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Turning to sex furniture is a great idea whether you want to bring sex to the next level or simply find more comfort during intercourse and toy play.

The real issue is that there are tons of options to choose from, with only very few items being actually worth it in the long run. And then comes the fact that these, often bulky, items tend to take quite a bit of space as well.

So today we’ll look at quality options that are either easy to tuck away or that can be left in plain sight without arousing any suspicion. Of course, for you kinkier folks, we’ll also explore some more extreme choices better suited for your own personal dungeon!

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

That being said, here’s our top 9 list of the best sex furniture, not necessarily from worst to best, because everyone’s needs and budgets are different.

TOM 2.0 by TenderBeaver

sex furniture

The TOM is a cheap and essential piece of sex furniture for those who can’t live without their suction cup dildos.

This piece of hardware makes using suction cup dongs much more comfortable in doggy style and cowgirl.
But most importantly, It removes the guesswork of having to find a smooth enough surface that’ll comply with your suction cups.

Tender Beaver shows a multitude of ways to use their toy mount, including riding it while laying on your back, but in all honesty, doggy style and cowgirl are essentially the only two real ways to go.

It is still quite versatile though, allowing you to use multiple toys at once on each surface, therefore giving you the option of inviting friends along.
You’ll have to fight for leg room though, so you might have to put your twister skills to the test.

Another great way to use it is as a threesome surrogate, for those who don’t necessarily have/want another man to join along.

If doggy style is your favorite way to go, you might want to invest in the very cheap weighted base to prevent your TOM from sliding around.
But if you’re short on funds, you could very well just prop the TOM against a wall or the headboard of your bed.


This is probably the cheapest piece of sex furniture you can get today, yet it is still pretty useful for those who love their suction cup dildos.

If you prefer riding your toys cowgirl above anything else, you’ll probably prefer the liberator accessories below since they’re much more comfortable to ride.
But otherwise, for the price, the TOM is pretty hard to beat.





Liberator Accessories

sex furniture accessories


Liberator makes pillows, throws, and sex furniture built for sexual intercourse.
All models are very easily washed and their covers are removable and machine washable, so no need to change the entire set of sheets every time things get a bit intense.

Their super soft, absorbent and waterproof throws are a life saver.
They’ll work against whatever fluids you throw at them, may it be lube or your own.
You’ll also love that they come in multiple colors and sizes.
Piling up towels and having all your precious bedding and furniture getting stained no matter what you do sure isn’t optimal. So they’re well worth considering.

Their ramps and wedges are also great for providing the right angle for G-Spot and Prostate stimulation during sex.
And they can keep you comfortable in the most compromising positions.

Want to include dildosg-spot toys during play?
If they don’t have suction cups, the Bonbon & the Wing are perfect for that. They’ll hold your toys in place for you so you can keep your hands free for more important business.

Otherwise, if you’re a fan of the unbelievable strength of the Magic Wand,
you will know that it’s difficult to handle it during intercourse or long periods of time.
Liberator’s Axis and Wanda aim to fix that, giving you a hands-free and comfortable experience during penetration or solo play.

For men, there’s also their Fleshlight mounts.
On a Mission and Top Dog mounts are both great pieces of sex furniture if you’d rather sharpen your thrusting game over just masturbating with a toy in your hand.
Both models are also very easy to clean even though they don’t come with their signature removable covers. Wiping with a bit of soap and water should be enough for most situations. 


If you want to keep your bedding and furniture intact, a nice liberator collection can go a long way.
And even if you don’t have too much money to spare, their throws are well worth considering. 





Love Arc

love arc sex furniture

The Love Arc is what happens when you take sex furniture, fuck machines and toy holders and make them have a collective baby.

You can secure suction cup dildos and Fleshlights to its solid aluminum frame.
And god knows how hard it is to find the perfect surfaces for your suction cup toys.

With the help of a few add-ons, any dildo with a base ( realistic or not ), powerful wands and restraints will work as well.

Once this is done, the Arc can be used in so many different ways that you’ll probably never get bored of it. Heck, it would take a whole article just to go through all the options this great device offers.

In use

Best hands free toys

As you can see, there are tons of ways of using the Love Arc, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

You can rest it on its handles and enjoy riding your toys cowgirl. Or you could flip it around and use the handles to rock your dildos into yourself like it’s some kind of man-powered sex machine.

Prop it against a wall or with one end onto your bed and it’ll make doggy style with a suction cup toy that much more comfortable.
Since your legs will be able to get past the Arc, it’ll improve your range of motions, and feel more natural than if you used a suction cup directly off a wall.

And you don’t have to only use one toy at a time.
Nothing stops you from strapping a butt plug, a dildo, and a Magic Wand onto your Love Arc all at once and completely lose your mind.


Whether you wanna rock, bounce or ride,  you will find a ton of ways to use the Love Arc.
Still, it is a bit of an involved experience, and if you’d rather have something to do all the work for you, you’ll probably prefer the devices at the end of this list.

Uberkinky ships from the U.K., so expect some shipping fees when ordering from anywhere else. Sadly, being a European invention, the Love Arc is almost impossible to find anywhere else.





Liberator Esse

esse sex furniture

Liberator’s Esse is what happens when you take all the Liberator wedges, and genetically splice them with a beautifully modern Sofa.

So not only does this piece of sex furniture looks good enough to be left out in the open and used for normal day to day use, it’ll double as an all-in-one multiple position wedge kit as well.
This allows for better angles in most positions, making it easier to hit prostates and g-spots, without the risk of ruining your favorite sofa.

Like most of their accessories, the covers are removable for when you need to give it a more thorough wash.
And it comes with a waterproof liner that’ll prevent any liquids from seeping into the foam and ruining it forever.
This means that you can easily just spot wash spills if they’re not too bad.

Most models come with at least one pillow that can be used for resting your head or hips for comfort. But it is also possible to use it to intensify angles or rest your knees on when you’re at the foot of the chair.

Speaking of the different models, the Esse comes in two different variations:

esse sex furniture

The Esse II comes with wooden feet at the base, solving the height issue of the original model as well as making it look even more like a normal piece of furniture.
While the natural wooden feet look great, they can also be finished in a way that better matches your decor.

Black Label esse sex furniture

The Black Label Esse comes with a range of D-Rings on its base, allowing you to attach all sorts of ropes and restraints to it. So if you or your significant other likes being tied up, this is probably the model for you.
Sadly, while the D-Rings are subtle enough, they’re still gonna make the overall design a bit less inconspicuous.


If you want a piece of sex furniture that you can leave out in the open, it doesn’t get much better than this.
And when you’re due for a break from all the sex, it’s comfortable enough to lay down on to watch tv or read a good book.





Full-Body Restraint Systems

Stockroom Stockade BDSM Furniture bondage

If you want to make sure that your sub and/or SO can’t move a muscle, full-body restraining systems have a lot to offer.

These systems are great options for prepping your subs for spanking, forced orgasms, or anything really.

When doggy-style is your favorite position, stockades are the way to go.
These are essentially full-body spreader bars with shackles on the hands, feet, and neck.
So they throw you in a truly compromising position, leaving your target’s ass exposed to everything you’re ready to throw at them.

The Stockroom’s Stockade is one of our favorite all-in-one solution.
All parts of the stockade are entirely adjustable and it comes with the great “fuck bar”, an extra arm meant to hold any dildo with a base under 2 inches of girth.

The fuck bar can be locked into place as a form of internal restraint, loosened up for penetration or discarded entirely.
So it leaves you with plenty of options at your disposal.

The metal shackles, while a bit intense, can also be replaced by any other type of restraints you might want to use.

They also offer the great Slave driver which is essentially the same concept, but this time around the “fuck bar” is replaced by a full-on sex-machine.


These devices will leave even the brattiest of subs helpless while opening them up to all sorts of punishment, so needless to say that there’s a lot to love about them!

Couple them with sex machines or some spanking tools, and you’ve got yourself a pretty ruthless combo.





Sex Benches

sex furniture sex bench

Sex benches are great options especially for people with dungeons handy.
They’re essentially stable vinyl padded benches meant to make most sex and spanking positions easier to achieve. It also helps that they’re pretty easy to clean and add restraints to. So it is perfect for when things get messy and for those who like being tied up during play!

But honestly, most sex benches are pretty overpriced for what they are, and could easily be substituted by any sort of work out furniture.
Plus, if you don’t have a sex dungeon, these tables will look way out of place in your home.

This is why we love Liberator’s Prelude Benches since they are some of the most aesthetically pleasing sex benches money can buy.
Compared to other sex benches, they look stylish and inconspicuous enough to be left out in the open.
These come in two different sizes, multiple colors and materials and the covers are non-staining and removable for easy clean up.

And being part of their Black Label Collection, they all come with hidden clips under the bench for all your bondage needs!


Sex benches aren’t the kind of sex furniture you can just leave out in the open, but they’ll make any dungeon owner look like they know what they’re doing. And there’s nothing like the look of black vinyl to entice you to be bad!





Sex Slings

4-Point Bondage Sling Stand

When it comes to sex furniture, slings are probably the most iconic devices of the bunch.
And this is entirely justified because these are some versatile pieces of equipment.

For one, being entirely adjustable, they’ll make uncomfortable but intense positions much cozier for the person on the receiving end.
Slings will also allow for deeper and longer sex with less effort for both parties involved. 

And with all the extra empty space around the person who is strapped in, it’s very easy to invite more people to join in on the fun.
So if you’re into threesomes, foursomes and what have you, slings are almost mandatory!


How to mount your slings

When it comes to mounting your slings, there are two different options.
You can either hang them directly on your ceiling, but if it is impossible for you to drill holes, you can also buy sturdy frames that are fairly easy to assemble and disassemble.  

Hanging your slings from the ceiling is the most cost-effective option since all you’ll need is the sling itself and some chains and hooks ( You’ll have to provide your own hooks in most cases ).
But if you don’t have your own dungeon, you’ll have to figure out how to camouflage your hooks when the sling isn’t in use.

Our favorite method is simply hanging plants from the hooks. 
Some people also like to gut cheap smoke detectors and drill the hooks through the base, giving you access to the hooks when you open the smoke detector in question.

Hanging slings from a frame will obviously drive up the cost, but it comes with its own advantages.

For one, you won’t have to worry about ripping your ceiling off.
They’re also very easy to pull apart and store, and most suppliers sell duffle bags that’ll fit these sling stands for easy storage and transport.

Additionally, you can attach all sorts of accessories and straps to the poles to customize them to your liking.
Some people also like hanging from the frame while they go to town on the person in the sling.  Just make sure your frame can support both of your weight.


Best Slings and Stands

Leather Sling, Web Style

When it comes to slings, our favorite supplier is the Stockroom.
Not only do they offer sturdy and quality leather slings, but they also offer a pretty good 4-legged frame that’s easy to pull apart and store in the included duffle bag.
Just note that the chains, slings, and frames are usually sold separately.

Their 4-legged stand is 45 pounds and supports up to 250 pounds.


There’s a reason why these pieces of sex furniture can be found in most dungeons and sex parties. 
Sex slings are especially handy if you enjoy comfortable, long, deep and hard sex with your significant other or in a group.

And the fact that they’re so easy to stash away when you’re done with them leaves you with no excuse not to get one!





Straddle-Style Vibrators

cowgirl sex furniture

If you’re familiar with straddle style vibrators, you might be wondering why it isn’t the Sybian you’re looking at.

To put it simply, the Tremor performs better, looks better and is easier to clean at a fraction of the price of the Sybian. 

And while the Cowgirl is a bit more expensive than the Sybian, it offers way more features and style over the now outdated original design.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty,  it’s good to know that saddle style vibrators aren’t for everyone.
If you’re the type of person who, after a session with their Magic Wand, thinks they could use even more power, you will absolutely love these.
If you’re into rotations or forced orgasms, you will also get a lot out of it. 
Otherwise, you’re better off saving your money for something else.

These saddle style sex machines vibrate and rotate and both features can be controlled independently thanks to their wired controller.

Both models come out of the box with 2 silicone attachments, one for external play and another for penetration. It is also possible to buy more official attachments if needed. 
They are also interchangeable with any Sybian or Motorbunny attachments, so you’ll never run out of options.

The only real downside is that these pieces of sex furniture are all pretty damn loud. 
But at this point, it doesn’t really matter since, if you straddle these powerful toys, you won’t be silent either.

tremor sex furniture

When it comes to the Tremor, we’re big fans of the removable silicone pad that covers its frame. 
While the Sybian sells a fluid-proof cover separately, this cover comes included with every model and is completely sanitizable. 
So if you plan on using this sex machine on more than one person, it doesn’t get much more hygienic than that.

cowgirl sex furniture

As for the Cowgirl, it’s the only device of its kind to provide vibration patterns as well as more traditional constant vibrations.

But the real difference is the fact that it can be controlled wirelessly through an app, making it a great toy for long distance relationships as well.

The cowgirl can be either remote or App Controlled and comes covered in luxurious, and durable Vegan Leather.
This coupled with the electric guitar style jacks used to connect this machine is reminiscent of the classiest guitar amps.


While we’re aware that the power offered by saddle style vibrators is not for everyone, these machines are still a major improvement over the now outdated Sybian. 

These modern takes on the Sybian are the best options today for power queens that just can’t get enough. 





Beds & Bedding

sex furniture

Let’s face it, the most crucial piece of sex furniture is the bed.
We all have one and we all love to get frisky in one.

So unlike the past entries, instead of taking you away from the bed, let’s get back to it!

First of all, while we love the throws from Liberator, they are what they are: A throw.
They don’t cover the entire bed and if not careful, it’s easy to move them out of the way during vigorous play, exposing your precious mattresses to all sorts of kinky fluids.

If this concerns you, you will love Sheets of San Francisco’s bedding.
Their Fluid-Proof bed and pillow covers are made of breathable polyurethane & come in many sizes.
And being machine washable, they really make things easy for you.

So not only you’ll be able to protect your precious mattresses, but having your pillows covered will allow you to use them like wedges and ramps without having to worry about soaking them.

And if you have the funds, you could also get a full-on Bondage bed.
These essentially act as fully-featured self-contained dungeons.
And when you’re not using any type of attachments with them, they simply look like stylish sturdy beds.
So if you’re worried about what the visit might think, worry no more! 

All models provide plenty of hooks and bars to attach restraints to them and the models we will be linking to also come with sling hoops at every corner of the bed.
So this removes the need to drill holes on your ceilings or assembling and disassembling sling frames every time you feel a little frisky.

Couple them with the bedding above and you’ll never want to leave your room again.


For those who feel like the bed is where it’s at, this is everything you’ll need to turn your bed into the ultimate plowing station.

Of course, these custom bed frames might not be suited for everyone’s budget, but the bedding outlined in this entry will extend the lifetime of your mattresses and pillows greatly.