How to stimulate the G-spot 101


The elusive G-spot was once believed to be a myth along the lines of Santa Claus and the tooth fairy ( sorry kids ). It is so taboo that even its name can be misleading.
The G-spot is a secret that, if exposed, can make the world a much better place.
So if you want to learn how to find it as well as how to stimulate the G-spot, we suggest you keep on reading.

Where to find it

More like a G-area than a precise spot, it is found on the anterior wall of the vagina ( that's towards the belly from the inside ). It is about finger length deep and is located from 11 to 1 o'clock if the clitoris is considered to be at 12 o'clock.  It should have a rough, walnut-like feel to it in most cases.

If that sounds a bit vague, you must know that not a woman is made the same. But if you're poking around those few square inches you're bound to strike gold!


What the G-Spot Likes

Knowing where to find it is great but how does one stimulate that damned thing?
Well if you're already in there, checking it out, I really appreciate your enthusiasm.
If you're still not feeling anything special, you must first know that to find that G-Zone you will need prior stimulation.

Because, as you get aroused, something called the Skene gland fills with fluids and swells up pushing the G-spot out of his hiding place. A little information that most people who fail to find their G-spot lack.
So clitoral play or whatever gives you the most arousal beforehand and during is key!
Refer to our Clitoral toy guide if you need some help!

Now the next thing you must know is that the G-spot's best friend is pressure!
Some women will prefer rhythmical pressure others will prefer a constant one. Some will like it light others will like it much harder.
The only way to know is by trial and error.

Experiment with your motions, tap or try to rub it in a circular motion or up and down.
Every G-spot is like a unique lock you're trying to pick, so be patient

But generally, the pressure and/or rhythm should get more intense as you get closer to climax.


Do you feel something? If it feels good or sort of makes you want to pee, then bingo, you're in the right place.

Speaking of the need to pee, you should know that it is always better to go to the bathroom before doing any G-spot play.
That way, it'll keep the need to urinate at bay since your pretty much pushing on your bladder from the inside.

If nothing happens try applying a bit more pressure, because in some women the Skene gland can be rather small so the G-spot will remain a bit deeper inside even once swollen.

If you still can't feel anything you can always try pressing down right above your pubic bone from the outside. This will make your g-spot protrude more.

Still nothing? If you've done everything right and you don't feel a thing you might be one of those very rare women with no Skene gland at all. Sadly this guide won't serve you much but don't worry there's still plenty of fun to be had with that body of yours.
Keep exploring the site you're bound to find something you like!


How to stimulate your own

Prop yourself up on your back and spread your legs bent at the knee just like at the Gyno.
We know it's the last thing you want to think of when trying to get into the mood but believe us, it's worth it.
Now insert one or two of your longest, most agile fingers inside while following the anterior wall. If you enjoy clitoral stimulation, simultaneously stimulate your clitoris with your other hand.

If it is hard to reach you can put your back against a wall, or pillows bringing you closer to your goal.

Now the next thing you will want to do is, with the tip of your inserted fingers, try to touch the palm of that same hand as you stimulate.  ( Even though it's impossible since your palm should be outside your vagina if you're following closely. Otherwise, you can skip the fisting guide, you're already a natural!)

Otherwise, if this still feels uncomfortable on the wrist or too complicated of a motion, a nice little G-spot stimulator will solve all your problems!

A simple dildo can also do the trick as well but the lack of curve will require you to angle the toy as if you were trying to pry yourself open "crowbar style" (like the little treasure that you are).
To do this you will need a rather rigid dildo since if it is too soft it might not carry out the right pressure. Also, remember not to put it in all the way in. The G-spot is closer to the vaginal entrance. This whole thing should also be easier to do reaching behind you while laying on your stomach or side.

How to stimulate on her

If you're more interested in giving G-spot orgasms, first let me tell you that you have a heart of gold and best of my wishes to you.

Now, this might sound strange but the first thing you will need to do is to channel your inner Spider-Man.
Trust us on this one because once you're done, it's not gonna be her Spidey sense that's gonna tingle,  if you catch our drift.

If you did the whole childhood thing right you should know how spider-man bends his middle and ring fingers to shoot his spider webs.

How to G-spot

( otherwise, if you were more the batman type just refer to this picture )

While she's on her back, slide those two fingers inside of her palm facing up.  Try to do the Spider-Man hand posture by pulling your two fingers towards your palm from the inside.

As I've mentioned earlier, the type of pressure and motions preferred will vary from a woman to another.
In that case, the best way to know is often to simply ask her what feels best as you do it.

Remember: The key to great sex is good communication! ( and reading this blog religiously, of course )

As you do this your fingers might get tired and you will need more rigorous motions as she nears orgasm.
A good way to keep going is to alternate between the bending of your fingers and locking your hand into that Spider-Man posture and, instead of bending at the knuckles, bending at the elbow as if you were trying to pull her towards you.

Best Sexual Positions

(To lighten the text, we'll be referring to the man, the woman, and the penis. But know that all these positions are great for any strap-on wielding lesbians willing to up their position game.)

The most important part of stimulating the G-spot while having good old traditional sex isn't really about the position you take. It's all about how you angle your penis or hips in the case of the woman.

Just keep in mind that no matter the position, great for g-spot or not, the best way to be successful is to apply pressure on the G-Spot in a prying motion with the penis as you penetrate.

G-spot angle

The man aligns his penis lower than the vaginal entrance to apply pressure on the g-spot

So if you are not facing each other the man will have to level himself a bit higher than the woman. If you are facing each other like on the picture, lowering yourself or lifting her hips will do the trick.

On the receiving end, you can still take control. It's all about pivoting your hips so the penis aligns itself successfully.

A great way of achieving such maneuvers comfortably without having to rely on pillow structures is to use Wedges and Ramps made exactly for this purpose.

So instead of turning this into a "top 20 weird positions for the g-spot you'll try once and never go back to", we will simply show you how you can turn the most used positions to your advantage.


Doggy Style

It is a favorite of many women and for a reason. Doggy style tends to naturally angle the penis down, rubbing on the g-spot in a satisfying way. It also aligns both partners in a way that rougher sex can be comfortable for both.
Here's only one thing to keep in mind to be successful: The man must be higher than the woman.
If the man isn't taller than the woman he can simply stand on the edge of the bed.

Otherwise, a few changes to the can make height irrelevant. And even if height wasn't a problem, these can still make the experience more intense for the woman on the receiving end.

Alternative #1

Just let the woman fully lay on her belly and enter her from behind.
From there the man can easily adjust the pressure on the G-spot by simply positioning himself a bit higher.
This is a favorite because it is really easy to keep up the pressure and customize it to her needs.
And since she's no longer holding herself up, her hands are completely free. So if she wants she can stimulate herself clitorally while her man goes to town.
Additionally, he can easily slip his hand under and help her out as well.

Alternative #2

This time we go back to the traditional doggy style position for the woman. Behind her,the man will be in a crouched position on his two feet.
To augment the pressure just straighten your legs as if you were trying to stand up.

This position is more involved but will allow you to drive down into her with all of your weight and can make for a more intense experience if the need arises.



Missionary is the position of the romantics. Thankfully, it can also easily be adjusted for pleasurable G-spot stimulation. The trick lies in tilting her hips in a way that she will be looking at her pubic bone.
Putting her hands, a pillow, a wedge or a ramp under her lower back will do the trick nicely.
She or he can also hold her legs up to meet similar results.
Meanwhile, the man should try to stay as low and close to the bed as possible.



When she wants to take over, cowgirl usually is the go-to option.
To make this work for the G-spot you will have to switch your focus from vertical motion to horizontal motion.
So instead of normally going up and down the shaft, you will want to rock back and forth. Just keep your yourself against your man at all times as if you were riding a rocking pony.
Not only will the rubbing against him will feel great on your clitoris but every time you will get closer to his belly button you will feel his penis press against your g-spot. If you can keep up a good rhythm, it can feel amazing while not being too overwhelming for your man as well.


Well, this is it, folks.

Just remember that every vagina is a unique snowflake and finding what type of pressure you need and how to make the g-spot come out of hiding will be different for everybody.
So stay patient and remember to check out our great G-spot toy guide if you need a hand!

Until then, remember to have fun while exploring!

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