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Getting started: A Sex Toy Buying Guide For Men

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Let’s be honest, most of the sex toys advertised to men are garbage.
For every gold nugget, it seems like we have to sift through mountains of crap ( We’re looking at you, Autoblow and Friends ) to find something worthwhile.

But not all is lost since there is still some gold to be unearthed, and I, Jim the Dildo Dealer/sex toy Extraordinaire, will be your guide through this process. 

Before anything, it’s really important that you get familiar with the concept of toxic sex toys.
But don’t worry since we only suggest body-safe sex toys here at Tabooless. And if there are any risks associated with certain toys, we will be sure to mention it. 

It shouldn’t affect most of you looking only for strokers, but if you’re interested in anal toys at all, these things are important to know.

You should also avoid buying sex toys from Amazon since the site is filled with cheap counterfeits and misleading information regarding the materials of the toys.
In some rare occasions, we will link to Amazon for some toys.
But know that plenty of research was done to ensure that the links provided come from trusted sellers with genuine products.

Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications.

With that being said, read on to learn more about which sex toys would be best for your needs and budget!

Best Sex Toys For the Penis


best sex toys for men masturbator

Masturbators are essentially meant to enhance and/or replicate the sensations of penetrative sex during masturbation.
They provide more texture and sensation than using your own hands and are also great training aids for actual sex.

Strokers range from very cheap disposable models that work well as temporary aids to realistic and durable masturbators like the ever so popular Fleshlights.
And if you want to go all in, it’s also possible to get fully-automated feature-packed machines like the Launch that’ll do all the work for you.

These toys usually can’t be used without lubrification, so make sure to stock up on a good water-based lube, since other lubes might damage your toys.

Clean up with strokers is also much more involved than with other sex toys, and it is very important that you dry your toys completely before storing them.
If you fail to do this properly, your toys could easily start becoming moldy and only good for the trash.
This is because most worthwhile masturbators are made of porous materials that can easily harbor bacteria.
Even with proper care, you will want to replace most non-silicone based masturbators after some time.

If you want to keep clean up to a Minimum, they do make open-ended masturbators like the Quickshot and the Pulse III that’ll prevent you from finishing up inside the toys. 
And while these sex toys are great, they do sacrifice suction for ease of cleaning.
But to some, it might be a small sacrifice to avoid the tedious process of cleaning up.

If you’re looking for a good middle ground, the Flip Holes are easier to clean than your standard Fleshlight.
We’d even go as far as saying that the newer Flip Hole EV is our favorite masturbator ever.
And this time around you’ll get plenty of suction.

Masturbator holders, torsos and full on sex dolls are all great options if realism during play is your ultimate goal.
And while they’ll usually drive the price up, these will make your experience that much closer to the real thing.
They’re also great if you’re looking for a hands-free solution.

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Cock Rings

best sex toys for men cock rings

Cock rings are also well worth considering since they’ll provide longer lasting, fuller erections during intercourse.
So not only are they great for dealing with ED & premature ejaculation, but they’ll also make your penis look harder and bigger than usual thanks to all the extra blood.
Some even use them to enhance their flaccid bulge under their clothing. 

They can be worn at the base of the shaft, or behind the testicles for some extra pressure on the perineum.
Some even make ball spreaders that’ll mimic the sensation of the tug you feel just before ejaculation.
And if you want to have all these benefits all at the same time, you can also wear multiple rings or go with an all in one model like the Double Driller or CockSling 2.0.

Cock rings come in a variety of materials, but be careful since some models can be detrimental to your health.
First of all, It’s better that you avoid rigid rings like the stainless steel models.
This is because you could easily get stuck in them once fully hard.
And sometimes, the only solution to that problem is a painful and embarrassing trip to the ER.

That’s why we suggest using flexible silicone rings like the C-Rings from Tantus.
Not only will they be almost infinitely reusable, but they’ll keep you safe even over long-term wear.
But if you enjoy the pressure and look of the stainless steel models, this Magnetic Cock-Ring is well worth considering. 

Vibrating models will also add some extra stimulation to the clitoris and the shaft during PIV sex.
And nothing stops you from using them alone along with a masturbator or an anal toy for extra stimulation.
Our favorite options for that purpose are the cheap Charged Cock Rings by Screaming-O as well as the much more powerful Atom & Atom Plus by Hot Octopuss.

While relatively safe, caution is still very important while using Cock-Rings.
So make sure to slip out of your ring every now and then to allow some fresh blood to flow through.
Especially if you plan on wearing them over long periods of time.

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Best Anal & Prostate Sex Toys

Prostate Massagers

best sex toys for men prostate massagers

Whether you are looking for a prostate massager for prostatitis or just for plain old fun, these toys are a great way to get straight to your goal.
And the prostate, being the “Male G-Spot”, has plenty to offer in terms of raw pleasure.
So it is far from being all about male health & prevention!

They’re especially useful to those of us who are a bit reticent about putting stuff up their asses since many of these toys are quite small while still being really effective.
And when it comes small prostate massagers, our favorites will always remain the Aneros toys.
Most of them are more or less finger thick and hands-free.
So they’re easy to wear during intercourse and should provide plenty of stimulation.

Like most prostate toys, they do have a bit of a learning curve to them, but if you go with these models, it should remove some of the guesswork.
Deep breathing, relaxation, and micro-contractions is how you’ll control the experience.
So with some practice, you should get there in no time.

While you can get prostate massagers that are entirely hands-free, they do make models that are a bit more involved, for those of us who need more control.
Strangely, most of our go-to models for this purpose come from Njoy, our favorite stainless steel toy manufacturer.
And while the Pfun should satisfy most with its handy handle, if you’re looking for more intense pressure and size choices, the Pure Wand is pretty hard to beat.

Another option for the experienced is simply using a good G-spotting toy
Just be careful since most models won’t come with a stopper.

Of course, any of these toys will require some prior experience with the prostate to reap all the benefits they have to offer. But for those with the patience, they’re well worth it.

If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, some companies also make some pretty good vibrating models as well.
And most of the best models are also entirely hands-free.
Lelo makes the great Bruno & Hugo, with the only difference being that the Hugo comes with a motion controlled remote that replicates the vibrations found on the toy.
A feature that can be especially interesting for couples ( more on that in the full entry ).

Otherwise, Lovense also makes the Edge, which is an adjustable prostate massager that can also be controlled through an app.

Both Lelo’s and Lovense’s toys have vibrators on the prostate as well as on the perineum.

Want to push it even further? Some vibrating models also come with rotations and come-hither motions.
The Revo Slim is a lot like the Bruno/Hugo and the Edge, since it’ll vibrate on both the perineum and prostate. But this time around, the prostate arm will rotate, applying rhythmic pressure to your prostate.
And if you’d prefer some come-hither motions, you’ll probably love the Loki Wave by Lelo.

There are also a few dildos that are known to stimulate the prostate quite well, like the great Pack-And-Play toys by NYTC.
And of course, while not for everyone, any large dildo will do as well. This is because the extra girth will ensure contact with the prostate at all times.

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Butt Plugs

best sex toys for men butt plugs

While butt plugs are not as pinpoint as prostate toys, they do have their own advantages.
They can be used to train yourself to be more comfortable with anal sex as well as being great hands-free toys that can be worn for long periods of time.

In any case, for those who are just starting out with anal sex, you’ll want to invest in a good gradual butt plug trainer set to train yourself for some more serious action.

And if you enjoy public play, you’ll be happy to know that they make butt plug models comfortable enough to be worn all day as well as vibrating plugs that can be triggered from any distance.
And when it comes to wireless Butt-Plugs, we’re especially fond of the Robo Rimmer.
It vibrates and has a rotating head, as well as rotating beads on its base, for a very unique and intense rimming sensation.
And if you’d like some more emphasis on the prostate, the Robo Rimmer Model M is probably out favorite variation.

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best sex toys for men dildos

Dildos come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes.
So whether you’re looking for a dildo that’ll look and feel like a real Penis or something a little less phallic, there’s bound to be something for you.
And size queens should rest easy since large body-safe dildos are slowly replacing the latex and jelly toys that once plagued the industry. 

And since most dildos come equipped with a base or testicles, most of them will fit in Strap-ons as well, so they’ll be perfect for your pegging needs.

Speaking of bases, some dildos even come equipped with suction cup bases making them completely hands-free. 
So they’re perfect for a more natural experience during masturbation as well as being great for playing out threesome fantasies with a partner.
They also sell bases like the TOM V2 and the Love Arc to give you more options and angles when it comes to mounting your suction cup dildos.

But if your favorite dildo doesn’t come equipped with a suction cup, not all is lost.
Regular dildos can be mounted on a variety of devices like the toy mounts from Liberator.
And while the Vac-U-Lock system is the standard with sex machines, most of the full-size machines have optional universal toy holders that will allow you to secure any dildo with a base to them.

Even though being more expensive, another good option for a more natural toy experience is using something like the Insert Facilitator torso with the Penis Add-on of your choice. 

And if you still can’t find the perfect toy, it’s also possible to make your own dildo, either by molding it from your favorite penis or sculpting it from scratch!

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Best Sex Toys For Couples

Almost all sex toys are great fun in the context of a relationship. 
So whether you want to use them on one another or simply give a show to your significant other, traditional sex toys have a lot to offer.

But some hardware is geared more towards couple play as opposed to solo play.
So in this entry, we will explore options that will make sex with someone else a little more interesting, may it be in the bedroom, in public or even in the context of a long distance relationship.

For the Heterosexual

Heterosexual couples toys sync

If you’re in a relationship with a woman, first you should get familiar with women’s toys.
Not only do they make great gift ideas, but they’re also a ton of fun to use on your lady and should give some rest between activities.

The Cock rings mentioned above are obviously all great choices.
But if you really want to treat your woman to something nice, you should invest in the vibrating models since they’ll provide some additional clitoral stimulation during PIV sex.

Wireless sex toys are also a ton of fun to use in the home, in public, as well as across long distances.
And while we cover most of them in our couple’s toys article, there are some highlights and hidden gems we’d like to discuss.

The most popular choice being the We-Vibe Sync, a very versatile couples toy that can be worn during sex for some extra sensation on the clit, g-spot, as well as the penis.
Since it hugs the clitoris and G-spot, it’s also a ton of fun to bring outside of the house in more public situations.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, there’s also been some major improvements in teledildonics, making long distance penetrative sex a reality.
Our favorite option is using the Kiiroo dildos along with a Fleshlight Launch.
This’ll allow any woman to translate the motions on her dildo onto the Launch, replicating every stroke onto your penis from any distance.
And you’re not limited to anal or vaginal penetration either since it’ll even work with blow jobs and hand jobs!

And if you’d rather have control over the motions, you could also invest in the Shockspot along with a Fleshlight with the V-Stroker attachment. 
It’s a much more expensive option, but it is currently the only way to do so.

Otherwise, the Cowgirl, a modernization of the Sybian, can also be controlled from any distance.
But this time around, you’ll have to rely on the app to control it since you won’t be able to control it with your manhood. 

For those of you who enjoy getting tied up and / or rough play, there are tons of great options at your disposal as well.
Restraints & Impact toys have made their way in even the most vanilla of households.
So they’re clearly not exclusively reserved to dungeon dwellers and the likes .

And of course, if you’d like to push the practice even further, you should definitely look at our complete list of bondage & BDSM toys.

Sex furniture is another great option to bring things to the next level and making some positions easier to handle.  
Liberator makes some very useful accessories like waterproof throes and wedges that will keep your bedding clean while providing better angles for penetration and G-spot ( or prostate ) stimulation.
But if you’re willing to invest a little more, there’s almost no limit to what can be done from the comfort of your own home.

If you enjoy anal stimulation on yourself, there’s no shortage of options for you either.
There are some very good hands-free prostate toys that you could wear during sex.
And if you’re into it, pegging gear can also be a good investment.

It’s also not uncommon for couples to enjoy threesome fantasies without necessarily wanting to invite another person over.
If it is the case for you, all the toy holders and the suction cup dildos referred to in the dildo section are good choices.
But they also make some pretty good holders for masturbators as well if your significant other likes seeing you going at it.
Sex machines, sex dolls, and torsos are also all great options for that purpose.

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For the Homosexual

Gay couple sex toys

Otherwise, if you prefer Dudes above all, things just got a whole lot simpler since all the toys discussed in this articles will work perfectly for both of you.
But if you’re into sharing, make sure you’re using silicone toys and sanitizing them fully between uses to avoid any health complications. 
To do so, simply boil your toys if they don’t have any electrical components. Otherwise, a 10% bleach water solution wash and rinse will do just as well.
Of course, if both of you are tested and Clean, sanitization is optional

Sticking to hands-free sex toys will also keep your limbs free for more important matters.

There is also a variety of toys that will work especially well for gay men.
These range from great wireless toys to devices made specifically with homosexual men in mind.
So whether you’re looking for a toy for private or public play or a way to make long distance relationships more bearable, there’s something in there for you.

For those with a taste for bondage and / or getting a little rough up, there’s no shortage of good stuff in that department either.
Restraints & Impact toys have become rather standard among couples.
So it doesn’t matter if you’re an occasional kinkster or living the full-on BDSM lifestyle.

And if you’re truly dedicated to the practice, you should definitely read our article on the best BDSM & Bondage toys.

You should also consider investing in some good sex furniture since it’ll make some positions easier and more satisfying to handle.
Most sex furniture will make zeroing in on your man’s prostate a breeze and if you’re into group sex, they’ll keep your options wide open.
It’s also a great alternative to ruining your favorite couch and bedding!

And while Vac-U-Lock didn’t reach the same level of popularity with straight folks, their dildo accessories and attachments have made their way into numbers of gay hearts.
So if you’re looking for handles for your dildos, or simply toys that are compatible with sex machines, they’ll have tons of options for you as well.

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