy! You can have a Fleshlight on one end for one partner and any dildo you want on the other end for another partner. Or you can go with dildos for everyone! The possibilities are really endless!

The main downside for me is that it isn’t possible to control the Lustti FM18 remotely through a smartphone app or camming site.

So for kinksters in long-distance relationships or cam models, this might be a major downside sadly.

This means that the only remote option you have to control the speeds of the toy is buying the model that includes the (very retro) remote control. 

It still adds plenty of functionality to the machine though as speed controls aren’t the only thing offered here, with 18 modes and patterns to indulge in, if it’s your kind of thing!

However, that isn’t the same as a partner or viewer controlling the toy remotely from their smartphone.

If you’re planning on using it mostly at parties or in person, this won’t be a problem for you. It’s a fantastic machine, and likely still going to rock your world even without smartphone compatibility!

EXTRA BONUS FEATURE: It is so quiet. Seriously, my vibrator was louder than the Lustti FM18. This is a huge bonus if you’re worried about waking up neighbors or roommates!



The Lustti FM18 is entirely made out of metal, which means it should last for ages.

It also means that it’s extremely ideal for people who are planning on sharing this toy with multiple partners (maybe at an old-school Eyes Wide Shut sex party?). Metal can be wiped down and sanitized between different people, so you don’t have to worry about the main body of the toy harboring any bacteria.

I am taking a point off for the exposed rotary motor and the knobs. 

I would have liked a cover over the moving parts to ensure that nothing could get caught up in the motor. Granted, I haven’t come close to having issues with it but many fuck machines on the market have a cover (including their Lustti Mini FM18 & FM19), so it isn’t completely unlikely. 

There are knobs you have to turn in order to loosen the space where the rods are inserted. The instructions are very clear: do not loosen the knobs past four turns or else you risk preventing the machine from working properly. It’s exactly the type of thing I’m likely to do.

I wish there was a different mechanism or a safety feature to prevent this, but thankfully it won’t break the machine and can be recovered without too many issues!


The Lustti FM18 is exactly the type of toy that so many horny people would have needed to keep them sane during the last challenging few years. It feels like being fucked by another person, only you get to control exactly how deep and fast you want.

If you’re someone who already has an eye out for a fucking machine, you will absolutely love this one. You probably didn’t need a whole lot of convincing if your fantasy is owning a fuck machine, but let me tell you… I enjoyed it a lot, much more than I was expecting since I’m not usually the most enthusiastic about penetration alone.

First off, I tried using the Lustti FM18 vaginally.

As a trans man with significant pelvic pain due to atrophy, vaginal penetration is ironically the sex act I reserve for “special occasions” (Forgot a birthday gift for your lover? No worries!).

For that, the Lustti gets a 10/10 from me dawg, it’s exactly what I expect if I were having sex. The toy frees up my hands to use clitoral vibrators or apply more lube without needing to stop and throw my groove off.

However, using the Lustti FM18 for anal was a liiiiittle bit trickier.

It wasn’t a bad experience, it was just much harder to keep the toy from flopping out and poking my body instead of sliding back into place. When I used the suction cup attachment, to my annoyance the dildo popped off the base after a few strokes.

Better suction cups and avoiding lube getting near the suction cup/plate will help though, but even stuck to a wall, suction cup dildos can be tricky for anal in general.

No fear, I switched to the Vac-U-Lock dildo. It worked well until it also eventually popped out ( of me ). I was frustrated, both sexually and the generic kind! The issue with this dildo, however, was just that it wasn’t firm enough for anal, and to be inserted without needing me to guide it into place.

Having said that, with the right combination of toys and attachments, I don’t think this would be an issue (Personally, I’m on the hunt for a firm dildo with a Vac-U-Lock hole).

The folks at also informed me that their spring attachment can also help the dildos better bend with you as you go but this remains to be tested. 

So if you’re like me and need help finding the perfect Vac-U-Lock toy, head over to our official Vac-U-Lock guide!

What’s More to Say?

The Lustti FM18 by is a great entry-level professional fucking machine and probably the only home cardio machine you’ll actually use!

If you have been eyeballing your own personal fuck robot but have concerns with the high price tags, this definitely could be the perfect one for you! Just be careful when adjusting the knobs, and really consider if you want your fucking machine to be controllable via app (for work or long-distance pleasure).

If you’re interested, we cover those more expensive app-enabled machines in our main sex machine roundup!


  • Extremely quiet! Seriously, this thing is quieter than a rumbly vibrator!
  • Feels exactly like sex with another person (minus the personal connection, but you could always add googly eyes to it)
  • Easy to position. You can lay back down, or prop yourself up on your hands and knees. You can even position it to penetrate you vertically!
  • Dual-ended. Do you have another partner who is eager for their own turn? Two is a party!
  • Easy to disassemble and store. It comes apart into multiple pieces, so you can absolutely hide it next to the dusty treadmill under your bed. (I promise this will get your heart racing just as much!)
  • The start/stop button is a red button that makes me feel like I’m pressing some spy device. It’s just so satisfying to press! I know, it’s just a minor touch but I actually love it.


  • No smartphone connection.
  • There’s a lack of cover over the rotary motor. I would have appreciated a removable one, even just for the aesthetics.
  • You have to be careful with loosening the nobs. Too loose and the machine can be stalled. So be careful while making your adjustments and don’t go beyond 4 turns!

Head on over to to grab your own FM18, and don’t skip their coupon page to ensure you get the best price possible! 

We would like to thank for sending us their FM18. This review wouldn’t have been possible without their help! Review