Best sex toys for women shopping guide

Getting started: A Sex Toy Buying Guide For Women

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As you can see by the numbers of sex toys we’ve reviewed in the past, the adult toy world can be a complex place to navigate.
So for the laywoman,  it can be a little hard to know where to start.

But don’t you worry since I, Jim the Dildo Dealer, have spent years working in sex shops.
And lets’ just say that guiding women through their first buy was probably half of the job at the time.

Before anything, it’s really important that you get familiar with the concept of toxic sex toys.
But don’t worry since we only suggest body-safe sex toys here at Tabooless. And if there are any risks associated with certain toys, we will be sure to mention it. 

It’s still important information and it’ll make you understand why you should avoid certain materials that may seem cheaper than the safer alternatives.

And no, putting condoms on cheap materials isn’t a viable option.
Not only it’s gonna end up costing a fortune in the long run, but the oils found in toxic toys have a tendency of eating at condoms, rendering them entirely ineffective at protecting the user.

You should also avoid buying sex toys from Amazon since the site is filled with cheap counterfeits and misleading information regarding the materials of the toys.
In some rare occasions, we will link to Amazon for some toys.
But know that plenty of research was done to ensure that the links provided come from trusted sellers with genuine products.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, read on to learn more about which sex toys would be best for your needs and budget!

Best Sex Toys for Beginners

Before we get into specific categories, it would be good to answer the age-old question most women have with their first sex toys.
“I never tried sex toys before, how can I know what’ll work for me? “

And we’re not poking fun here, this is a very justifiable and important question.
How does one know what’ll tickle their fancy if they’ve never had any experiences with sex toys?

This usually leads women to aimlessly buy countless toys before being able to zero in on the perfect toy.
Some will even become entirely turned off by sex toys in the process, which is a damn shame! 

A good place to start is usually from what you know from your own experience with sex and masturbation.

What is your go-to when you’re masturbating or having sex?
Do you usually go for the clitoris the first chance you get?

Is penetration something you love or is it uncomfortable and you’d avoid it if you could?
If you’re into men, do you like rock hard dudes or you tend to prefer a guy with a bit more squish?
And do you like them big, medium or small?

All these questions should lead you towards a better understanding of what you might be looking for in terms of functions, size, and hardness.

But it’s not uncommon for a lot of women to be unable to answer these questions entirely.
This could be because they either don’t have much experience with masturbation and sex or simply haven’t discovered what makes them tick yet.
In this case, you will have to turn towards a toy that is versatile enough to give you an idea of what you might like without breaking the bank.
Because there’s nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on something you’ll never touch again.

For complete beginners, what I usually suggest is a decent cheap vibrating bullet like the Vooom, since most women won’t be able to orgasm without any clitoral stimulation.

Basic bullets are not only cheap, but they’re also non-intimidating and fun to use alone or with a partner during penetration. 
The Vooom should give you enough power for you to see if you prefer weaker or stronger vibrations. And if it leaves you wanting for more power, something like the Tango will probably work better for you.

Another great option, for those who are a little more courageous or have a bit more money to spend, is a decent vibrating G-spot toy like the very small but curved Gigi 2 or the more powerful but still somewhat affordable Sola Cue.

Since they all vibrate, you’ll be able to use them externally like a mini-wand.
So you’ll get to see if you enjoy external as well as internal vibrations all at once.
And if you don’t, you can always turn off the vibrations and use them like any other G-spot toys.

In my humble opinion, being more versatile, this is the better option for anyone who has no clue where to turn, since a toy like this will help you to figure out exactly what you might or might not like.

And from there, you’ll be able to readjust and invest in a sex toy that’ll suit your needs better.

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Best Sex Toys For External Use

While these toys are usually designed for the clitoris, people also enjoy using them on nipples, or even outside the anus.
But if you do decide to use them around your back door, make sure you clean them thoroughly before getting them anywhere near your lady bits again. 


Bullet Vibes

best sex toys for women tango

Bullet Vibes are very versatile, and, as mentioned above, are often great toys for starting out.
They can be used by themselves or along with another toy for penetration.
A lot of women also enjoy using them during PIV sex since they’re small enough incorporate during intercourse.

Most will argue that the Tango by We-Vibe is the best around since it is powerful and rumbly.
But more sensitive women won’t get past the first or second mode, and in this case, they might prefer something along the lines of the Vooom by Screaming-O.

If direct contact with the clitoris is uncomfortable to you, nothing stops you from using these vibes over clothing or higher up along the hood of the clitoris.
But there are also toys like JimmyJane’s Form 2 made to vibrate around the clitoris as opposed to directly on it.


best sex toys for women magic wand

Wands are for women who are less into pinpoint stimulation and more about raw power.
So if the highest level on the Tango isn’t enough for you, this is probably your best option.

They’re much larger than most other sex toys thanks to their larger, more powerful motors.
The most popular choice is, of course, the Magic Wand. 
You can get the classic version for pretty cheap, but they also have a newer rechargeable model as well. 
And there are tons of extensions and attachments that can go on it to add features or even convert it to almost any toy imaginable.

Of course, there are plenty of other Wand alternatives that will be compatible with these attachments since they’ve become pretty standard thanks to the popularity of the Magic Wand.
And you might have to depend on these, especially since the Magic-Wand is only available with North American plugs.

Suction Toys

best sex toys for women womanizer

Finally, suction toys are the latest addition to the clit toy family.
They apply a gentle suction on the clitoris, bringing the blood in and making the clitoris more sensitive in the process. And this effect compounds with the vibrations of the toy, for an intense overall sensation.

Womanizer was the first in the game and tons of imitators followed suit.
But in our opinion, none of these have come close to replicating Womanizer’s effort.

Our favorite for the price and the features was the Pro40, but It has since been replaced by the Womanizer Classic, which is essentially the same toy, but prettier and less noisy. 

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Best Sex Toys For Penetration

These sex toys meant for penetration can obviously be used vaginal stimulation, but if there’s a base or testicles on them, they’re also safe to use anally.
It gets even more versatile if you invest in vibrating toys since they’ll allow you to use them externally as well.



best sex toys for women dildos

Dildos come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes.
So whether you’re looking for a dildo that’ll look and feel like a real Penis or something a little less phallic, there’s bound to be something for you.
And size queens should rest easy since large body-safe dildos are slowly replacing the latex and jelly toys that once plagued the industry. 

And since most dildos come equipped with a base or testicles, most of them will fit in Strap-ons as well.

Speaking of bases, some dildos even come equipped with suction cup bases making them completely hands-free.
So they’re perfect for a more natural experience during masturbation as well as being great for playing out threesome fantasies with a partner.
They also sell bases like the TOM V2 and the Love Arc to give you more options and angles when it comes to mounting your suction cup dildos.

But if your favorite dildo doesn’t come equipped with a suction cup, not all is lost.
Regular dildos can be mounted on a variety of devices like the toy mounts from Liberator.
And while the Vac-U-Lock system is the standard with sex machines, most of the full-size machines have optional universal toy holders that will allow you to secure any dildo with a base to them.

Even though being more expensive, another good option for a more natural toy experience is using something like the Insert Facilitator torso with the Penis Add-on of your choice. 

And if you still can’t find the perfect toy, it’s also possible to make your own dildo, either by molding it from your favorite penis or sculpting it from scratch!

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G-Spot Toys

best sex toys for women pure wand

Not only will G-spot toys make finding and stimulating the G-Spot easier, but they’re also much more efficient and comfortable to use than using your own hands.
And, although they may have a larger learning curve than some other toys, they’re well worth it for those with the patience.

Because of their curved heads, these toys aren’t usually meant for traditional penetration.
Prying motions and rhythmical pressure is what they are best at, and turns out it’s what G-spots love most!
So needless to say that the harder the G-Spot Toy, the more intense the G-spot stimulation will be.
This means that beautiful unconventional materials like stone, wood, glass, and stainless steel are all king in the G-spot toy world.

But if you’d rather have a G-spot toy that’ll still work for penetration, softer materials will be better.
If this is the case for you, you should look into the affordable dual-density Tru Curve as well as the NYTC Pack-and-Play toys.  

Vibrating G-Spot toys are also our favorite alternative for external stimulation.
The shape they come in allows you to hold them like mini wands during clitoral stimulation.
Unlike vibrating bullets, your fingers won’t go numb trying to hold them for extended periods of time like most bullet vibes will.
Thanks to its rich and powerful rumbles, our all-time favorite G-Spot toy for that purpose is the Rave by We-vibe

They’re also pretty decent at stimulating the prostate, making them great unisex toys.
But you should use plenty of caution when using them since most models don’t come with a stopper.

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Anal Toys

best sex toys for women butt plugs

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, anal sex toys can add a lot to the fun. 
They can be used to train yourself to be more comfortable with anal sex but they’re also great when used in tandem with other toys or during PIV sex.

For those who are just starting out with anal sex, you’ll want to invest in a good gradual butt plug trainer set to train yourself for some more serious action.

And for those who enjoy public play, you’ll be happy to know that they make butt plug models comfortable enough to be worn all day as well as vibrating plugs that can be triggered from any distance.
And when it comes to wireless Butt-Plugs, we’re especially fond of the Robo Rimmer.
It vibrates and has a rotating head, as well as rotating beads on its base, for a very unique and intense rimming sensation.

Of course, dildos are also great options for anal stimulation.
Just make sure the toy has a base if you want to avoid visits to the ER!

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Best Sex Toys For Dual Stimulation

best sex toys for women ina 2

Often referred to as “Rabbits”, these sex toys are meant to stimulate internally and externally, all at the same time.
While this might sound like an attractive idea, they’re some of the trickiest sex toys to suggest since it’s almost impossible to fit every woman’s anatomy with only one device.

You see, even if you forget about the shapes of these toys, some might prefer strong internal vibrations and more subtle ones on their clitoris, vice versa and so on.
So these toys will require plenty of trial and error before you can land on the perfect dual stimulator for your body.

In most cases, it’s wiser to simply go with two separate toys like a bullet vibe and a dildo/g-spot toy. 
Understandably, some might still prefer holding onto just one toy during masturbation, leaving an extra hand free to do whatever. 

If you want to avoid buying a ton of toys before landing on the right one, they do make a few options that are more compatible than others like the Nova by We-Vibe.
Otherwise, you should know your anatomy like the back of your hand and read plenty of reviews before investing in any of these sex toys.


Best Sex toys For Couples

Almost all sex toys are great fun in the context of a relationship. 
So whether you want to use them on one another or simply give a show to your significant other, traditional sex toys have a lot to offer.

For example, Bullet Vibes are really easy to integrate during intercourse since they’re small enough to squeeze in for some additional clitoral stimulation.

But some hardware is geared more towards couple play as opposed to solo play.
So in this entry, we will explore options that will make sex with someone else a little more interesting, may it be in the bedroom, in public or even in the context of a long distance relationship.


For the Heterosexual

Heterosexual couples toys sync

If you’re in a relationship with another man, first you should get familiar with male toys, especially when it comes to masturbators and prostate massagers.
Not only do they make great gift ideas, but they’re also a ton of fun to use on your man and should give your bits some time to rest between activities.

Cock rings are also well worth considering since they’ll provide longer lasting, fuller erections during intercourse.
Vibrating models will also add some extra stimulation on the clitoris and the shaft.
Our favorite options for that purpose are the cheap Charged Cock Rings by Screaming-O as well as the much more powerful Atom & Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss.

Wireless sex toys are also a ton of fun to use in the home, in public, as well as across long distances.
And while we cover most of them in our couple’s toys article, there are some highlights and hidden gems we’d like to discuss.

The most popular choice being the We-Vibe Sync, a very versatile couples toy that can be worn during sex for some extra sensation on the clit, g-spot, as well as the penis.
Since it hugs the clitoris and G-spot, it’s also a ton of fun to bring outside of the house in more public situations.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, there’s also been some major improvements in teledildonics, making long distance penetrative sex a reality.
Our favorite option is using the Kiiroo dildos along with a Fleshlight Launch.
This’ll allow any woman to translate the motions on her dildo onto the Launch, replicating every stroke onto your man’s penis from any distance.
You’re not limited to anal or vaginal penetration either since it’ll even work with blow jobs and hand jobs!

And if you’d rather have the man in control of the motions, you could also invest in the Shockspot along with a Fleshlight with the V-Stroker attachment. 
It’s a much more expensive option, but it is currently the only way to do so.

Otherwise, the Cowgirl, a modernization of the Sybian, can also be controlled from any distance.
But this time around, your man will have to rely on the app to control it since he won’t be able to control it with his manhood. 

For those with a taste for bondage and / or getting a little rough up, there’s no shortage of good stuff in that department either.
Restraints & Impact toys have become rather standard among couples.
So it doesn’t matter if you’re an occasional kinkster or living the full-on BDSM lifestyle.

And if you’re truly dedicated to the practice, you should definitely read our article on the best BDSM & Bondage toys.

Sex furniture is another great option to bring things to the next level and making some positions easier to handle.  
Liberator makes some very useful accessories like waterproof throes and wedges that will keep your bedding clean while providing better angles for penetration and G-spot ( or prostate ) stimulation.
But if you’re willing to invest a little more, there’s almost no limit to what can be done from the comfort of your own home.

If your man enjoys anal stimulation, there’s no shortage of options for you either.
There are some very good hands-free prostate toys that he could wear during sex.
And if he’s into it, pegging gear can also be a good investment.

It’s also not uncommon for couples to enjoy threesome fantasies without necessarily wanting to invite another person over.
If it is the case for you, all the toy holders and the suction cup dildos referred to in the dildo section are good choices.
But they also make some pretty good holders for masturbators as well if you like seeing your man going at it.
Sex machines, sex dolls, and torsos are also all great options for that purpose.

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For Lesbians

lesbian couples toys spareparts joque

Things are a little simpler for homosexual women since all the toys discussed in this list are great options for both of you.

But if you’d rather keep your hands free for more important things, you should take a look at some hands-free sex toys as well.

Also, before exchanging toys between each other, it’s very important that you completely sanitize your toys by either boiling them or applying a 10% bleach water solution over them followed by a good rinse. 
Of course, this will only work with non-porous materials like Silicone, glass, and stainless steel.
And it goes without saying that if both of you are tested and clean as a whistle, you can skip this step entirely.

Of course, strap-ons and double dildos are also popular options for those who enjoy some traditional penetration.
Some of you will also be glad to know that they make double dildos for wearers who would rather have some clitoral stimulation instead of penetration.
And strap-on wielding lesbos will especially love the Sili Saddle. It is a bit of extra padding that will protect your mons during especially vigorous play. 

If you’re looking for some strap-on compatible dildos, almost all of the toys in our dildo lists will work. All you need is a good base and the right size of O-Rings.

Sex furniture will also make some angles easier and more comfortable to tackle while lifting the hips in a way that’ll better target the G-spot. 

And, in our lesbian couples toys guide, we also outline some good wireless toys that are fun to use on the go, in the bedroom and even across long distances.
They’re also great to use under a strap-on for some extra sensation for the wearer.
Giving your significant other the controller will also make the experience a bit less one-sided.

For those of you who enjoy getting tied up and / or rough play, there are tons of great options at your disposal as well.
Restraints & Impact toys have made their way in even the most vanilla of households.
So they’re clearly not exclusively reserved to dungeon dwellers and the likes .

And of course, if you’d like to push the practice even further, you should definitely look at our complete list of bondage & BDSM toys.

And If you’re looking for some fancy gift ideas for an especially glamorous lady, you should definitely take a look at these luxury sex toys.

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