Who we are

Tabooless was founded by a veteran sex shop worker of a busy store in a multi-cultural and sexually diverse city.

Witnessing a lack of general sexual education and how eager people were to learn once initiated, the motivation came by itself.

The minds behind the bulk of our content comes from him and various other consultants  and collaborators in Sexology , the LGBT and Fetish community.

Why us

We are unbiased

We love all sex toy review sites and read them all religiously ourselves. They still remain a single individual's opinion.

This is where we differ, thanks to our experience dealing with multiple personalities and sexualities, we present an outside view. 

We know some stuff

Our toy reviews along with our multiple detailed sex guides makes us the one stop shop for everything sex!

Hang around long enough and you're bound to learn a thing or two.

You can't buy us

We only support companies and websites that we respect and trust and we would never endorse anything we wouldn't use ourselves.

The same goes for any advertisement on the site as well.

We try to make everyone happy

We know that everyone's needs and means are different.

This is why we try to cover as many budgets and individuals as possible.


Enough about us, lets talk about sex!